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dougielk I have been working on getting a clean shutdown for 4 hours including googling but all I get is it hanging on my shutdown and it says is an ok message and it is just after rsync data... is this enough info just to complain about?01:05
dougielnot really too concerned about the fix as it has been around since 14.04 or 13.1001:06
dougieljust want to complain - lol01:06
leumasdougiel: lol01:30
* dougiel shivers when he realizes leumas is the only one in here that has a pulse :P01:32
dougieljust kiddin01:32
dougielSeriously I just realized a distro's weakest link is usually the community...01:33
dougielsad but true - IMHO01:33
leumasI concur...01:35
leumasI have been struggling to get Amarok to play streams...i suceedded with podcasts01:36
dougielI was trying to get Sabayon (Binary Gentoo) to install... I succeeded with Kubuntu...01:43
dougielleumas, I feel dirty for even trying Gentoo base - LOL01:44
leumasdougiel: Kubuntu as I hear is not the best but I will just stick to it for now01:46
dougielleumas, what do they tell you is best?01:47
dougiel... cuz the truth is what you know is the best and the community makes it better - IMHO01:48
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leumasdougiel: Opensuse keeps popping in some reviews as best KDE distro the last time i checked01:49
dougielleumas, - never tryed it01:49
leumasYea...community support makes a distro thick and stand strong01:49
dougielthat is you and me ATM01:50
dougiel... even half in the bag I contibute01:50
leumasI havent too...just have the ISO file in my HDD01:50
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TBotNikAQll: Hate to bust topic, but need help and #mysql channel not responding: All Repeating: Installed osTicket, which deleted all DBs and tables during install.  Found the backups are corrupt so can not restore.  Anyone have a howto on finding your old DBs, Tables and data via MySQL history? On this I have critical path and processing data gone, so can not work! Cannot interact with IRC or forums correctly as all UID/PWD combos were destroyed and manage03:31
TBotNik5,000+ account so DB is a must to login anywhere03:31
Bomber4ChatsAnybody know how to deal with black screens after login?03:31
TBotNikBomber4Chats: Probably a resolution issue, have you looked that up?03:32
Bomber4ChatsI tried03:32
Bomber4ChatsXrandr is failing for me. Deleting local .cache doesn't help03:32
TBotNikBomber4Chats: When you use "Ctrl+Alt+F1" do you get the alternate command line login?03:33
Bomber4ChatsYeah, I have access to tty103:33
TBotNikcan you login and read your X11/Xwin logs?03:34
Bomber4ChatsWhat's the command?03:35
AzrathudWhat happens when you type startx?03:35
TBotNikIs it showing errors?03:35
Bomber4ChatsStartx was interesting03:35
Bomber4ChatsOkay, so it for the login sequence in tty1, but then it went black. I no longer have access to the tty1 terminal03:36
TBotNikBomber4Chats: So what did it show?03:36
Bomber4ChatsIt's line tty7 now03:36
Bomber4ChatsLike *03:36
Bomber4Chats(brevity from phone typing)03:37
TBotNikBomber4Chats: Yup X throws you into tty7 or "Ctrl+Alt+F7", is that working correctly or do you have errors?03:37
Bomber4ChatsIt ran the login sequence on tty1, but just before reaching the end of the progress bar, the screen went black and it's stuck like that03:38
Bomber4ChatsI cannot see any errors, or specifically, nothing is presented on the screen and I'm not sure where to find the x11 loss03:39
TBotNikBomber4Chats: Guessing then you have some errors in your X routines that need cleanup/addressing.  Look through the logs and enter errors with "howto" to find the way to correct each!03:40
Bomber4ChatsHowto x1103:41
TBotNikHowto fix X11 <errorno>03:42
Bomber4ChatsTty1 just came back to life03:42
AzrathudBomber4Chats: what version of kubuntu are you using?03:42
Bomber4ChatsConnecting to x server lost03:42
Bomber4ChatsAzrathud: 15.1003:44
TBotNikBomber4Chats: Sounds like something in your kernel is going endless loop!03:44
AzrathudBomber4Chats:  http://askubuntu.com/a/615486/49487903:44
