Unit193https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2016-February/039224.html so I'd guess I hit that.02:18
bluesabreUnit193: :D02:50
bluesabreAlrighty, I've got the notes mostly in order for a Catfish release this weekend.04:10
bluesabreknome: If you'd like, I can go ahead and apply those changes (Noto 9) and proceed from there04:11
bluesabrenight all04:11
flocculantknome pleia2 - thanks for doing that stuff07:28
flocculantno release announcement though - still .207:29
bluesabre!team | feature freeze is now in effect: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2016-February/001171.html - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze12:35
bluesabreI can never seem to team right12:36
knomebluesabre, you can't use URLs with factoids12:51
knomeflocculant, np; and only having announcement for .2 is ok for me too12:51
knomebluesabre, i would probably do a quick feedback round on the mailing list before applying the change12:52
knomebluesabre, not only because i'd like to hear what others feel about that setting too - with seeing it themself12:52
knomeok, the staging site is restricted to logged in users only13:07
knomesomebody around to test seomthing?13:08
knome*something too13:08
knomeUnit193, first, simply head to http://staging.xubuntu.org/15:25
knomeUnit193, are you redirected to the login pagE?15:25
knome(don't login yet)15:26
knomenow go to http://staging.xubuntu.org/contact/15:26
knomeare you again redirected to the login page?15:26
Unit193So it'd seem, yes.15:26
knomenow log in15:26
knomeor at least try to - i've no idea what happends, but i expect you're able to log in15:27
Unit193During redirect there was an error, but redirected fine.15:27
knomeyeah, that's from the openid-launchpad plugin15:27
knomeso you're now logged in and can see content?15:28
Unit193Nope, logged in and went back to content, with the login button again.15:28
knomeoh, hmm.15:28
knomethat was unexpected, but in a good way...15:28
knomelet me do something quickly15:29
knomeok, so try logging in now15:29
Unit193Didn't seem to, but login gave me the option to pass along that I was in 'xubuntu-team' this time (unchecked)15:30
knomewell check that :)15:31
knomeand then try logging in again15:31
knomethat should enable you to actually log in15:31
Unit193Was on contact, figured wouldn't need to.  Done.15:32
knomeoh you was?15:32
knomeso... let me do a recap15:32
knomethe first time logged in, could you see content?15:33
Unit193Logging in while trying to get to /contact/ only worked with xubuntu-team.15:33
knomegreat, that's kind of expected15:34
knomenow that you are in and things seem to work as they should...15:34
knomeopen a tab at http://xubuntu.org/tour/15:34
knomeand with the current tab, go to http://staging.xubuntu.org/tour/15:34
knomei believe you notice the difference15:35
Unit193Awwh, can't paste it, have to find and click.15:36
knomeabout -> feature tour15:36
Unit193Presuming of course you mean the top bar.  Yes I did find it. :P15:36
Unit193(Exactly where I looked.)15:36
knomeso... you notice the difference? :P15:38
Unit193Top bar, black?15:39
knomethat's the wp admin bar15:39
Unit193Ready to use?15:39
knomelook at the colored backgrounds15:39
knomeand notice they don't exist in the staging site really15:39
knomewhich one you prefer (just gut reaction)?15:40
Unit193That's what I was referring to, yep.  And, logged in.  The green background is fine, but scrolling down to that other one makes me think too much of old style sites.  Though, the one without a background isn't aligned properly.15:42
knomethat's the other thing;15:42
knomeon the staging site, if you scroll down, there are two different styles15:42
knomethe blue one is spread to the edge of the content area, the pink is contained in the regular padding15:43
knomewhich one of those you like better (without taking the color into account)?15:43
Unit193Well considering 'get xubuntu', pink I think.15:44
knomeyeah, let's see where this goes, but i'll likely change things soon15:44
knomeso one more thing15:45
knomecompare the contact pages15:45
knomehow do you feel about that change? (introducing this "highlight" style for all these smaller boxes too, and a red color for important/warning messages)15:46
Unit193Do something with the font?  And the warnings is certainly good.15:47
knomemm, like what?15:47
knomesmaller? bigger?15:48
