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zikalifyAre the ports mentioned in this article available yet or being made available during MWC? https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/02/19/community-collaborates-on-new-convergent-ubuntu-phones/05:04
jabawok<popey> be nice for someone to make a nice slimline clip on keyboard for an ubuntu phone, but that's only likely with very wide adoption05:35
jabawok<dobey> would be nice for someone to make a phone that's a decent size, and has a built-in slide out keyboard05:35
eadromI'm going to be hunting for a case+keyboard combo thing for my tablet next month05:36
eadromsomething like this:  http://www.mobilefun.com/47755-encase-wireless-bluetooth-tablet-keyboard-case-9-10-inch.htm05:38
eadromwould be absolutely fantastic05:38
jabawokmeh not a big fan of keyboards without moving parts05:52
jabawokbut yeah.. missed the N900 conversation yesterday05:52
jabawoki'm still running a N900 (and an E5)05:52
jabawoki'm slowly moving to the BQ E5 as it becomes more and more capable05:53
jabawokreally still cant do without the N900 till someone writes some nice xmpp support for ubuntu touch05:54
jabawokand vncviewer05:54
DerTeufelHi all06:43
DerTeufelIs this the channel for ubuntu phone compiling questions?06:43
DerTeufelI just read the guide, and it seems to be very straightforward06:44
DerTeufelHowever I am wondering, if there isn't a 5.x repository06:44
jabawokstay in channel for possible answer DerTeufel, this channel most active in a few more hours time06:50
DerTeufelOK. Thanks06:50
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sistemx_Hello, can anybody help me with install bacon2d? I aleardy install it to ubuntu sdk, but when I click to play, on phone show me only white screen and debug show me that Loading module: 'libubuntu_application_api_touch_mirclient.so.3.0.0' qrc:///main.qml:2:1: module "Bacon2D" is not installed09:06
sistemx_Failed to parse "/var/lib/schroot/chroots/click-ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/plugins.qmltypes09:18
FlohackGood Morning!09:40
FlohackI need some help with a bugreport on the phone09:40
FlohackI got a .crash file, I can call ubuntu-bug to upload it but what next?09:41
Flohackapport-collect is also not available, since I filed already a manual Launchpad bug09:41
FlohackHow can I attach the report to launchpad entry?09:41
FSXGood morning10:12
Flohack;) can you help me with a bug report10:17
Frozen_Hi, I have a problem with permissions to run a web server on ubuntu touch.10:40
Frozen_PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/etc/mime.types'10:40
Frozen_Sdk-Launcher> There has been a AppArmor denial for your application. Sdk-Launcher> Most likely it is missing a policy in the AppArmor file. Syslog> Feb 20 10:56:52 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 1688.321282] type=1400 audit(1455962212.426:58): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mknod" profile="uair.michal0468_uair_0.1" name="/opt/click.ubuntu.com/uair.michal0468/0.1/uair/werkzeug/__pycache__/urls.cpython-34.pyc.2852692448" pid=10375 comm=10:41
Frozen_Can you help me?10:41
FlohackNot many people write anything here...10:43
FlohackIm waiting for an answer already 1 hr ;)10:43
FlohackIts awkward I am trying to report a bug from my Ubuntu Phone but I see no way getting it into Launchpad or linking it with an existing bug10:57
ogra_Flohack, theer is a link in the channel topic .... also you''ll have more luck during the week11:19
FlohackI know I followed the link already but11:20
Flohackapport will tell me to enter additional onf in the browser, which of course does not open on the phone11:20
FlohackOk I try next week11:21
ogra_Flohack, ah, well, just use the web form and file it against the canonical-system-images project then ... describe what happens and people will just dort it into the right bucket11:21
FlohackBasically I have filed in the telegram package already but I wanted to attach the crash report11:22
Flohackwhich I cant do manually it seems11:22
ogra_try that one11:29
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FlohackOk I will try11:30
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kkiHi! I've installed chromium-browser on E5, but the keyboard is no launched. Is someone solved this issue?12:14
peat-psuwitanpok: ping12:55
anpokpeat-psuwit: hi12:58
anpokyeah looked at your event log12:58
anpokand that is indeen interesting12:58
anpokas far as i understand the touch screen driver tries to indicate that the key press is canceled by sending 255 as a release-cancel code...12:59