TBotNikBomber4Chats: Check the  15.10 bug log to see if your problem is documented.  I only use LTS versions, so clear back on 14.0403:45
Bomber4ChatsAzrathud I removed those files mentioned in the so thread03:46
Bomber4ChatsI also just did the commands you've referenced03:46
TBotNikAzrathud: Did you see my problem and can you help?03:47
TBotNikAll: Hate to bust topic, but need help and #mysql channel not responding: Installed osTicket, which deleted all DBs and tables during install.  Found the backups are corrupt so can not restore.  Anyone have a howto on finding your old DBs, Tables and data via MySQL history? On this I have critical path and processing data gone, so can not work! Cannot interact with IRC or forums correctly as all UID/PWD combos were destroyed and manage 5,000+ account so DB03:48
TBotNik is a must to login anywhere03:48
Bomber4ChatsAlright, that's what I needed, either local or KDE or something was screwed up. Thought I was on the right direction03:48
Bomber4ChatsAzrathud thanks03:48
Bomber4ChatsAny idea what code isn't up to par to handle a situation like I've described?03:49
Bomber4ChatsWhy can't the display kernel recheck the current status at wakeup?03:49
AzrathudTBotNik: I would shutdown that drive immediately and try to recover files on that drive using another OS03:50
AzrathudTBotNik: http://dba.stackexchange.com/a/7276003:51
TBotNikAzrathud: Too late for that!  Happened days ago! Really desperate.  Tried everything I currently know and about 20 howtos, nothing.  Most point to the innodb path/fileset, but that was already gone and see nothing in the "trash".  My only hope is a 6 month old HD that quit working, because of either a bad cord or connector, so I might be able to get 6 month old data, which will be a loss of about 30% of the active data!03:54
TBotNikAzrathud: Of course anything this side of "0" is a positive!03:55
TBotNikAzrathud: Major ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!03:55
TBotNikAzrathud: Think that's what I'll do over the weekend, so at least Monday will be semi sane!03:56
AzrathudTBotNik: Even if the file is not in the trash, it may be marked as deleted, but not actually deleted on the physical hard drive until it is overwritten04:01
Azrathuder it may be deleted, and the filesystem no longer knows about it, but the physical data may remain until it is overwritten04:02
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TBotNikAzrathud: There is a lot to absorb in that HOWTO, so will work on it!  How do I reach you for followup?04:02
TBotNikAzrathud: cAN you share email in PM?04:04
AzrathudTBotNik: I do not really have in-depth knowledge in this area04:05
TBotNikAzrathud: You're  the first one in 3 weeks of fighting with some useable insight, so don't be so modest!04:06
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vortekfirefox is running slow.. i got a 2.2 ghz with 8 gig ram, I shouldn't have his problem06:06
vortekany ideas?06:06
genii...stop using Flash06:08
DarinMillertest successful06:21
HenriHow come I cant connect to the internet with Kubuntu07:30
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lordievaderGood morning.08:57
Guest62111Hello everybody09:44
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alvaropagHello, I'm using kubuntu-backports but the last update broke my login... sometimes the login screen show up and sometimes it doesn't. When it do shows up if I type my password it just waits and return to the same screen11:53
alvaropagAnyone with this problem too?11:53
lordievaderAnything in the xsession-errors log?12:28
alvaropag@lordievader yes.... timeout in locking authority file /home/alvaro/.Xauthority and  $DISPLAY is not set or cannot connect to the X server (plus a bunch of other things)12:38
alvaropagI'm starting x via a terminal on tty0 (using only "startx" - no sudo)12:41
alvaropagAfter this command I have to wait for the error (.Xauthority timeout) and then Ctrl+C twice to start plasma-shell (then everything works) and on tty7 it's a black screen12:42
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lordievaderWhat happens when you start X as root and run 'startkde' as a user?12:53