Unit193Everything is a bit condensed, and seems a hair darker.15:48
knomeyeah, that's because there's more contrast15:49
knomeand the vertical condensation is intentional; these one-liners would take awfully lot of space if they had the same amount of padding as the larger sections15:49
knomebut let me try to tweak it to somewhere in the middle15:50
knomehow about now?15:50
knomealso changed font color15:50
knomethat might be too light15:50
knomefixed that :P15:51
flocculantknome: works for me - just thought I would mention it 17:02
flocculantthat release note now being 2 point releases behind17:02
knomealso, hello flocculant@staging :P17:04
flocculantwho shouldn't be logged in now :)17:04
* knome shrugs17:05
knomesomebody who doesn't care about staging? :P17:05
knomebut since you read the backlog, feel free to comment on the changes too17:05
flocculantnot at all - but I'm not logged into it 17:05
knomeyou're not?17:05
knomewell i got a mail saying you registered :D17:05
flocculantcould be - I never really logout anywhere :D17:05
knomei don't know if you are "logged in" right now..17:06
flocculantoic - well I went to look then closed it 17:06
knomefair enough17:06
flocculantaah ok :)17:06
flocculantdidn't read the whole back log tbh - got as far as the 'try to login' stuff :D17:07
knomebut good you can17:07
knomebasically feel free to mess with the content there as much as you please17:07
knomeif you want to try new pages or menu structure or anything17:07
flocculantoh 17:08
knomei will also play around with new css and features there before landing them to production17:08
flocculantso there rather than end up with dead drafts at x.org17:08
flocculantsounds like a good plan17:08
knomedead drafts on x.org are ok - if the intention is to publish it at some point17:08
knomebut if you just want to see how it would look... then staging is probably better17:09
knomethis because if it's even the intention to publish, it's good to have it ready on x.org 17:09
flocculantyep ofc17:09
knomeif it then happens that we don't publish something... it can simply be deleted :)17:09
* knome should fix teh responsive styles for the highlight boxes next17:10
flocculantknome: re pages ... you waiting for dkessel responses? I thought the plan was to start that this week? 17:10
knomei am waiting, yes17:11
knomeit looks like we have like 3-5 articles though, so we're not in a rush17:11
knomei was preparing to have like 6-817:11
flocculantI'd want to see them all published prior to release date - seems a bit silly to not do that17:11
knomeof course17:12
dkesseluh-oh :)17:12
flocculantdkessel: ha ha ha 17:12
knomedkessel, ;)17:12
dkesselSo that's what you mean with "no rush" :p17:12
knomedkessel, you're the biggest blocker at the moment :P17:13
dkesselAt least that's consistent with things at work :p17:13
flocculantknome: fop upgade in proposed17:22
flocculantwait for it ... 17:22
knomei am waiting for that too17:22
knomedoes it make fop a distant relative for dkessel?17:22
flocculantI meant wait for me to grab it - reboot *just* to make sure and see if building pdf works17:23
flocculantMakefile:109: recipe for target 'user-pdf' failed17:24
flocculantit doesn't17:24
knomeany error if you run the command directly?17:24
flocculantwhat command?17:24
knomeerr, the one that is in user-pdf :)17:24
flocculantwouldn't have a clue what command or what user-pdf is nor where it might be17:25
knomeok, so basically, go to the user-docs subdir17:25
knomethen run the following:17:25
knomexsltproc --stringparam paper.type A4 --xinclude -o fo/C-A4.fo ../libs-common/xubuntu-docbook-pdf.xsl C/index.xml17:26
knome../scripts/pdf-create.sh C17:26
flocculantyup 17:27
flocculantloads ... 17:27
knomeyes, that should create the PDF17:27
knomeif not, then it should throw an error17:27
flocculantof errors17:27
knomepastebin them17:27
knomeunless they are the same errors as before17:28
flocculantI think more or less the same as before17:29
knomeno, that's something else17:30
flocculantis it looking for font in the wrong place? 17:31
knomelikely related to the fact that you ran the command directly17:32
knomei'd think17:32
flocculantok - well obviously no idea here17:36
flocculantI did my bit - tested it :p17:36
knomecan test it later today17:37
dkesselknome, flocculant : new draft revision of that article is done :p18:15
dkesselthanks for pinging me :D18:17
knomedkessel, cool, thanks18:22
