naccslangasek: looking00:00
naccslangasek: which version?00:07
slangaseknacc: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php-guzzlehttp/5.3.0-1build1/+build/903999900:07
naccslangasek: simplest thing might be to sync 6.1.1-1 from experimental, but not sure00:11
naccslangasek: sorry, i'm looking into if we can get the 5.3.0 tests to work00:11
naccPharaoh_Atem: all tests passed!00:12
naccnicely done :)00:12
naccslangasek: --^ fyi that will fix the adt failures for php700:12
naccslangasek: fwiw, 6.1.1-1 builds & runs tests cleanly against xenial w/o modification00:17
Pharaoh_Atemnacc: Woo!00:17
naccslangasek: i'm not sure if it's worth us carrying a delta on an older version of the module, but i can do it if that's the better way given FF00:17
naccPharaoh_Atem: you'll probably need to file a bug, as the ubuntu package now has a delta -- can you handle that and cc me? and let me know when debian publishes? we can carry the delta and then hopefully sync -- is that roughly how it should work maintenance-wise, slangasek? this is a set of changes to debian's tests that we also need to pass the adt tests for src:php7.000:19
slangaseknacc: would prefer us just taking the upstream fix; if you can file a pro-forma FFe bug against the package I'll sign off on it and sync from experimental00:19
Pharaoh_AtemI don't know how to do that, but I will be submitting the patches to Ondrej00:19
naccPharaoh_Atem: if you can file the bug, i'll deal with the rest of it, just don't want to lose track -- feel free to assign to me00:19
naccslangasek: is there anything special i need to do for the FFe (this'd be my first)? special tags, etc00:22
naccslangasek: looking at the wiki as we speak, as well00:22
slangaseknacc: explain why ("because it's needed for compatibility with php7"), subscribe ubuntu-release00:22
slangaseknacc: normally you want to also provide analysis of the upstream changes and justification for any risks; since we've only just missed FF and this is a sync from experimental, I'm happy to waive that requirement00:23
naccslangasek: right, that's what i was just reading00:23
naccmakes sense, thanks!00:23
Pharaoh_Atemslangasek: I was just going to email Ondrej with a simplified set of the patches to apply00:25
Pharaoh_Atemand cc nacc about it00:25
naccPharaoh_Atem: i think his answers were for my questions00:25
naccPharaoh_Atem: i'd appreciate it if you could at least file the bug00:25
Pharaoh_Atemwhere and how do I do that00:25
naccPharaoh_Atem: launchpad00:25
Pharaoh_Atemis it alright if I simplify the patches for him and send it to him?00:26
naccPharaoh_Atem: yeah, of course00:27
naccPharaoh_Atem: i just don't want to lose track00:27
naccslangasek: LP #154772900:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1547729 in php-guzzlehttp (Ubuntu) "please sync php-guzzlehttp 6.1.1-1 from Debian experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154772900:28
naccslangasek: still trying to figure out php-zeta-base00:46
* slangasek nods00:46
naccslangasek: i'm out next monday, but will get back to it first thing00:46
nacci think i've fixed up anything other than php-zeta-base you and pitti hit overnight00:46
slangaseknacc: do you mind checking on the other uploads to see whether any have gotten stuck in dep-wait and require attention?00:47
slangasekonce we have a handle on those I can batch up the next set of rebuild uploads00:47
naccslangasek: sure -- what's the URL again (sorry not yet on the top of my head)00:47
slangaseknacc: ah... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/$sourcepkgname00:47
slangasekthen drill down from there00:47
naccslangasek: ok, need to run out quickly, but will do that when i get back00:48
sarnoldnacc: it's quite handy to set up firefox keyword search for that, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/%s00:51
sarnoldnacc: we've got a few other useful ones noted https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuEngineering/Security/Tips00:52
slangaseksarnold: huh, keyword searches work for you? they broke for me a while ago and I filed a bug on firefox but got no response00:52
sarnoldslangasek: yeah; but I use pentadactyl so it might be something they've gone to some effort to continue supporting if firefox broke them..00:53
