Kilosmorning everyone05:42
Kilosinetpro 21mm05:42
KilosMaaz coffee on06:05
* Maaz flips the salt-timer06:05
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!06:09
KilosMaaz ty06:17
MaazYou are welcome Kilos06:17
superflymorning Kilos06:28
inetproKilos: 7+17mm06:59
inetprogood evenings06:59
superflyohey kmf07:59
inetprosuperfly: does he even realise that he's here?08:04
superflywho knows08:07
kmf@superfly @inetpro he does 08:10
inetprooh wow :-)08:10
inetprowb kmf, nice to see you here 08:10
kmf@inetpro xxx08:10
kmf@kmf thanks :) .... since I'm a ubuntu desktop user again I'm here :) ... is it ok?08:11
inetprooh of course you should come here much more often even if you do not use ubuntu08:15
kmf@inetpro heh :D08:15
inetprokmf: so how long have you been on the Ubuntu desktop again? 08:18
inetproI know it's just a matter of time until you switch to the next distro again08:18
kmf@inetpro 2 weeks ... was on Fedora for along time08:18
kmf@inetpro s/along/a long/g08:19
kmf@inetpro guess I'm getting emotionally ready for Ubuntu Touch08:20
inetprosuperfly: so can I download and read that python book even if I don't have a kindle?10:01
superflyinetpro: nope, I'm afraid not10:02
superflyinetpro: well, if you have an Android phone, you can install Kindle for Android10:02
superflyand there's also Kindle for PC10:02
superflyso you don't need an actual Kindle eReader, but you need a Kindle app10:03
superfly(sorry, misunderstood your question)10:03
inetprooh yes, I see now10:06
inetproouch.... nearly 50MB for that Kindle app10:07
inetproalso remember now having it installed on a previous device long ago10:08
inetprovery stupid that you can't read the kindle ebook with the cloud reader in the browser10:22
KilosMaaz google kindle ebook reader for ubuntu10:23
MaazKilos: "kindle app for linux - Ubuntu Forums" http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2119621 :: "Sysads Gazette Install Amazon Kindle on Ubuntu 14.04 - Sysads ..." http://sysads.co.uk/2014/08/install-amazon-kindle-ubuntu-14-04/ :: "Amazon.com: Customer Discussions: Kindle App for Ubuntu Linux Users"10:23
Maazhttp://www.amazon.com/forum/kindle?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx1D7SY3BVSESG&cdThread=TxKQ2GL84PRMQD :: "kindle for linux: how to read kindle books on a linu…10:23
inetproKilos: Amazon has https://read.amazon.com/10:25
inetprobut for the fly's book you get this error: we're sorry. Kinlde Cloud Reader can't open this book, but you can read it withy our free Kindle app10:25
inetproKindle as well10:25
superflyKindle for PC works in WINE10:25
inetprowe still have a long way to go to free ourselves from these shackles10:27
superflyinetpro: yeah, not gonna get around it while there are publishers out there10:29
inetproI still dream of the day where I can pick any book from a ebook shelf, select a local printing house and go there to pick it up within a few minutes10:30
inetproat a reasonable price to cover for the real printing costs plus a very small amount for the author10:32
Kiloswhat about the third option of downloading and converting to epub10:32
inetproebooks should be free10:32
kmf@inetpro you can use the Kindle Cloud reader in Chrome10:33
Kiloshi kmf nice to see you here10:34
inetprokmf: not for the book "Mastering Python Lists"10:36
inetprokmf: what IRC client are you using?10:36
kmf@Kilos thanks :)10:38
kmf@inetpro smuxi10:39
inetproso is it smuxi adding this funny '@' character when you talk to someone or is it just you typing it?10:42
inetprowe're not on twitter here :-)10:42
* inetpro hides behind a big rock10:43
Kilospuuuck puck puck puck10:44
Kilosoh my inetpro now you chased him away10:45
inetproKilos: I think he's just busy at work and didn't expect us to chat so much 10:48
Kilosinetpro support karl hey or else11:05
