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jak2000when i do a: aptget update i get this error messages: http://pastie.org/10729807 any advice how to fix? thanks04:35
runelind_qhow can I register my virtual machines as vm's to my landscape server?  They all show up as full registrations instead of VMs.04:37
damascenejak2000, does ping work to those sites?04:45
k2gremlinInteresting thing I want to do but I can't find crap on it.. I have Sickbeard application running on Ubuntu. I only want Sickbeard to be running from say 2AM - 9AM. Is there a way to do this?04:57
runelind_qhatchet way would be cron job to start and stop the service04:58
k2gremlinjak2000, looks like DNS is not working04:58
k2gremlinrunelind_q, I didn't know there was a way to cron stop something lol04:58
runelind_qservice sickbeard stop04:59
k2gremlinSo say 2am.. 0 2 * * * ?04:59
k2gremlinOk so I need to write a script that executes that command and then cronjob that script?05:00
k2gremlinAnd then another.. to start it back up I think05:00
runelind_qcan do some checking to see if the process is already running, etc.05:01
k2gremlinrunelind_q, I am too new to this stuff.. First I am trying to figure out how to not have the service start on startup.. sudo update-rc.d -f <service name> disable  would this work?05:05
runelind_qprobably, have you tried it? :)05:06
k2gremlinjust put it in :)05:07
k2gremlinrunelind_q, rebooting for test05:07
k2gremlinrunelind_q, Ok that worked. Now to make a .sh file that can start the service05:09
runelind_qmay I ask why you're only wanting to run it at certain times?05:09
k2gremlinrunelind_q, Wait... can I just use the scripts from /init.d ?05:09
runelind_qwouldn't it be easier to just schedule your downloader to run?05:09
runelind_qbut yeah, you should be able to just use the init scripts.05:11
k2gremlinrunelind_q, hmm... ok here is my follow up question to that. The problem I am having is that SB grabs the NZB and sends to SAB. SAB downloaded the content to fast and it is failing because the content isnt fully uploaded yet. If wait a while, and try the same NZB it works. So, if I set SAB to pause downloading for my expected hours, will it work?05:11
runelind_qI would think so05:12
k2gremlinOk I will try that.. Just gotta wait for new content to see if it works lol05:12
runelind_qI've never had that problem though05:13
jak2000k2gremlin: http://pastie.org/1072984605:13
jak2000damascene: http://pastie.org/1072984605:13
k2gremlinhappened on two files tonight. I just set this up this week05:13
k2gremlinjak2000, still getting errors on update?05:14
k2gremlinjak2000, looks like dns is working.. try ping microsoft.com05:14
jak2000ping www.microsoft.com05:16
damascenejak2000, http://askubuntu.com/questions/474549/got-nodata-issue-nodata-does-the-network-require-authentication05:17
k2gremlinrunelind_q, I have SAB paused from 5PM till 11PM.. hopefully that works lol05:19
k2gremlinrunelind_q, the only other issue I am having is with Couchpotato. When I reboot the VM and launch the CP web gui, it's back to the setup screen. Like it is not saving my setup lol05:22
k2gremlinnot sure :/05:24
k2gremlinWhere would I begin to look?05:24
runelind_qthe couchpotato directory05:24
k2gremlinthey are all k2gremlin:k2gremlin05:26
k2gremlinincluding sub dirs  and files05:26
k2gremlinIt is installed at /opt/couchpotato   opt folder is root:root05:27
runelind_qand that's the user the process is running as?05:28
k2gremlinrunelind_q, Yes that is correct06:01
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arrrghhhjak2013, did you get your issue figured out?06:38
arrrghhhI followed that guide linked on a new VM connecting to my existing server... worked fine...06:38
lordievaderGood morning.08:57
jak2000hi all why cant update my ubuntu 14.04: http://pastie.org/1073043517:06
lordievaderjak2000: "E: GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com trusty InRelease: Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NODATA' (does the network require authentication?)" ?17:23
jak2000lordievader Internal LAN problem?17:32
lordievaderCan you retrieve the file through a browser on that machine?17:36
jak2000but wich file17:38
jak2000i can try, wich file?17:38
tarpmanjak2000: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/Release and http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/Release.gpg17:40
jak2000wget http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/Release17:41
tarpmanjak2000: did damascene's answer yesterday not answer your question? the post he linked seems pretty clear17:42
jak2000opened the FORTI17:43
tarpmanjak2000: Release should have been a 57kb plain file, not a 2.4kb text/html file17:44
tarpmanjak2000: so yes, exactly as damascene's link, there is a middlebox or proxy somewhere between you and us.archive.ubuntu.com that is interfering.17:44
jak2000escuse me not see the damascene's link17:45
tarpman21:17 < damascene> jak2000,17:46
tarpman21:18 < jak2000> ok17:46
jak2000yes i remember the link17:47
jak2000i answer OK for reading17:47
tomreynyou can try using ftp as a workaround17:48
jak2000ok SOLVED the problem17:49
jak2000opened some ports on FortiGate17:49
Pwnnawhen i redirect a stdout to stderr in a shell script, how do i redirect it back?18:57
