k1lgadnuk: just one works at one time00:00
Freshok thanks I will try shortly00:00
Jordan_Uvimes: There's usually no problem with allowing all *outgoing* ports. http generally uses randomly generated source ports when initiating a connection from client to server.00:00
vimesYou sure? seems terribly unsafe. but isn't there a way to check what port apt-get tries to use00:01
Jordan_Uvimes: (And then smart firewalls notice that this port was requested and allow a corresponding reply to that port).00:01
Jordan_Uvimes: Never mind, I messed my first message up.00:01
RocketLL_UbuntuHi, so I have ubuntu running on an old laptop.00:03
vimesopening all ports outbound didn't solve the problem00:03
Jordan_Uvimes: Generally an https connection starts with the client making a request *to* port 80 on a remote server, with a source port that is randomly generated. Then the server replies with a message to the port that the client gave it.00:03
Jordan_Uvimes: s/https/http/ (it's port 443 for https)00:03
ubottutypicalwop: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».00:03
vimesI have 443 open for both inbound and  outbound traffic00:03
RocketLL_UbuntuIt has multiple graphical problems(screen flickering, white lines, etc). My GPU is [AMD/ATI] RS600M [Radeon Xpress 1250]. How can I fix this?00:03
vimesJordan_U, http://bildr.no/view/RWdYMVl100:04
vimes(I'll close ports that I can close later)00:04
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Jordan_Uvimes: But you also have to have your firewall configured to allow incomming connections on any port which was requested by the client which is in your network, i.e. if the client sends a request to google.com on port 80, with a source port of 12345 then your firewall would open port 12345 for the duration of the tcp connection.00:06
MuimiHow do I create a new simlync for apache ?00:07
vimesopening port 53 on udp solved the apt-get problem, but still can't ping websites00:07
Jordan_Uvimes: In homes, this is generally achieved through NAT, which forwards ports dynamically based on requests sent from within the network and the source port of those requests, but NAT is not the only way to accomplish this.00:07
gadnukk1l: does that mean it will conflict?00:07
Jordan_Uvimes: You could also allow all unprivileged ports.00:08
k1lgadnuk: in best case NM will just stop working.00:08
MapleCan someone help me install a program?00:08
gueriLLaPunK|MBPsudo apt-get install <program>00:09
MapleIm trying to install qjoypad. an older version of it but when I go to install it ./config I get an error message saying I need libxtst to compile the program...00:10
mintyfreshwhere I find all old torrents? Want old brown ubuntu 4 vm. dapper n stuff00:10
gueriLLaPunK|MBPMaple - yeah I dunno about that00:11
Mapleif not there there is no torrent..00:11
Maplewhat is libxtst?00:11
geniimintyfresh: Just go grab it directly off of old-releases.ubuntu.com00:12
k1lmintyfresh: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/00:12
mintyfreshgenii + k1l - haha! CHEERS!!!!00:13
MapleI foundez it~00:14
MuimiCan anyone help me change my symlink's default please?00:15
Jordan_UMuimi: Try explaining better what problem you're actually having.00:15
mhzupyourssay ...has anyone tried to compile wine on ubuntu00:17
k1lmhzupyours: compile?00:17
hggdhprolly build00:17
mhzupyoursyes...i am running into types errors...and i am not sure how it links to ip6 issues.00:17
mhzupyoursand what does dwarf build mode mean...is that reduced functionality00:18
MapleWhat is QT?00:19
MapleError: you need at least Qt version 4.2 to use this program00:19
AthenaNew-user to Ubunto here with a few noob questions.00:19
mintyfreshMaple: it haz all the wigets00:20
swenginJordan_U: when I chose recovery mode it says /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxx does not exist dropping to shell00:20
k1lMaple: qt is a toolkit.00:20
MapleHow do I get Qt?00:20
swenginand then busybox v1.21.100:20
AthenaI tried downloading and installing VLC yesterday, it's still at about 3% and is not continuing any further; how do I fix this?00:20
MapleYou dont need VLC everything linux plays the good stuff MKV and the such~00:21
mhzupyoursare there any ubuntu people that use a compiler00:21
AthenaOkay, well hwo do i stop the installation?00:21
Athenahow do I*00:21
k1lMaple: install qt4-default00:21
k1lMaple: your software should come with a list of stuff to be installed as depencies. read the readme00:21
geniiMaple: Are you on 10.04 as that tutorial for compiling qjoypad was for?00:22
k1lAthena: loaded form where?00:22
mhzupyoursif the build is a dward mode does that mean there are bigshots with special types files that control the ip6 stuff and wine00:22
mhzupyoursdwarf mode00:22
Athenak1l: I have no idea. I used the linux installer app thing and it's been trying to install for the past day.00:22
k1lAthena: the software center should have vlc already.00:22
MapleI just went on sourceforge and got it.00:22
Jordan_Uswengin: From the busybox shell, what is the output of "cat /proc/partitions"?00:23
k1lMaple: software that is hosted on sourceforge can be considered deprecated00:23
Athenak1l: I installed it from there, but it's been on 3-ish percent for the past 12+ hours.00:23
k1lAthena: :/00:23
Athenak1l: how do I stop the installation?00:23
k1lAthena: you go slow hardware or internet?00:23
Athenak1l: I have a slow processor, but not THAT slow.00:24
mhzupyoursis there anybody that uses a compiler around here.00:24
Athenak1l: I'm pretty sure it's just an internal error of some sort, how do I stop it so I can restart it?00:24
svm_invictvsWHat is this tryign to tell me?00:24
svm_invictvsW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/upubuntu-com/virtual/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found00:24
k1lAthena: i dont know without seeing it. is there a cancel button? else try to close that program00:25
MapleIf these settings are okay, go ahead and run 'make' and00:25
Maplethen 'make install'.00:25
MapleTo make changes, run ./config --help for details.00:25
Maplekleo-hat@Spoks-100101011011:~/Downloads/qjoypad-4.1.0/src$ make00:25
Mapleg++ -c -m64 -pipe -O2 -Wall -W -D_REENTRANT -DDEVDIR=\"/dev/input\" -DICON24=\"/usr/local/share/pixmaps/qjoypad/icon24.png\" -DICON64=\"/usr/local/share/pixmaps/qjoypad/icon64.png\" -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_GUI_LIB -DQT_CORE_LIB -DQT_SHARED -I/usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/linux-g++-64 -I. -I/usr/include/qt4/QtCore -I/usr/include/qt4/QtGui -I/usr/include/qt4 -I. -I. -o axis.o axis.cpp00:25
Maplemake: g++: Command not found00:25
k1lsvm_invictvs: that PPA doesnt have trusty packages. you are using a out of date PPA00:25
Athenak1l: I have no option to do so. I see it on the side-bar thingy and it's been at the same percentage for along while.00:25
mintyfreshsvm_invictvs: 404 not found00:25
svm_invictvsHow do I rectify that?00:25
mhzupyoursMaple..what is with the 64 bit crap...most people haven't even got the 32 bit stuff working yet00:25
k1lsvm_invictvs: i already verified this for you. but you can look on the PPA website on launchpad.net00:26
Mapleidk im sorta new. Soooo what? This wont work then?00:27
svm_invictvsk1l you have?00:27
swenginJordan_U: sdb sdb1 sda1 sda2 sda500:27
squintysvm_invictvs,  http://ppa.launchpad.net/upubuntu-com/virtual/ubuntu/dists/   use your web browser to see there is no trusty repo00:27
mhzupyoursMaple..you seem to at least know how to run a compiler...do you have any idea why the dwarf mode is selected in wine...and why __u32 types are a big problem00:27
k1l<k1l> svm_invictvs: that PPA doesnt have trusty packages. you are using a out of date PPA00:27
svm_invictvsSO how do I rectify that?00:27
Athenak1l: I have no option to do so. I see it on the side-bar thingy and it's been at the same percentage for along while.00:27
mhzupyoursMaple...plus the socket issues.00:27
MapleNo! I dont know how to run a compiler lolz. I have zero idea what any of that is.00:28
Jordan_Uswengin: OK, is the drive with three partitions the one that has your install on it?00:28
Maplen i dont have wine00:28
svm_invictvssudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:whatever/ppa ?00:28
Athenak1l: so I guess my question is how do I end the process that's installing VLC?00:28
mintyfreshMaple: you don't even have a compiler there, bro00:28
mhzupyoursMaple..is there some big shots that have special files...that dwarf modes don't get00:28
k1lAthena: can you put the output of "ps ax | grep -i center" into paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here?00:28
swenginJordan_U: I bet yes00:29
Athenak1l: I have no idea what any of that means.00:29
k1lsvm_invictvs: or better: ppa-purge00:29
k1l!ppa-purge | svm_invictvs00:29
ubottusvm_invictvs: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html00:29
Maplejust becauz you know the big words dont mean I know them yo.00:29
swenginJordan_U: the original disk has 3 partitions so it should be an exact copy00:29
k1lAthena: its a terminal command. it will bring you output. i need to see the output to get to know what to do next.00:29
Athenak1l: okay.00:29
svm_invictvsPPA to be removed: upubuntu-com virtual00:30
svm_invictvsWarning:  Could not find package list for PPA: upubuntu-com virtual00:30
Jordan_Uswengin: OK. "ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/" and look for the UUID that was complained about in the error message. (If it has scrolled off the screen, run "cat /proc/cmdline" which will also list it).00:30
mhzupyoursMaple...well you can read the line you posted...notice -DICON64 for example...why mention 64 bit crap when most people can't even get 32 bits to work00:30
svm_invictvsI odn't recall adding launchpad.net00:30
swenginJordan_U: ok00:30
Maple32 bits to work for what? qjoypad?00:31
mhzupyoursMaple...wine...because windows 98 still costs a fortune so most people want to roll their own.00:31
Athenak1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15136925/00:31
MapleSo if I get wine it will work for me and I can get the special files?00:32
mintyfreshmhzupyours: what rubbish you talking? whatz -DICON64 got to do with 64 bit?????00:32
mhzupyoursMaple...no it does not give you the special files...00:32
mhzupyoursMaple...there seem to be some differences about sockets and types00:33
Jordan_Uswengin: How did you "clone" the disk?00:33
squintysvm_invictvs,  you should also be able to delete that ppa via   Software and Updates00:33
swenginJordan_U: dd00:33
Mapleso what sockets do I need to fix then?00:33
abetterfishdd can clone disks right?00:33
svm_invictvssquinty Not when I don't have x11100:33
k1lAthena: what ubuntu is that exactly?00:34
mhzupyoursmintyfresh...well it seems to me that they are defining a macro called ICON64...for purposes of a compilation00:34
swenginJordan_U: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb00:34
Athenak1l: 14.0400:34
svm_invictvsI got that PPA removed, I guess I was specifying the ppa name wrong00:34
mintyfreshmhzupyours: yeah - a 64 pixel icon00:34
k1lsvm_invictvs: launchpad.net is where the PPAs are hosted. so you added that PPA.00:34
k1lAthena: which desktop?00:35
Athenak1l: I don't understand the question.00:35
mhzupyoursmintyfresh...no a macro to the preprocessor....stating a flag needs to be set that a 64 bit issue is to be considered00:35
Athenak1l: 64bit?00:35
k1lAthena: what desktop enviroment. unity, gnomeshell, kde, xfce, lxde,....00:35
mhzupyoursmintyfresh..well why else would you attach the suffix6400:35
Athenak1l: I think Unity.00:35
swenginJordan_U: the uuid it's complaining about is not listed00:35
k1lAthena: ok. so you got that program still open? the ubuntu software center?00:36
mintyfreshMaple: don't listen to mhzupyours - he'z trolling and on my /ignore00:36
Athenak1l:  Is there a way I can double-check with the terminal?00:36
Athenaand yes, k1l .00:36
mhzupyoursmintyfresh...no you are the troll that has yet to answer a question without snotty remarks.00:36
MapleSometimes trolling can be super right hahaha00:36
k1lAthena: ok, please show the complete output of "ps ax" in that paste.ubuntu.com00:36
mhzupyoursMaple..is there anyone that uses a compiler in ubuntu channel00:37
Jordan_Uswengin: Are there symlinks to sdb1, sdb2, and sdb3? If not, which of those is missing a symlink?00:37
mintyfreshMaple: your trying to compile without a compiler. Grab build-essential00:37
Athenahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15136989/ k1l00:37
Jordan_Uswengin: Sorry, I meant to ask which of sda1,sda2, and sda5 are missing.00:38
swenginJordan_U: I guess yes sdb was mounted when I was cloning00:38
swenginso I think that it should I delete the link under /mnt ot I have to reclone it00:38
svm_invictvsk1l Yeah, I eventually got it removed00:38
svm_invictvsk1l Something was wrong with my virtual box setup00:38
Maplei dont know what compiling is first.00:39
swenginJordan_U: I don't know I think all are available00:39
Athenasvm_invictvs: I can't even set up a virtual box for League of Legends or Smite yet. x.x00:39
Maplewhat is compiling?00:39
k1lAthena: "sudo kill 7504"00:39
Jordan_Uswengin: Neither disk should have anything on it mounted when dding one drive to another, but I wouldn't expect a mistake there to lead to this type of problem.00:39
svm_invictvsAthena hm?00:39
mintyfreshMaple: your tryin to build a program without any tools. Never gonna work00:39
svm_invictvsAthena I use this it for server00:40
swenginJordan_U: hmm so?00:40
svm_invictvsRunning bitbucket and jira00:40
MapleIm trying to install a program00:40
Athenak1l: Okay.. The app is closed but VLC still looks like it's trying to install.00:40
k1lAthena: where?00:40
AthenaOn my side-bar.00:40
Jordan_Uswengin: What fileystem is used for your root FS?00:40
swenginJordan_U: ext400:41
mintyfreshMaple: nah - your tryin to *build* a program. That's why its askkin for g++00:41
Athenak1l:  on my side-bar.00:41
geniiMaple: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install qjoypad00:41
* Athena needs to remember to use names a lot. xD00:41
k1lAthena: no in terminal: "sudo apt update" then "sudo apt install vlc"00:41
rm_-ri know this isnt the right board but you guys are the best. Where would i go for help with decrypting a message?00:41
mhzupyourswell this is obviously the wrong channel to get anything done.00:41
Jordan_Uswengin: mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/ && cat /mnt/etc/fstab00:41
Jordan_Uswengin: What UUID is used for your root fileystem in that fstab?00:42
Mathisenwhat version is the latest nvidia drivers ? im having 358.16 now00:43
mintyfreshYay! got dapper!! Thnx guys - best linux ever00:44
squinty!alis | rm_-r00:45
ubotturm_-r: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http00:45
svm_invictvsFollowing the advice of this article, what should I put in there for the package location?00:45
svm_invictvsI see he says, "vivid contrib" is that correct?00:45
Athenak1l: I'm 99% sure I have VLC now, but there's an icon on the left side that's still there that looks like as if it were installing.00:46
k1lMathisen: 352 is the latest in the ubuntu repos.00:46
mintyfreshsvm_invictvs: vivid is dead, bro00:46
svm_invictvsI thought so...00:46
Mathisenk1l, thx00:46
svm_invictvsPlease aprdon my ignorance, but what does that bit mean?00:46
svm_invictvsTHa'ts the release name right?00:46
squintyAthena,  right click on it and see what it says00:46
k1lsvm_invictvs: better tell what your real issue is. then to work on not working stuff from the internet00:46
Athenasquinty: unlock from taskbar.00:47
k1lAthena: did my commands work? in terminal?00:47
swenginJordan_U: sorry the sda2 and sda5 are missing00:47
svm_invictvsk1l Trying to get virtualbox 5 installed00:47
Athenak1l: I'm 99% sure.00:47
Athenak1l: it downloaded SOMETHING. xD00:47
squintyAthena,  probably just the icon is locked then.. you can unlock it to be rid of it00:47
Athenasquinty: is it using any of my resources, though?00:47
swenginJordan_U: when I ran l1-l /dev/disk/by-uuid didn't notice that the two are missing00:48
k1lsvm_invictvs: make sure "linux-generic" ist installed. then on what ubuntu are you exactly?00:48
Athenak1l: yes it did work. Just tested VLC and it's downloaded and installed.00:48
swenginJordan_U: Ops sda2 is missing sda5 is there00:48
svm_invictvsk1l 14.04.4 LTS?00:48
svm_invictvsk1l WHy not linux-generic?00:48
Athenak1l: Thanks for your help!00:48
k1lsvm_invictvs: uname -a?00:48
svm_invictvsLinux vb0 3.13.0-77-generic #121-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 20 10:50:42 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:49
k1lAthena: ok. then just dont care about the hung up symbol. that should be gone after reboot00:49
Athenak1l: Okay, I'll reboot and check.00:49
k1lsvm_invictvs: ok. so make sure "linux-generic" is installed.00:49
Jordan_Uswengin: OK, try "mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/ && cat /mnt/etc/fstab".00:49
k1lsvm_invictvs: then get the .deb package from virtualbox website00:49
svm_invictvsk1l Why not install it through apt?00:50
swenginJordan_U: btw mounting sda2 failed of course00:50
svm_invictvsThey've got them all there.00:50
Jordan_Uswengin: I figured as much :)00:50
k1lsvm_invictvs: well, then use that repo, if you want00:50
Jordan_Uswengin: It's probably your swap partition.00:50
geniiMathisen: As I explained elsewhere, if you want the latest drivers available for Ubuntu, the xorg-edgers PPA has them. Version 361.28 can be had from https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa00:51
UmeaboyAs there are only two people in #ubuntu-dev I have to ask here.00:51
svm_invictvs14.04.4 is "trusty" right?00:51
geniisvm_invictvs: Yep00:51
swenginJordan_U: yup00:51
UmeaboyThe bug 1547518 has affected me, but it doesn't exist on launchpad.00:51
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 1547518 could not be found00:51
k1lsvm_invictvs: yes00:52
svm_invictvsYerah, the PPA was causing issues00:52
svm_invictvsSome outdated/obsolete PPA00:52
svm_invictvsBut that's gone now.00:52
k1lUmeaboy: how you know you are affected? :)00:52
daisy407Hello everyone.00:52
k1lUmeaboy: maybe that bug contains private data and is hidden00:52
Athena_And it works, thanks k1l  and squinty00:52
Umeaboyk1l: I'm using a Live iso of Xenial.00:53
UmeaboyEven the nouveau issue is seen.00:53
UmeaboyThat you have to blacklist nouveau from kernel boot line.00:53
Athena_Now for a new question: I used a external Hard Drive to install Ubuntu to my computer, how do I revert it back to a FATex or another format?00:53
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Jordan_UAthena: Use GParted.00:54
k1lAthena: just load "gparted" when its connected and reformat that drive00:54
swenginJordan_U: mounting sda5 failed as well00:54
Jordan_Uswengin: What error message did it give?00:54
AthenaJordan_U: k1l: is that a program?00:55
Jordan_Uswengin: (The last few lines of "dmesg" might give a more detailed message as well)00:55
swenginmounting /dev/sda5 on /mnt failed no such file or directory00:55
k1lAthena: yes00:55
Athenak1l: do I need to download it because it says I don't have an app with that name.00:55
k1lAthena: "sudo apt install gparted"00:56
Jordan_Uswengin: OK, that's easy to fix :) "mkdir /mnt/".00:56
k1lAthena: but that should already be installed by default, iirc00:56
swenginJordan_U: ok but shouldn't mnt be there already00:56
mintyfreshk1l: nope. Only on live cd00:57
Athenak1l: now I can't open terminal by searching it with the super key.00:57
k1lAthena: alt+ctrl+t00:57
AthenaI can't seem to look at programs at all with the super key.00:58
AthenaI can't seem to look at programs at all with the super key. k1l00:58
swenginJordan_U: not a directory00:58
squintyAthena,  try clicking on the topmost icon on the left hand panel (side bar as you call it)01:00
Jordan_Uswengin: It shouldn't neccessarily be within the initramfs root, no.01:00
Athenasquinty: I am.01:00
swenginJordan_U: ok after that it said not a directory01:01
Jordan_Uswengin: mkdir gave that error?01:01
swenginJordan_U: mounting01:01
squintyAthena,  oh ok... was just offering an alternative to the super L (windows key)01:01
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Athenasquinty: oh xD. No the problem is that I can't look at my applications with that thing now.01:02
Jordan_Uswengin: What is the exact mount command you ran and what was its exact output?01:02
k1lAthena: try logout of the desktop. then relogin01:02
Athenak1l: ok01:02
squintyAthena,  just type the name of the program you are searching for or clcik on the "A" located on the bottom of the Dash01:03
swenginJordan_U: sorry it failed and it says invalid argument01:03
swenginJordan_U: mount /dev/sda5 /mnt01:03
tincanheya yall01:04
AthenaAlright, what was the program name again?01:04
AthenaHello, tincan01:04
k1lAthena: gparted01:04
Athenak1l: I see a bunch of options to edit it, but they're greyed out.01:06
k1lAthena: right click on it and use unmount it. then you can resize or format01:07