Kilosi go have lunch11:05
inetproKilos: uh?11:06
inetprowhat I do wrong?11:06
inetproKilos: enjoy your meal11:07
Kilosinetpro i just jumped in before you do something wrong11:10
inetprothanks oom Kilos11:22
inetproit's Friday after all11:23
* anton_may waves11:23
Kiloshi anton_may 11:24
anton_mayAlmost going home time11:25
kmfso close11:29
Kiloswe have our own paste bin kmf 11:42
inetprokmf: while you are here, what do you use in place of Visio?11:52
inetproif anything11:52
kmfcall me old fashioned .... dia11:52
kmfhowever LibreOffice draw gets better :p11:52
kmfand if you are mega adventurous .... you could use gimp.11:53
kmfand if you have lots of time Blender11:53
inetproyeah, I also like LO Draw11:53
inetprounfortunately I still haven't found anything that is quite like Visio just yet11:58
superflyI've used Draw to great effect recently11:58
inetprowe still need something with all the standard stencils 11:59
kmf@superfly ... can you proof something for me?12:26
superflykmf: yeah, sure12:36
kmf@superfly sent it through12:41
superflykmf: got it, refining it12:42
kmf@superfly you are a star12:42
superflykmf: you're welcome.13:03
Kiloschesedo are you working yet?13:23
KilosMaaz seen plustwo13:34
MaazKilos: plustwo was last seen 10 months, 5 days, 4 hours, 11 minutes and 48 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-04-20 02:22:46 PDT], and has been offline on freenode since 2015-06-02 07:31:03 PDT13:34
Kilosinetpro rev him13:34
Kilosor kick his butt13:34
Kilossee no good locking up the sjambok13:35
Kilospeeps get slack13:35
superflycal_py: hi!14:30
cal_pysup superfly 14:30
cal_pyhow are you?14:30
superflyMaaz: tell cal_py sorry, I had to run15:16
Maazsuperfly: Righto, I'll tell cal_py on freenode15:16
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Kiloswb kmf 17:47
kmfit's a quicky17:47
Kilosim nosy now but tomorrow will do17:48
theblazehenHi Kilos17:48
theblazehenhi cal_py17:48
Kiloshi theblazehen 17:48
Kiloshow are you lad17:48
cal_pyhey theblazehen 17:48
cal_pyhey Kilos and friends!17:49
Kiloscal_py you in ptown hey17:49
theblazehenGood ty Kilos. And you?17:49
Kilospretoria man17:49
Kilosim good ty theblazehen 17:49
cal_pyooooo no im in kzn17:55
superflyhi cal_py17:55
cal_pyhey superfly how goes it?17:55
superflythey theblazehen, haven't seen you in a while17:55
superflycal_py: busy, but good. just put the kids to bed17:55
KilosMaaz seen chesedo 17:56
MaazKilos: chesedo was last seen 1 day, 23 hours, 43 minutes and 44 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-02-17 10:13:00 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2016-02-17 09:58:35 PST17:56
cal_pycool superfly, one question if its not too personal do you program for a living?17:58
superflycal_py: I do. I work for a company called Nomanini - http://nomanini.com/17:59
theblazehenHi superfly, yeah, been busy.. Started internship this year, and also got another job that I started in november17:59
cal_pyawesome!!!! looking at the site right now18:00
superflytheblazehen: wow, great. what you up to?18:01
cal_pylooks like an interesting system superfly I've been working on a custom GSM controllor for about 2 years now getting close to the end, do you guys make the hardware as well?18:02
superflycal_py: Yes, we do. Our second generation terminal is actually running Linux :-D18:02
cal_pyawesome so its arm based?18:03
superflycal_py: http://nomanini.com/case-study-how-google-cloud-platform-powers-nomaninis-payments-platform-2015-11-18/18:03
superflycal_py: yes18:03
theblazehen@superfly for the internship mostly some support stuff, and then trying out some new things that the others don't really have time to. And I'm the only Linux guy for the german company, so keep all the sites running, move sites to our new ha setup etc, and gonna start some dev work soon18:04