alvaropagI didn't try it, give me a minute12:54
BluesKajHey folks12:57
alvaropag@lordievader the only thing I got was sudo startx12:57
alvaropagis this what you mean?12:57
alvaropagit starts plasma, but with the root user... some apps don't start (eg. chrome)12:58
lordievaderalvaropag: No, there should be some startkde, startkde5 or startplasma. (or something along those lines...)12:58
lordievaderHey BluesKaj, how are you doing today?12:59
alvaropagIf I try startkde only, it tells me that there's no X server running... how can I start x before?13:00
lordievaderalvaropag: In a different tty run as root '/usr/bin/X :0'.13:08
alvaropagthanks, I'll try13:09
alvaropag@lordievader nops, it says $DISPLAY is not set or cannot connect to the x server (but I set $DISPLAY)13:22
lordievaderIs X running on :0 and did you export the display variable to that?13:39
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alvaropagbut it didnt connect... I verify with ps aux and echo $DISPLAY13:47
alvaropageverything was correct, x was running as root and startkde as my normal user13:47
lordievaderHmm, then I suppose that is the issue sddm/Plasma runs into.14:03
lordievaderTheoretically you could purge the backports ppa see if it works then and then reinstall the ppa.14:04
alvaropagit seems so, but this started after the last update... I tried to downgrade only sddm, but it didn't work out...14:05
alvaropagI'll try to purge backports then, but I'm at school now, so I'll do it later14:05
alvaropaganyway, thanks for the help lordievader14:05
lordievaderI don't think the problem lies with sddm.14:06
alvaropagI also have xorg-edgers14:08
alvaropagmaybe I should purge it first14:08
lordievaderOeh, yeah. That one is known to give troubles.14:09
alvaropaghummmm, I didn't know, it always worked ok for me14:09
BluesKajalvaropag, xorg-edgers aren't known for keepiong up with upgrades to kernel modules/drivers14:09
alvaropagI'll purge it then!14:09
lordievaderThrough xorg edgers you can quickly get some piece of software expecting an older version of X, while X itself is newer.14:14
alvaropag@lordievader I purged the PPA but the problem persists... start the sddm, put my password, get a blank screen for a while then it gets back to the password screen14:35
BluesKajalvaropag, which gpu and driver?14:36
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alvaropagintel gpu (with nvidia disabled) and driver i91514:39
alvaropagmesa 11.0.2, sddm 0.1314:40
GreenDayhow to configure ntp under kde please?14:40
lordievaderalvaropag: Did you reboot after purging?14:44
alvaropagBluesKaj: this is the start of the .xsession-errors https://jpst.it/FFr314:44
alvaropaglordievader: yes, I rebooted it twice14:46
BluesKajalvaropag, Optimus system, hybrid gpus on a laptop?14:47
alvaropagYes it has, but everything is disabled... the nvidia gpu I disabled on bios14:47
alvaropagBluesKaj: I updated the link with the full .xsession-errors14:48
lordievaderalvaropag: What happens when you remove the ~/.Xauthority file?14:48
alvaropaglordievader: Do I need to stop my current session before remove it?14:49
alvaropaglordievader:  I cannot remove it, because it's a root file (inside my home folder)14:49
lordievaderX session? Yes.14:49
lordievaderAh, yeah that is not correct.14:50
lordievaderIt should be owned by your user.14:50
alvaropagyes, but it's being created by the root...14:50
alvaropagI also have .Xauthority-c and .Xauthority-l14:50
alvaropagdon't know why14:51
alvaropaglordievader: Should I remove it and try to log in again?14:51
lordievaderalvaropag: Yes, kill all X sessions, including SDDM. Remove the file, then start the SDDM service and try to login.14:52
alvaropaglordievader: Ok14:52
BluesKajlordievader, he should be using nvidia-prime14:53
lordievaderBluesKaj: Why? He is only using the nVidia card. Wouldn't just the nVidia driver be enough?14:57
BluesKajhis nvidia is disabled lordievader14:58
lordievaderAh. Read it wrong.14:59
lordievaderStill begs the question, why nvidia-prime?14:59
BluesKajnvidia-prime is written for hybrid graphics hardware, http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/243535/how-to-make-nvidia-optimus-work-on-kubuntu-15-1015:01