knomeand looks good too18:22
dkesseltried not to write the same as flocculant everywhere :)18:24
flocculantdkessel: always good to go first :p19:03
knomepleia2, you have a minute or two?19:43
knomeactually, my turn to dash, ttyl20:07
* pleia2 was out lunching21:20
flocculantbest call 21:22
flocculantUnit193: don't know if you caught ^^ but fop landed in -proposed and it building pdf still fails 21:24
Unit193I kind of saw.21:25
flocculantelsewhere apparently though :)21:25
Unit193I just didn't see/know why.21:25
flocculantwell I have no chance then lol 21:25
Unit193Well I didn't exactly look, knome seemed on top of it.21:27
flocculantbluesabre: not really noticing I'm using a different font for the most part 21:32
knomeflocculant, with noto sans 9?22:10
* pleia2 tired22:11
pleia2knome: but I have a minute or two if you need22:11
knomepleia2, ok22:12
knome1) log in to staging.xubuntu.org22:12
knomethen go see the following things (and compare them to production):22:12
knome- the feature tour22:12
knome- contact22:13
knome- blog front page22:13
knome(the sidebar doesn't have all the widgets we want there on the staging stie, but imagine it does)22:14
* pleia2 looks22:16
knomethe tour/contact page visual changes have already (mostly) been pushed to the repository, the blog front revamp is still only on staging22:16
flocculantknome: yea - set up default here (except window manager) just changed font22:17
pleia2x.o feature tour still shows color across whole screen, rather than highlight on edge that s.x.o has22:17
knomepleia2, yes, isn't the idea of staging that we can plan and work on new features there?22:18
pleia2knome: I guess I don't understand what you're asking me to do :)22:18
pleia2knome: confirm I think the changes are pretty?22:18
knomepleia2, i've made these changes; do you like them?22:18
flocculantknome: mmm - actually not keen in hexchat22:18
pleia2oh ok :)22:18
pleia2feature tour is very pretty, yes!22:18
* pleia2 looks at next on list22:18
knomeflocculant, i wouldn't know, but i'd also expect an irc client to use a monospace font :P22:19
knomethe contact page is subtler, but basically it moves the old <blockquote> markup to the same highlight markup as on the tourpage22:19
knome(with a bit less padding for blocks with just one <p>)22:19
knomeand the new red warning/important color too :)22:20
flocculantknome: yea but you use a terminal for irc ... 22:21
knomeflocculant, even if i'd use a GUI client (i've done that 15 years ago...)22:22
pleia2yes, contact is nice22:23
knomegood good22:23
pleia2knome: "blog front page" is /blog ?22:23
flocculantknome: anyway all that aside - I'm not that bothered if we change22:23
knomepleia2, yes22:24
knomeflocculant, me neither - i'll probably just change back to droid though22:24
pleia2I like the old one, it has pretty pictures22:24
pleia2full showing of blog posts ftw22:24
knomepleia2, the stacking of the blog posts is a bit ugly22:24
pleia2no likey "read full article" on /blog22:24
knomewhat about showing one full article?22:24
pleia2it's not what people expect22:24
pleia2no, it should just be a feed of all the full posts22:24
pleia2like it is now :)22:24
knomeok, then i'll try to see how i can improve the stacking there22:25
knomethat's good feedback22:25
knomealso put in some pagination links so people can easily navigate22:25
flocculantknome: it's probably easier to change I suppose22:25
pleia2would be nice to go back another 5 posts or whatever in history22:25
knomepleia2, wordpress pagination means you can go back one page of posts22:26
knomepleia2, and then another22:26
pleia2knome: yeah22:26
knomepleia2, and another...22:26
pleia2it's a default thing, like on my blog22:26
pleia2but we have no linky for it on ours22:26
* pleia2 wants to click "older posts"22:26
knomethat's one of the default implementations i don't link in wordpress22:26
knomebut good good, i'll keep this in mind22:27
knomehopefully we can land these changes this month22:27
pleia2thanks, nice work!22:27
pleia2btw, Unit193 is our backup all powerful wizard on our dev server now22:28
pleia2we should probably write this down somewhere on the wiki under admin things22:28
knomedo we want it public or private?22:28
knomeif latter, put it under /team22:28
pleia2just like social media admins, etc22:28
Unit193OK, I think it's well past time for me to register on the wiki...22:29
knomeUnit193, you did already!22:29