naccsarnold: super nice! i'll have to add those00:54
naccsarnold: yeah all the urls are super handy to have at hand00:54
naccslangasek: ok, looks like all are good except the known php-zeta-{console-tools (depwait on base),base} and php-guzzlehttp00:54
slangaseksarnold: turns out they work now, but last time I tried to migrate from the old-style extensions to keyword-based bookmarks they were broken. Neat, that'll save me time again, thanks :)00:56
slangaseknacc: excellent!00:56
sarnoldslangasek: woo :)00:56
sarnoldyeah if these were to stop working I'd be pretty cranky00:57
rlaagerIs Xenial expected to ship with zfsutils-linux on the server install CD?00:58
sarnoldhey rlaager :) probably00:59
Pharaoh_Atemnacc: so do I just call this bug "Request to sync with Debian after application of patches" or what?00:59
Pharaoh_Atemnacc: I sent the email to Ondrej and cc'd you and Robie01:02
sarnoldrlaager: interesting, it looks like it isn't currently set to ship on the CD; more details about what goes on the images and how is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeedManagement01:03
sarnoldrlaager: oh, of course, that's blocked on -me- finishing the security review first. jeeze. good thing it's friday afternoon.01:05
rlaagersarnold: So would it need to be in the Ship or Install seed?01:06
sarnoldrlaager: i'm not sure which one, I thought of 'standard' or 'boot' on the first time through the introduction on that page..01:07
Pharaoh_Atemnacc: I cannot assign it to you: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php7.0/+bug/154773801:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1547738 in php7.0 (Ubuntu) "Request: Sync with Debian to get upstream fixes for autopkgtests" [Undecided,New]01:08
rlaagersarnold: I was assuming that standard is more-or-less equivalent to ubuntu-standard, and I'm not sure it needs to, or even should, be there.01:08
rlaagersarnold: I suppose installer, given that the next step would be installer support?01:09
sarnoldrlaager: I don't know if installer support is planned for 16.04 or not; the foundations team is stretched pretty thin as it is. I know debian just grew support for it, there might be enough there worth stealing..01:10
rlaagersarnold: Sure, if installer support isn't possible for 16.04, that's fine. Getting the tools on the CD is a big step in that direction, though. It would allow the by-hand installation process to be greatly simplified. Instead of having to run debootstrap and do everything by hand, it would probably be possible to use most of the standard installer.01:12
sarnoldrlaager: yeah, and since the image hasn't fit on a CD in ages anyway probably there aren't real space limitations to keep it out of the images01:13
slangasekwe are not supporting root on ZFS01:16
slangasekso there's no particular benefit to having the tools on the install media; just install them afterward01:16
Pharaoh_Atemnacc: if you would please assign yourself to the php7.0 bug I just made, that'd be A+01:18
rlaagerslangasek: Just because Ubuntu as a project isn't supporting root on ZFS doesn't mean you can't make small changes to make it easier for others (like me) who are interested in doing that.01:19
rlaagerThe thing to remember is that the server installer (unlike the Live CD) doesn't allow us to just `apt-get install zfsutils-linux`.01:23
rlaagersarnold: Good luck with the security review. I'll keep doing the best I can to build instructions for the root on ZFS case with whatever ships.01:37
naccPharaoh_Atem: done01:58
* nacc -> long weekend01:58
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Logankyrofa: FYI http://bugs.debian.org/81520502:32
ubottuDebian bug 815205 in src:sbcl "sbcl: FTBFS due to TeX error" [Serious,Open]02:32
slangasekrlaager: on the contrary; since we don't support root on ZFS, we have a definite interest in avoiding making changes that give users a false impression of its supportability03:38
sarnoldslangasek: he's left :/ he's still in #zfsonlinux however03:45
slangaseksarnold: ah, indeed :)04:19
mitya57Mirv, I pushed the qtbase dbustray patches to master branch.12:38
kyrofaLogan, I appreciate your looking into that, thank you!15:14
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