superflytheblazehen: wow, that's pretty hectic18:04
cal_pywow cool, I was trialing some IoT stuff for a chicken farm to capture water usage with a Rpi but unfortunatly my python foo wasnt strong enough to make it work :(18:06
cal_pysuperfly, just watched that video did I see a sim900 chip? :)18:06
theblazehen@superfly Yeah, it's quite fun.. Most of the time. Until stuff breaks.. Good thing I made backups, cause a week or so back the dev lost some data in the DB. That was the day that I discovered that my backups weren't the easiest to *partially* restore18:06
superflycal_py: 80818:06
superflytheblazehen: yeah... backups -_-18:06
cal_pythat's the one with smd pads underneith the chip right?18:07
superflycal_py: yes18:07
theblazehen@superfly at least they exist now. Before I started there were *no* backups. 18:07
fusionsparcEvening guys...who is the Python Guru in the group again?18:07
superflycal_py: we actually had a meeting this morning with Simcom, they want to sell us a new module that's smaller and costs less. who are we to refuse?18:07
theblazehenI started working there when the dev was asking in ##linux for someone to get their system booting after a disk in the raid died18:07
superflyfusionsparc: I know a bit of Python18:08
cal_pytrue superfly if not why now an AT command is a AT command18:08
superflycal_py: are you familiar with sierra wireless?18:08
cal_pyno, i remember sierra game lol, who are they?18:09
fusionsparcOk, what would your opinion be in the popularity of Python for ...Read that it's growing quickly.18:09
cal_pyhere's the dev dord I made for my system superfly https://twitter.com/cal_404/status/700743954409648128 sim900 thou, which is a great chip, just hard to solder if you dont have a pnp machine18:10
superflycal_py: sierra wireless makes SoC's arm + gsm18:10
cal_pyin one package?18:11
superflycal_py: yes. but they suck.18:11
superflyfusionsparc: for what?18:11
superflycal_py: all sorts of reasons. our first generation hardware (what you mostly see in the video) runs on sierra wireless + other stuff. such pain to develop.18:12
cal_pyok cool, I've never looked at a soultion like that, I like to have complete control over the comm's which was hard as hell to learn...for me 18:13
superflycal_py: keep it that way18:13
cal_pylooking at their wesite now superfly 18:13
fusionsparcSorry, stopped in mid sentence...Read an article that Python is growing fast in popularity, so looking into learning it.18:13
fusionsparcWould that be an investment?18:13
superflyfusionsparc: yes18:13
superflyfusionsparc: yes yes yes and yes.18:14
fusionsparchehe...then thats it....Python it is.18:14
cal_pysuperfly, yeah, but at the moment I'm working with the arduino which is great but I'm getting to the point where I want to drop microcontrollers, 18:15
superflycal_py: by the way, you should read this: http://www.viemu.com/a-why-vi-vim.html18:15
superflycal_py: then grab this: http://www.viemu.com/a_vi_vim_graphical_cheat_sheet_tutorial.html18:15
superflythen take a gander here: http://vimawesome.com/18:15
superflythat reminds me, I need to install the latest version of hack18:16
cal_pysuperfly: hahaha thanks, it's hard to convert LOL18:16
cal_pysuperfly: hack?18:16
superflyopen source font for code editing18:16
cal_pyoah cool!18:17
theblazehenHi Na3iL18:17
cal_pyhi Na3iL 18:17
superflyhey Na3iL18:17
fusionsparcTnx superfly..18:17
superflyfusionsparc: any other questions? what are you looking to do with it?18:17
superflycal_py: I don't know if it's in the Ubuntu repositories yet, but it's in Debian as "fonts-hack-ttf"18:18
fusionsparcWell just learn the language 1st....seems allot easier that Javascript..18:18
superflycal_py: otherwise you can download it from here: http://sourcefoundry.org/hack/18:18
