diddledanoops: http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/apple-says-government-changed-apple-id-password-on-shooters-iphone-losing-access-to-data.1957246/01:28
zmoylan-pihave they tried turning it off and on again? :-P01:33
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* zmoylan-pi makes not to put the name of the rose on media player... http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-3562036802:07
mappsrather windy here05:37
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:20
MooDoomorning all11:26
MooDoohowdy brobostigon how are you this fine day?12:45
brobostigonMooDoo: not bad, my eczema could be better, and you?12:46
MooDoobrobostigon: yes ok thanks, playing with LXC and listening to the kids argue over lego dimensions12:56
brobostigonMooDoo: :)12:58
mapps2 eps left yay13:44
MooDoomapps: what off?13:45
zmoylan-pithe butler did it /random spoiler :-)13:45
mappshow to get away with murder13:45
mappsserie 2 11 eps out on 11 now13:45
mappsreally good series imo13:46
mappsseen any? next up after is self/less the film13:46
MooDooselfless is great14:55
SuperEngineeris that the singular of "selfies are gaff"?15:02
mappshah no]15:03
mappswith ryan reynolds ya MooDoo?15:03
mappsil watch it in my breaks, on my phone 20mins a time:15:03
penguin42oh god, Google has just shown me an advert for Poundstretcher, now they have figured out just how tight I am19:04
SuperEngineerquick... stretch all your pounds... make them happy19:07
penguin42SuperEngineer: Talking of stretching pounds; the local Morisons has thrown out the weird self-service terminals with the coins on belts19:32
SuperEngineerpenguin42, and about time too!19:35
SuperEngineerlet's hope the others follow their lead19:35
penguin42SuperEngineer: It's strange, that Morisons has only been there (central Manc) for a couple of years, but they've completely revamped it19:36
penguin42(Mind you, last week they were selling chocolate muffins for 31p, so if they keep that up, they might gain more of my custom)19:48
zmoylan-pifor the short time left to you... :-P19:48
foobarrycan anyone else get_iplayer cuckoo s03e01?19:52
foobarryah, needed a new xml::simple perl package19:55
MooDoohowdy all20:06
zmoylan-pisaturday night and we're all here in irc living exciting lives... :-)20:13
* penguin42 yaaaaaawwwwnnnns20:15
* penguin42 decides he'd better download a fresh iso for doing single-boot banking stuff off and wonders hth the mate iso is so large21:33
zmoylan-pidoesn't everyone have gigabit broadband by now? :-P21:36
penguin42zmoylan-pi: Not quite, it took me just under 5mins for the 1.5GB21:37
penguin42zmoylan-pi: Still, 5.59MB/s isn't too bad really21:39
penguin42mate is pretty responsive in a VM22:00
* brobostigon is marshmellowed on his lg g watch.23:44

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