Jon_hello, I am looking for some advice on file associations in unity ... just a sec. while I compose the question ...04:05
Jon_From reading I know that there are two files having to do with associations: /usr/share/applications/default.list and ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list ...04:06
Jon_does anyone know why .../defaults.list is executable? or when it is called?04:07
Jon_my problem is I can't get gedit from opening a python file when the file is double clicked ...04:08
Jon_I have been through several sites describing this problem but failed to stop it by removing the associations in these two files04:09
Jon_everyone out for the night?04:30
SaviqJon_, that file is not executable normally, something must've gone weird on your system10:52
Saviqit can't be executed since it's just an .ini-style file10:52
Jon_:) actually just saying "HI"10:52
Saviqsure, I just saw scrollback :)10:52
Jon_oh! cool10:53
SaviqJon_, what would you want to happen instead? the python code to be executed?10:53
Jon_I was wondering ... I got the python script to run by creating a launcher shortcut ... but yes I wanted to run it with python10:54
SaviqJon_, this should help https://askubuntu.com/questions/286621/how-do-i-run-executable-scripts-in-nautilus10:54
SaviqJon_, note this is this way for security reasons - so you don't accidentally run random scripts when you wanted to open them10:56
Jon_Saviq ... you may have saved me ... I wasn't sure what Nautilus was ... :)10:56
SaviqNautilus is the GNOME file manager, also called "Files" now10:57
Jon_I did get the .desktop file associated with my script to work ... but the icon did not show up ... I tried putting it in /usr/share/app-intall/icsons but it was not found. Do you happen to  know of another place ...10:58
Jon_I have the .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications10:59
SaviqJon_, just put an absolute path in Icon=11:00
Jon_ah! thx11:01
Jon_BTW ... I have only seen you in this chat ... are you  an admin?11:02
SaviqJon_, no, I'm a workaholic ;)11:04
SaviqJon_, but for real, it's just Saturday11:05
Jon_yeah! your ahead of me timewise ... still friday night to me :)11:06
Jon_Saviq_, really just want to say THANKS I was about to give up. I'll let you get back to work.11:19
Saviqglad I could help o/11:19
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