* Unit193 raises eyebrows.22:29
knomei see you in the user list.22:29
pleia2probably can add to http://wiki.xubuntu.org/website/admins22:29
pleia2even if it's not website o_o22:30
pleia2maybe we make a /server/admins22:30
pleia2then we can also make clear what groups exist for specific sites on the server22:30
pleia2(mostly knome for now, but that should evolve)22:30
knomei'd probably just put it under website22:30
knomeit's website related22:30
knomeor rename website -> web22:31
pleia2bikeshedding, I don't care, just want it written down22:31
knomei'm on it22:31
knomeoh, staging22:35
knomepleia2, also, we should talk about maintaining static.22:36
knomeversion control is nice, but in this situation it feels a bit moot22:36
* pleia2 thumbs up22:36
knome(should just move to backups)22:36
knometoday i wanted to change extras.css22:36
knomepushing stuff to CVS, then pulling it from there for a one line change...22:37
knome(especially since extras.css is not really static, it's very temporary and dynamic)22:37
* Unit193 borked on CVS for a sec.22:37
knomeyes yes VCS:P22:37
pleia2lol cvs22:38
knomeso maybe the answer is actually another subdomain assets.xubuntu.org22:38
Unit193knome: In the wiki, calendar and irc tabs work for you?22:38
knomeUnit193, no, neither the work item tabs22:38
pleia2I know it's a pain, but I really don't like steering away from an RCS22:38
pleia2seems like over time it'll be more of a pain22:38
bluesabreevening all22:39
flocculanthi bluesabre 22:39
knomepleia2, i already have a few uncommitted changes in static... :|22:39
bluesabreknome: so, try to get some feedback on the ML, -users or -devel?22:39
bluesabrehey flocculant22:39
knomeactually no, only that one22:39
pleia2knome: meh22:39
pleia2that makes my life hard :P22:39
knomeno no, it's only that one line22:40
Unit193knome: Did you create my wiki account?22:40
pleia2still, if you get hit by a bus and I want to update/restore the site, I can't22:40
knomeUnit193, i might have22:40
knomeugh. :P22:40
knomelet me explain22:40
bluesabreknome: avoid buses22:40
knomei mean i understand your point of view22:41
knomeand i think it's great for most of the content in static.22:41
knomebut for extras.css...22:41
knomethis change is something i'll land to production ASAP22:41
knomei have even almost pushed it to the theme repository22:41
knomein an ideal world, extras.css is empty22:41
knomeit's basically my getaway ticket from IS; it allows me to fix things i've foolishly broken in the CSS22:42
Unit193bluesabre: ...I saw that movie.22:42
knomeso basically it's really a part of the website22:43
knomewhich we just happen to keep in *some* url22:43
pleia2knome: if it's just that one file, maybe it's ok22:43
bluesabreUnit193: entirely possible I have not seen referenced movied22:43
pleia2just don't want it to turn into a monster of "just a little edit here and there.."22:43
pleia2then it's a 100 line file that we have no backup of22:43
knomepleia2, definitely not; *i* want the VCS stuff for majority of the things too22:44
knomeit just feels silly to throw one-line fixes via that22:44
knomebecause that's what they are - fixes22:44
pleia2so long as the one liners are included in the next proper update, religiously :)22:44
knomei don't introduce new features via extras.css22:44
knomeof course22:44
knomemaybe we should put that subdir on .bzrignore22:45
knomeor move it to another subdir22:45
knomeor sth.22:45
pleia2break is over, need to get back to actual job now22:46
knomehave fun22:47
pleia2always :)22:47
knomealso, the ownership for static is elizabeth:elizabeth22:47
knomejust saying...22:47
knome(so i can't even touch the files without sudo, which has clearly been intentional :P)22:47
bluesabrewell played22:48
pleia2knome: there's a static group, it's just an oversight22:48
knomeyeah, until she put me in sudoers ;)22:48
pleia2I am not perfect :)22:48
knomepleia2, or did you pull from a repository?22:48
pleia2just fix up group permissions with sudo22:48
knomedoes that change the perms?22:48
pleia2I don't remember22:48
* knome considers putting himself in the elizabeth group22:49
pleia2sticky bit should have made it preserve permissions in the subdir, but who knows re: bzr22:49
pleia2don't be bad22:49
knomeidentity theft!22:50
knomeok ok, get back to work you slacker >:)22:50
* pleia2 works!22:50

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