superflyfusionsparc: I find the best thing to do is find something to build with it. a project always makes learning a language easier.18:19
superflyfusionsparc: also you want to read http://python.swaroopch.com/18:19
superflycal_py: you too ^^18:20
fusionsparctrue, i'll keep that in mind..Github is probably a good place to start..18:20
superflyfusionsparc: make it simpler, do your own thing first, then join a project.18:20
superflyfusionsparc: there's always the classic To Do list18:20
cal_pysuperfly: AByte of Python is open on my desktop as we speak, just waiting for my ACDC album to finish downloading and I'm off to programming land LOL18:20
superflyI need to get working on one of my pet projects18:21
cal_pysuperfly: which is?18:21
superflya verification platform for a game I play18:21
cal_pyhack is a nice font!18:21
cal_pywhat do you mean by verification platform?18:22
fusionsparcMake sense, will go through the docs thanks.18:22
cal_pyfusionsparc, may the force be with you!!!!!!!!!18:22
fusionsparcI know there's allot of tutorials with learning python on a Raspberry Pi..18:23
fusionsparcHai, sensei... :-P18:23
cal_pyfusionsparc, I'm probably at the same level as you :P, the master is superfly 18:24
cal_pyfusionsparc, we should stay in touch to keep eachother going with python18:25
superflycal_py: we have social groups and because there are two teams, we don't want the enemy team invading our chats, so we verify people before we let them join18:26
superflyso the verification platform allows them to log in to a mobile-friendly site with their Google account, and we can vet them before adding them to the groups.18:26
fusionsparcGood idea, cal_py how proficient are you with Python atm?18:26
cal_pyoah cool so youll make a script that can kick an enemy if spoted?18:27
superflycal_py: no, just a glorified database18:27
cal_pyfusionsparc, I know the basics, not off by heart thou, havent really touched GUI's or OOP thats where I want to be! and you?18:27
cal_pyok cool superfly 18:27
fusionsparccal_py, page1 line 1....lol18:30
cal_pylets do this!18:31
cal_pyPython is lovely thou, 18:31
fusionsparcagreed....working on any personal projects?18:32
cal_pyyeah too many infact and you?18:32
fusionsparcNone yet, i'll 1st go through the basic code to start off and then move from there..18:34
cal_pyexcellent! 18:35
cal_pyhow eager are you and what pace do you read?18:35
fusionsparcI only realy have tim Mon, wed and fri....so when I get the time I guess..18:36
fusionsparcEager enough..18:36
fusionsparcnot sure on the pace....probably 2 hours gap at a session.18:37
cal_pysounds good, we should make like a weekly goal and work on some small projects together once we've mastered the basics, what do you think?18:37
Kilosoh guys if you are interested, we have a study channel #linux-studies18:37
Kilosalso my channel ##kilos can be used18:38
Kilosinetpro will complain if he has to scroll back for 2 hours to find whats been happening18:39
fusionsparcI'm up for it...18:39
Kilosat least this time he cant tell me im to blame18:39
Kilosyou are welcome to chat here just when you get into study mode use one of those channels18:40
Kilosyou will see the fly is there for serious probs18:40
Kilosfusionsparc you in pretoria?18:42
Kilosyay soon your workload will grow18:42
Kilosdont miss our meeting on the 23rd18:43
cal_pyshall do Kilos, 18:43
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:55
KilosMaaz ping inetpro 18:55
MaazKilos: Error: unknown host inetpro18:55
Kilosja the twit is hiding18:55
fusionsparcnight Kilos18:55
fusionsparcNight Guys..20:31
cal_pynight all!21:26
squish102maaz time21:58
Maazsquish102: time is in the past by the time you are reading this21:58
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