HoppingMadManAm I crazy but the Ubuntu Software Center has been getting bugger and bugger with ever version of Ubuntu03:08
HoppingMadManI find if I try to cue up any more then 10 packages I find it crashes on me03:15
darkxstHoppingMadMan, its being replaced with gnome-software in 16.0403:39
HoppingMadManThat is good to hear, something has been done03:39
HoppingMadManEverything I have been reading about 16.04 is getting me excited, I wish they would do something about Unity, maybe drop it all together03:42
darkxstwhy? lots of people like Unity, and there are the flavours for those that don't03:43
HoppingMadManOh I agree, but I feel they really need to work on Unity, it just seem to have its faults and when the community bring it up they tend to ignore it03:44
HoppingMadManThat is my own personal expenses03:44
darkxstwell they are mainly working on Unity 8, but there has been work on Unity 7 this cycle also03:47
HoppingMadManYeah, maybe it is going to be better we still have awhile to wait, hold of judgment for Unity 8 till then03:48
HoppingMadManAnd at the end of the day, really shouldn't judge as I don't think I could even begin to program a UI03:49
darkxststill, unity 7 has loads of bug fixes coming for the LTS03:53
HoppingMadManOk, yeah.. But Linux hay, if you don't like it change it03:55
HoppingMadManI have been using Linux for such a long time now, I really need to teach myself to be a better programmer so I can give back03:56
darkxstthere are plenty of other ways to give back, apart from just programming!03:59
HoppingMadManYeah, see dumb me, I only think about programing. It's just hard to find a place to jump in, or maybe I am not looking in the right places03:59
darkxstHoppingMadMan, testing 16.04 beta next week04:00
HoppingMadManYeah only got the laptop at the moment only, and testing it in a VM is that fare04:02
darkxstand plenty of other areas, documentation/wiki, artwork/design, reporting/triage bugs04:03
darkxstHoppingMadMan, yes VM is ok04:03
darkxstjust make sure to report that when adding reports on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/04:03
HoppingMadManThanks darkxst, your much kinder than most on IRC04:04
darkxst(beta candidate images will be available monday04:04
HoppingMadManCool I will start taking a look04:05
darkxstHoppingMadMan, I think you will find most Ubuntu devs are friendly04:11
darkxstexcept perhaps in the case where people come along with threats/demands etc that are completely unreasonable!04:11
HoppingMadManYeah yeah, hopping when I get back to Australia with the wife, get a bit more time, to do IT stuff and show her all the beautiful places04:12
darkxstHoppingMadMan, where in Aus? I'm near Melbourne04:13
HoppingMadManI am originally from Adelaide, but now living in Mexico with my wife she was born here04:14
darkxstah yeh04:15
HoppingMadManWe are going through the visa process04:16
HoppingMadManAnd well this government has changed the laws, made it a little harder04:17
darkxstshould be easy if you are an Australian citizen?04:17
HoppingMadManIt is and it isn't04:17
HoppingMadManIt's just Mexicans are not trusted around the world sadly04:19
darkxstone of my mates wife is Mexican, but she was here on PR already when they married04:19
darkxstgtg, be back later04:19
HoppingMadManOk, I will talk at some point04:20
lindolhi all05:14
HoppingMadManhey lindol, how are you05:23
lindolHoppingMadMan, hi :) I am some tired because i have drunk last night.. :)05:28
lindolhow about you05:28
darkxstricotz, feel free to test nautilus git snapshot on ppa:darkxst/x32009:24
ricotzdarkxst, what is the reason for doing a snapshot?09:41
darkxstricotz, they didnt release a tarball since 2 months ago09:43
ricotzdarkxst, hmm, did you try to ask why?09:45
ricotzg-i is a similar case though09:45
darkxstnot yet09:45
ricotzI might try to do one09:45
ricotz(sometimes specific bugs can delay a release)09:46
darkxst3.19.2 was the last nautilus release and there has been loads of fixes since then09:48
ricotzI see09:48
ricotzgoing to push a new gtk+ for this wayland-protocol change09:49
darkxstricotz, k thanks, yet is a bit broken since debian didnt follow your naming09:49
ricotzappending -dev to an obviously development package made sense09:50
darkxstapparently not for the debian guys ;)09:52
ricotzdarkxst, is there something hard-depending on vala 0.31.x yet?09:56
ricotz(I guess only gnome-builder is)09:57
darkxstI've not seen anything09:57
darkxst(not looked at -builder yet)09:57
ricotzdue the unification of the vala package I haven't put it in the ppa yet09:57
ricotzin case they can be copied from https://launchpad.net/~vala-team/+archive/ubuntu/next/+packages09:58
ricotzalthough it includes a bug-fix for owned delegates which has an positive effect on quite some gir-to-vapi builds10:01
darkxstit should be fine to include it, I imagine most of upstream are building against it?10:05
darkxstjhbuild certainly is10:06
ricotzit should be yeah, I building several projects to test binding updates/changes10:06
ricotzI am ..10:07
octoquaddarkxst, hi! What do you think of this https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+question/257365 pretty interesting idea, but looks like quite a bit of work.11:56
octoquaddarkxst, is this possible or even feasible: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+question/25019712:22
LinDolhi all14:50
lindolhi all15:07
craysiiii gotta say so far 16.04 has been good to me21:26
tristan957Does anyone know where I can download and that 16.04 daily build?23:16

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