gsedej_worktseliot, nvidia-355.00.26 probably have nvidia-prime bug10:40
gsedej_workI am planing to report bug on nvidia forums10:40
gsedej_worktjaalton, warned me to contact you first10:41
gsedej_workhere is text I plan to post http://paste.ubuntu.com/15126342/10:41
gsedej_workanother thing10:50
gsedej_workI am missing /usr/lib/xprg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so10:50
Sarvattgsedej_work: first step would be sudo apt-get purge the driver, then install it again. from what i saw in the scrollback your alternatives are screwed up and they'd get fixed reinstalling that way10:55
tseliotgsedej_work: the logs look good to me. What does "ldconfig -p | grep GL" say?11:06
gsedej_worka second ago I purged11:08
gsedej_worki will install again and report11:08
gsedej_workbtw, Haswell gpu segfaults even at vulkantri11:09
gsedej_work(GPU HANG: ecode .... readon : Ring hung11:10
gsedej_worktseliot, which packages do I need to install among nvidia-355?11:33
tseliotgsedej_work: nvidia-35511:34
tseliotthat's it11:34
gsedej_workhmm, looks like it installs evrything11:34
tseliotyes, it will pull its dependencies11:34
tseliotthat's expected11:34
gsedej_worknvidia optimus solution is so problematic on linux... bumblebee guys are doing great work though11:35
tseliotthings will get better11:36
gsedej_worktseliot, Sarvatt purge and reinstall DID work! even vulkancube works12:07
gsedej_worksorry for so much trouble12:08
tseliotgood :)12:08
gsedej_workbut glmark2 segfaults :D12:11
gsedej_workUnigine valley also runs12:14
gsedej_workso it's glmark2's problem12:14
Sarvattgsedej: good to hear its working at least, you might not want to use vulkan specific testing drivers if you want full functionality though :D12:40
gsedejthere is only one nvidia driver for vulkan12:44
tjaaltonand it's beta12:44
gsedejare there some binareis for vulkan-chopper-demo? I was not able to complile it12:48
tjaaltonI'm done with vulkan for now :)12:50
gsedejno chopper in ppa? :P13:01
gsedeji have issue with dependency on 16.04 daily, where should I ask (libtinfo5:i386 breaks libtinfo5 on 64b)20:35
tjaaltonmirror not uptodate?21:20
kumikumiwhat could be the problem, when on a fresh xenial installation, after adding ubuntu-x ppa, no package nvidia-graphics-drivers-355 is found?22:52
kumikumialso, the package 'vulkan' can not be found.23:05
kumikumithe PPA I was trying to add is ppa:canonical-x/vulkan23:05
kumikumiAny suggestions to solve this are welcome, I'm feeling like I'm missing something extremely obvious23:34
kumikumiIve already tried apt-get update and rebooting23:34
tjaaltonthere is no package called "vulkan"23:49
tjaaltonand there's nothing for wily23:50
kumikumithen what are those if not packages? they are listed on this page https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/ubuntu/vulkan23:52
kumikumiunder "overview of published packages"23:52
tjaaltonsource pkg != binary23:52
tjaaltonread the description23:52
kumikumirunning the exact commands on the description yields 'unable to locate package vkcube'23:55
tjaaltonthat failed to build23:58
tjaaltonand I failed to push the fixed version23:59

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