anpokpeat-psuwit: it would be good if you create a bug report mentioning the device and the event log .. then I will investigate whether we have to add that to libinput and mir event structures - and thus to downstream toolkits.. or we find another solution...13:01
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anpokusually press release is just 1 and 0.. for keys..13:02
peat-psuwitanpok: Ok, I'll do that.13:06
peat-psuwitanpok: Anyway I've tried to hack libinput to understand that any value that isn't 1 will be considered release. And it seems to work well.13:07
peat-psuwitanpok: What package should I file bug against? libinput?13:10
peat-psuwitanpok: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libinput/+bug/154786413:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1547864 in libinput (Ubuntu) "libevent doesn't handle EV_KEY event with a value of 255 (BUTTON_CANCLED)" [Undecided,New]13:44
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anpokpeat-psuwit: yes .. thanks14:25
FantomeHello !14:36
maheni bought a dell vostro laptop 3558. i am not able to create my account. only being allowed access as guest. please help.14:38
mahenanybody ?14:39
FantomeOne here14:41
Fantome(not from staff huh, justa  user)14:42
mahencan u help14:42
FantomeDon't realy want to say stupid things ^_^ Whats is the os ?(ubuntu i guess ?)14:43
Fantomegot it from factory ? there is no data on it ?14:44
ogra_mahen, support for non-phone installs is in #ubuntu14:51
mahenpurchased from online shop14:56
mahenubuntu 14.04 LTS14:56
ogra_this channel is for the phone/tablet OS, please go to #ubuntu instead14:57
FantomeA simple question (and trycky one :) ): Does ubuntu phone collect your data (in the windows and android style) ?15:08
ogra_(simple answer :) )15:08
ogra_it sends core dumps by default (which you can turn off in the settings), scopes have location detection turned on and can request data from online resources based on that (you can turn that off too) ... thats about it ...15:09
FantomeHumm, no selling private info so...15:10
Fantome i think il try it on my 'old' nexus4 ...15:10
ogra_beyond that ... apps can indeed do what they want regarding the net but they cant access any system data to data from other apps. and no app can access any hardware resources without telling you with a popup15:10
FantomeWell thanks Ogra for the answer !15:11
FantomeMy other question (hehe) is the os frequently updated ? (is it a main goal of canonical) or is it a side project with only 1 intern working on it ;') ?15:13
ogra_every 6 weeks usually15:13
ogra_(sometimes it slips by a week or so if there are harder bugs to fix)15:14
FantomeOk so still active project (can't see any news for the ubuntu touch and was wondering where it was going)15:15
ogra_wow, you cant see any news ?15:16
ogra_there are three new phones being announced at MWC next week .... and a tablet that can turn into a laptop or full PC15:16
ogra_the news should actually be full of it :)15:16
Fantomemy bad lets forget i said that...15:17
FantomeWell thanks again for the info (and not killing me for my stupidity)15:20
FantomeHope the install will go smothly with the tutorial :)15:20
svijogra_: three new phones? That new to me.15:47
ogra_two community ones and the new meizu15:47
svijah, counting community ones. :)15:47
svijyou little cheater. :P15:47
ment0s_could someone tell me what would be the reason for camera not working in oneplusone ? Is this because of proptiery drivers or something else, if so, is there a way to simply load android drvers for ubuntu touch ? I just want linux on oneplus one so I can install motion on it and use it as cctv15:58
ogra_most likely because the HAL layer hasnt been proted to be used with libhybris yet (which is how ubuntu talks to the HW layer)15:59
ogra_the camera service is usually special here and needs extra work16:01
ment0s_ogra_: right, so other handsets have camera working like nexus 4 and 5. Would this mean that the drivers are there but camera app isnt working ?16:05
ogra_it means the camera app cant talk to the camera service yet ...16:05
ogra_ubuntu phones use a minimal android container that contains the hardware abstraction layer from android (binary drivers and a few services to configure them and make them work) ... the ubuntu install can talk to that container though a lib called libhybris ... the camera service in the container needs to be taught to accept data from that16:07