lordievaderBut is that still necesarry if one of the two is disabled?15:02
BluesKajthink he has it backwards , as you say he should be using the nvidia, it's the more powerful gpu15:02
BluesKajif he wants to use just one gpu15:03
BluesKajbut most optimus users run with the both15:04
BluesKaj!it | claudio15:05
ubottuclaudio: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:05
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alvaropaglordievader: It recreated the file with my user, but the problem persists15:08
alvaropaglordievader:  the problem is that the $DISPLAY variable is empty and it can't connect to the Xserver... I have to kill it and do a startx (wait for the .Xauthority locking timeout then two Ctrl+C) to start it15:10
lordievaderWho is the owner of the .Xauth file after that action?15:13
alvaropaglordievader: .Xauthority keeps with my user now15:14
alvaropaglordievader: I resolved it, but don't know what was wrong... I moved my .kde folder and rebooted, it recreated the .kde folder and it's working now... maybe something got corrupted along the way15:22
lordievader.kde? What version of Kubuntu are you running?15:23
alvaropaglordievader: Kubuntu 15.10 (but I'm updating it since 14.10, hehehehe - no fresh install)15:26
lordievaderHmm, Plasma 5 shouldn't use ~/.kde. But never mind that, great that you fixed it ;)15:27
alvaropaglordievader: yes... it is strange, I will do a fresh install in the next LTS15:28
alvaropaglordievader, BluesKaj thanks for the help!15:28
BluesKajalvaropag, here's a suggestion for your optimus system if you're interested, http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/243535/how-to-make-nvidia-optimus-work-on-kubuntu-15-1015:33
alvaropagBluesKaj: thanks! I'll give a look at it. I tried once, but gave up because the battery wasn't lasting that long...15:37
BluesKajalvaropag, yeah that's the whole idea of the lower power level and higher power level gpus...battery life15:39
alvaropagBluesKaj: yes, I saw on phoronix that nvidia is trying to integrate better the optimus tecnology with mesa, but it's not ready yet...15:41
BluesKajalvaropag, ok , good to know15:44
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belsemy dns is behaving strangely. lookup worked fine in one terminal but my other two there was no lookup result.. restarting wifi solved it.. why is this?16:28
belse. /etc/resolv.conf contains nameserver and search <mydomain>16:29
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raptebelse: check NM settings for DNS17:07
rapteIIRC NM overrides the DNS if you set a DNS17:07
belseI haven't set it manually. I expect it to come from NM but somewhere it forgot it. Can't explain why it worked in one console though17:13
astrmixВсем привет17:13
belseIs there caching somewhere, because i just opened a new terminal and host <whatever> was slow but i just did one lookup fast in previous console17:14
raptebelse: yes17:14
rapteyour modem or your computer may be caching it17:15
belseper terminal?17:15
rapteuse dig <domain>17:15
rapteto find out who gave the response17:15
belsethis was a host lookup on my local network17:15
raptefor example in my case, ;; SERVER: is produced17:15
raptednsmasq service is caching the dns17:15
rapteit's not per terminal17:17
raptethe first time you did host <whatever> in terminal 1, dnsmasq had not cached the domain name17:17
belsewell i did one fast first and then started a new terminal and then it was slow17:18
belseso epxect it be cached already17:18
raptecould be network latency17:18
belseand lookup should be <2 ms because of local network, so thinking it may search external network before domain17:18
belsedidn't provide fqdn17:18
raptewhat are you looking up17:19
rapteis it in your LAN17:19
rapteor what17:19
rapte"becaues of local network"17:19
belseyes, my local dns servers hostname17:19
belsehad problem with autofs because of failed lookups before restarting network17:19
belsebut still don't expect lookups to be slow so something is wroing17:20
