ArnexHello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience using a Vox Tonelab ST guitar processor/amp modeler with Linux, and if so what software do you use?20:24
OvenWerksArnex: looking at the manual... it looks like some things might work and others not.20:51
ArnexOh yeah? I'm guessing based on the protocols they are using? I don't know much about them.  What do you think will work?20:53
OvenWerksArnex: It looks like you should be able to get Audio in and out. This is based on the part that says Windows needs a driver but OSx does not. That probably means the audio interface is USB 1.1 or 2.0 compliant.20:53
ArnexRight on.  Do you think there is any librarian software that will work?20:53
OvenWerksThe MIDI part requires a driver for both windows and OSx and so I would suspect that part will not just work.20:53
OvenWerksThe library requires the MIDI part so I am not sure. Best thing is to plug it in and see if a midi port shows up.20:54
OvenWerks(same with audio really)20:54
ArnexOk.  Would i check that with the JACK software... uh, Q--something?20:55
OvenWerksarecord -l would show if the audio ports are there. and qjackctl would show in the alsa tab if midi was there.20:56
OvenWerksamidi -l should show the hw ports20:57
OvenWerks(for midi)20:57
ArnexAwesome.  Is there an advantage to using USB audio in rather than analog audio in?20:57
OvenWerksHow would you get analog audio in?20:57
OvenWerksUSB audio is generally better than the motherboard audio in.20:58
Arnexconnect the audio out port (which doubles as a headphones port when the right switch is switched) to the audio in port on my motherboard20:58
ArnexOk, that's good to know20:58
OvenWerksIf USB works I would use that. MB audio input circuitry is not the best.20:59
OvenWerksaudio out is ok though.20:59
Arnexalright, that's extremely helpful thank you!20:59
OvenWerksIf you are using the USB for audio in you would probably have to use it for audio out too anyway.21:00
OvenWerksotherwise you would need some rate change sw to sync with internal.21:00
OvenWerksIf you do need to use audio in, use aux in not mic in.21:01
ArnexOkay, will do21:01
OvenWerksif you are buying, I normally take my laptop into the store and try it :)21:03
ArnexGood idea21:04

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