tincanas for the ongoing issue i was having with memory, i found that it isn't compiz. I was reading the virt, not the res. after a more research i found some links that talked about "dirty memory" where i found this line of code "sudo sync; echo 3 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches" and it worked! now i just need to find out what that code is doing... i know, im a bad linux user for running code i dont understand :P01:08
squintybailiff smack his bottie!!  ;-)01:09
AthenaThanks k1l . New question: I tried installing League of Legends today and I got a bugsplat issue while downloading updates. How do I correct this?01:09
Spectincan: it is setting drop_caches to 3, which clears slab objects and pagecache01:10
Specyou could also just drop page caches by doing 1 into that file01:10
k1lAthena: for wine issues best ask the wine guys in #winehq01:10
Athenak1l: What's wine? I'm using PlayonLinux.01:10
zxcASD123hi people01:11
k1lAthena: that is using wine.01:11
Athenak1l: Oh okay. xP Thanks again!01:11
k1lAthena: then ask the playonlinux guys.01:11
tincanSpec: i want a bit more indepth knowledge on it, and it's been so long since i've messed with ubuntu that i cant remember what alot of the basics do like pipe and tee01:11
tincanSpec: but google knows all01:12
AthenaNew question: if I want to develop programs or plugins for say.. Minecraft, or just make games in general, is it the same way as downloading it on Windows or is there some speical way?01:13
AthenaI normally use Oracle.*01:14
k1lAthena: that depends on the exact game01:14
Athenak1l: so basically just google it?01:15
k1lAthena: in general you dont load stuff from websites on ubuntu.01:15
k1lAthena: you first use what ubuntu ships and made already working with ubuntu. but that doesnt inlcude all software on the world. so on specific softwrae that might only be possible to get from the software developers.01:16
anand_tsHello all, I have 2 interface for ubuntu server. For eth0 I gave private IP and eth1 I gave public IP. I need to ping both the gateways from the server but as of now I can ping only public IP network01:16
swenginJordan_U: EXT4-fs (sda1): bad geometry: block count 244190208 exceeds size of device (113761024 blocks)01:17
swenginJordan_U: sudo  dmesg | tail01:17
swenginJordan_U: I'm on live cd now01:17
AthenaHow do I check if I have JRE installed? I think I installed it in the past but I don't want to accidentally re-install it.01:18
anand_tsplease find my ifconfig http://paste.openstack.org/show/487647/01:18
swenginJordan_U: I'm trying to mount /dev/sda1 but it's not allowing me to says wrong fs type01:18
squintyAthena,  in terminal   java -version01:19
swenginJordan_U: if I run sudo lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT,LABEL I see FSTYPE is ext4 what could be the problem01:19
AthenaSo this is me just guessing.. if I did sudo apt-get Eclipse would that install the application eclipse?01:21
HamRadioAthena, sudo apt eclipse would install Eclipse01:22
HamRadiono apt-get01:22
HamRadiojust apt01:22
AthenaHamRadio: thanks.01:22
tincanAthena: i cant really answer the first question, but i've messed with flash and unity3d in the past and both are very well supported with general purpose libraries that handle stuff like physics and gpu acceleration (for flash 2dbox and starling). also remember that flash isn't just in web browsers, with adobe air it can also produce mobile apps (angry birds was flash and the devs made starling) and on windows games (binding of isaa01:22
tincanc 1 was made in flash i believe)01:22
squintyAthena,  you can issue a command like that and if the package is not available in the repo, then apt-get will tell you01:22
=== bbq is now known as blurpeace
HamRadioWhy are people still using apt-get?01:22
HamRadioWhy not use just "apt"01:22
squintyHamRadio,  apt-get is valid too01:22
Mathisendid not even know just apt worked01:23
HamRadiosquinty, yeah it works, but just "apt" is better01:23
Athenae: Invalid Operation eclipse01:23
geniiAthena: That's the usual, yes. Although you might want to to do first something like: apt-cache search something | more   ...to see what packages have names that fit the search. Also before issuing apt install something or apt-get install something, pull the latest list of packages01:23
HamRadiofaster, and it gives like  progress01:23
squintyHamRadio,  define better from my perspective01:23
AthenaI just got it from the software center. xD01:24
AthenaYes, IR9343?01:25
geniiAthena: The command-line way of using apt commands is useful to know, because not all *buntu flaours use the same graphical package manager01:25
IR9343I have a large dick <301:25
IR9343Athena <301:25
* genii sips his coffee01:26
squintygeez  got be one in every crowd01:26
Athenagenii: where can I find a list of commands?01:26
squintyapt-get --help01:27
* genii smacks the bot01:27
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:27
squintysame for apt, aptitude etc or read man pages01:27
geniik1l: That was it, thanks :)01:28
Athenak1l: thanks01:28
squintyhe's a not a shell-fish kinda guy01:28
Athenasquinty: get off the stage. *throws popcorn*01:31
AthenaHow do I rename an external harddrive?01:31
HamRadioHere's a little reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/26q2sm/apt_vs_aptget/01:32
AthenaDoes the software center contain ALL of my installed files?01:34
AthenaWhy do I ask so many questions? FIND OUT NEXT SEASON!01:34
=== Myrtti is now known as msample
=== john is now known as Guest27052
geniiAthena: This page covers how to rename drives or partitions for a bunch of different filesystems and partition types: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive01:35
squintyAthena,  Dash ->  "A" icon at bottom -> installed -> see more results01:36
AthenaOh yeah one more thing: is skype good? I'm seeing bad reviews on the software center.01:36
Athenasquinty:  and genii thanks.01:37
k1leverything that doesnt work on /with skype go to microsoft and tell them. they bought skype and its pprop. software ubuntu cant change anything there.01:37
squintyAthena,  the software center lists all available software obtainable via the ubuntu repo's.  not all the software listed has been installed on your machine.01:38
squintyAthena,  might also want to check out  Synaptic package manager. (available in the repo's)  similar to Software Center without the overhead01:39
AthenaSo I'm looking at the official skype download website and it says 'ubuntu 10.4 32-bit, ubuntu 12.04 (multiarch), and Dynamic' which one is probably the best one for me to pick?01:41
Athenasquinty: I'll check that out.01:41
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
AthenaSo I'm looking at the official skype download website and it says 'ubuntu 10.4 32-bit, ubuntu 12.04 (multiarch), and Dynamic' which one is probably the best one for me to pick?01:47
svm_invictvsMy ubuntu box is telling me, "A start job is waiting..."01:47
svm_invictvsNetwork it seems01:47
Athenahey wang01:47
=== e is now known as Google
wangwhat can we do by ubuntu?01:48
Athenawang: short answer: a lot.01:49
OjinWhatz up01:50
AthenaHey Ojin01:50
AthenaDo you have Skype? If so what version should I download?01:50
AthenaOjin: I don't have that option. It only says Ubunto version 10.04 32bit, Ubunto version 12.04, and dynamic.01:52
AthenaAnd there's fedora and stuff, but that's not what I'm using.01:53
AthenaOjin: I'm downloading directly from the site and those are the options it's giving me.01:54
=== Google is now known as console
Ojindownload 12.0401:54
Athenathanks Ojin01:55
Ojinno probs01:55
AthenaNow.. I'm pretty sure double-clicking it won't automatically install it..01:55
KingchocomelchDoes anyone else have the problem of sda5_crypt not remembering your password01:56
Kingchocomelchits scary01:56
anand_tsdoes anyone help me in fixing an issue with ubuntu network configuration?01:56
squintyAthena,  easiest to see if all dependancies are satisfied is to use   gdebi  to install.01:56
Athenasquinty: what are the dependancies?01:57
anand_tsI cannot ping private IP gateway. or any ip in that network01:57
wangWhy to use another communication software01:57
Abe_Hi a friend has a problem: he has a Grub rescue problem after deleting the Ubuntu partition!01:57
Athenawang: because my friends use Skype.01:57
squintyAthena, the other packages that a particular program is dependant upon existing in order to correctly run/use it01:57
Athenasquinty: I'm asking what the dependant programs are.01:59
Abe_he needs the windows bootloader and has to get back into his windows partition01:59
squintyAbe:  dual install with windows?   google for windows fix mbr01:59
Abe_or at least grub to get back to his windows partition01:59
squintyAthena,  no idea as I don't use Skype.... but gdebi will tell you if those dependancies aren't available02:00
Abe_well he doesn't get into his windows anymore it just shows a Grub rescue problem02:00
ninjaaronmy friend is installing ubuntu on an Acer C720 (chromebook) with 2GB RAM, and he's considering a 32bit kernel to save ram. Is that a good idea, or are there potential problems?02:00
squintyAbe_,  exactly so do what I suggested or seek help in a Windows related irc channel02:00
Athenasquinty: OH so it will work so long as the things required to run Skype are installed?02:00
Abe_after deleting his ubuntu partition. we fixed the mbr and it showed the windows bootloader02:01
squintyAthena,  yes02:01
Athenasquinty: I thought you were saying that there were dependincies for GDebi.02:01
develoooooopguys anybody has tinder app ?02:01
Athenadeveloooooop: everyone has a tinder app at one point in their life.02:01
* squinty hasn't02:02
* Athena thinks squinty is a liar.02:02
develoooooopAthena: Sorry I mean how can I install on ubuntu?02:02
* squinty hasn't facebook or anything else 02:02
AthenaThere's a desktop app? o3o02:02
SahibPrimedoes fsck run automatically at startup?02:02
develoooooopI found genymotion android emulator but02:02
Abe_squinty: He can't use the command line cuz he's stuck in a grub rescue which has to do with Ubuntu !02:03
develoooooopit hasn't google play in it02:03
Athenadeveloooooop: try another emulator, then.02:03
squintySahibPrime,  after so many boots (5 ???) it will automatically check02:03
SahibPrimeok, thanks02:03
SahibPrimei'm afraid of manually fsck'ing because i've heard about what happens with mounted filesystems02:03
AthenaHey so I installed skype and it didn't create a shortcut.. Where did it put it? x.x02:05
squintySahibPrime,   sudo touch /forcefsck    will force a fsck on the next reboot/boot02:06
vom513Athena: you should be able to search in the dash in the upper corner, just type skype...02:07
squintyAthena,  you may have to make one02:07
AthenaOh there we go. forgot that was the thing with Linux. xD thanks vom513 and squinty.02:07
wangsquinty,make one?02:07
squintySahibPrime,   using that command insures that the user isn't fsck'ing on a mounted drive02:09
squintywang,  sure02:09
=== nemith is now known as upwithbgp
Abe_k kinda got it fixed we reinstalled the grub bootloader from live cd02:18
=== upwithbgp is now known as nemith
nitishHow can I change my nickname?02:31
skweekyou just start writing your new nickname on your name tags02:32
=== matt_ is now known as Guest92659
nitishIs there any official announcement for the release date of ubuntu 16.04 lts?02:33
=== squinty is now known as newnick
=== newnick is now known as squinty
squintynitish,  if you mean in irc then type   /nick newnicknamehere02:34
nitishsquinty thanks02:35
nitishhow can I update mozila firefox in ubuntu 14.04 lts?02:35
Ben64nitish: 16.04 is scheduled to be released April 21st, 201602:35
diatigonitish: use chrome02:35
Ben64same way you upgrade everything. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:36
nitishdiatigo I've chromium02:36
skweekbut if you ment on your nametags at work, you just start writing it on them with a piece of white box tape covering your old nickname02:36
diatigonitish: firefox is a giant pig02:36
squintynitish,  via the ubuntu repo's or you can install via the mozilla website (not recommended for linux newbies)02:36
nitishsquinty I am not linux newbies02:37
nitishusing it for more than 3 years02:37
Ben64theres no reason to not use the repository02:37
squintynitesh`,  well i don't know that now do I?  just saying....  :P02:37
diatigonitish: ppa nightly or02:37
Ben64firefox gets updated in the ubuntu repositories automatically02:38
skweekI like giant pigs a lot more than small pigs, there's a lot more to work with when making porkgrinds02:38
nitishfirefox installed in my ubuntu 14.04 lts is 35.0.102:38
squintyexactly... if you want nightlies then you are on your own....otherwise use the repo's02:38
nitishwhat is the latest version of firefox?02:38
xangua44 something, if you mean stable02:39
Ben64nitish: please pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy firefox"02:39
Ben64or not02:40
AthenaIf I were to want to go to a directory with the terminal, I would do 'cd /desktop/Fresh Server' correct?02:40
Ben64unlikely you have a directory /desktop02:40
diatigonitesh`: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/mozilla_team_firefox_next?dist=trusty02:40
Ben64but yes, "cd <directory> will go to the directory specified02:41
AthenaHow do I get to the desktop directory, then?02:41
PestBudaAthena: yes Essentially that is the correct syntax02:41
Ben64Athena: it's usually at ~/Desktop02:41
squintycd "/desktop/Fresh Server" or cd /desktop/Fresh \ Server02:41
Athenaoh thanks Ben64 and squinty02:41
squintyAthena,  and Ben64  was more correct....forgot the captial "D"02:42
Athenabash: cd: ~/Desktop/Fresh Server: No such file or directory02:43
fobo7how to in lubuntu add program to autostart02:43
squintyAthena,  quotes or delimiter as per previous example02:43
Ben64Athena: what exactly did you type02:43
Athenacd "~/Desktop/Fresh Server"02:44
Ben64yeah don't put quotes around ~ or it interprets it as ~ instead of your home02:44
Ben64you should learn to use <TAB>02:44
squintymay have to use /home/user02:44
Ben64cd ~/Des<TAB>Fres<TAB>02:44
Ben64should get you there02:44
AthenaIt's fresh\ server02:45
Athenanot fresh \ server02:45
AthenaThanks, though.02:45
Athenafobo has an interesting question02:45
squintyoops mea culpa   added extra space  :P02:46
AthenaSo it's asking me to run java -jar BuildTools.jar in a bash, would that be the terminal?02:47
Athena"On Linux run git config --global --unset core.autocrlf, then run java -jar BuildTools.jar in bash or another appropriate shell."02:47
Athenathanks squinty02:47
bluRAIDHi all! I need a L2TP cleint for 15.10, searching on this topic it would appear the L2TP is not availbe for 15.10? Is this true?02:48
squintybluRAID,  http://packages.ubuntu.com/   do a search for your installed version02:49
AthenaSo off-topic: are IRC servers free?02:49
squintyAthena,  more than likely not for the rascals running them.... for us peasants no cost to access them02:50
AthenaHooray for peasants!02:50
AthenaYou know.. I hear that Linux is better for programming but why? What makes linux a cut above the rest for programming?02:52
* squinty wanders off to check his defrosting prawns02:52
* Athena thinks squinty is just avoiding the question.02:52
Athenahey BradTN02:53
BradTNcan someone please assist me...:(02:54
AthenaDepends on what the assistance is needed upon.02:54
BradTNso power went out, ubuntu server went off fine whateverr right02:54
BradTNi turn it back on and it boots only to black screen for whatever reason02:54
* Athena backs off slowly. She is only gone so deep into Ubuntu.02:54
AthenaI suggest waiting for squinty to get back.02:55
BradTNso i google this issue and find abunch of similar problems but all ery old posts....lol like 2009 , 2011 etc02:55
BradTNi cant even run apt-getupdate/upgrade02:55
BradTNtells me it cant resolve hosts02:55
BradTNbut my ethernet appears to be running02:55
BradTNand i can ping router02:55
AthenaCan you ping google?02:55
BradTNpulling my hair out02:55
AthenaHello ubuntu-mate02:56
ubuntu-mateThis Is Awesome!02:56
AthenaNo I mean are you talking about Ubuntu?02:57
AthenaOr the chat?02:57
ubuntu-mateboth actually.02:57
BradTNwhos squinty02:57
jushurBradTN: sounds like your network config got botched.02:57
AthenaBradTN: (s)he's been helping me out all day.02:58
BradTNi dont get how power going out results in my normal ubuntu booting to black screen02:58
BradTNand i cant get up02:58
ubuntu-mateyou can recover your stuff with slax.02:58
Loshki"boots only to black screen" & "ethernet appears to be running" seem contradictory02:58
BradTNin recovery i meant02:58
BradTNin terms of ethernet02:59
c|onemanso I rebooted my computer /apt- update and now it logs in without me entering my password02:59
ubuntu-mateIm Installing ubuntu-mate right now.02:59
BradTNi get to that screen upon reboot to pick ubuntu to boot to and if i pick it i get black screen02:59
AthenaWoah wait a second, Ubuntu is available for phones??03:00
BradTNand im trying to fix but cant figure out whats wrong03:00
xanguaAthena: and tablets03:00
AthenaDo I need to do something funky with my phone so that my SIM can still be read?03:00
ubuntu-matebut they need to be rooted i think....03:01
AthenaWow I was almost done downloading this spigot server and then an update happened so it's redownloading everything. x.x03:02
ubuntu-mateAnybody Here?03:02
Athenaubuntu-mate: there seem to be a few people here.03:02
AthenaYeah I'm developing plugins.03:02
LoshkiBradTN: I would follow the general procedure for reinstalling a damaged boot03:03
ubuntu-mateI wish i had a mac....03:03
bluRAIDi need an l2tp cleint to connect to workplace, it would seem that a working solution was depricated in 14.10, does anyone have any insight on a soltion for l2tp in wily?03:04
texlaI want to change the default setting in my grub display...When I try to open /etc/default/grub...I get file not found03:04
ubuntu-matenot really, as im like 10 yrs old XD03:05
jushuris going to be so nice when one has ZFS a / filesystem, recovering from things like poweroutage is going to be a breeze.03:05
BradTNany recommended guide03:05
nitishHow can I change my ip?03:05
BradTNdont wanna ruin my setup03:05
BradTNi have a raid etc03:05
ubuntu-mateUse a proxy03:05
ubuntu-mateGoogle "Wurst Hacked Client"03:06
Athenaubuntu-mate: that's not what he means.03:06
Athenaor she.03:06
nitishHow can I change my ip?ubuntu-mate how to use proxy?03:06
ubuntu-mateIK but its usable03:06
Athenanitish: you can use a proxy server, I reccomend 'hide my ass'03:06
ubuntu-mateYeah Or CyberGhost03:06
ubuntu-mateYou Want To Play With Meh? ign : iced7803:07
jushurubuntu-mate: can you go troll somewhere else?03:08
nitishAthena, its(hide my ass) chargable. :(03:08
Athenanitish: so weird, they didn't charge last I used it.. But that was years ago.03:09
ubuntu-mateIm not a troll. What makes you think that???? Im Just Bored.03:09
Athenanitish: just google 'proxy server' and you should get several results.03:09
ubuntu-mateCyberGhost Works03:09
cfhowlettubuntu-mate, this is not your personal entertainment channel.  stay on topic: ubuntu support.  entertain yourself elsewhere.  thank you.03:10
Athenaubuntu-mate: we're not talking about MineCraft...03:10
texlaI want to change the default setting in my grub display...When I try to open /etc/default/grub...I get file not found03:10
AthenaHello thales_03:11
cfhowlettthales_, ubuntu support here.  ask your questions.03:11
bluRAIDi need an l2tp cleint to connect to workplace, it would seem that a working solution was depricated in 14.10, does anyone have any insight on a soltion for l2tp in wily?03:11
ubuntu-mateIm not even An ubuntu support person i just used this name.03:12
cfhowlett!14.10 | bluRAID 14.10 is dead.  install a supported version.03:12
ubottubluRAID 14.10 is dead.  install a supported version.: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic03:12
thales_ok, my laptop produces noise in left speaker03:14
AthenaHas it been doing that before you installed Ubuntu, thales_ ?03:15
thales_ubuntu mate03:16
AthenaTake these steps to make sure it's not the hardware. 1) Try other speakers/Headphones. Be sure to use the same port.03:17
AthenaOops. xD03:17
ubuntu-mateType "1" is chat for Ubuntu support. Type "2" in chat for PUS (Private Ubuntu Support)03:17
thales_yea Athena03:17
Athenaubuntu-mate: troll somewhere else.03:17
ubuntu-mateBad Command Or File Name.03:17
bluRAIDAnyone know if there are any working l2tp clients for 15.10?03:18
AthenaTake these steps to make sure it's not the hardware. 1) Try other speakers/Headphones. Be sure to use the same port. 2) if the results are the same, try another speaker outlet. thales_03:18
RochvellonWhen I'm starting Dropbox there will be shown a Image-Not-Found-Icon in the tray. Whether reinstalling nor deleting the profile nor deactivating composing would help and strace would me not give a call for pngs or icons. Any ideas what this could be?03:18
ubuntu-mateBad Command Or File Name.03:18
thales_not hardware03:18
ubuntu-mateBad Command Or File Name.03:19
thales_in windows works perfectly03:19
ubuntu-mateBad Command Or File Name.03:19
cfhowlett!ops | ubuntu-mate channel flooding, general trolling.03:19
