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jcastrodid I miss something obvious? `juju init` doesn't work in 2.0beta121:57
rick_h_jcastro: there is no more init22:00
rick_h_jcastro: you use list-clouds, list-credentials, etc22:00
rick_h_jcastro: try add-credentials22:00
* rick_h_ hasn't upgraded on here yet22:00
rick_h_jcastro: in beta1 there is no more environments.yaml22:01
jcastrooh, well init still exists when I just type `juju`22:01
rick_h_jcastro: hmm, have to look at why it exists.22:01
jcastrook I see the clouds22:01
jcastrohow do I do lxd then?22:01
rick_h_jcastro: "it just works"22:02
rick_h_jcastro: so juju bootstrap lxd $nameofcontroller22:02
rick_h_jcastro: and lxd should be the name of the cloud in list-clouds22:02
jcastrono lxd in clouds22:02
rick_h_jcastro: can you bootstrap it with lxd?22:05
rick_h_    juju bootstrap mycontroller lxd22:05
* rick_h_ wonders if it's there but not visible in list-clouds in this release then22:05
jcastroERROR cloud "lxd" not found22:05
rick_h_axw: wallyworld around on the weekend at all? ^22:06
rick_h_jcastro: probably have to manually edit the clouds.yaml file for now then if it's not there due to a bug/oversight on the release22:06
jcastrotrying that now22:06
rick_h_jcastro: should be able to add a stanza that's just named lxd with the type value of lxd in it22:07
* rick_h_ needs to get my laptop out and update to the beta on there 22:07
jcastroany idea where I can find a cloud.yaml example?22:08
rick_h_should be in the .local/share/juju directory where things lived in alpha222:08
rick_h_it's plural22:08
rick_h_clouds.yaml (if you're searching with mlocate/etc)22:08
jcastrobrand new install though22:09
jcastroand init won't generate a skeleton for me since it doesn't exist22:09
rick_h_it has to have stuck the file somewhere22:09
rick_h_right, but the package install needs to stick that file somewhere22:09
rick_h_and that should be in the xdg path22:09
rick_h_along with credentials file location, etc22:09
* rick_h_ goes to get laptop, brb22:10
jcastrothe package doesn't have that file22:10
jcastrodo you think it's as simple as22:11
jcastro    type:lxd22:11
jcastroI'll try that22:11
jcastroDevelopment releases use the "devel" simple-streams. You must configure22:13
jcastrothe `agent-stream` option in your environments.yaml to use the matching22:13
jcastrojuju agents.22:13
jcastroin the release notes22:13
jcastroSo is environments.yaml gone or not?22:13
rick_h_yes, but should say to use upload-tools perhaps?22:13
jcastroI think there's a bootstrapping problem here22:14
jcastronot like, bootstrapping in a juju context22:14
jcastrobut like, without init I don't have any information for juju to know about22:14
jcastroand I can't add it because there are no example files22:14
jcastrojuju help add-clouds22:15
* rick_h_ is upgrading hoping this isn't a brown paper bag release22:15
rick_h_jcastro: ah right22:15
rick_h_jcastro: but there shuold still be a file that feeds the current list-clousd22:15
rick_h_heh running xenial means there's a lot more to upgrade than just juju22:16
jcastrojust an ssh directory and some keys in there22:16
jcastroI am on trusty22:16
rick_h_try juju update-clouds22:16
rick_h_oh, I wonder if we blacklist there since lxd is wily+22:17
* rick_h_ is just guessing out the $#@$22:17
jcastrook, added22:18
jcastrothat wasn't so bad22:18
jcastrolooks like update-clouds didn't make it22:19
rick_h_ok, wasn't sure on that one22:19
jcastroyeah, it has to be because I am trusty22:20
jcastrothat's the only thing that makes sense22:20
rick_h_bah, under dist-ugprade vs upgrade /me tries again22:21
jcastrook, will investigate tomorrow, for now it's chimichanga time22:22
rick_h_thanks for the heads up, will check out here on xenial22:22
rick_h_once the upgrade finishes22:22
jcastroI'll ask on the list22:22
mupBug #1547966 opened: juju beta 1 does not include lxd in clouds <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1547966>22:36
wallyworldrick_h_: hi23:28
wallyworldjust reading backscroll, lxd works out of the box, but not on trusty23:29
wallyworldrick_h_: update-clouds not in this release, hopefully beta223:30
wallyworldrick_h_: and yeah, no lxd provider on trusty until lxd and golang1.5 added to backports23:31
rick_h_wallyworld: k, I think he manually added lxd for his trusty23:34
rick_h_wallyworld: so that makes sense, it should show in list-clouds. I know it's not 'public' but that's the list folks will look at how to try things23:34
rick_h_wallyworld: so it needs to be a listed option23:34
rick_h_wallyworld: ty for the heads up on that it should be working ootb for non-trusty23:34
wallyworldrick_h_: yeah, we were following the spec for list-clouds output. easily added23:39
rick_h_wallyworld: cool ty23:39
wallyworldrick_h_: maybe release notes aren't explicit enough about lxd and trusty23:40
rick_h_wallyworld: yea, I think there's a general assumption since we keep saying lxd >= wily23:40
rick_h_but if folks manually go at it, they can get trusty/lxd23:40
wallyworldi'm not sure of the status of the backports effortd23:41

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