Mathisenhello, so would you say i could upgrade from 15.10 on my dekstop home computer ?00:23
Mathisenor should i still wait00:23
geniiProbably wait until after it's in release, unless you have another computer you could fall back to in an emergency00:23
k1lwe need a red blinking sign saying: your computer will break  :)00:24
k1lMathisen: use the -d switch for developer00:27
k1lbut be aware that things will break and you need to fix them yourself.00:27
Mathiseni understand, but its only for my desktop i have backup...00:27
Mathisenif it breaks to bad i revert00:27
Mathiseni was thinking in the world of.. is there any BIG issues still00:28
Mathisenno comments on that ?00:31
Mathisenor is the answer still " it will break your computer "00:31
k1lworking here.00:31
k1lbut its just not meant for the regular user. thats the point00:31
k1lit can break anytime. and we dont want to hear you cry :)00:32
ChibaPetMathisen: It will break your computer. I'd wait longer.00:32
geniiMay kill or maim kittens, i think, is the standard disclaimer00:32
Mathisenokej :) il wait00:32
ChibaPetIt'll be out pretty soon in any event, in all its LTS glory.00:32
Mathisenfrom one thing to another.. im no expert how do i get the newest nvidia drivers for my card nvidia 960 gt ?00:33
Mathisencan you help me with that would be great if you could00:33
geniiMathisen: Support for regular Ubuntu is in #ubuntu00:33
geniiPlease ask there :)00:34
Mathiseni know but i think i read that 16.04 has beta drivers in a repo ?00:34
Mathisenor ame i dreaming here00:34
geniiYou can get the latest drivers for any current not-EOL Ubuntu by adding the xorg-edgers PPA00:35
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lordievaderGood morning.08:57
VolkodavHi! I can't get the image to boot from flash drive - tried dd netbootin on different boxes as different user10:24
alexwhitmanHas the Ubuntu Mono font changed recently in 16.04? Performed an update today and things look... odd10:50
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Mikelevelhi , any help with nvidia-352 package ... problems with lib32gcc1 and libc6-i38612:36
BluesKajHey folks12:57
ChibaPetMikelevel: What problems? I installed it last night and it seems to be running fine here on a GTX 660.16:58
Mikeleveli think i was using some repos outdated ... now with official repository everything works fine16:59
ChibaPetGood good.17:00
ChibaPetHm, vlc and xine both dump core. Need to debug this after getting back home later.18:01
ChibaPetAnd yet, mplayer plays my DVD. Weird.18:04
ChibaPetThe odd bit is that my other Xenial box can play DVDs with any of them without issue. That might help track it down.18:04
ngaiois there a special reason why the Dash doesn't find applications in /usr/local/bin, with icons and .desktop file under /usr/local/share/ ? it works in 15.1018:21
enycngaio: $PATH not the asme somehow?19:05
enycngaio: whatever process is spawning the dash process, doesn't have /usr/local/ {various}  in the relevant PATH or equivalent ?19:05
ngaioenyc, $PATH looks okay. I just rebooted and the application in /usr/local/bin showed up in the dash with an icon, but no name19:07
ngaiovery puzzling19:07
ngaiobefore the reboot (and after the install) there was no icon at all19:07
ngaioso it couldn't be found in the dash19:08
enycngaio_: i rememebr circumstances where $PATH was fine at some terminal but not in whatever spawned a particualr panel, etc.20:01
enycngaio_: i remember bein driven potty by a certain solaris system  with   /opt/gnome-1.4/ blah lah  and zillions of other things in paths all over the place which was crazy20:01
enycLD_LIBRARY_PATH ridiculousness and all the rest of it ;p20:01
ChibaPetenyc: For a number of years my shell scripts kept a list of possible paths across a bunch of different systems, and built a PATH from whatever existed.21:25
ChibaPetNever know if what you want is in /opt/sfw/bin or /usr/pkg/sbin or /usr/games, and then there was that naughty Sendmail in /usr/lib.21:26
ChibaPetNow systemd will push us all to /usr/bin, and in doing so utterly obscure why /usr ever existed in the first place.21:36
* ChibaPet whistles and looks the other way.21:37

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