ment0s_right, so If I just need to access /dev/camera0 with motion and drivers are there I could possibly have it working ?16:07
ogra_the camera app does not directly use /dev/camera0 but talks to libhybris16:09
ogra_(like all of the system)16:10
ment0s_ogra_: ok so there is no chance to simply record from /dev/camera0  or port some programs to use device. In another words there is no /dev/ device that would allow camera to be recorded by programs in shell ?16:10
ogra_no app can directly access any hardware in ubuntu. no16:10
ogra_well, from the terminal you can perhaps hack around ...16:11
ment0s_ogra_: hmm, I give it a try thanks :)16:11
ogra_(i doubt accessing the device directly will work without having the cameraservice from the container actually turn it on )16:12
ment0s_ogra_: hmm, any hints how could I enable it ?16:13
ogra_nope, no idea, not an area i ever worked in16:13
ment0s_ok, so flashing bacon using command ubuntu-device-flash --server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed --device=bacon --bootstrap , rebooted to bootloader, all I can see is the .cache/ubuntuimages/pool/device-ad2cea1ffd411b021f0e8699e391e877dacc2da4aea2262d93032ba6944920c1.tar.xz as last line output from terminal. xz was running for a sec and now I can see fastboot16:30
ment0s_is in top. Does this mean its flashing ? I can see any progress or anyting16:30
ment0s_is there like verbose for ubuntu-device-flash ?16:33
kkiafter finish uploading files, it's going to reboot recovery to flash, and progress bar will be show the progress16:34
sistemxHello, I have still problem with install bacon2d, can somebody help? I am desperate :(16:35
ment0s_kki: ok thanks, I had missing udev rules so fastboot couldnt see device.16:42
sistemxHello, I have still problem with install bacon2d, can somebody help? I am desperate :(16:44
ment0s_ok so flashed on bacon, went into recovery to flash, recovery is just oneplus one logo, adb can access it, at first it was running xz in processes but now it doesnt run any process for flash I think and just sits there. should i ADB reboot manually ?16:55
ment0s_ok reboot did it. I must say this ubuntu-touch is looking good so far. I was sceptical at first but I can see it works faster than android on baconj17:02
FantomeHello (/hello back ) !17:42
mimecarhi Fantome17:43
FantomeDid my install on my nexus 4 A new ubuntu touch is born :) !17:44
mimecarthat is good17:45
taiebotWelcome Fantome17:45
mimecarAt first may seem a little strange ubuntu touch17:48
Fantomeeveything seems to be working (was quite surprised from the native browser (expected to see firefox))17:48
taiebottaiebot wish for an update which will speed up start up of apps.17:49
FantomeHum, just have to remove this horrible haptic feedback that everyone loves :')17:53
FantomeNice base, still work to do (just freezed going  in the ringtones of the phone :') )18:00
Eruhello, I'd like to ask if OTA 9.5 is already out, because from my BQ E5 it says there aren't any new updates18:03
Eruand I can't find any news from the internet18:05
FantomeWell, good evening !18:22
mimecarHas anyone read the book The ubuntu user interface phone and has algunda questions or suggestions?19:10
mimecarI would like to know the chapters to add to or correct errors book19:10
mimecar"The user interface of Ubuntu Phone" :p19:11
stakewinner00which book is that?19:18
mimecarit is related withth euser interface19:18
mimecaris a work in progress19:18
stakewinner00mimecar, voy a ver19:33
mimecarthe book is in english and in spanish19:34
stakewinner00i know19:35
rh300zxhello all can anyone help me with proting touch nee some pointers20:28
rh300zxporting sorry20:28
rh300zxi have vs985 locked bootloader but think i can bump the boot20:29
rh300zxi followed the guide and secure boot crashed it have it fixed now on cm13 with twrp20:30
rh300zxi want to try another build but want to make sure im building correctly20:32
rh300zxthen bump boot before flash20:32
rh300zxanyone willing to help me out itd be greatly appreciated20:33
moritz31hey guys i have an easy question, is it possible to setup an ubuntu-touch dev environment unter debian ?21:42
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moritz31no one ?22:07
Spacedogg_iiehi guys, my BQ 4.5 froze, how can i reboot it?23:35
ElleoSpacedogg_iie: holding down the power button should cause it to power off23:41
Spacedogg_iienope :(23:45
Spacedogg_iie... yep23:46
Spacedogg_iieit works now! lolol23:46
* Spacedogg_iie is dumbass I guess23:46

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