ubottuubuntu-mate channel flooding, general trolling.: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang03:19
Athenathales_: I don't know much about Linux, but are the drives up-to-date? Is that a thing with Linux? Someone more knowledgable than me take this over!03:20
=== r00ter is now known as noobpentester
tyberiousi am having problems getting the 4.2.0-27 to boot on grub03:22
=== Ubuntu is now known as Guest20555
thales_yes upgraded03:22
Athenathales_: try rebooting...? I don't know much, as I said before. I'm here to just pick up new tips on Linux.03:23
bluRAIDAnyone know if there are any working l2tp clients/setup for 15.10?03:24
ZorinOSuh hm03:25
ZorinOSwrong channel, ##ubuntu must be closed03:25
cfhowlett!FCM | Athena speed up your linux learning.  start at issue #0.  read. #1, read.  by the time you get to current, you will know more ubuntu than most ever know.03:25
ubottuAthena speed up your linux learning.  start at issue #0.  read. #1, read.  by the time you get to current, you will know more ubuntu than most ever know.: fcm is THE Ubuntu Community Magazine - find it at www.fullcirclemagazine.org, or #fullcirclemagazine03:25
Bomber4ChatsIt's really frustrating how dangerous it is to disconnect your hdmi connector from your laptop with Ubuntu....03:26
Athenathanks cfhowlett03:27
jman1Need some advise. so i think i have got malware or something on my ubuntu operating system. everytime i try to search something in a search engine all the results turn into adds. and the pop ups are driving me craaazy03:27
cfhowlettjman1, details ...03:27
Bomber4ChatsWhy can't I disconnect the cable and close the lid of my laptop at the same time? Why can't Ubuntu detect that my hdmi connector is no longer connected and fix all the resolution problem automatically?03:27
Bomber4ChatsBecause right now I have to deal with my main screen being completely black after login03:28
Bomber4ChatsAnd I've tried xrandr but it keeps throwing crtc 0 failed issues03:28
Bomber4ChatsNot that I know what that means03:28
jman1well everytime i search in google or bing my results come up then seconds later my results turn in to links to other crap that pertains noting to my search03:29
cfhowlettjman1, less rant.  more facts.03:29
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)03:29
de-factocan i somehow turn *all* the eye candy blend in effects and other stupid things *off* in unity?03:29
de-factoi dont want transparency, i dont want blend in, i dont want blend out, i dont want it to waste ressources etc03:30
xanguade-facto: you can disable some effects but you can't disable unity03:31
xanguaCompiz I mean03:31
de-factoi dont want it its annoyingly slow, how do i disable all effects?03:32
cfhowlettde-facto, I'm on ubuntustudio, so I have XFCE4 as my desktop environment.  simple, plain & functional.  you can install and see for yourself.  sudo apt install xfce4 lxde                  will get the xubuntu and lubuntu DE.  logout, choose alternate DE, login03:32
xanguaInstall another desktop03:32
jman1any recommendations for malware and virus protection for ubuntu?03:32
de-factohmm im on a live system right now and i dont want to reinstall the whole gui de... can i not just simply disable it somewhere? i dont care if it looks ugly i want it fast03:33
xangua! Virus | jman1 don't install software out of repository and don't abuse sudo03:33
ubottujman1 don't install software out of repository and don't abuse sudo: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus03:33
cfhowlettjman1, unlikely that you actually have malware.  better to assess what is actually going wrong.03:33
cfhowlettjman1, popups do NOT mean system malware, but they can point to browser problems03:34
de-factoxangua where can i disable the effects?03:34
jman1not talkin about just popups03:34
cfhowlettjman1, asked you earlier for details.  you  didn't supply them.  I'm not going to GUESS what you might be having problems with ...03:35
jman1you told me less ranting03:35
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)03:35
xanguade-facto: instead of disabling some effects everytime you boot your live ISO, download Xubuntu03:36
jman1i don't know how to explain it except its acting like i got malware03:36
cfhowlettjman1, no idea what that means. send pictures03:37
jman1i search and adds take over my browser03:37
de-factoxangua do you know where i can disable most of the effects?03:37
cfhowlettjman1, easy test: in firefox open a private window03:37
cfhowlettplugins disabled and no pop-ups will happen unless YOU authorize them.03:38
cfhowlettjman1, of course, if you are going to funky sites that populate your browser with ads, you should stop doing that.03:39
de-factooh my unity is compiz? srly? disabling the unity plug in ccsm breaks it great03:40
jman1so the private window seems to be functioning properly opposed to a regular session03:40
jman1and no funky sights just online school and searching for doctrine and pubs03:41
cfhowlettjman1, you have a firefox plugin with pop-up permissions.  start there.03:42
jman1but the private window everything is functioning the way i like it. now thats just a quick fix so what do i need to do so that it functions this way all the time03:42
jushurjman1: use firefox and install ublock origin addon, or Privacy Badger addon from EFF.03:42
cfhowlettjman1, or *always* run ffox in private03:43
de-factowhat a bad experience unity is, glad i stayed away from it for so long time03:43
jushurde-facto: well its not for all ppl, you are free to chose something else.03:43
de-factonot really this is a custom backed live cd for testing out some software. they use ubuntu defaults, hence unity03:44
jman1so now that thats functioning properly are my files vulnerable to hackers03:44
cfhowlettjman1, enable firewall?03:44
cfhowlettalso, do you have ONLY your system admin account?  you should install a low privilege account for daily use.03:45
de-factothe dash takes 3 seconds to blend in until it slowly becomes usable let alone typing in it... bad deal for eye candy imho03:46
jman1thanks much!!!03:46
cfhowlettde-facto, you have been several alternatives.  choose one.03:46
cfhowletthappy2help! jman103:46
de-factoaint there some setting to tell unity to let alone all the eye candy and just provide a basic usable interface?03:47
cfhowlettde-facto, short answer: yes, there are reasons.03:48
de-factoi dont want to repack the whole livecd just to get a usable ui for testing03:48
jman1its weird cuz some how my firewall on my network keeps getting turned off03:48
de-factoso the eye candy is hardcoded then?03:48
cfhowlettjman1, set your UBUNTU firewall.03:48
jman1i will03:48
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:48
plytrode-facto: you could apt-get install a different wm and login to that after booting the custom cd03:49
plytroxfce4, etc03:49
plytroI don't have a problem using unity, I just prefer not to03:50
plytroI let my kids use it03:50
cfhowlettor you could use xubuntu, lubuntu, ubuntu-mate, ubuntu-server, kubuntu03:51
plytrohe'd have to re-bake the custom livecd then though03:51
jman1its on03:51
cfhowlettjman1, and will stay on unless YOU disable it.03:52
jman1just wondering how i let it get this bad03:52
de-factoyeah i could but its a bad experience to see the default failing that badly in a vm, id prefer to rather have a usable ui as default and *if* i really think its necessary enable eye candy.03:54
cfhowlettde-facto, OK, then, we get it.  you don't like it.  you've been given a solution.  let's move?03:55
plytroyou keep hammering a point that no one here can solve03:56
de-factook thanks03:56
cfhowlettjman1, easy to do, easy to fix.  review all of your browser settings carefully for security, and consider 2 addons: https-everywhere and NoScript                the latter helps manage java issues.03:56
cfhowlettand adblock, of course.03:56
plytroand ghosterly03:57
jman1very much appreciated. i got tunnel vision now  that i can move forward with my work03:58
jushurublock origin is a lot better then adblock, it also has blocking of fonts. wich right now may be a good idea (recent exploit unveiled)03:58
sufrlinhello all04:12
sufrlinhello, any body can help me ?04:14
xangua! Ask04:15
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:15
sufrlinhow to configure default papersize for halfpaper printing using lx300+ii printer04:16
sufrlinhow to configure default papersize for halfpaper printing using lx300+ii printer ?04:16
sufrlinhow to configure default papersize for "halfletter" paper size printing using lx300+ii printer ?04:16
cfhowlett!patienced | sufrlin04:17
cfhowlettasking 3 times in one minute is annoying.  be patient.04:17
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:17
plytroeach one was a grammatical correction04:19
plytroseems as though english isn't the first language and they want to be sure they get the quesiton right and precise04:19
sufrlinI've been a little desperate about this problem04:20
cfhowlettsufrlin, why?  takes seconds to choose a paper size ...04:20
sufrlinI want to migrate from windows to ubuntu, but I was stuck in this problem04:21
sufrlinI had erp software in windows and invoices printed using continuous paper04:25
jushursufrlin: i belive your issue can be handled by the prinet it self? read its manual.04:26
cfhowlettsufrlin try configuring through cups.  point your browser to this site and configure from there:  http://localhost:631/04:27
sufrlinjushur: I use cups04:27
sufrlincfhowlett : I have the software erp in windows and invoices printed using continuous paper, and I've managed to run in ubuntu, but can cause problems with the printer, I change the settings in / etc / cups / papersize to "halfletter", but the printer still considers the size of the paper is A404:30
sufrlincfhowlett : I use Cups04:30
cfhowlettsufrlin, understood.04:30
sufrlincfhowlett : I was almost desperate with this problem04:32
cfhowlettsufrlin, if I had the answer, I would happily share it.  Direct your query to the entire channel, not just to me.  Someone else may know.04:32
plytroif you need a workaround solution, you could use windows in a VM to do it until you have it all figured out04:34
Loshkisufrlin: Does "find /etc/cups -type f | xargs egrep A4" turn up anything promising?04:34
sufrlinplytro : I want to leave windows forever04:35
jak2000when i do a: aptget update i get this error messages: http://pastie.org/10729807 any advice how to fix? thanks04:35
sufrlinLoshki : I have not tried, may I ask for full instructions04:36
shnehI want to try this linux thing. So I installed ubuntu. I have a problem connecting to my workplace using Shrew Soft VPN client. I import the VPN profile, it connects successfully, but I have no access to the internet nor to my work machine. What should I do?04:37
xanguajak2000: try later or try a different mirror04:38
Loshkisufrlin: rather than pretend I know, I think I should refer you to ##cups04:38
=== de-facto_ is now known as de-facto
sufrlinthanks Loshki04:39
plytrosufrlin: its a stop gap if you absolutly need it until you have a solution04:39
sufrlinplytro : yes04:40
sufrlinplytro : I have continuous paper for printing04:40
sufrlinplytro : with halfletter papersize04:41
=== nhh is now known as Guest71890
sufrlinwhen i print the invoice, the pagesize was corectly, but the printer would not stop at the end of paper04:42
sufrlinplytro : when i print the invoice, the pagesize was corectly, but the printer would not stop at the end of paper04:42
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest24794
SkepticalParrottint2 won't start: http://pastebin.com/Y3afFb9804:45
iDealsany one out there good with fixing mdadm arrays?04:45
SkepticalParrotI made a change to it with tint2conf, and all of a sudden, I can't get tint2 working.04:46
sufrlinplytro : I think this bug of ubuntu04:52
cfhowlettsufrlin, ubuntu is not cups.  ubuntu USES cups.04:54
sufrlinxubuntu : Is there a solution for my problem?04:54
cfhowlettand cups is developed and managed outside of ubuntu04:54
plytrocups is developed and managed by Apple, right?04:54
jamisHey all, For some reason, NetworkManager isn't displaying Open Access points in it's list. Any hints as to why?04:54
sufrlinplytro : really?04:56
cfhowlettperhaps but cups is packaged and maintained by the debian printing team04:56
sufrlinplytro : if I do not use cups, does this work?04:57
sufrlinplytro: if I do not use cups, does this work?04:58
alamrimy hotspot can't connect to my phone ? just he connect to him self i use ubuntu 14.0405:16
jak2000cant update with apt-get update http://pastie.org/1072984605:17
jak2000any advice05:17
PR0rhey guys, just wondering if someone could recommend the best way to get x11vnc server to auto start on start up. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 desktop, currently manually clicking it from the left desktop shortcut and starting it each reboot.05:19
jushurjak2000: looks like there is some issues with the country servers atm, had some issues with them on a few machines here. and had to use the main server to update.05:20
jak2000jushur and how to fix?05:20
plytrojak2000: I pasted a link for you05:21
plytroread the answers there05:21
plytroPR0r: have you looked at the apps to start at startup? I'm not sure where that is in unity05:21
plytroI'm on xubuntu and can set apps to run at startup05:22
xanguaType start up in the unity launcher :-P05:22
plytroPR0r: https://askubuntu.com/questions/48321/how-do-i-start-applications-automatically-on-login05:22
PR0ryea but within the x11vnc program I have options ticked, unticked etc. So I feel some kind of script that would run launch it from terminal?05:23
plytrolike you open it and check some boxes then click start or something?05:25
PR0rI've never really launched it from terminal, guess ill look into that05:26
plytroI think you can pass them all in through the gui startup05:26
PR0rI wish I could find out what my settings that are chosen from within the gui are translated into from the terminal to launch05:28
plytrocan you save a config file or something?05:28
=== r00ter is now known as noobpentester
PR0ris there much of a difference between having it run via /etc/init and systemd as a service?05:37
PR0rtwo guides suggest different ways of having it startup, so curious as to what would be best05:37
guide_Xafter setting up wifi where do you go to connect05:38
nomoney4mehi all, I am trying to install webmin through wget but it seems that link is dead.  Any change someone have a mirror for it? or maybe a way to search it in apt-get?05:46
nomoney4menot "install", "download" sorry.05:47
noobpentesterwhich is the best desktop environment for ubuntu ?05:47
PR0rnomoney4me: GitHub?05:47
PR0rid try there05:47
cfhowlettnoobpentester, "best" is one YOU choose.  so ... choose.05:50
cfhowlett!webmin | nomoney4me05:51
ubottunomoney4me: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.05:51
nomoney4methanks! :)05:51
cfhowlettnomoney4me, you can easily install all the DE's on a single ubuntu system for testing.  sudo apt install xfce4 lxde                will get those 2.  then logout, choose a DE, login.05:53
nomoney4meWell, I wanted webmin because it allowed for an easy config of certain modules.05:53
cfhowlettsorry, that last was for noobpentester05:54
plytronomoney4me: https://alternativeto.net/software/webmin/05:55
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=== kurtcoke is now known as kurtcocaine
guideXI have a compaq v2000 and I just put lubuntu on it.. but I can't get online06:21
guideXethernet nor wifi seems functional06:21
guideXI setup the wifi connection, but it seems there's no wlan006:22
prophet86Any sound engineers out there to help me get M-Audio 1010 to work06:25
nascentmindHi. My machine seems to take a long time when it reboots. I checked my systemd jobs and I find it getting stuck in unmounting my swap. How can I fix this?06:37
=== mp is now known as Guest77228
nascentmindI tried reformatting the swap partition and still it fails.06:38
AbbieHoffmandoes anybody know how to modify ipv4 so it doesn't pass my client identity or screen resolution?06:47
jushurAbbieHoffman: what are you talking about?06:52
guideXlubuntu wifi or ethernet on a compaq v2000?06:52
guideXhow do you get it going06:52
AbbieHoffmanif I look up my ip address it will also display my os "ubuntu" or sometimes "linux" and my screen resolution, so I want to modify ubuntu so it dosen't pass that information along06:53
sufrlinI was so desperate to printer problems in ubuntu06:54
Amm0nAbbieHoffman, what do you mean by "look up my ip"?07:01
maheshwhat is gimp in ubuntu?07:01
AbbieHoffmanlike adobe photoshop?07:02
svm_invictvsHow long has the 4.x kernel been out?07:02
svm_invictvsoh wow, like...a week07:02
svm_invictvsI was gonna ask how far along I was behind running the 3.x kernel07:02
AbbieHoffmanAmm0n: for instance "ipaddress.com"07:08
_ohmi have a linux distro built in a logical partition and can chroot and compile/download packages. I was hoping to modify my ubuntu bootloader to have the ability to boot into this distro, is this possible?07:15
_ohmcurrently I get a kernel panic, 'unable to mount rootfs on unknown-block(0,0)'07:16
_ohmi can boot into ubuntu fine, but not the other distro07:16
AbbieHoffmandoes you have a partitioning program?07:16
AbbieHoffmanso you have a swap drive partition built and everything?07:16
_ohmyeah, ubuntu works flawlessly, i'm trying to modify grub2 to be able to boot the other distro and i run into the kernel panic07:17
_ohmi've tried all of the sites where it says, update-grub207:18
_ohmit detects it, puts it into the menu, but i get a kernel panic when i boot the distro07:18
AbbieHoffmando you have a boot repair utility on a thumb drive?07:19
_ohmno, i'm in ubuntu right now07:19
_ohmi can put in a live cd if you'd like07:19
AbbieHoffmanyou can use a boot repair utility that will scan your whole comp then set up grub so it will list which os you want to start up07:20
_ohmwould i just boot into the livecd and run update-grub2 ?07:20
AbbieHoffmanyou can but if you installed both os's already you should just change grub so it will identify each os07:21
_ohmthat's what i'm trying to do07:21
cibkHi there all, I am having this issue where when I put my wireless card into monitor mode it adds a "mon" to the end of it (that's bit is normal of course) but when I take it out of monitor mode the "mon" stays and then the next time I put it back into monitor mode it adds another "mon" to the end that dosen't come off and so on and so on unitll it looks like this "monmonmonmon". It is really quite crazy no? A07:21
cibknd if if gets too long ubuntu just says that the wireless nick name is too long for linux and says it will rename it back to the old way, which for me worked much better. So how does one ether take off the "mon"s and or rename the interface. I have been searching but have not come up with anything for a while now07:21
_ohmthe new grub boots ubuntu fine, but when i boot the other distro i get a kernel panic07:22
AbbieHoffmantry d/l'ing BOOT-REPAIR from soureforge then burn it into a stick and boot the stick up that program fixes all booting issues its great07:22
cibkOoop too much :/07:22
_ohmAbbieHoffman, will do, thanks07:22
jushurcibk: what specik driver/module doees it use? and what model name/nr is it on the device?07:24
vbotkacibk, you can use udev rules http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15140923/07:25
vbotkacibk, run "udevadm control --reload-rules" after you fit the file to your needs07:26
cibkOh, so that's where you do it ay?07:27
cibkThanks vbotka I will look more into it when I can. All the best!07:30
vbotkacibk, you just need to change the MAC address07:30
cibkvbotka, you mean; in order to change the nic name you also need to change the nic's mac address?07:32
vbotkacibk,  just put MAC address of your adapter into the file 70-persistent-net.rules and reload the rules.07:33
cibkOh okay will do thanks again07:33
Jordan_UIf anyone is around when swengin comes back, please tell them that their problem is probably that their destination disk is smaller than the source when they ran dd, and so sone of the FS is missing.07:36
cibkI just cat'ed and I don't have a 70-persistent-net.rules file vbotka. I am on 15.10 if that helps07:37
cibkWell thanks to you vbotka I now have something to search!07:39
vbotkacibk, create the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules07:40
Amm0nAbbieHoffman, you send these informations with the referer of your browser. If you don't want this, you need to spoof it with a plugin.07:41
AbbieHoffmanwhich types of plugins are available to do that?07:43
=== Rudy_di_lover_ is now known as Rudy_di_lover
cibkBut I have to know what the kernal name for it is first right? And that would be the default boot name right?07:44
cibkPretty annoying that aimon can change the name but then doesn't change it back no?07:46
efefg2" pastebinit " tool is quite handy, how to set Paste Expiration: ? some comments online suggest config file but are too vague07:53
MapleHi- Does anybody know stuffs about the VBA emulator?07:57
