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phillwwxl: ping.... pre warning of CC issue02:46
tsimonq2phillw: this is not the place for this03:01
phillwtsimonq2: not a place for what? pinging some one?....03:01
phillwtsimonq2: wxl Well, as SABDFL is now involved, that is as much as I can say. He has asked me not to discuss the current event, and even though it is not a ubuntu issue, I respect that he took time to answer and have assured him that any further details of what transpired will not be posted up on any new areas.04:26
LStrangerwxl: that is very sad but I still wait Jerome Leclanche to push out translations from the Pootle server so I could update translations before releasing packages. He isn't much responsible so I'm not sure about when it could happen but I really would like to get those updates since last sync he did last spring. :(11:31
LStrangerwxl: although I still have a hope that he don't really want LXDE to die.11:33
LStrangerThe most probably, if he still won't responce then I'll release all as is, because timing is important.11:38

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