raptewell, IIRC normally it will resolve recursively from -> (your modem) -> (your DNS, for example) -> your nameserver for your domain name17:20
rapte(if nothing's cached it would pass all the way through that)17:20
belsewhere do i see dns gotten from dns server?17:20
raptedig <domain>17:20
rapteyou can also do dig <domain>@dns to query the domain from the DNS server at IP dns17:21
belselooks alright but does not say which dns i'm using17:21
belsei'm guessing this is only domain search relevant17:22
belsei may be way off here :)17:22
belseAh! found the issue on the dhcpd config17:25
belsedomain was changed a long time ago but config wasn't updated.. haven't had any problem with any client so far but nm must query domain before dns17:26
BluesKajbelse, try this, nmcli dev show |grep DNS17:31
belseBluesKaj, thanks i see second record not from dns server which is the router
belseThis should not be queried17:33
belsei mean dhcp server17:33
BluesKajbelse, you can set your ISP ior other preferred DNS server IPs in your router DNS optional settings ..works on my TP-Link TL-WDR360017:36
belseIt's not the problem. I want to query my dhcp/dns server first and let it forward any unknown requests17:36
belseHere it may query router/outside world first17:37
BluesKajanyway errands to do for a few mins...bbl17:37
belseSo nm must add this automatically17:37
BluesKajthen if you want /etc/resolve.confto use specific DNS IPs then you need to set them in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head because it overwrites /etc/resolve.conf since ubuntu 13.1017:39
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belseproblem solved. dhcp server mess, had the router as dhcp server with dns to dns server, but it also added itself as dns server.... :P had to disable it and move everything to dedicated server..18:02
cmyipHi All18:12
peasnikhi cmyip18:17
cmyipI'm experimenting with touchpad gestures, what is the module that handles touchpad input in KDE5?18:19
BluesKajcmyip, kmenu>computer>system settings>input devices>touchpad18:30
cmyipBluesKaj, do you know which part of the KDE5 framework handles touchpad input? just want to view the code18:32
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dougielI have new usb stick and new dvd with 14.04.04 daily and it does not boot - any suggestions?19:58
BluesKajdougiel, how long did dd take to copy the iso , it usially takes about 5mins for a 1G image20:01
dougiela second but sync'd for 5 min and then sudo sync'd for a second20:02
BluesKajdd doesn't show a progress bar unless you use pv between input and the out put20:03
dougieldd if=some.iso pv of=/dev/sdc BS=1M?20:04
BluesKajsudo dd if=pathtoiso | pv | sudo dd of=/dev/sdc bs=1M20:06
BluesKajoops disconn'd by mistake20:29
dougieljust finishing up my 3rd attempt at maiking a 14.04 daily build20:29
BluesKajdougiel, assume you've tried booting the daily on other pcs20:30
dougielI don't even trust it - how could I entrust another working machine to be borked by the daily.20:31
dougielI will try on this one as it is the one I have made it on20:32
BluesKajjust to see if it boots into the media , not to install20:32
dougielyes BluesKaj it boot on a real machine20:38
BluesKajreal machine ?20:39
dougielbuy hangs on the old hardware20:39
dougielasus g75vw20:39
BluesKajhow old is that?20:39
dougiel3 years20:40
BluesKajnot old at all20:40
BluesKajthis thing is almost 8 yrs old now20:41
dougielthe old peice of crap is 2007 but I have had gentoo installed on it and kubuntu versions.20:41
BluesKajthis is 2008 (I prefer to call it vintage)  :)20:42
dougielfair enough20:42
BluesKajhave the nvidia 8400gs pci card and brought it up to 6G of RAM and a Samsung ssd evo 850 256Gb drive which gives it new life20:45
dougielI get a red block and : sendbytes: error -11020:47
dougieldoes tis mean anything to anyone?20:47
BluesKajI have no clue what that could be20:51
dougielSo the question remains how do I install 14.04 on a 4coredual-vsta?20:52
bprompt4coredual-vsta?    was iss dat?20:54
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d0kCan anyone help me with pop up menus opening in the wrong monitor?21:30