Amm0nAbbieHoffman, depends on your browser and what suits your setup. Personally i use uMatrix to spoof my User agent with some fresh entrys from: https://techblog.willshouse.com/2012/01/03/most-common-user-agents/07:57
MapleI wanna find a way to put it into fullscreen like HIGAN.07:58
Amm0nBut uMatrix does more than that.. You need to research yourself, it's not Ubuntu related07:58
MapleSooooo does anybody knowww?07:59
MapleI tried to ask a question about higan emulator before and everyone completely ignored me..07:59
jushurMaple: is not ubuntu specific, go ask the emulator ppl instead?08:01
MapleWheres that?08:02
jushurMaple: i have no clue.08:02
Maplejushur: I mean its on ubuntu so...08:02
Maplejushur: its different than the one for windows. Its got all sorts of messed up options and stuff. Everything seems to be broken.08:03
vbotkacibk, you just need to change the MAC address of your adapter08:04
Mapleplus I dont even know where to start at compiling applications..08:04
efefg2the terminal08:04
AbbieHoffmanAmm0n: thanks a found a great util but not that one!08:05
Mapleyea i guess i would start there08:05
efefg2then type: abra cadabra, compile!08:06
jushurMaple: id say you need a better understanding about how linux works in general then, go google some quickstart guide. (dont blindly follow guides tho. think before doing)08:07
MapleNo command 'abra' found, did you mean:08:08
Maple Command 'ara' from package 'ara' (universe)08:08
Maple Command 'avra' from package 'avra' (universe)08:08
Mapleabra: command not found08:08
ikoniaMaple: he's joking08:08
ikoniaignore him08:08
Mapledidnt work...08:08
Mapleik lolz I was doing an added effect haha08:09
* efefg2 ignore him, how rude08:09
MapleI just heard you need some special building tools thooo08:10
* jushur asigned Maple Unicorn status, rare but unusable!08:10
efefg2abra cadabra, sudo compile!  will work08:10
ikoniajushur: please stop08:10
Mapleif you have those you can compile whatever?08:10
Maplewouldnt it be sudo abracadabra compile! ?08:11
ikoniaMaple: stop08:11
ikoniaplease stop messing aroun d08:11
Maplewhat are thoze tools though?08:11
ikoniaMaple: it's not a simple situation08:12
efefg2gcc probably08:12
ikoniaMaple: you can't rush in like this08:12
Maplei mean I got a bunch like Qt4 and some libxtst stuff but i think I need more?08:12
Maplei got g++08:12
ikoniait's not that simple08:12
efefg2./configure  make ./makeinstall or something08:12
jushuractually its a very simple situation, install the development tools and start your coding.08:13
Mapleit can all be explained simplistically though right?08:13
ikoniado not randomly do that08:13
ikoniaMaple: no08:13
MapleI mean how hard can it really be?08:13
ikoniaclearly too hard - as you're in here asking blindly08:13
MapleI tried installing a controller mapper but I failed completely..08:14
Maplewith both of them08:14
MapleI dont know where my controller is..08:14
ikoniaso it's pointless discussing any more then08:15
efefg2lsusb controller08:15
MapleI installed some PPA from a website and then I had to do a bunch of other installing and then got mixed up and I think my xpad is in my home folder but idk if thats the controller..08:16
jushurfollowing guides blindly is bad.08:16
Mapleis there an install where I can just get a developer toolkit?08:16
ikoniaa what ?08:17
Maplean install where I just get all the tools I need to compile programs in just one download?08:17
ikoniaMaple: no08:17
Maplethat sucks. there should be one.08:18
ikoniaMaple: this is not going to work for you08:18
ikoniayou're trying to do brain surgery before you can hold a knife08:18
jushurMaple: what exactly do you want to code?08:18
ikoniaMaple: there are - but you don't know how to use them, so it's a pointless discussion08:18
jussshi there, I use debootstrap to install a mini os, but I chroot into it, and I find there's no package manager, how I should do?08:18
jusssI mean no apt-get or aptitude08:18
ikoniajushur: doesn't sound like it installed08:19
MapleWell I heard something about VBA-M but you have to compile it. Since I failed at the controllers I'm not exactly sure how well it would go..08:19
MapleIts not like im trying to code my own programs I just want to compile pre made ones thats all08:20
efefg2Maple: are you sure vbam is not in ubuntu repos08:20
jushurikonia: my point exactly, following a guide without actually understanding what it does is stupid.08:20
Mapleyea I checked. theres only one vba and its a GUI header. Idek what that is..08:21
efefg2but you have to start somewhere to learn and what is the point of learning if you lack the clear goal of the learning08:21
ikoniaMaple: a gui header ?08:22
ikoniaMaple: what is the name of the package ?08:22
Maplejushur: Im pretty sure by the term, all it does is put certain pieces of a program where they go in the exact order so they conform with the system format.08:23
Mapleikonia: Its something named vba, I'll look it upp.08:23
Mapleikonia: sorry its a front end.08:24
Mapleand its not nearly as good as the VBA im running but the problem is I cant make it full screen..08:24
ikoniaMaple: what is the name of the package08:25
MapleVBA Express08:25
Amm0nIsn't visualboyadvance in universe? And -F Fullscreen?08:25
ikoniaMaple: so if there is a frontend package to it - that means there must be a depend package on the app08:25
ikoniaMaple: if you install the gui it will automatically install the actual application08:26
ikoniatherefore it seems logical you don't need to compile anything - it's already built and packaged for ubuntu08:26
ikoniaproblem solved08:26
Amm0nvba express is for KDE^08:26
Mapleno no. im looking for VBA M08:26
ikoniaMaple: they are just frontends08:27
MapleI dont know what a frontend is..08:27
ikoniaa gui08:27
MapleWhats a GUI?08:27
hwpplayer1graphical user interface08:28
efefg2its created by CSI08:28
hwpplayer1where you click menu , start, exit08:28
Maplethen why do they call it that instead of just calling it what it is?08:28
ikoniaefefg2: enough with the jokes and silly comments please08:28
ikoniaMaple: I suggest you just use the packages in the ubuntu repo and enjoy your experience08:29
ikoniaif you try to get this custom setup - you will fail08:29
Maplebecause it runs terminal in the background?08:29
ikoniaI'm sorry, but it's that simple08:29
jushurusually alt+enter or space+enter trows apps to fullscreen08:29
efefg2it allows you to see graphics like pictures08:29
Maplethis one is different. its not like other programs where you have default hotkeys for things..08:30
Mapleim gonna take a look in terminal..08:31
ikoniaMaple: use the packages in the ubuntu repo08:31
ikoniaanything else will just end up in your failure08:31
ikoniaI don't really see a point in taking this forward any more08:31
Maplebut the reviews are all shitty though...08:31
MapleI dont want crap...08:32
ikoniaplease don't swear08:32
Maplesorry. Its my status quo~08:32
ikoniathen stop08:32
Maplehold on..08:33
efefg2maybe check a few videos on tubeyou08:33
Mapleapt-get install visualboyadvance visualboyadvance-gtk08:33
Maplesee if you can get it..08:33
* v3 jumps08:34
ikoniacan you get it - thats the question08:34
Mapleoh yeah. btw. the controllers dont work either.08:34
Maplehow can I get it if I dont know half as much as you guys do about coding and stuff??08:34
ikoniaMaple: you've just given us the command08:34
ikoniaMaple: does that command work for you08:35
Maplethats to install it08:35
ikoniaright - so it's installed08:35
ikonianow whats the problem with it ?08:35
Mapleim having trouble going fullscreen with it08:35
Maplethats why I wanted to compile VBAM08:35
jushurMaple: open the .cfg file you should have saved at first launch and set fullScreen=1 on the proper line.08:35
ikoniaMaple: that is not the answer08:35
Mapleits a different application that you cant install like that..08:36
ikoniaas jushur has just seen08:36
jushurMaple: apt-cache show vbaexpress08:37
jushurMaple: that is the frontend your talking about right?08:38
Mapleno it is in this application~~~08:38
Mapleapt-get install visualboyadvance visualboyadvance-gtk08:38
efefg2how about mgba08:39
pamI'm trying to make a bootable USB of Ultimate Boot CD.  I need a tutorial.08:40
pammaple: yeah from an ISO08:40
Maplego to disks08:41
Maplewipe your usb08:41
Maplethen click the gear in the top right08:41
pamhuh? disks?08:41
Mapleclick restore image08:41
Mapleyeah click the windows button on your keyboard and type in disks08:41
Mapleclick the gear in the top right and click restore image08:42
Maplethen find the ISO and youre good to go.08:42
efefg2Maple: why not gameboy on android08:43
=== harmony is now known as Guest34174
Maplelolz I like it on my computezz08:43
Guest34174nick jimbob699608:44
Maplei used to have windows...08:44
MapleWindows had every emulator known to man...08:44
Maplefor some reason wine doesnt wanna install...08:45
Mapleso I cant use that..08:45
Mapleplus my RAM is wayyyyyyy not good enough for that...08:45
Mapleor CPU08:45
Maplewhatever it uses08:45
MapleI have a very cheep laptop.08:46
jushurI have a firm belif that some ppl should not be allowed to use computers.08:46
Maplebest it can do is PSXE08:46
efefg2how about mednafen08:46
Maplejushur: so what do ya think? is it broken?08:47
Maplewhats mednafen?08:47
brontosaurusrexjushur: mine beats me in chess, but in kungfu i rule.08:47
jushurMaple: the software is not, you are. I even told you what to do. and you still has not.08:48
Maplejushur: Where is the config file???08:48
Maplejushur: Its not in cache, I looked08:48
jushurbrontosaurusrex: well i bet you beat me in kungfu to, and i beat your computer at chess08:48
jushurMaple: install the vbaexpress08:49
jushurMaple: launch it, save config. edit it with a text editor.08:49
Maplewait can I use it with the other one I have?08:49
Maple*Waiting optimistically*08:50
* efefg2 Loading optimism 60%08:51
MapleIts like the other one.08:52
MapleI want it to fit the entire screen08:53
Maplelike higan does08:53
jusssI chroot into a mini debian via debootstrap, and I find there's no apt-get command, how I install apt-get?08:53
efefg2which part of the world are you from08:53
jushurMaple: launch vbaexpress, in hte right side chose TV MODE. save config.08:53
Maplethe one where people dont generally know how to code..08:54
Mapleits the sameee08:55
Maplethose are graphics options like for resolutions but not aspect ratio08:55
Maplehow would I post a screenshot?08:56
efefg2have you looked in /home/Maple/.config/08:56
Mapletheres nothing..08:57
Mapleim starting to lose hope guys08:57
Maplethere was an option for fullscreen AND aspect ratio in the windows version...08:57
MapleI think my only hope is for VBA M08:57
eadromI'm having issues installing binutils on a fresh 14.04 droplet.  I'm getting an odd grep error when apt-get is processing triggers for libc-bin "grep: write error"08:58
Olotila /set irc_conf_mode 108:58
eadromanyone know anything about this?08:59
Olotila /set irc_conf_mode 108:59
Olotilahow do I see installed packages?09:01
OlotilaI want to remove xfreedrp or freedrp-x1109:01
Olotilaubuntu gnome 15.1009:01
Besogonhello guys! Does anybody know how to make icons in main menu not pop and not move? When I open main menu I see some icon then I click it but at this time icons position are recalculated and I open different application.. Ubuntu 14.0409:02
OlotilaUbuntu Software Center does not show anything, but the program runs09:03
the7thsinOlotila, you can always type in the command line sudo apt-get remove xfreedrp09:04
Olotiladoes not work09:04
MapleI got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:04
efefg2Olotila: i think the synaptic package manager would give you a better overview09:04
the7thsinOlotila, it will tell you if its removed09:04
Maplethe VBA M from source forge worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:04
the7thsinDoes someone have pulseaudio crash when they play sound from 2 places09:05
dchapman_Ok, you've exceeded your exclamation point quota for today.09:05
MapleIm happy...09:06
Olotilasays   E: Unable to locate package xfreedrp09:06
MapleThat took alot longer than expected though..09:06
the7thsinOlotila, so its not installed09:07
Olotilait runs09:07
OlotilaI do get the remote desktop working09:08
the7thsinOlotila, then try find it with synaptic09:08
Olotilaits funny, when i type xfreedrp, it gives "No command 'xfreedrp' found, did you mean:09:09
Olotila Command 'xfreerdp' from package 'freerdp-x11' (main)09:09
the7thsinopen synaptic and in the search write the package name09:09
MapleSo on the offhand does anybody know how to set up persistence in ParrotSec???09:09
Ben64Maple: so you're not even using ubuntu?09:10
MapleWell no im using Ubuntu but I was just curious since this is another problem ive also run into..09:10
Ben64this channel is for ubuntu only09:11
Maplei know but there arent any channels for what im looking for...09:12
Mapleif there were one I would be there but I dont know one...09:12
Ben64well its not on topic here09:12
Maplewell what else is goin on here?09:13
Olotilayeah, found it, thanks the7thsin09:14
jushurMaple: you have been told several times its not the correct stuff for this channel. ask things about ubuntu and we can help you.09:16
dchapman_Maple: You could try general questions like that in say ##linux09:17
Maplewhere is that???09:17
dchapman_.../join ##linux09:17
MapleAhh!! more thanks!!!09:18
wahyu_how to hack wifi wpa2 guys ??09:20
MapleI cant post to the channel...09:20
Maplewhy cant I do this?09:21
auronandace!register | Maple09:21
ubottuMaple: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:21
efefg2Maple: #linux must be for the linux kernel, not a random loosely linux related questions09:22
efefg2try search engine09:23
gauravgrover95hey... I am first time ever using an IRC channel.. can someone guide me through it09:24
gauravgrover95I tried to connect to #python channel09:24
gauravgrover95but I keep getting the message, unregistered09:24
brontosaurusrexgauravgrover95: /join #python09:24
rcmainakWelcome to IRC09:24
Ben64gauravgrover95: join #freenode for irc help09:25
brontosaurusrexgauravgrover95: /msg nickserv help09:25
gauravgrover95Thanks for such a warm welcome.09:26
gauravgrover95and I am sorry to bother you09:26
gauravgrover95but where to write these commands09:26
rcmainakgauravgrover95: well #python only allows registered users09:26
gauravgrover95So how do someone becomes a registered user09:26
Ben64gauravgrover95: join #freenode for irc help09:26
rcmainakgauravgrover95: which IRC client you're using!!09:26
Mapleahhh too much crap. Im just gonna be happy and play my GBA games.......ON FULL SCREEN!09:27
gauravgrover95I joined freenode.. :)09:27
rdivackyhi... a libnss3 update to 12.04 on 18/2 broke chromium (when accessing ssl sites), is that a known thing?09:28
gauravgrover95"#freenode :Cannot send to channel" :(09:28
gauravgrover95Now what is this09:28
dchapman_!register | gauravgrover9509:29
ubottugauravgrover95: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:29
Amm0ngauravgrover95, wait until you get +v09:29
rdivackyis there an archive of ubuntu packages somewhere? so that I can downgrade my libnss309:30
Ben64rdivacky: not a good idea09:30
rdivackyBen64: the current libnss3 in 12.04 breaks chromium09:31
rdivackyI want to downgrade to the version before that update09:31
rdivackyie. what I had 2 days ago09:31
Ben64yes, i understand. not a good idea09:31
rdivackywhat do you suggest instead?09:31
Ben64figure out the actual problem09:32
rdivackyI think the libnss3 API changed and chromium is still using the old API09:32
rdivackyBen64: can I donwload the old package somewhere? so that I can LD_PRELOAD the libs from it for chromium09:33
Ben64not a good idea09:34
rdivackythe new libnss3 is clearly incompatible with my chromium09:34
Ben64because you're trying to reintroduce a security flaw09:34
rdivackythats fine with me09:34
Ben64and it isn't "clearly" incompatible, you're guessing09:34
rdivackyBen64: chromum fails to initialise the nss09:35
rdivackyie. the certs are not loaded09:35
Ben64what is the output of uname -a09:36
rdivackyuhm? how is that relevant?09:36
rdivackyBen64: how is my kernel version relevant?09:37
Ben64well good luck09:37
rdivackyBen64: is the chromium breakage in 12.04 a known thing? I am fine waiting for this to be fixed for a few days09:38
jushur!eol rdivacky09:40
rdivackyI guess the proper thing to do is to recompile chromium in 12.04 against that new libnss09:44
tipehi all today i am trying to find some tools like unetbootin that i can install and try out09:47
rdivackyso the old packages are not archived anywhere?09:49
askoi accidentally removed shutdown button from panel, how i get it back?09:50
tipeasko, try to tight click the pannel and see what options you ge andlook there ok09:52
tipeadd to pannel should e there09:53
askotipe, no shutdown option in installed programs :/09:53
tipetipe, it si a pannell aplet09:53
tipelisten to what i said ^09:53
tipeconfigure panle is another option09:54
askotipe, found that one too but no shutdown option09:55
prasang7hello everyone!09:56
tipeasko, google search for panel applets in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Applets09:56
askoi found that but in lubuntu there is no quit option09:57
tipeare you using lubuntu09:57
tipewell that is now a different os than ubuntu09:57
askoi thought its the same09:57
askoexcept lighter09:58
tipeasko pleases join the lubuntu chat here #lubuntu09:58
askowrong channel sorry :)09:58
tipeasko no09:58
askoand thank you for the help09:58
tipeubuntu stopped using other desktops and focused on unity they only use ubuntu. other os that are built on ubuntu are, lubunty, kubuntu, edubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu studio, linux mint etc09:59
tipeasko, when in ubutu if you use hexchat/xchat app it will direct you to the lubuntu channel10:00
prasang7kubuntu is a different flavor?10:01
Mike9863I had a file saving to /tmp but it ran out of space and I closed the program thus removing the file. Is there any way I can recover what was there?10:01
askoi use xchat but it opened this channel :)10:01
mcphailtipe: lubuntu is not a different OS. It is just a different default desktop10:01
tipemcphall not any more.10:02
Ben64tipe: you're wrong10:02
mcphailtipe: since when???10:02
tipelubuntu uses lxde desktop10:02
ubottu!Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.10:02
tipeubuntu abandoned all other ubuntu baised os10:03
mcphailtipe: that is incorrect10:03
tipeto focus on their unity desktop. the other direct ubuntu os where taken over by other people not assosiatied with ubunity and canoniacle10:04
tipethis is how i understand things to have been10:04
tipeubuntu still maintain the repos and bass of their os that others build ontop of10:04
mcphail!info lubuntu-desktop xenial10:04
ubottulubuntu-desktop (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.63 (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; powerpc; armhf)10:04
wiryadislCan help me?10:05
mcphailtipe: ^^ still supported in development release. Now please stop repeating misinformation10:05
Ben64wiryadisl: not until you ask a question10:05
askohmm, ailurus requires gnome? :o10:06
prasang7hello all: Can we share media files via IRC, like images etc.10:06
Ben64prasang7: not here10:07
tipemcbloom, i was under the understanding that lubuntu was not built by the ubuntu company directly anymore. it had another team take over when they officially adopted unity as the main desktop10:08
prasang7All: Is there any relation between my IRC client and this channel. Can someone from other client join this channel (Newbie).10:09
tipeif i am wrong or slightly confused about this forgive me10:09
brontosaurusrexprasang7: yes they can.10:09
brontosaurusrextipe: would be kinda funny if true, now you got me wondering what are they up to.10:10
brontosaurusrextipe: I guess they read Steve Jobs biography.10:12
tipei admit the way i explain nthings is not always corfect. but i do understand a bit about canoniacle10:13
tipeand ubuntu etc and unity10:13
tipeits all in there.10:13
msampleprasang7: sharing images and media files in IRC is very cumbersome and usually doesn't work as many ISP's and routers block it. There are ways of sharing images and other files that are infinitely better than IRC10:14
prasang7brontosaurusrex: can you suggest me a channel for beginners to make themselves comfortable with IRC.10:14
brontosaurusrexprasang7: no, I'd type "using irc" into google.10:15
prasang7brontosaurusrex: Sure.10:16
brontosaurusrexprasang7: then read about the specific irc client you are using.10:18
rcmainakprasang7: if you want IRC commands DuckDuckGo has a cheat sheet for that10:18
rcmainakprasang7: here you go : https://duckduckgo.com/?q=irc+cheat+sheet&t=ffab&ia=cheatsheet&iax=110:19
prasang7rcmainak: thanks a lot.10:20
rcmainakfor more help on IRC you can query me :)10:21
=== thales is now known as Guest18677
rcmainakplus this is not the right place to ask for help in IRC. If you need help on IRC you can join #freenode prasang710:23
prasang7rcmainak: Thats what I was looking for. Thanks :)10:24