Pinkamena_DI have joined a windows domain with powerbroker and if I go to add a printer and search in a print server, I can see a list of printers. Is there any way that I can get the list of ip addresses that go with these printers?19:08
Pinkamena_DI can list samba shares on a machine with smbclient -L , but only the names are given. How can I resolve this to ip address?20:28
cryptodan_mobilePinkamena_D: it should just work20:29
danawarHi Ubuntu server I am trying to install a package as i want a newer version of it but I am having issues please could you advise - http://pastebin.com/AAPK8bGS21:12
bekksdanawar: And whats the exact issue, in your paste?21:13
tewarddanawar: I see no 'issues' there - mediainfo needs you to provide arguments to it21:13
tewarddanawar: your paste indicates that you are not using the command properly21:13
tewardspecifically line #1021:13
tarpmanteward: other than 0.7.67 != 0.7.8221:13
tarpmandanawar: where did you get that deb?21:14
tewardtarpman: true, but unless 'mediainfo' is served by a different package... :P21:14
danawartarpman: thanks - that’s exactly it.21:14
danawarteward: https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo/Download/Ubuntu21:14
tarpmanteward: my guess is this package is installing somewhere not on PATH. maybe in /opt.21:14
tewardtarpman: i am pretty certain it would be21:15
tewardif i had the deb i'd dissect21:15
tewardi might be able to21:15
tarpmannope, i'm wrong21:15
tarpman-rwxr-xr-x root/root     80520 2016-01-27 02:17 ./usr/bin/mediainfo21:16
tarpmandanawar: say, what version of libmediainfo0 do you have installed21:17
danawarSorry all, turns out pidgin doesnt like my work VPN21:21
danawarWas anything suggested while i was away, i could not find anything in /opt21:21
tarpmandanawar: install the library packages from there (libmediainfo0 and libzen0) as well as mediainfo itself21:21
danawarOk will do!21:22
danawarbe back in a sec!21:22
danawarSorry i am back - tried from the bottom requirement http://pastebin.com/z0hjMfdf21:35
danawarAfter trying to install libstdc++6:i386 it results in the same thing21:37
danawarU guess upgrading to 15.10 would solve it21:44
danawarSorry, I guess*21:45
tewarddanawar: what version of ubuntu are you on?21:47
danawarusing it as a server21:47
tewardis there a reason you didn't download the 14.04 version of the software21:47
tewardbecause they have one21:47
tewardprobably won't have those library mismatches21:47
danawar14.04 version has an issue my boss doesnt like :P21:47
bekksWhich one?21:47
tewarddanawar: well, your boss has a decision to make:  use the updated version of the software that's built for 14.04, or don't use the updated version21:48
tarpmanthe 14.04 debs from the same page you got the mediainfo deb from. your mediainfo deb had 14.04 in the name...21:48
bekksAnd 14.04 uses the same kernel for server annd desktop - they just differ in the software installed by default.21:48
danawarOk, i guess if he wants the newer version then we need to upgrade to 15.10 or <21:49
tarpmandanawar: what? on https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo/Download/Ubuntu the library etc debs are all the same version for every ubuntu release21:50
tarpmandanawar: you don't have to upgrade, you just have to download the debs (mediainfo *and* libraries) for the ubuntu release you're actually running.21:50
danawartarpman: sorry i just looked at what i downloaded i some how downloaded the 15.10 - let me go have another go! BRB21:53
tarpmandanawar: that's what teward meant by "is there a reason you didn't download the 14.04 version of the software" :P21:53
danawartarpman: + Others: Thanks it was successful only after I accidentally downloaded the AMD one first... - its been a long day :P22:03
tarpmandanawar: speaking of, any particular reason you're running a 32-bit system?22:04
danawartarpman: That is just the OS IT installed up in head office! I'm not sure if the machine can use a 64 bit OS.22:06
bekksdanawar: Which processor does it have?22:06
danawarbekks: One moment let me VPN in and ill get back to you!22:07
danawarbekks: http://pastebin.com/0im7Pczr22:09
danawar Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz22:09
bekksdanawar: Thats an ancient 32bit processor.22:10
danawarIt just about does the job ;)22:12
bekksVery very slowly... :P22:12
danawarWell i'm here does any one know why pidgen would drop out when i connect to my work VPN. I also cant git push?22:16
bekksdanawar: that because your VPN administrator does not allow insecure bridge heads to be used.22:17
danawarbekks: Is there any work around my side that would allow me to access my server but not have everything go through the VPN?22:24
bekksdanawar: Not without talking to your VPN admin and asking him for reconfiguration of the VPN.22:25
danawarIs there any where I can find out more about insecure bridge heads I cannot seem to find much information on it?22:28
bekksdanawar: A bridge head is an insecure VPN configuration allowing a client to connect to a server using the VPN while still being able o connect to hosts outside of the VPN.22:35
bekksdanawar: Ask your VPN admin :)22:35

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