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dougielmemory tests ok...21:31
DarinMillerI have 2 monitors, but my notifications follow my primary desktop which is what I prefer.21:31
dougielnot sure why kubuntu is not installing - suggestion welcome.21:32
DarinMillerWhat menus are poping up in the wrong location:?21:32
DarinMillerd0k What menus are poping up in the wrong location:?21:32
d0kWhen I right click on anything inside of some applications21:32
DarinMillerwhat happens if you restart plasmashell?21:33
d0kI restarted the computer many times21:33
DarinMillerterminal command:  killall plasmashell && plasmashell &21:33
d0kOkay, I'll try21:34
d0kSame problem21:34
d0kNothing changed21:34
DarinMillerwhat application?  primary or secondary montir?  (I want to try to dupliate...)  Also, what version of plasma?  (kinfocenter is an easy place to check..)21:36
d0kSpotify and Clementine. The programs are on the secondary monitor which is on the left, and when I right click in the programs, a pop up menu appears in the primary monitor on the right. Plasma
DarinMillerHmmm... Clementine is working fine here, but I on plasma 5.5.421:43
d0kMaybe I can update?21:43
DarinMillerYou could try backports ppa. Are you familiar with installing ppa's?21:46
d0kI'm okay with adding ppas21:46
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Guest3173echo off22:14
Finetundrahello melodie22:32
melodiedoes someone here do work on high resolution pictures?22:32
melodiehi Finetundra22:32
melodieI have to advice someone who does that, and wants a brand new tower22:32
FinetundraI'm sorry but I don't know ay about that22:32
melodiefor instance, I think with the i5 or the i7 latest generation, and a screen which will be 27"22:33
melodieI think I'll suggest a GPU such as this one: http://www.ldlc-pro.com/fiche/PB00185475.html22:34
melodiewhat do you think?22:34
melodiehi Na3iL22:34
melodieI am not a KDE user, however he is...22:34
melodieso what do you Kubuntu users think about it?22:34
FinetundraWell, I can't say anything about the newer intel processors(I've only worked with older ones), but the GPU is pretty solid as far as I've heard. How much RAM will the system have?22:36
melodieit could have 8 GB, or eventually 16 GB (which I believe is way too much… )22:37
melodiethe i5 and i7 are powerful quad cores, and the GPU will also probably be a good addition with 4GB ram?22:37
melodiewhat I'm not sure, if that's not too noisy with 3 fans22:38
d0kHello again, I updated, but not to 5.5.4 but 5.5.3 plasma. The problem still persists22:38
melodiehi d0k what problem?22:38
FinetundraI'd say that he may need the 16GB of RAM. A few nights ago my buddy was saying that he was doing some video processing and he maxed out his RAM22:38
FinetundraAnd I doub't those fans will cause trouble22:39
d0kWhen I right click on inside of an app in my secondary monitor, the pop up menu appears on my main monitor22:39
melodiebut video processing is much more greedy than image processing22:39
melodiehe does pictures, with Gimp22:39
d0kA person here said they don't have that problem, but he has plasma 5.5.422:39
d0kSo I updated22:39
FinetundraIndeed however depending on how high level it will be that 16GB may become necessary22:40
d0kBut it didn't update to 5.5.422:40
melodieyes d0k and then after update?22:40
d0kThe problem is still here22:40
d0kAnd the panel looks more ugly now22:40
FinetundraHave you tried a different DE all together?22:40
melodiewhat about if you reconfigure the panel?22:40
d0kWhen I hover on items, they light up light blue22:40
d0kNo, I am used to KDE22:40
melodieok Finetundra thanks22:41
d0kDoes anyone have any ideas as to why I didn't update to 5.5.4?22:42
d0kI added the kubuntu backports ppa, and updated after that22:43
Finetundrasadly I have no experience with KDE 5+22:43
FinetundraI chose to stick with 422:44
melodied0k which edition of Kubuntu do you run?22:46
clivejo5.5.4 isnt in backports yet22:47
clivejostill in landing22:47
Na3iLhey melodie22:50
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MylonI go to watch some Netflix and they're like... "Come back when you're decided to go back to sucking Microsoft's cock."23:06