=== ggherdov_ is now known as ggherdov
ethanxrosen /n10:29
rdivackyBen64: why did you want to know my kernel version?10:32
Ben64because i was trying to help you, but i don't help people that make that process harder10:32
rdivackyBen64: it's 3.2010:33
rdivackyBen64: it's not clear to me how that affects userspace library though10:33
Ben64thats not even an ubuntu kernel10:34
rdivackysorry, 3.2.010:34
rdivackyit is ubuntu kernel10:34
Ben64well chromium worked on my test system10:35
rdivackyBen64: 12.04 ? accessing ssl sites? (ie. google.com) ?10:35
rdivackywhat chromium version do you have?10:36
Ben64whatever the newest is on 12.0410:36
rdivackyand what libnss3 version do you have?10:36
rdivackycan you check the versions of both for me please?10:36
rdivackyI am at chromium 37, and libnss3 3.2110:36
Ben64nope, but they were the latest versions10:36
MrElendig"whatever is newest" usually tend to end up being 4 versions out of date compared to what actually is the newest10:36
MrElendiggive the actual version10:36
Ben64latest on 12.0410:37
rdivackythe libnss3 was updated on 18/210:37
rdivackythe libnss3 was updated from to 3.21 and that broke things for me10:38
rdivackyMrElendig: do you know if there's a svn/git/whatever repository with "something" to build the packages? I want to checkout the older version of libnss3 and build it myself10:44
MrElendigdon't do that if the system is facing any insecure network10:44
Ben64its very likely you're going about this the entirely wrong way, since i was able to use chromium just fine10:45
rdivackyMrElendig: sure, I understand the risks10:45
rdivackyBen64: possibly, all I know that my chromium stopped working for https pages two days ago when I updated my libnss310:46
rdivackyand that my chromium is giving me nss errors now10:47
Ben64you might as well upgrade to trusty or xenial now10:47
rdivackyI prefer not to as I have an ancient computer10:47
Ben64doesn't matter10:47
rdivackyI hope this issue will be fixed in a few days10:48
rdivackyif not, I'll get the old libnss310:48
Ben6464 or 32 bit10:48
Ben64why would you willingly subject yourself to ssl bugs10:48
Ben64thats the dumbest thing i've heard all day10:48
rdivackybecause I dont care about security when reading newspapers10:49
alexwhitmanHas the Ubuntu Mono font changed recently in 16.04? Performed an update today and things look... odd10:49
Ben64alexwhitman: support for 16.04 in #ubuntu+1 until release10:49
alexwhitmanThanks :-)10:49
rdivackyBen64: anyway, is there a repository with the package "makefiles" somewhere?10:50
Ben64so you're still insisting on going the wrong way10:50
Ben64you're on your own with that10:50
rdivackywrong according to you10:51
rdivackycorrect according to me10:51
Ben64chromium works on 12.0410:51
rdivackynot for me10:51
Ben64so it must be something else10:51
rdivackyand you didnt give out your version numbers, so hard to judge10:51
Ben64the newest10:51
rdivackyBen64: I am seeing nss errors10:51
Ben64i said newest, it was the newest10:51
rdivacky[13480:13515:0220/091136:ERROR:nss_util.cc(856)] After loading Root Certs, loaded==false: NSS error code: -801810:52
rdivackydoes this look like I am guessing it's nss?10:52
brontosaurusrexrdivacky: silly one, but is your system date/clock correct?10:52
rdivackybrontosaurusrex: yes10:52
rdivackyBen64: why?10:52
saket_I am looking to install maas autopilot10:54
saket_can anyone please let me know two disk requirement is with RAID or it should be individual disks10:55
maxcool12345Hii everyone10:57
maxcool12345I am first time using IRC10:57
maxcool12345and I am trying to explore10:57
wangI am the second10:57
maxcool12345Can you suggest me some interesting stuff??10:57
Ben64maxcool12345: this channel is for ubuntu support only10:57
maxcool12345Ok.. :) So one problem I have in my ubuntu machine10:58
SeboHi, I've got Trusty14.04LTS with seperated /home at dm-crypt encrypted drive. And I have lost its password. How can I set this partition from scratch with a new password?10:58
maxcool12345my machine is playing sound perfectly fine on web browsers10:58
MrElendigSebo: wipe it with urandom then set it up again10:59
maxcool12345but when it comes to native desktop apps like VLC10:59
maxcool12345No sound is being played10:59
MrElendigSebo: also next time create two keys, one that you store on paper somewhere safe10:59
wangmaxcool12345,beauty is a good choice10:59
MrElendigSebo: in case of situations like this10:59
vagelis_Hey guys. I have installed Ubuntu 15.10 in VMware and i cant find a way to make my sound work. This is the message i get from VMware " A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system.10:59
vagelis_Sound will be disconnected." I want to make it work and to solve all those problems so i can test it at my work as a fully usable OS. Thanks for your time and efford guys.10:59
maxcool12345wang: Sorry.. What?11:00
MrElendigtoo bad most banks doesn't have a vault anymore11:00
Ben64vagelis_: sounds like you need vmware support, not ubuntu support11:00
wangDesktop Landscaping11:00
SeboMrElendig: There is no valuable data there (that I had not at backup)... Anyway I would not like to be forced to reconfigure the whole OS from scratch :p11:01
MrElendigSebo: since it is just /home you don't have to11:01
MrElendigas said, wipe the volume in question with urandom and then set it up again11:02
vagelis_Ben64 i tried but couldnt find anything that's why i thought i should give it a try here. Sry if i was irrelevant.11:02
rdivackyBen64: btw... -8018 is SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_PKCS11_ERROR11:02
rdivackythis seriously looks like an API mismatch11:02
Ben64rdivacky: well it still works here, so its not libnss3 causing the problem11:02
=== wang is now known as goojob
rdivackyBen64: you didnt give out the version numbers, so this is not very useful information11:03
SeboMrElendig: yep, but I have set this up by the OS instalation... And Ihave no idea how to do it when the rest of the OS is working.11:03
Ben64rdivacky: how do you not understand "latest in 12.04"11:03
rdivackyBen64: how do you not understand it's not a number?11:04
Ben64!info libnss3 precise11:04
ubottulibnss3 (source: nss): Network Security Service libraries. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.21-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 (precise), package size 1215 kB, installed size 2992 kB11:04
Ben64that version11:04
rdivackythanks, and chromium version?11:05
saket_looking for some knowledge sharing on MAAS11:05
Ben64!info chromium-browser precise11:05
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 37.0.2062.120-0ubuntu0.12.04.1~pkg917 (precise), package size 45410 kB, installed size 170175 kB11:05
Ben64that one11:05
SeboMrElendig: I was searching for a guide, but what I have found is nothing more than a encrypted user home setup.11:05
rdivackyBen64: ok, thanks, thats indeed identical to mine11:05
saket_hi any one having deployed auto pilot maas11:05
MrElendigSebo: you overwrite the volume with the output of urandom, then you use cryptsetup to set up a container on it, then you just add it ti crypttab and fstab11:05
MrElendigSebo: sadly, despite the corporate backing and huge user base the ubuntu wiki on luks is quite dated11:06
rdivackyBen64: any idea what can be wrong?11:07
MrElendigSebo: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dm-crypt/Device_encryption  might be of help though, vert little of it is distro dependent11:07
Ben64rdivacky: something else11:07
rdivackyBen64: when I remove my .pki, I am not getting the NSS error anymore, yet ssl in chrome doesnt still work11:07
MrElendigSebo: but make sure you wipe with urandom first11:07
MrElendigrdivacky: what hash are you using for your cert?11:09
rdivackyMrElendig: no idea, how can I tell?11:10
rdivackybtw... it doesnt work under a different user either, so it's not user specific but something system wide11:11
MrElendighttps://shaaaaaaaaaaaaa.com/ the site if it is public11:11
MrElendigor openssl x509 -noout -text -in  whatever11:12
SeboMrElendig: Is the urandom whipping really required? If there is no valuable data there, then what is this for?11:12
MrElendigSebo: yes it is11:13
rdivackyMrElendig: that might be it11:13
MrElendigelse you can do pattern analysis to get an idea of the data11:13
rdivackyMrElendig: openssl says "unable to load certificate"11:13
MrElendigSebo: just start the wipe then take a hike (literally), and it will be done when you get back :)11:13
MrElendigurandom isn't *that* much slower than /dev/zero11:14
rdivackyMrElendig: any idea how to diagnose openssl not being able to load the certificate?11:14
Ben64and urandom is way way slower than zero11:15
MrElendigBen64: yes, but not really *that* much slower, it will still be done in a reasonable time unless your volume is 10TiB+11:16
SeboMrElendig: What I thought was rather not whipping at all, if it was not required.11:16
MrElendigSebo: you atleast have to wipe the header, but you really should wipe the whole volume11:16
rdivackyMrElendig: uhm.. it's probably not it, openssl is unable to do that even on another system where chromium works just fine11:17
Ben64on my system... urandom = 13.1MB/s, zero = 7.4GB/s11:17
MrElendigif you have hardware support for aes256 you can abuse it11:18
MrElendigthat will11:18
SeboMrElendig: it is just a 16GB virtual hdd - so I would not like to extend its sise by random data where it is not required.11:18
MrElendigdamn lag11:18
MrElendigthat will give you 2-300MB/s11:18
MrElendigor more11:18
=== dreamon__ is now known as dreamon
SeboMrElendig: Do you know how large the header might be?11:19
MrElendigyou *really* should wipe the whole thing11:20
MrElendigin fact if you had started it right away it would have been done now since your volume is only 16 gig11:20
MrElendigthe header size varies depending on the key type and how many of them you have11:21
otilafriend upgraded to 15.10, on boot gets "Unable to mount root on unknown-block(0,0)"11:31
otila..with 4.2 kernel.  with old 3.13 boot goes further11:32
Phaneshey there.  i understand that you have a working fglrx driver package in ubuntu.  Where would I go to see the package's patches that it applies to the module driver build?11:32
rdivackyso where is the svn/git/whatever repository of ubuntu package "makefiles" ? I want to see if linking against an old version of libnss3 will fix the issue or not11:35
rdivackyas a data point11:35
=== r00ter is now known as noobpen
noobpenhow to detect sniffers in ubuntu ?11:37
noobpensniffers in lan ?11:37
noobpenneed help11:37
bekksnoobpen: So state your actual problem, not your propposed way of solving it.11:41
noobpenbecks: how can i detect sniffers in my lan using ubuntu ?11:42
bekksnoobpen: So state your actual problem, not your propposed way of solving it.11:43
Phanessorry that bekks is such a douche, noobpen.  there are ways to detect sniffers but you'll need some extra layers besides a stock ubuntu system, i'll get you some links.11:43
bekksPhanes: Why do you start calling names on random people?11:44
Phanesbekks, Why are you such a douche to clear and simple questions?11:44
bekks!ops | Phanes11:44
ubottuPhanes: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang11:44
PhanesCan you cry for me please?11:44
bekksCan some please tell phanes to stop calling names on people? Thank you.11:44
noobpenPhanes :yea.. pls that would be very helpful11:45
akikbekks: noobpen had a direct question if you didn't notice11:45
Phanesnp noobpen and again, sorry about bekks11:45
noobpenits ok11:45
Phanesnoobpen, you'll want to explore pre-emptive lan configurations but this should be insightful: http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/25011/how-can-i-detect-if-someone-is-sniffing-network-packets-on-the-lan11:46
bekksakik: And thats a justification for calling names on people? I'm sorry, but thats illogical.11:46
Phanesbekks, i stand by my prior assessment of your character.11:47
bekksk1l_: thx11:47
not_phanesonly 2000 more chances oh no!11:48
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=== MrElendig is now known as FBI
otilaokay so 4.2 kernel does not boot, 3.13 does not work with display manager because it needs kdbus :D nice testing there :D12:01
otilahow to change display manager to something which does not need kdbus in 15.10?12:07
bekksWhy dont you just installl kdbus?12:11
otila14:01:28 < otila> okay so 4.2 kernel does not boot, 3.13 does not work with display manager because it needs kdbus :D nice testing there :D12:12
bekksAnd why dont you install kdbus?12:13
otilado you mean 15.10 upgrade does not install kdbus, but depends on it working and being installed?12:13
mcphailotila: what did you upgrade from to get to 15.10? Did you try to go straight from 14.04 to 15.10? That won't work12:13
bekksotila: No. I asked: "Why dont you install kdbus?".12:14
otilabekks: my friend is having the problem, not me12:14
otilamcphail: I'd guess it was 14.0412:15
mcphailotila: then he has broken his system12:15
mcphailotila: suggest he reinstalls12:15
askowow, doesnt vlc plugin work in ubuntu. not in firefox addons but got it via terminal12:28
askoneed it working since old laptop wont run flash nor html5 player12:29
askoit just says error12:29
askohmm, maybe should ask firefox people12:29
pukai am banned on ##programming what can i do?12:30
pukai don't do nothing wrong to get banned12:30
jushurasko: what graphic card in the machine?12:30
pukaalso is there another room from programming?12:31
pukawhy i am banned on##programming12:34
mcphailpuka: please stop asking in here. This is Ubuntu support only12:34
pukaso where should i ask12:34
EriC^^puka: type /chanserv access list ##programming12:35
EriC^^and harass the ops12:35
pukahow i can send him a pm?12:35
EriC^^/msg <nick>12:35
mistralolpuka: you probably did something to piss them off12:35
mistralolyup heard that before :)12:36
bekksThen you wouldnt be banned :P12:36
askojushur, i donno yet but its thinkpad t43. playback is sluggish12:36
=== Guest71480 is now known as mosene
mistralolok so how to get audio to work on a baytrail chipset :/12:36
pukathey don't respond12:37
bekkspuka: There is nothing we can do about it.12:38
askojushur, mobility radeon x30012:38
holuxHello , i would like to know if anybody has good Experiences with installing E17 or Moksha WMs. Are they running without Problems ? Im currently running an Bodhi Linux but have to delete it because its just not working completly - so now ithought about just a new installation and install e17 manually. Is this a good idea ? Does it work in every aspect ?12:41
bekksholux: Bodhi linux isnt supported in here.12:42
holuxtalking bout Ubuntu and installing other WM afterwards ,, sorry12:43
holuxWM like E17 or Moksha12:44
bekksholux: So whats your problem with which WM specifically, using Ubuntu?12:44
=== aeonchild is now known as dlihcnoea
holuxExpieriencing Problems with error Messages - uncapable of Rar handling - some small issues like this12:45
jushurasko: what driver do you run?12:45
bazhang!info unp12:45
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre7+nmu1 (wily), package size 16 kB, installed size 133 kB12:46
otilamcphail: ok ubuntu started working after he did "dpkg --configure -a"12:46
askojushur, i havent downloaded one, just got the os12:46
mcphailotila: if he has gone straight from 14.04 to 15.10, expect it to break again in multiple interesting ways12:46
askothanks i'll try that12:47
jushurasko: are you running vesa and wondering why its sluggish? ;)12:47
askowhats vesa?12:48
otilamcphail: why?12:48
otilais there no equiv of "dnf distro-sync" in ubuntu?12:48
holuxisnt it versa ?12:48
bekksotila: Because upgrading directly from 14.04 to 15.10 isnt supported. You need upgrade 14.04 -> 14.10 -> 15.04 -> 15.1012:49
bekksotila: And 14.10 & 15.04 are EOL.12:49
jushurasko: when i ask what driver your running i expect an answer actually.12:50
jushuri know, hes gone.12:50
syd_I've somehow removed my only sudo user on Ubuntu 14.04, so I'm trying to boot into recovery mode, however the Shift key (both left and right) are not bringing up the grub menu. Any advice?12:53
jushursyd_: tab?12:54
cfhowlettsyd_, boot an ubuntu USB, chroot to your system and attempt recovery.  if your sudo user is actually done, you will face significant challenges12:54
syd_cfhowlett: im pretty sure i just removed it from a group accidentally12:55
EriC^^syd_: try disabling fast boot from the bios and try esc instead of shift12:56
BluesKajHey folks12:57
syd_jushur: tab brought it up? Is that a change from 14.04? A lot of documentation and stack exchange things im seeing say Shift12:57
jushursyd_: as far i know its grub default keybind for menu. ive always used it.12:57
syd_I was looking here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode12:58
syd_Either way, thanks everyone12:58
Revian1How would one create a custom bootable usb Ubuntu key that has, for instance, gjots2 instead of gedit for the text editor?13:05
cfhowlett!uck | Revian113:05
ubottuRevian1: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/13:05
amosbHello! Is there a way I can remap 'Ctrl-L' to 'Return' and 'Ctrl-h' to 'Backspace'? I've tried 'sxkbd', 'xbindkeys' with 'xdotool', neither works.13:06
Revian1cfhowlett, Oh, so it is possible. I wasn't expecting to see a tool to help with this. Thank you very much.13:06
cfhowletthappy2help! Revian113:06
=== Jockr is now known as rcmainak
jushuramosb: xmodmap13:09
Revian1cfhowlett, Uck is also in the ubuntu repos, by the way13:09
cfhowlettRevian1, cool13:09
amosbjushur: xmodmap cannot remap 'Ctrl-xxx'13:10
jushuramosb: actually i disagree with you on that13:10
=== suigeneris is now known as Kartagis
gaurav2hi all13:11
=== Kartagis is now known as Guest63868
amosbjushur: wow, could you show me how to achieve this remapping?13:11
gaurav2need help13:12
EriC^^amosb: why couldn't you do it with xbindkeys?13:13
amosbEriC^^: I've tried very hard on this one with xbindkeys plus xdotool13:14
amosbEriC^^: It just doesn't work13:15
=== Guest63868 is now known as Kartagis
EriC^^you want ctrl+l = backspace?13:17
=== Kartagis is now known as Guest75544
PR0r is it possible to check the longest 'uptime' the system has had?13:19
amosbctrl+l = return,  ctrl+h=backspace13:19
=== Guest75544 is now known as Kartagis
kristhianis there any opensource video downloader available?13:27
ouroumovThere's youtube-dl13:27
cfhowlettkristhian, many.  youtube-dl is the goto I think.13:27
jushurthere is quite a few scripts on github to.13:28
kristhianaside from youtube dl?13:28
cfhowlettkristhian, many plugins for firefox13:28
mistralolkristhian: you kinda need to be a little more descriptive of what you want to do13:28
kristhianexample i want to dl a video from this site -> www.rainierland.com13:29
jushurkristhian: try youtube-dl -F url13:30
ouroumovdoesn't work13:31
kristhianwhat does f stands for btw?13:33
ThunderWizardHey, i'm trying to upgrade from ubuntu 14.04.1 to 14.04.4 but there are no updates available in software updater and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade gives 0 results.13:34
EriC^^ThunderWizard: upload /etc/apt/sources.list13:34
ouroumovIsn't the upgrade automatic?13:35
ouroumovLike, .4 is just .3 but with packages already up to date so you don't have to do a massive update first thing ?13:36
cfhowlettThunderWizard, lsb_release -d        to confirm your version13:36
cfhowlettouroumov, depends on your settings.13:36
ThunderWizard# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS _Trusty Tahr_ - Beta amd64 (20150805)]/ trusty main restricted13:36
ThunderWizard# See http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for how to upgrade to13:36
ThunderWizard# newer versions of the distribution.13:36
ThunderWizarddeb http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty main restricted13:36
ThunderWizarddeb-src http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty main restricted13:36
EriC^^ThunderWizard: .. to a pastebin13:36
ouroumovI didn't do anything special and I'm on .413:37
cfhowlettThunderWizard, not of that explains your issue13:37
ouroumov(Updated from Ubuntu MATE 14.04)13:37
ThunderWizardSorry, http://pastebin.com/qtpYdUHf13:38
cfhowlettThunderWizard, lsb_release -d        to confirm your version13:39
EriC^^ThunderWizard: did you run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?13:39
jushurkristhian: we dont support pirating here btw, also as a sidenote that site will exploit your browser if you go on it. im asuming your not blocking custom fonts.13:39
ThunderWizardEriC^^: Yeah13:40
kristhiani duno a thing bout browser exploit13:40
EriC^^ThunderWizard: cat /etc/issue13:40
kristhianok, ill discard that site13:41
ouroumovjushur > oh crap did I get pwnd for visiting the site?13:44
ouroumovI'm running an up to date version of firefox with uBlock13:44
jushurouroumov: enabled font blocking in ublock?13:45
ouroumovDon't think so :/13:45
ouroumovjushur, nope I didn't it's not default for some reason13:46
kristhianbtw what does -F stands for?13:50
kristhiancan i do it only with youtube-dl (url)13:50
