tewardcjwatson: did you ever requeue the failed ppa builds in the builders, or no?16:07
cjwatsonteward: yes, ages ago18:11
cjwatsonteward: (if I missed some, please let me know which so I can use that as information to repeat my log scan)18:14
tewardcjwatson: you missed my failed nginx staging PPA18:17
tewardso i manually retried them18:17
tewardall the failed / chrootproblem builds https://launchpad.net/~teward/+archive/ubuntu/nginx-devel-testing/+packages <- there were not reran until i did18:17
tewardthey're complete now though18:18
cjwatsonteward: please can you give me specific build URLs?18:20
cjwatsonjust a couple will do18:20
cjwatsonI know I reran at least one from that PPA18:21
cjwatsonnot build logs, I need the URLs with +build in them18:21
tewardyeah stand by18:24
tewardwell, i'm not sure I have the FTBFS ones anymore, will the succeeded ones do?18:24
cjwatsonteward: the build URL remains the same18:25
cjwatsonteward: I need a sample of ones you retried, that's all18:25
tewardokay.  it was only 8 of them and I already have a paste with all 8 URLs though18:26
cjwatsonfine, so can you please give me that?18:26
tewardhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15146800/ has the URLs18:26
cjwatsonhow strange, that shows up in the grep I did, I don't understand how I missed that18:27
tewardno worries18:28
tewardall's good now :)18:28
cjwatsonsure, but maybe I missed others18:28
cjwatsonah, some turned into "ordinary" failures rather than chroot problem or dependency wait18:29
cjwatsonlet me just retry everything that failed in the relevant interval18:29
tewardyeah most of mine were actually standard failures18:30
tewardthough the armhf ones I ran, two of those were still chroot problem failures18:31
tewardin any case, sorry to bother you :)18:31
cjwatsonnp, retries on their way for everything else now18:31
tewardcjwatson: everyone will be happy then, heh.18:52
tewardthanks for poking and addressing the issues, though, that was a "What's going on" moment yesterday :)18:53

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