rmg51it has now been logged for the world to see :P00:18
rmg51blame ubuntulog00:19
* princedimond runs ubuntu 15.10 XD03:31
* princedimond likes bleeding edge technology03:31
jthanYou should use GEntoo, then :-p03:31
princedimondi dont want to have to wait for it though :P03:33
jthanExactly..... You should use Gentoo then03:33
princedimondill run an ubuntu dist. when it hits first beta usually03:33
princedimondi meant to compile :P03:33
princedimondeven ubuntu betas are stable enough for daily use for me03:33
jthanI figured..03:33
jthanand yeah, I've used a beta before.. seemed okay03:34
princedimondoccasionally ill run an alpha build but i dont have any testing machines available at the moment ... my hardware is scattared due to a life crisis i just went thruogh03:34
princedimondmostly they are fine ...w orse thing i had happen with an early ubuntu release is my graphics server failed... i jsut wrote my own xorg.conf file and stuck it in there ... was good to go :)03:34
princedimondthat was a long time ago though03:36
princedimondi think taht was at like 6.06 or 6.10 something like that03:36
jthanI'm trying to remember which version I last used.. I think 8.04 maybe.03:37
princedimondfor early relase ?03:37
jthanJust in general03:37
princedimondi like to use the early builds and report bugs and stuff :) to me that is fun03:37
jthanI'd like to fix bugs. That sounds like more fun than just finding them.03:38
princedimondi do the same thing for MS and google product too when i can03:38
* princedimond sucks at coding :(03:38
princedimondim just really slow at it03:38
jthanYou don't always have to code to fix bugs03:38
princedimondcan read it and understand it ... but writing it ... whole nother ball game03:38
princedimondi still use ubuntu today ... but i use many OSs mainly for support reasons hehe and at work im required to run windo$e03:42
jthanI use ARch.03:43
jthanBoxes at work are rhel/CentoS03:43
princedimondnice ... :)03:43
princedimondi used arch for a while till i broke the install beyond my repair capabilities03:43
princedimondi like arch actually ... next best thing to gentoo :)03:44
princedimondclients here are windows ... servers linux based but im not sure exactly which distro we use03:45
princedimondin your opinion ... better to use centos for a server or stickwith what i know and use ubuntu ? jw/03:46
jthanUhh.. I personally think it's a good skill to learn CentOS/RHEL because so many places use it.03:47
jthanI've honestly never admin'd a Debian or Ubuntu server03:47
princedimondi have two machines im thinking of turning into servers ...03:47
princedimondfor various uses03:48
jthanI use Arch on my personal servers, too03:48
princedimondunfortunately i gotta fix the hard drive controller on my sunfire x4150 :(03:48
princedimondnot sure what happened there03:48
princedimondhmmm interesting03:49
princedimondim also starting to heavily get into virtualization ... which is what i intend to do with one of mys ervers is use it as a VM box and host a bunch of different OSs03:49
jthanWell that's a good use03:49
princedimondthe other eone will be a self hosted cloud media box more than likely03:50
princedimondit will run a plex server and all that yummy goodness on it :)03:50
princedimondis mythtv still a decent use or is that outdated these days? lol03:50
jthanIt's got a new name03:50
jthanbut I think it's still an active project03:50
princedimondoooo i could never get one setup properly back in the day .. and that was with the hauppauge 300 capture card lol03:51
princedimondill haev to look back into it maybe?03:51
princedimonddo u know what the name of the project is ?03:52
jthanI do not, no.03:52
princedimondno worries i can look it up at some pont .03:52
princedimondim at work so research comes intermittantly lol between robot operations lol03:52
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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else13:09

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