jushurkristhian: try it on a youtube url and find out?13:51
ouroumovkristhian, or read the manual: http://termbin.com/8f2s13:51
mistralolwould anyone know what this means and how to fix?13:53
mistralol[  711.164900] bytt100_rt5640 bytt100_rt5640: ASoC: CODEC DAI rt5640-aif1 not registered13:54
mistralol[  711.164912] bytt100_rt5640 bytt100_rt5640: devm_snd_soc_register_card failed -51713:54
kristhianok thanks ouroumov and jushur13:54
jushurmistralol: your using a third party soundcard?13:54
mistraloljushur: yeah its an intel ztom baytrail chipset13:55
mistraloljushur: i cannot get the sound to work13:55
jushurmistralol: block any modules for other soundcards.13:55
=== dlihcnoea is now known as enchi
mistraloljushur: i have been doing that but its still not working13:56
jushurmistralol: set a /etc/asound.conf file?13:56
mistraloljushur: well i cant get the driver / firmware to load properly for the sound card13:56
kristhianbtw is there anyway i could remote remote access my friends windows os?13:57
mistralolkristhian: teamviewer, xrdp, vnc ?13:57
kristhianhe is asking me for help13:58
kristhiani use ubuntu13:58
kristhianbut he use windows13:58
mistralolkristhian: teamviewer is easyest and worsk on both13:58
cfhowlettkristhian, easiest answer: skype or similar13:58
kristhianill try teamviewer13:58
jushurkristhian: well you can use a virtual machine and run windows in, that you do remote desktop to his box.13:59
e__is ubuntu 15.04 affected by the glibc vulnerability?14:00
cfhowlett!15.04 | e__14:01
ubottue__: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid14:01
cfhowlettyou have other issues. update to a supported version asap14:01
kristhianbut teamviwer will work?14:01
e__i have 15.1014:01
e__iw as just wondering14:02
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:02
=== root is now known as Guest80856
kamild1996Hello, is this channel correct for asking about assistance with 'make'?14:17
cfhowlettprobably better to ask #linux, kamild199614:20
ren0v0does anyone know if its possible to force rhythmbox to update mp3 tags?14:22
kamild1996Thank you14:22
r00teris there anyway i can automate tasks in ubntu ?14:22
bekksr00ter: sure, using cron, e.g.14:22
cfhowlett!cron | r00ter14:22
ubottur00ter: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto14:22
r00teris there anyway i can reduce power consumption in ubuntu ?14:33
mistralolr00ter: is it for a laptop?14:35
r00termistralol : no for a desktop14:36
saurabhr00ter, http://askubuntu.com/questions/285434/is-there-a-power-saving-application-similar-to-jupiter14:36
pratyushI experienced a problem recently when I corrupted the data on a 8 gb pendrive while copying. The pendrive did not mount after the data was corrupted. I tried mounting it manually but no results turned. How do you think can I solve something like that?14:46
pylotisHelp, "New Steam library must be on a filesystem mounted with execute permissions" what do I do?14:48
pylotiscan some one help me?14:49
bazhangpylotis, #ubuntu-steam ?14:50
pylotisNew Steam library must be on a filesystem mounted with execute permissions14:50
pylotisno one?14:54
skinuxI'm having trouble with "Unable to resolve host address" using curl for a localhost domain...14:54
cfhowlettpylotis, #ubuntu-steam was already suggested to you.14:55
skinuxThe local domain is in etc/hosts and there is an nGinx site configured for it.14:55
skinuxsynapticdolphin: What do you need? I'll try to help.15:13
chantal_Hi, i would like to fill a bug but i do not know which package is at fault : my touchpad randomly stop working and i have to hit alt+f1 and then alt+f7 to make it works another time15:16
chantal_for a few seconds15:16
alimjGood morning. I am searching for a cross platform GPL password manager with both GUI and CLI interfaces (and preferably a Cloud option). It appears that KeePassX (and KeePass ecosystem) is what I should look into?15:19
ducassealimj: I think KeePass is probably the best option if you want cross platform, GUI + CLI. You will need to deal with cloud yourself, though.15:21
alimjOK ducasse. Thanks for the advise15:22
synapticdolphinhello, im having issues with screen size on ubuntu its  rather zoomed in... anyways i can fix it thanks in advance15:22
synapticdolphincan i fix it i mean15:22
ducassealimj: np. I prefer KeepassX over 'regular' Keepass, but it depends on what you need in terms of plugins.15:23
cfhowlettsynapticdolphin, sounds like you may have enabled the Accessibility options15:23
synapticdolphinoh ok thanks lemme fix that15:23
travisthenaviHello all, I am a Windows user who is looking to take the jump into Linux. I think that I'd like to use Ubuntu. I just installed elementary OS on my machine with a flash drive, however, it is quite buggy at the moment and I want to create an Ubuntu flash drive instead in order to use it as my laptops primary OS. Can somebody please walk me through the steps that I need to take?15:23
cfhowlett!usb | travisthenavi15:24
ubottutravisthenavi: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:24
travisthenavi(Goal: Install Xubuntu on Lenovo ThinkPad - Current OS: elementary OS)15:24
synapticdolphintravisthenavi, ok so i would suggest the easiest way for u to make a bootable drive is 2 download a imaging software like win32 and just flash15:25
synapticdolphinbut always format before doing the flash using the software15:25
synapticdolphinif this sounds feasible to you i will go ahead and tell you the steps15:26
travisthenavisynapticdolphin: I am willing to do it your way.15:32
inerkickHi. I keep getting this popup. http://fundownload224.xyz in ubuntu.. Don't get why. How to block this or remove it15:32
travisthenaviWhatever works buddy. Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it.15:32
inerkickit seems malware or some sort of ad15:32
cfhowlettinerkick, more likely an ad.  adblock for your firefox will kill most ads15:33
inerkicki heard it does't work15:33
cfhowlett"I heard ..." ...15:34
PestBudainerkick: use uBlock Origin15:37
travisthenavisynapticdolphin: You still there?15:37
PestBudainerkick: is the ad poping up inside browser?  which browser?15:38
inerkickyes inside the browser15:38
PestBudauBlock is lighter on resources, and it works15:38
inerkickit doesn't allow me to even close that without accepting it15:38
inerkickI crap feel using windows at times when this shit popup show up15:39
PestBudajust open another windows of firefox and download / install uBlock15:39
inerkickit seems like i'm using windows15:39
PestBudaublock origin15:39
=== ee is now known as Guest55691
PestBudainerkick: another "WINDOW" of Firefox...15:40
Guest55691when i do hist discovery with nmap using -sP i can find some hosts, but -sL says no host up..whats the difference?15:40
Guest55691*host discovery15:40
inerkickno, i mean I feel I am using microsoft windows which such creepy popups show.15:40
cfhowlettinerkick, also, enable your firewall15:41
KarkoonHi. Do you know what I need to write in boot options to boot from livecd/usb to RAM?15:41
inerkickcould you help, cfhowlett15:41
KarkoonI've read something about toram but I don't know how to use it.15:41
cfhowlettinerkick, open a terminal15:41
cfhowlettinerkick, sudo ufw -enable15:42
KarkoonDo I just need to write it after splash --?15:42
Guest55691when i do hist discovery with nmap using -sP i can find some hosts, but -sL says no host up..whats the difference?15:45
xangua9:41 AM <Karkoon> Hi. Do you know what I need to write in boot options to boot from livecd/usb to RAM? / that's what a live session does already15:46
skinuxI've (finally) successfully gotten booted into Ubuntu Live, now what is the best way to install GRUB even if I have to over-write MBR?15:54
skinuxI just installed the grub "package" and it created menu.lst, but I need there to be a boot menu, so I'm guessing I have to over-write MBR to have that.15:55
karkoonSo live mode and persistance mode are different in speed.15:55
karkoonor toram worked15:56
skinuxOh wait..I needed to chroot to hard drive before doing that. Oh well....how do I properly install GRUB so I get a GRUB boot menu before Windows boot menu?15:56
skinuxIs this tutorial good? http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/776643-how-to-rescue-a-non-booting-grub-2-on-linux/15:57
C368HHello there, what's the most Unity friendly Twitter client out there? Thank you15:57
travisthenaviHow do I create a live usb of Xubuntu if I am currently running elementary OS?15:58
travisthenaviCan someone please guide me through the steps.15:58
travisthenavielementary OS is way too buggy for my laptop15:58
xanguatravisthenavi: you were given a step by step guide a few minutes ago, something wrong?16:00
travisthenavixangua: Yes, my current OS is so buggy that I can't even keep a browser open16:01
travisthenaviI'm on webchat freenode16:01
travisthenaviWhen it closes my broswer, I can't go back and read the steps16:01
travisthenaviSo I never saw them in the first place16:01
travisthenavixangua: Can you perhaps copy those steps for me so that I can put them into a txt file or something in case of another crash?16:02
SupaYoshianyone here who can have me a hand with iptables?16:04
SchrodingersScat!ask | SupaYoshi16:04
ubottuSupaYoshi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:04
SupaYoshiI followed this tutorial to route all traffic owned by a certain group over a tunnel.16:04
SupaYoshiUsing this, http://askubuntu.com/questions/37412/how-can-i-ensure-transmission-traffic-uses-a-vpn16:04
SupaYoshibut now that group has no internet access at all16:05
SupaYoshithe tunnel is fine, but it doesnt work.16:05
SupaYoshiI did this command, sudo iptables -A OUTPUT -m owner --gid-owner vpnroute \! -o tun1 -j REJECT16:05
SupaYoshibut now that group has NO public IP and cant ping / whatever16:05
skinuxThis is weird....I mounted my Ubuntu partition and it doesn't seem to have a /bin directory16:05
bazhang!details | travisthenavi16:07
ubottutravisthenavi: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)16:07
C368HHello there, what's the most Unity friendly Twitter client out there? Thank you16:09
travisthenavibazhang: I need to know how exactly to create a live usb of Xubuntu LMS to install on my laptop as my primary OS. Currently I am running elementary OS, but it is super buggy and I can't even keep a web browser open for too long. I am very new to Linux, so please be detailed.16:09
bazhangapt-cache search twitter C368H16:09
bazhangC368H, try some out and decide16:10
skinuxHow in the world is it possible my installation is missing /bin?16:10
bazhangtravisthenavi, LMS?16:10
travisthenaviWell, the most stable version of Xubuntu16:10
travisthenavibazhang: I may have used the wrong word. As I just stated, I am very new to Linux.16:11
bazhangtravisthenavi, you mean 14.04 LTS?16:11
travisthenavibazhang: If that is the most stable Xubuntu, then yes16:11
travisthenaviI know 14.04 LTS is the current stable Ubuntu, but I don't know if there is a difference between that and Xubuntu versions.16:12
travisthenaviI have the .iso downloaded already, but I need to create a live usb. What program do I need to install to do such a task?16:13
skinuxCan /bin from Live be copied to my partition or will that not work to fix it?16:13
bazhangtravisthenavi, you realize that 16.o4 LTS is just  a few weeks away, right?16:13
belsei have some trouble with autofs and nfs /net mount. it seems it works sometimes and then it fails and with lookup.. anyone got any hints?16:13
travisthenavibazhang: No I didn't.16:14
* skinux wonders if anyone can even see his posts16:14
travisthenaviSo I will have to upgrade. That is fine.16:14
travisthenaviAs of now I just want an operating system that WORKS.16:14
travisthenaviCan you please help me? I can worry about upgrading later.16:14
bazhangtravisthenavi, just to let you know16:15
travisthenaviI have stuff to get done.16:15
bazhangtravisthenavi, where will this usb creation be done? sounds like elementary can scarcely run16:15
SupaYoshiHow can I make iptables forward all traffic from one specific group over a specific interface?16:16
travisthenaviIt runs, just has so many bugs that I can't even really browse the web for long before it closes up on me.16:16
bazhangtry #netfilter SupaYoshi16:16
travisthenaviI'm going to use my elementary OS machine though, as that is all I have available.16:17
bazhangtravisthenavi, so check what tools elementary has by default, then use them to create the usb16:18
ducassetravisthenavi: open a file manager, right click the .iso. Is "open with disk image writer" one of the options?16:18
skinuxbazhang: Does UEFI Secure Boot have to be turned off for Ubuntu to install correctly?16:18
smokybonjour j ai un probleme avec mon clavier16:18
smokyqui peux m aider16:18
travisthenaviducasse: No.16:19
bazhangsmoky anglais ici16:19
smokyok sorry i have a probleme on clavier16:19
travisthenaviducasse: I have "Open with other application". No usb writing programs come installed by default I suppose.16:19
bazhang#ubuntu-fr pour francais smoky16:19
ducassetravisthenavi: can you install the package gnome-disk-utility?16:20
SchrodingersScat!liveusb | travisthenavi16:20
ubottutravisthenavi: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:20
smokyjai a problem with my keyboard16:20
bazhang!info clavier16:20
ubottuPackage clavier does not exist in wily16:20
smokyjai a problem with my keyboard16:20
EriC^^clavier means keyboard16:20
bazhangah right16:20
EriC^^it's funny he always misses some part of the sentence16:20
EriC^^now jai16:20
smokyor I can find a french server16:21
bazhangI thought the bone16:21
EriC^^smoky: /join #ubuntu-fr16:21
smoky /join #ubuntu-fr16:21
jsvgoncalvestrying to install ubuntu, get this error while creating the partitions: the driver descriptor says the physical block size is 2048 bytes linux says is 51216:21
jsvgoncalvesnot sure how to fix this, been trying for ages16:21
EriC^^smoky: without the space16:21
travisthenaviducasse: I don't even know how to install packages. This is my first time really messing with Linux, so I tried to choose an easy distro. The software center is not showing "gnome-disk-utility"16:21
jsvgoncalvesducasse: open terminal, sudo apt-get install packagename16:22
SchrodingersScat!elementaryOS | travisthenavi16:22
SchrodingersScat!elementary | travisthenavi16:23
ubottutravisthenavi: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.16:23
chris_pikenickserv register l7hGgiA$9 chrie.j@gmail.com16:23
weilancysusing apt-cache search packageName can be handy too.16:23
SchrodingersScat!password | chris_pike16:23
ubottuchris_pike: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords16:23
SchrodingersScatchris_pike: may want to change that.16:24
jabba007hello my\:h PART16:24
=== net is now known as Guest46564
chris_pikenickserv help register16:29
chris_pikeI like to register a username on freenode16:30
skinuxtype /msg nickserv register  <your-password> <your-email>16:30
travisthenaviThanks for all the technical support. Didn't really help me at all, but whatever.16:32
travisthenaviI'll figure it out.16:32
bazhang#elementary  <--- ask there travisthenavi16:32
=== chris_pike is now known as netT5
jsvgoncalvestrying to install ubuntu, get this error while creating the partitions: the driver descriptor says the physical block size is 2048 bytes linux says is 51216:35
skinuxI'm in Live boot, trying to chroot to partition so I can properly install GRUB. I can't chroot because it says /bin is missing on the partition. How do I fix this?16:37
SunsparcSolarisHello, I was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot a port connection problem. I have a ZNC set up on port 1337 and I can connect with mIRC to it. However, I cannot access the ZNC's webcontrol panel using the domain.com:1337 URL. I can curl the URL from the server and it shows just fine, however Firefox gives an connection failed "ssl_error_rx_record_too_long". Could someone point me16:37
SunsparcSolarisin the right direction to fix this?16:37
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chris_pikenick netT516:39
chris_pikemsg nickserv register SSStjiK463 chrie.j@gmail.com16:40
skinuxThis room is dead this morning16:41
xanguachris_pike: nice16:42
chris_pikexangua: what16:42
SunsparcSolarisYou broadcasted your registration to the entire channel16:43
dryblowHi guys, everyone know if an option on ssd samsung 850 evo firmware can deny suspence mode?16:43
dryblowOn notebook I mean16:44
dontknowchris_pike, you need to use "/" at the begining16:45
chris_pikeWhen I use the / I get this message: Invalid command. Use /msg NickServ help for a command listing.16:46
SchrodingersScat/msg nickserv register SSStjiK463 chrie.j@gmail.com16:47
SchrodingersScat!register | chris_pike16:47
ubottuchris_pike: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:47
astrmixВсем привет16:48
jsvgoncalveschris_pike: I hope you are not using that password anywhere else... if you are, go change it now...16:51
chris_pikeI dont use the password16:51
astrmixТут русские есть ?16:52
astrmixПомощь нужна16:52
advx_Hi, Good Evening16:52
chris_pikeHowever I can not register :-(16:52
astrmixspeak russia ?16:52
advx_How can I remove vlc that I have compiled..16:52
belseskylake gpu working quite nice in ubuntu.. banged my head against manjaro a while but now i'm "back" ^^16:52
jsvgoncalvesalso, you should do that on the server "channel", not here16:53
jsvgoncalvesjust to be safe you're not sending it to the world16:53
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chris_pikeI tryed it on the server channel, it doesnt work16:53
poorUserHi people, project UUsb (ubuntu on usb), after i failed to install ubuntu and the mbr into pendrive(process ok, @boot initramfs fails), i could use a live version of ubuntu with file persistency. There are any suggests to reduce usb bottleneck (like tmp to ram.., if isn't already done)?16:55
astrmixесть кто из росиии16:59
wawrekhello guys, I cannot make my bluetooth work. I use  ubuntu 14.10.17:00
invapid2apt-get update error:17:00
invapid2W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/gqrx/releases/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found17:00
wawrekit neither detects devices, nor is detected by my phone17:00
xanguawawrek: please install a supported Ubuntu release17:00
wawreki have a supported one17:01
invapid2sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:gqrx/releases                                  // also gives an error: Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:gqrx/releases'. Please check that the PPA name or format is correct.17:01
xanguainvapid2: if you didn't install something from that repository, remove it17:01
invapid2xangua - how do you remove?17:01
invapid2via add-apt-repository?17:01
xanguainvapid2: software center, edit menu, sources17:01
xangua! 14.10 | wawrek17:02
ubottuwawrek: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic17:02
wawreksoorry - I am on 15.1017:02
wawrekubottu: I made a mistake, I use 15.1017:02
ubottuwawrek: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:02
wawrekaouch - I am a cyborg, a gay cyborg17:02
invapid2xangua - awesome thx that helped17:03
jak2000 hi all why cant update my ubuntu 14.04: http://pastie.org/1073043517:06
SunsparcSolarisHello, I was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot a port connection problem. I have a ZNC set up on port 1337 and I can connect with mIRC to it. However, I cannot access the ZNC's webcontrol panel using the domain.com:1337 URL. I can curl the URL from the server and it shows just fine, however Firefox gives an connection failed "ssl_error_rx_record_too_long". Could someone point me17:07
SunsparcSolarisin the right direction to fix this?17:07
astrmixВсем привет17:09
astrmixРусский канал нет ?17:09
rudrax423hi need network releted help17:18
EriC^^i updated ubuntu to 15.10 from 14.04 with sudo do-release-upgrade, and in the middle of the upgrade i removed the hdmi cable and it froze and gave the shutdown splash and its broke, any advice?17:24
xanguaEriC^^: backup and reinstall17:25
astrmix /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER astrmix xofsbkuwppfj17:26
astrmixВсем привет17:26
nocontrolguys something strange happens to me. Wlan0 and eth0 are setup in etc/network/interfaces as static and they both work BUT when booting the machine, the wireless times out pings until I plug in the udp cable, then both work fine. It seems like something is triggering the wlan interface when I plug in the eth cable.17:29
nocontrolthis is my interfaces file https://gist.github.com/chrisvel/8eb7a999139cd26675a617:29
nocontrolcan anyone help ?17:33
EriC^^jak2000: yeah?17:33
jak2000 hi all why cant update my ubuntu 14.04: http://pastie.org/1073043517:36
jak2000"E: GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com trusty InRelease: Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NODATA' (does the network require authentication?)" ?17:36
LarsJansenHello everyone; quick question. When I try to clone a git repo in Ubuntu, I get this error: server certification verification failed17:37
LarsJansenHowever, not on Debian or OS X17:37