d0kI'm back, updated to plasma 5.5.4, but the problems still persist23:07
valorie!language | Mylon23:08
ubottuMylon: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:08
MylonI am calm!  And at least I'm polite to the people here.  Microsoft on the other hand...23:09
valoried0k: 5.5.4 is not yet in backports23:09
valorieMylon: watch your language23:09
valoriewhat you said is not acceptable23:09
MylonOh my, am I invading your safe space?23:10
d0kHey guys, calm down please23:10
Unit193Mylon: Just please no cussing here.  Anywho, you try netflix-desktop yet?23:10
MylonI haven't heard about it until now!  Which is why you guys are great.  You have the answers to everything.23:10
Unit193AFAIK, there's only that unofficial option for netflix.23:10
ubottuIf you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop23:11
MylonInteresting.  I wonder why these wine patches haven't been pushed into the main version?23:12
d0kI updated to 5.5.4 from landing23:12
d0kAnd nothing changed23:12
d0kExcept that now it says that I have 5.5.423:12
Unit193Mylon: There was some long thing about it, I think I read it a while ago but as I don't have netflix I either forgot and/or didn't follow it.  IIRC, they were pretty hacky.23:13
MylonProbably easier to just drop Linux.  I've used it like twice in 6 months.23:13
=== kubuntu is now known as Beetlejuice
MylonI just don't watch TV much and their movie selection is pretty meh.23:14
MylonDrop Netflix, not Linux.  Derp.23:15
d0kHow do I change the panel from glowing light blue when I hover on items?23:15
d0kIt looks bad23:15
Unit193Mylon: Can't say I disagree with you there.  Does Amazon prime offer more of what you're looking for?  (Does it work on Linux?)23:16
d0kThe items glowing light blue, I meant23:16
MylonI don't know.  When Amazon Prime was still young it's selection was pretty poor too.  There's a lot of Arrrrrrr-flavored streaming sites out there that offer decent quality and better selection.23:17
dougielcan someone help me install kubuntu please - suse installs but sucks and I know kubuntu installs but for whatever reason I am havine extreme difficulty - please help :)23:19
d0kWhat's wrong, dougiel?23:20
dougield0k, now is hanging on 9.48... nouveau drm dcb oup 02: 04011310 0000002823:21
dougielI guessed at installation process yesterday ( boot option and kernel options) and it installed but gparted ruined my partitions and could not get clean boot or shutdown but the problem todayis I forget what I guessed23:22
d0kHmm, sorry, maybe someone else understands this better in this chat than me23:24
d0kI need help myself23:24
dougielbeen doing this for quite a few day and I am getting fed up... I need some help but my querys23:24
dougielwhat do you need help with?23:24
d0kWhen I right click in an app on my secondary monitor, the pop up menu appears on my main monitor23:25
valoriedougiel: sounds like you need to go back to gparted and get your partitions fixed first?23:31
valorienothing can install in a messed up system23:31
d0kI'm back, don't know why konversation closed23:31
dougielvalorie, partition with suse and installed successfully but could not configure. I have never used suse before... how does that sound like messed up partitions?23:33
valoriedunno, have only used suse once, long ago23:33
valoriedougiel: does the kubuntu iso you burned start up the live session successfully in any other computer?23:34
valorieand does it run as a live session in your messed-up computer?23:35
valoriehave you tried something different, like lubuntu or xubuntu?23:36
valorieboth rather "light"23:36
dougielassorted errors or messages currnet  is i2c i2c-2: sendbytes: error -11023:37
dougielI have been trying distros for a week23:38
dougielmostly ubuntu derivatives but sabayon and suse too23:38
dougielvalorie, what do you suggest I try next - I have 48 dvd's left23:39
valoriedougiel: any chance that a new HD would solve your problems?23:41
valorieyou could very well have failing hardware23:42
dougielfor the live seession not to boot?23:43
valorieI don't know23:49

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