mistraloljak2000: either your messed something on your install somehow or something in intecepting your traffic from the web like your isp17:37
LarsJansenIt is a clean install17:37
LarsJansenAnd both Ubuntu and Debian are on the same machine (VM)17:38
mistralolLaserAllan: update the root ca list17:38
mistralolLaserAllan: or the opposite has happened. it has updated the root ca list and the cert is wrong17:38
mistralolalso check the time in the machine17:38
LaserAllanmistralol: Willdo17:38
mistralolLaserAllan: also the cert may be invalid completly and its just ubuntu checks it and the others dont17:39
mistralolLaserAllan: if its an http address try it with a we browser as well17:39
LarsJansenIn the browser, everything works fine17:39
LarsJansenUpdated the CA rootlist on both Debian and Ubuntu on the same machine (Clean VM), but still Ubuntu gives the error while Debian doesn't17:42
argarakI am running elementary OS on a usb, which is based off Ubuntu but does not have its own IRC network, and I ran gParted on it to extend my root partition but after leaving my computer for a while, I came back and could not log back into my desktop environment. I don't want to restart my computer becuase I may lose data. Is there some way of being able to go back to X or restart it some way so that I could17:44
argarakcheck gParted.17:44
oppaHello channel! newbie here. I have ubuntu 14.04 and for some reason when doing some tweaks using Unity Tweak Tool and i restart the system it does not save my changes. Why? Thanks17:47
skinuxWell, I just re-installed Ubuntu (2nd time) and still have no boot entry. It didn't put GRUB on MBR.17:47
skinuxAnd the boot entry EasyBCD created still doesn't work either.17:48
skinuxI can't even use UEFI boot menu because all it shows is hard drive, doesn't show specific OSes.17:50
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aq2Why is the 14.04 powerpc install server not working?18:00
aq2there should be an ubuntu-ports folder in http://ports.ubuntu.com/ but there's not18:00
netek1hello all18:10
netek1I have been requested to supply a log to a technician but when I attempted to get the log file it is 128MB in size.  Is there a way I can make a filter for a date range with a log file?18:11
netek1so I can make a file that only contains all log entry from say 19 Jan - 19 Feb18:11
=== XoX_ is now known as XoX
=== Christer|w is now known as Christer
aq2netek1: What is the log like?18:17
aq2And what exactly do you want to do?18:17
netek1aq2 I paste an example, its a rtmp access log18:17
netek1aw2 I want to try and filter out for last 30 days as it seems to be going from November 201518:17
aq2Use dpaste.com or something similar if its more than 3 lines18:17
netek1aq2 ok 1 minute please18:18
netek1aq2 an example of the log can be seen here http://pastebin.com/3uvr6FV918:22
netek1I would like to remove all lines that start with and filter from 19 Jan to 19 Feb18:23
aq2cat yourfile |grep -v ''18:24
linuxgeekon a 15.10 system with a dhcp assigned ip, i edited resolv.conf and added google's dns. before editing the file had the standard entry 'do not edit this file'. i want to restore resolv.conf to its original state. i have restarted network service, network manager but google's dns is still there. how can i restore the file to its original state.18:24
aq2not sure about how you could grep jan and feb though18:24
aq2i could set up a python script to do that for you18:24
netek1aq2 ok thanks I will carry on checking for a resolution18:25
homahi my friends18:28
interwathow do I apt-get the standard C source files so gcc doesn't say things like "ioputs.c not found"?18:29
geirhayou mean header files?18:30
geirhaYou install the corresponding -dev packages. E.g. if the thing you're compiling links with libfoo, you install libfoo-dev18:30
aq2netek1: Save this as script.py and run 'python /path/to/script.py' on a terminal: https://ghostbin.com/paste/5frb5/raw18:30
aq2edit that to fit your needs.18:30
belselinuxgeek: do you mean networkmanager shouldn't overwrite that file?18:31
interwatBreakpoint 1, _IO_puts (str=0x400920 "Error: Wrong characters") at ioputs.c:34 34ioputs.c: No such file or directory.18:31
interwatioputs is libc right?18:32
interwatapt-get install libc-dev didn't work18:32
linuxgeekbelse, i want to restore resolv.conf to the original state.18:32
netek1aq2 I have managed to reduce the size down to 65MB hah,18:32
Hulioanyone know about linix mint?18:35
aq2Yes, it sucks18:35
Hulioi connect to my wifi but no internet access on linux mint18:35
Huliofuking weird18:35
aq2but i can help you with it.18:35
SchrodingersScat!language | Hulio18:36
ubottuHulio: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:36
aq2ops: sorry about saying suck18:36
belseand secretly convert him to ubuntu ;)18:36
SchrodingersScat!mint | Hulio18:36
ubottuHulio: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:36
Huliomaybe i should go with ubuntu?18:36
aq2Im on the mint channel too18:36
Hulioi have no issue with ubuntu18:36
aq2The mate version is nice18:36
aq2you can make it look just like mint if you want18:36
SchrodingersScatthat's between you and whoever makes judgments upon you18:36
geirhainterwat: in that case, apt-get source libc6  # (not with sudo)18:37
Hulioso basically   ubuntu can make it look like windows pc UI?18:37
Huliolike the mint18:37
Huliohave menu and desktop icons18:37
MarbisUnity sucks18:37
belselinuxgeek: i'm not sure what you want to restore the state to.. it can be empty.. nm usually writes "nameserver" if you use dnsmasq (default)18:37
Huliois the ubuntu that look like mint then?18:38
Huliomint design like a pc window18:38
belseMarbis: good there's flavors18:38
Hulioalright i 'll try the mate version18:39
Hulioif it still not connect to internet 'ik use ubuntu18:39
CaptainBlender89Does anyone have ClamAV running to the config option "VirusEvent" working?18:39
kyriakos_hi guys18:40
CaptainBlender89If someone could show me their example config file that would be great.18:40
kyriakos_what are you trying to make ?18:41
aq2I don't see any reason to worry about viruses on a linux desktop pc18:41
aq2just use common sense online18:41
aq2and update your system18:41
kyriakos_I am here from Pi 2 :318:41
CaptainBlender89Please I just want to get the option working. I don't want to get in argument wether I need it or not.18:41
kyriakos_What option ???18:42
CaptainBlender89VirusEvent in clamd.conf for clamav18:42
kyriakos_well I don't know :/18:43
MarbisIf you could show me you're configuration file, I most likely will be able to help you captainBle18:43
Huliocan ubuntu turn off unity ?18:43
Huliook if so, i download it and install18:43
kyriakos_I am using Raspberry Pi 2 right now :D18:44
xanguaHulio: install another desktop18:44
Hulioi want the old looking style18:44
aq2i started with no desktop at all on this computer18:44
MarbisYou can use any window manager your heart desires hulio18:44
mike-zal2or use ubuntu gnome edition18:44
Hulioonly menu on the top or bottom only18:44
aq2that was from a mini.iso18:44
CaptainBlender89the config line is VirusEvent notify-send "$CLAM_VIRUSEVENT_FILENAME $CLAM_VIRUSEVENT_VIRUSNAME"18:44
Hulioxangua what do you meant another desktop?18:44
aq2Hulio: if you like traditional look the mate desktop is for you18:45
Huliooh okay18:45
aq2although it can do a lot more than just a traditional desktop18:45
CaptainBlender89the manpage says VirusEvent COMMAND Execute COMMAND when a virus is found. In the command string %v will be replaced with the virus name. Default: no18:45
Huliothat is what i am downloading it...linux mate18:45
skinuxDoes Ubuntu require Secure Boot turned off to install right?18:45
aq2Hulio: no need to reinstall if you already have ubuntu http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/08/install-mate-desktop-ubuntu-14-04-lts18:45
MarbisGive me one moment, Captain18:45
Huliooh, ununtu mate lol18:46
skinuxmike-zal2: Was that yes to me?18:46
Huliooki i got ur point18:46
mike-zal2skinux, secureboot prevents uefi installed system to boot. on legacy install it doesn't matter, but if you dual with some newer windows, you rather need to do uefi install18:46
mike-zal2skinux, yes that was for you18:47
CaptainBlender89okay no problem18:47
skinuxmike-zal2: I have Windows 10 and UEFI.18:47
=== silvian is now known as silvian_
Huliothanks aq218:47
mike-zal2skinux, just remeber to create uefi usb and install boot on efi patition (usually fat32 about 200MB) partition18:48
Hulioi think linux mint suck then.18:48
Huliono support in the channel18:48
Hulioi am going to get 14 lts18:48
paul_i dont like linux mint18:48
mike-zal2skinux, use rufus to create uefi usb18:48
aq2yes, they have too little channel18:48
aq2not enough people helping there18:48
skinuxThe USB I created was supposed to be UEFI, used EXT4 formatted partition.18:48
Hulioyah man18:48
Huliogood thanks18:48
MarbisCaptain can you tell me whats' the name of the config file inside clamav?18:48
mike-zal2mint is great, but its desktop is ugly by default. but you can style it differently18:49
MarbisI don't have it installed this computer, I just need to see the default18:49
Marbisyes, thanks18:49
=== tom is now known as Guest78127
mike-zal2skinux, if your bios sees the usb in uefi mode, then it's all ok18:49
mike-zal2just remeber to mount boot/efi to uefi partition18:50
frostiewhen installing the nvidia driver in 14.04.04 x64 the screen turns black at login screen and i cant login, and when i purge nvidia driver and use the open source driver everything is back to normal and i can login?18:50
Huliohey guys, also , BR burner, external, do you guys say worth to get it?18:50
HulioDVD burner only external = 20bucks ,   BR burner = 70 bucks.   what do u think?18:50
BluesKajfrostie, which nvidia driver are you installing?18:51
frostiethe version in software center and official ubuntu ppa, both doesnt work18:51
mike-zal2skinux, also turn quick boot in win10. there are sites with instructions how to do that. if you don't, you won't have access to windows partion from linux18:51
BluesKajfrostie,can you give us the driver number like nvidia-304 or nvidia-340 etc/18:52
xanguafrostie: the official Ubuntu PPA ? There's not such thing18:53
BluesKajnot everyone here is using 14.04, frostie18:53
MarbisCaptain, what do you want it to do when it detects a virus?18:53
BluesKajthink he meant repos18:53
Marbis# Execute a command when virus is found. In the command string %v will18:53
Marbis# be replaced with the virus name.18:53
Marbis# Default: no18:53
Marbis#VirusEvent /usr/local/bin/send_sms 123456789 "VIRUS ALERT: %v" <-- would be an example. As %v is the virus18:54
noraatepernosIs there a way to make port forwarding permanent?  ssh -L 3306:remotemysql:3306 me but that will survive restart?  Should I not be using ssh for this?18:54
CaptainBlender89i was trying to use notify-send18:54
CaptainBlender89example VirusEvent notify-send "$CLAM_VIRUSEVENT_FILENAME $CLAM_VIRUSEVENT_VIRUSNAME"18:54
frostieits the 340.96 in software center and the version in nvidia ppa is 35518:55
CaptainBlender89but that doesn't work so i created a script and used VirusEvent /bin/run-parts --lsbsysinit /etc/clamav/virusevent.d/18:55
CaptainBlender89but that doesn't work either18:55
CaptainBlender89i know clamd is working because Sat Feb 20 13:53:15 2016 -> ScanOnAccess: /home/master/Desktop/TestClamD/eicar.com: Eicar-Test-Signature(44d88612fea8a8f36de82e1278abb02f:68) FOUND18:56
frostiehttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/08/ubuntu-nvidia-graphics-drivers-ppa-is-ready-for-action << ppa i used18:56
BluesKajfrostie, try the nvidia-304 or you haven't updated/upgraded and dist-upgrade to the new kernel modules in a while18:56
MarbisI'm going to assume you already checked this, but did you make sure the permissions are set ?18:56
CaptainBlender89on what files?18:56
frostieok... yeah in 14.04.3 this was not a problem but i try that18:57
ElronndHow do I become root?18:58
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:58
Elronndsudo prompts me for a password18:59
MarbisI'm trying to get on my email server so I can look at my config file for you. Just give me a sec because I'm at work18:59
geirhathat's your password, not root's18:59
Guest34536hello guys please visit my room on tiny chat ... it's http://tinychat.com/supercoolgirl2018:59
skinuxmike-zal2: If I turn on quick boot then I won't be able to access Windows Recovery Partition18:59
CaptainBlender89Thats fine i really do appreciate the help19:00
mike-zal2skinux, if you ever need recovery partition, you can always turn on secure boot in bios for that occasion then turn it off again when you're done19:03
skinuxHow come I won't be able to access Windows unless I turn on quick boot?19:03
mike-zal2skinux, ah, sorry, didn't catch that. thought you are taklking about secure boot, but you said about quick boot19:03
skinuxNo, no...you said turn on quick boot in Windows19:04
mike-zal2but I can't believe that it would prevent you from using windows recovery partition. that is just weird19:04
mike-zal2where did you read that?19:04
skinuxWell, I'm just worried about having Windows Boot menu after selecting Windows otherwise I won't have F8 to get to recovery partition.19:04
mike-zal2skinux, create recoveru disk on dvd19:05
linuxgeekas a normal user, do i need to set anything to be able to connect to internet. i have exported the proxy however when i try to connect to internet it says temporary name resolution failure. as a root user, i'm able to connect to internet19:06
kaizohi , is there any command line to show that ubuntu build on debian?19:06
mike-zal2and have also win10 install dvd that also works like recovery19:06
=== silvian is now known as silvian_
ralpheeeei really like termite terminal but i cant get it to run on 14.04...any tips?19:06
skinuxmike-zal2: I thought I could dual-boot and have Windows boot menu after selecting Windows in GRUB???19:06
mike-zal2also backup your data. usually if someone is new to linux, there is a hight chance to mess things skinux19:07
MarbisCaptain, I can't get into the server what has our config. So I don't think I'm going to be able to help you out. I was hoping I'd be able to paste what we have19:07
noraatepernosIs this right if I just want localhost:3306 to point to a remote:3306?  iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 3306 -j DNAT --to foo.rds.amazonaws.com:330619:07
skinuxI'm not exactly new to Linux, just having issues with installation not getting GRUB installed right so I dont have a way to boot Linux.19:07
mike-zal2skinux, no. if you install linux correctly, you will see grub. when choosing windows you will boot win10 right away19:07
CaptainBlender89well i figured something out...19:07
MarbisOut of curiousity what did you do?19:08
skinuxmike-zal2: And that's if I turn on Quick Boot in Windows right?19:08
mike-zal2skinux, lack of grub usually come from not corrected performed uefi installation19:08
CaptainBlender89this works VirusEvent echo found >> '/home/master/Desktop/found.log'19:08
CaptainBlender89this does not VirusEvent notify-send found19:08
mike-zal2quick boot just prefevents linux to access win partition19:09
skinuxmike-zal2: Well, I believe Secure Boot is on, so that probably caused incorrect installation.19:09
mike-zal2skinux, with secure boot on installation is ok too, just won't start19:09
CaptainBlender89I tried writing to a file earlier in /tmp and that didn't work but works when I write to my desktop directory19:09
mike-zal2if you turn secure boot, you will see grub19:09
CaptainBlender89I'm guessing theres some kind of permission issue somewhere19:10
mike-zal2turn off*19:10
skinuxOkay...to get Ubuntu installed and ACCESS it...I need Secure Boot OFF and I also want Quick Boot ON in Windows....correct or incorrect?19:10
frostiethe  nvidia 304 woked, dont know why new versions doesnt... the system is fully updated19:10
mike-zal2skinux, here is my quick guide for uefi instalaltion: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s505/sh/10a0ed9b-2f2c-455d-8a8c-ab9bd1a91ea5/d91e075c0d9f706e815b8fb66bea04d719:11
skinuxOr wait...if I turn OFF Secure Boot NOW, will I see GRUB even though I installed with it ON?19:11
MarbisYeah, that's what it sounds like as I mentioned earlier. /tmp is owned by root19:11
=== george_ is now known as Wriham
mike-zal2skinux, secure boot prevents booting any uefi system but windows. so you have to turn it off19:12
CaptainBlender89the daemon is running as root though with no dropped rights19:12
CaptainBlender89not sure how that would affect sending notifications with notify-send either19:12
skinuxOkay. I'll go turn it off and see what happens.19:12
mike-zal2skinux, quick boot just prevents linux accessing windows partition data. if you leave it on, you wont access windows files or anything on windows partitions19:12
mike-zal2the same happens when you hibernate windows19:13
CaptainBlender89unless i not understanding the issue completely19:14
MarbisDoes clamav have an IRC channel?19:15
CaptainBlender89not sure i know they have a mailing list. which i assume you're about to suggest :)19:17
rahulprabhakarMarbis , #clamav exists19:20
MarbisMaybe VirusEvent echo %v | notify-send "A virus" user@domain.com < /var/log/clamav/clamd.log19:20
mcphailCaptainBlender89: I suspect you need to set appropriate environment variables (such as $DISPLAY) if you want notify-send to work from a script19:22
CaptainBlender89no go marbis19:23
CaptainBlender89mcphail a simple script like notify-send whatever works with or without sudo19:24
CaptainBlender89maybe the daemon simply can't talking to notify-send because of apparmor19:25
MarbisI don't think apparmor would cause that19:25
CaptainBlender89well i disabled it anyways for clamd atleast19:26
mcphailCaptainBlender89: I didn't mention anything about sudo. I mentioned your environment19:27
MarbisMaybe use a subshell?19:27
CaptainBlender89you're right you did. I not sure what the correct enviromental variable would be for DISPLAY19:28
CaptainBlender89I'm learning this all on my on. Manpages, google, forums. I'm trying19:29
mcphailCaptainBlender89: I'd try "export DISPLAY=:0 notify-send whatever" first19:29
ioriaCaptainBlender89, do you want display a file in pop-up ?  sorry, didn't follow19:29
CaptainBlender89Simply sending text to notify-send to display a popup like the one you see when you connect to a wireless network19:31
ioriaCaptainBlender89, this , for example, not working ? notify-send Date "`date`"19:32
noraatepernosCan I simply forward localhost:3306 to remotehost:3306?  I must use remote hostname, not ip; so iptables is out.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  I’m googled out.19:32
=== james_ is now known as Guest90802
CaptainBlender89No that works. Calling it from the terminal always works. that problem is when used in clamd.conf19:34
ioriaCaptainBlender89, sorry, don't have it installed... cannot test19:35
CaptainBlender89its fine19:36
CaptainBlender89i know this works VirusEvent echo "found %v" >> '/home/master/Desktop/testdfound'19:36
CaptainBlender89everything else fails19:36
ioriaCaptainBlender89, but that file it's not a script , it's a conf....19:36
CaptainBlender89yes you have to telling the conf what command to run19:37
ioriaCaptainBlender89, right19:37
CaptainBlender89VirusEvent is an option in the conf19:38
CaptainBlender89that configuration line works19:38
ioriaCaptainBlender89, ryes, found # Execute a command when virus is found. In the command string %v will19:38
ioria# be replaced with the virus name.19:38
Phil1Gibt es eigentlich eine ReMastersys alternative?19:38
CaptainBlender89VirusEvent notify-send %v does not work19:38
acerI want to ask you have a problem gone my clock and menu him how to fix ideas19:39
ioriaCaptainBlender89, in the example i found it uses VirusEvent /usr/local/bin/send_sms 123456789 "VIRUS ALERT: %v"19:40
acermenu top right which is19:40
rootrihey, since when is ubuntu putting HDDs on standby when they're not being used?19:40
nedstarkif you install the elementary desktop on ubuntu via ppa, is it still considered an ubuntu installation for support purposes here19:40
EriC^^nedstark: ya19:41
CaptainBlender89Right I'm following the same logic just a different command which does not work other then one i mentioned.19:41
EriC^^nedstark: which ppa did you use?19:41
nedstarkEriC^^, i haven't tried it yet, but saw they're just using ppa's in elementary OS, and figured its worth a try19:42
nedstarkits ubuntu plus a couple of their ppa's19:42
EriC^^can i have the ppa? i want to try it myself19:42
nedstarkno one talks in their channel19:42
ioriaCaptainBlender89, VirusEvent /usr/bin/notify-send 123456789 "VIRUS ALERT: %v"     no go ?19:42
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:43
CaptainBlender89Does not work19:44
nedstarkthey are calling it an OS, but it seems like a candidate for inclusion in the universal repo19:45
nedstarkits very stable19:45
Ben64CaptainBlender89: what about DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/notify-send 123456789 "VIRUS ALERT: %v"19:45
nedstarkand really its a desktop environment19:45
skinuxI thought NetFlix HTML 5 player would work with Linux, but apparently they say it's incompatible.19:45
Ben64nedstark: sorry no19:46
nedstarkits no different from mate and mintmenu19:46
nedstarka DE dressed up like a distro19:46
EriC^^nedstark: after you add the ppa how do you install the actual desktop?19:46
Ben64mint isn't supported either19:46
nedstarkmate is19:46
Ben64ubuntu mate is19:46
Ben64a mate ppa is not19:47
nedstarkmintmenu is a mate plugin19:47
nedstarkits in the repos19:47
nedstarkEriC^^, i haven't tried yet, but they have instructions for 14.04 on that page19:47
Ben64its very simple. is it in the ubuntu repositories? if not, it's not supported. elementary isn't. the end19:47
nedstarktoday that is the case, but i'm talking about the future19:48
Ben64this channel isn't for that19:48
EriC^^nedstark: i've 15.10, i think it's not for it yet19:48
CaptainBlender89no that didn't work either but.... this does19:48
nedstarkEriC^^, i wouldn't try with 15.10, there are too many differences between it and LTS19:49
CaptainBlender89VirusEvent sudo -u master DISPLAY=:0 notify-send 'Hello world!' 'This is an example notification.'19:49
CaptainBlender89To send desktop notification from a background script running as root (replace X_user with the user running X):19:49
CaptainBlender89# sudo -u X_user DISPLAY=:0 notify-send 'Hello world!' 'This is an example notification.'19:49
skinuxI was able to get access to working Ubuntu by switching boot mode from UEFI to Legacy19:50
EriC^^nedstark: yeah, it wouldn't even add anything19:50
CaptainBlender89Thanks for everyone who gave their time though. Very man appreciate it.19:50
jushurskinux: you can use google-chrome in linux (possibly chromium to, with some extra fiddling and installing some binary stuff) and watch netflix.19:50
sysop-rickHello! im curious if anyone know any alternative Linux distro to this project? http://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/any-backup-centered-linux-distros.340204/19:50
sysop-rickAnyone know if there is anything simillar and alternative for this as a distribution?19:51
skinuxOkay. Can you tell me what extra stuff I need to install, or is it just that Moonlight work-around?19:51
mcphailskinux: you can view netflix with the Chrome browser from Google19:53
mcphailskinux: I think there are workarounds to get Chromium doing the same, but I haven't tried them19:54
dontknownetflix uses drm be aware19:55
dontknowit probs you anally19:55
jushurskinux: installing google-chrome and launching netflix is enough. it will work directly.19:55
reisiosysop-rick: well, you can use any backup software on any distro19:56
jushurskinux: you can even disable the flashplugin in it and it will use the html5 on netflix.19:56
reisiosysop-rick: so I'm not sure what the merits of backup-centered would be19:56
skinuxNevermind. I got NetFlix to play using Google Chrome19:56
skinuxI didn't disable Flashplayer though19:57
frank1eanyone knows what this rectangle with the red "X" means? (it's just ubuntuu with a modified UI, this is my top bar with icons) http://postimg.org/image/u71w74xtn/8238b07e/ <-- pls click on thumbnail to see it19:58
reisiofrank1e: red X over the wifi icon?19:58
frank1edid you you see it reisio ?19:59
EriC^^frank1e: the one to the left?19:59
frank1edark grey rectangle with a red stop sign. not a red x, sorry my bad19:59
frank1e(click on thumbnail to see it pls)19:59
EriC^^that's an error, for apt or something19:59
reisiothe thumbnail obscures the image19:59
reisiowhat an awful image bin19:59
EriC^^click it and it'll say whats wrong20:00
frank1ethat's the funny thing20:00
frank1eif I click it20:00
frank1ean empty bubble shows up where things should be like in a context menu20:00
frank1ebut it doesn't have any text. nothing20:00
EriC^^try sudo apt-get -f install20:01
=== dramblys_ is now known as dramblys
frank1ewhat will happen then?20:01
EriC^^it'll try to fix stuff20:01
frank1eit says20:02
frank1ethat the following package didn't get installed properly or something:20:02
frank1e  libminiupnpc820:02
EriC^^what ui is that? it's nice20:02
frank1eit's elementaryOS20:03
frank1eit's ubuntu20:03
frank1ewith just a different ui20:03
FriendlyGhostHi everyone, how are you doing ?20:04
EriC^^cool, i was just trying to install that from a ppa, it didn't work for 15.10 though20:04
FriendlyGhostI have a small wireless question - does anyone have a sec for that ?20:04
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.20:04
EriC^^frank1e: so what else does the error say20:04
frank1eEriC^^ it did not fix stuff yet with that command20:04
EriC^^frank1e: paste the whole thing in paste.ubuntu.com20:04
frank1eit's in germany though20:04
mike-zal2is ubottu some kind of informative boot?20:05
EriC^^type LANG=C sudo apt-get -f install20:05
FriendlyGhostI have removed Libvirt (virtual machine app) from my ubuntu , rebooted , and since then my wireless doesn't work20:05
FriendlyGhostHow can I fix that ?>20:05
EriC^^mike-zal2: yeah it's an annoying and sometimes useful bot20:05
mike-zal2EriC^^, so far I saw, it's useful, although I can imagine the annoyance part too ;p20:06
mike-zal2didn't know that such boot can be run in IRC, nice.20:06
mike-zal2many newbies come so sometimes it may help20:06
FriendlyGhostAnyone has an idea of how to reinstall a wireless network driver so that the network manager will recognize it again :/20:07
akikmike-zal2: bots have been on irc since a very long time20:07
frank1eEriC^^, http://pastebin.com/vGZDmj5U20:07
mike-zal2I know, but I don't know their capabilities. usually I met very simple boots. first time it's so sofisticated20:07
sysop-rickreisio: the merits is that it's a barebone distribution/ live cd which i install and for me the most important part is incremental backup of local devices20:07
EriC^^mike-zal2: did you watch ex-machina?20:08
sysop-rickreisio: i need a cross plattform solution that can make incremental or full backup of any windows/linux machine within my lan.20:08
mike-zal2no, titles sounds somewhat familiar20:08
jushurmike-zal2: there is more bots then users on irc nowdays ,)20:08
reisiosysop-rick: again, you can put any backup software on any distro, including live ones20:09
sysop-rickreisio: of cource i know DIY with for example rsync or rsnapshot is working but for me it's more important to have a live cd/RESTORE simillar oriented distro for me i don't understand why they did abanndon the project 200920:09
reisiohttps://www.system-rescue-cd.org/ is nice for such things20:09
mike-zal2hahaha, some users sure behave that way ;P20:09
EriC^^frank1e: that's just an unneeded package20:09
reisiosysop-rick: because rsync/rsnapshot isn't "DIY", it's _straightforward_ & reliable20:09
reisiorsync foo bar, it's that simple20:09
reisioI don't think you want to plan ahead to be backing up systems while they're offline and you've booted a live OS, though20:10
sysop-rickreisio: true, but if you want to schedule it you need to focus on writing a bash script and when the script is done, you need to put in crontab20:10
reisiothere are a lot of better ways you can do it20:10
EriC^^frank1e: did you try rebooting?20:10
reisioyeah, but the bash script can just be 'rsync foo bar'20:10
Bashing-omfrank1e: EriC^^ " 216 not upgraded. " . I would ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' . See where we go from there .20:10
EriC^^Bashing-om: oh, good eye20:11
sysop-rickreisio: for me, i just want a web interface or simillar configuration options for overview purpose and not put too much time in customize my own script for it, of cource that is the hardcore and rock solid way to do it but.. you get my point it's for my home :-) not a production environment20:11
ubuntuusermy left arrow key mutes volume and a bunch of other keys are acting as other keys. I am using i3wm. What do I do?20:11
sysop-rickreisio: http://lifehacker.com/362062/create-your-own-cross-platform-backup-server20:11
reisiosysop-rick: eh, well20:11
frank1eEriC^^, yes tried rebooting a lot20:12
reisiosysop-rick: I think you will find you can either put in time up front making something correctly, or afterwards, fixing a sloppy generic "solution"20:12
reisiothis applies to most things, TBH20:12
ioriafrank1e, are you on 15.10 or 14.04 ?20:12
Bray90820Is it possible to image ubuntu like you would image windows?20:12
reisioBray90820: yes, but less sensible20:12
frank1eiooner. (forgot the highlight :P)20:13
reisioit's more sensible to "image" Windows, because Windows tries very hard to make it hard for you to migrate/copy Windows data reliably20:13
sysop-rickreisio: true true, but then again my question is aimed towards what you just said "generic solution". What different generic solutions is out there in Linux distro way?20:13
ioriafrank1e,  apt-cache policy libminiupnpc820:13
reisiofree Unix systems do not make it hard20:13
Bray90820What do you mean by sensible20:13
reisiosysop-rick: I don't know, I consider it a backwards approach so don't keep track20:13
sysop-rickreisio: some people would say, install a minimal ubuntu server and then put bacula on it.20:13
sysop-rickbut thoose kind of answers is not what im looking for.20:13
reisiosysop-rick: incremental backup is as easy as rdiff-backup source/ dest/ at any interval you please, over any protocol you please20:13
reisioI don't think you need a separate server for it20:14
reisiosounds like waste of a box20:14
reisiobacking up is not intensive20:14
reisioand you don't even have to do it while you're using the installations20:14
nedstarkjust image it, images are easy20:14
sysop-rickreisio: and for example towards a windows machine, it needs to be run on a folder that is shared from windows host over CIFS/SMB right?20:14
reisiosysop-rick: there aren't any limitations, really, but20:14
ubuntuusermy left arrow key mutes volume and a bunch of other keys are acting as other keys. I am using i3wm. What do I do?20:15
reisiosysop-rick: to backup an _entire_ Windows OS you would probably want to do it once, offline, at the outset20:15
akikBray90820: you could use for example clonezilla to do it20:15
reisiosysop-rick: then use incremental for user data only, over the network20:15
reisioubuntuuser: laptop?20:15
nedstarkimage right after installation20:15
sysop-rickreisio: the thing is that my uncle gave me a 10 year old box, which i cleaned and i refurbished it by installing 6GB of ram instead of 2 GB. :-) so i could make a router of it (but i already have one) or i could make a dedicated backup system which is more what i need and more what i would like to dig into.20:15
ubuntuuserreisio: no, its a usb keyboard. microsoft wired keyboard 60020:15
guideXwhat is the lubuntu connection manager thingy called20:16
Bray90820akik: I have never had much luck with clonezilla20:16
sysop-rickreisio: what about NAS4Free/Freenas as a dedicated backup box?20:16
frank1eioria http://pastebin.com/3Yjv2eKM20:16
nedstarkif you're using windows, you should use a windows app like norton ghost20:16
akikBray90820: what kind of problems?20:17
Bray90820I just have never successfully set it up20:17
reisiosysop-rick: stop asking me to endorse things I have already stated I find to be backwards solutions :p20:17
Bray90820I have tried many times20:17
sysop-ricknedstark: Only 1 M$ box in this home (primarly used for some gaming) so no need to back it up atm.20:17
ioriafrank1e,  it's ok for me20:17
reisioguideX: networkmanager (nm-applet) or connman (connman-gtk / connman-gnome / connman-gui)20:17
akikBray90820: it's just you need to boot it up and it asks a couple of questions, that's it20:17
reisioI find Windows apps unreliable, for all things :p20:18
frank1eioria, mh ok. will go afk now for an hour. if you have any ideas, pleease pm :D this is making me headaches since days20:18
ioriafrank1e,  ok20:18
Bray90820akik: I'll try it again then20:18
Bray90820But can you reinstall ubuntu from that image?20:18
Bray90820What I actually want is to dual boot and have 2 installes of it on my computer20:19
akikBray90820: well it works on partitions20:19
Bashing-omfrank1e: My XX:10 entry refers . That many to upgrade .. I would see about that .20:20
=== alexander is now known as Guest61647
designbybeckmy harddrive is filling up. And I have it encrypted, but I'm not sure what this file is? Is that my whole encrypted drive? and it takes up space as well? Suggestions? http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=9952220:23
Bray90820akik: Here is what I fully wanna do and you can tell me if clonezilla can do itI wanna image ubuntu then install it it on a new partition so20:23
Bray90820I basically have a bootable copy of my OS and all the apps and everything so I can update to the new LTS20:23
Bray90820Sorry if that was confusing20:23
=== Guest61647 is now known as SaulGoodman
reisiodesignbybeck: .ecryptfs is to do with your encrypted /home/, probably, yes20:24
SaulGoodmanwhat drivers do you suggest to use ubuntu 15.10 and ati 6970 card?20:24
designbybeckreisio, so I'm guessing I can't delete that....20:24
akikBray90820: you should test it and see if it works for you. the backup phase is really simple20:24
designbybeck... or I'll have a bad day if I do ;)20:24
laserI have some troubles with network speed as i am throttled down from provider when 1g is used up.20:24
Bray90820akik: I don't really wanna try things without knowing if it will work because then my server will be f***ed20:25
rh300zxhello all was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some pointers in porting touch20:25
laserBut i put on firefox html5 everywhere and it was 10x faster. Then i put on a you tube player and back and i can't fix.20:26
laserSlow again. any ideas?20:26
laserat about 18k average speeds. And shouldbe faster.20:26
laser1980's speeds.20:27
xangua! Touch | rh300zx20:27
ubotturh300zx: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch20:27
SaulGoodmanhello, what drivers do you prefer for ati radeon 6970 card do get optimal fps on games?20:27
reisioSaulGoodman: try one, then the other20:27
rh300zxthank you20:28
SaulGoodmanreisio: i tried open-source, upgraded from obaif ppa and tried fglrx but still cant get same performance like as on windows20:29
SlaanNHi ! Did you know if we can use two different workspace on dualscreen with ubuntu 14.04 ?20:29
marc-antoinesomeone has a solution for screen tearing with ubuntu mate and amd proprietary driver? there is tearing when i watch a video fullscreen with flash but not on desktop and games20:29
Bashing-omSaulGoodman: sudo ubuntu-drivers list20:29
reisioSlaanN: as in each screen _is_ a workspace?20:29
Bashing-omto see all available drivers20:29
xanguamarc-antoine: sounds like flash is the issue20:30
ubuntuusermy left arrow key mutes volume and a bunch of other keys are acting as other keys. I am using i3wm. What do I do?20:30
SlaanNreisio: Yes, one workspace in each screen20:30
reisioSlaanN: I'm sure I've seen a hacky solution or two for that, it's definitely not commonly supported out of the box20:30
SaulGoodmanBashinh-om: fglrx-updates, amd64-microcode, fglrx20:31
reisioSlaanN: you can, for example, have a separate X for each screen, each with a separate workspace manager20:31
SlaanNreisio: mmm, i'm afraid of that :/ i can't find anything like that20:31
reisiobut that has its own drawbacks20:31
reisiodoesn't really have a lot of merits over two screens on a single workspace20:31
SlaanNreisio: oh, it's a good idea20:31
reisioSlaanN: if you're using nvidia-drivers, one of its out of the box config options, other than twinview, is 'separate X servers', which does this20:32
SaulGoodmanBashing-om: fglrx-updates, amd64-microcode, fglrx20:32
SlaanNreisio, mmm, i'm on amd :(20:32
reisioand I'm sure you can duplicate it with other drivers/approaches20:32
SlaanNokay, thanks for the idea, i'll search about that20:33
SlaanNOh, did you know how can i use workspace just within the primary screen ?20:34
reisioSlaanN: hrmm?20:34
Bashing-omSaulGoodman: Well that gives you the choice between 2 drivers, tested and testing .20:35
SlaanNsorry. I search a second solution, just in case. If i can't use two different workspace, can i use workspace only on primary screen ?20:36
SaulGoodmanBashing-om: thanks, I try those drivers. Hope that I get some performance boost :320:39
SaulGoodmancya soon20:39
ioriafrank1e,  well, that symbol in samba mean 'delete the selected directory'20:40
=== dexter_ is now known as ashishmalik10
belseany chance of changing the presentation of "apt search <pkg>" or search without description?20:41
belsei can use aptitude otherwise.. but only thing that nags really20:41
=== ashishmalik10 is now known as avatar10
sergio__i need some good irc channels20:43
CurvedFangI'm a Lubuntu user and I've been having a series of issues. I'll start with the most recent one. I tried extracting a file while running another process and the laptop immediately logged out. I deleted that file and scanned the area with an AV, nothing seemed to have come up. So what could have happened?20:43
sergio__you dont need to scan with an AV20:44
Bashing-omSaulGoodman: :) Remember, purge the old driver prior to changing .20:44
CurvedFangThen what do I do, sergio?20:45
EriC^^CurvedFang: segfault happened20:45
sergio__I think it may be HW related20:45
bekksCurvedFang: Dont download random files :)20:45
sergio__your laptop20:45
sergio__is it old?20:45
guesthi guys i'm trying i3 with super+enter i can lauch a termianl several times, but the same doesn't happen with nautilus. if i execute nautilus from a terminal and re-execute nautilus a second time nothing happen20:45
CurvedFangUh, nope. About 2014?20:45
sergio__try installing another flavor of linux - a lighter one20:46
CurvedFangI think Lubuntu is as light as it gets with Debian based OSes XD20:46
CurvedFangBut okay.20:46
sergio__prob a driver issue then20:46
EriC^^or the moon's rotation20:47
EriC^^CurvedFang: do you live under any earthquake faults?20:47
CurvedFangBut what driver would fail using Xarchiver? o.o That's a software thing iirc20:47
sergio__I dont know. try researching20:47
CurvedFangEriC^^: No I live within the Loch Ness20:47
CurvedFangI did sergio, nothing conclusive came up20:48
CurvedFangI have a feeling that the file was bugged, so I vaped it20:48
sergio__id try a different distro20:48
CurvedFangMaybe since it was a non-Linux virus, all it could do was cause the seg fault? Assuming it was that.20:48
sergio__no way - it wouldnt affect the kernel20:49
EriC^^maybe it wasn't a virus?20:49
guesti explain better, if i wanna open 5 terminal or 3 firefox i can do it but with nautilus is impossible i can open only one window20:49
EriC^^guest which ubuntu version?20:50
CurvedFangOr maybe it triggered a ClamAV alarm trigger and it just terminated what was going on and relogged? :(20:50
guestEriC^^: 14.0420:50
EriC^^CurvedFang: grep -i segfault /var/log/syslog20:50
sergio__possible...but highly unlikely20:51
CurvedFangOkay, I'll post the output.20:51
CurvedFangUhm, apparently there is no output sergio20:54
guestEriC^^:  the same happen with gedit, if i open gedit in the first workspace and then i try to open another gedit in the second workspace, a new window won't be created but only a new tab in the first workspace20:55
ioriaCurvedFang, random logout sometimes are video driver related ... just saying20:55
CurvedFangioria You wouldn't expect that to go off from a file extraction, would you, though? Hence why I find that a little hard to believe20:56
CurvedFangI wasn't running anything graphical at the time.20:56
ioriaCurvedFang, what video card do you have ?20:56
EriC^^CurvedFang: when a file's extracted nothing gets executed anyways though right?20:57
alkisgguest, you can either run `gedit --new-window` or drag a gedit tab outside of gedit to create a new window20:57
EriC^^unless there's some vulnerability in file-roller what else could it affect?20:57
CurvedFangI have Intel Integrated Graphics20:57
ioriaCurvedFang, ah, ok sorry20:58
CurvedFangioria No need to apologize20:58
guestalkisg: thanks man it works also with nautilus but not with totem21:01
CurvedFangEricC^^  No clue, I'm going to assume the file was bugged and ClamAV did something.21:02
CurvedFangAnyways, the other issue I was having was being unable to access the BIOS. The manufacturer logo doesn't appear on boot, and when I press F2, garbled text comes up.21:04
SaulGoodmanBashing-om, Hi Bashing21:12
SaulGoodmanBashing-om, got like 20-30% performance boost to fps. thanks for your advice! :)21:13
medicijnmanhow can i properly restart the bluetooth daemon?21:14
medicijnmani tried sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart21:14
medicijnmanbut i got this message instead: Can't open RFCOMM control socket: Address family not supported by protocol21:14
=== silvian is now known as silvian_
Bashing-omSaulGoodman: :) Pleased it adds to the knowledge base .21:19
Huliohi guys, now that i have ubuntu 14.04 lts, how to make it look like classic?21:28
iDealsanyone out there good with repairing mdadm arrays?21:28
Hulioi want only menu on the top21:28
Huliolike in the old day21:28
akikHulio: mate desktop is the continuation of gnome 221:28
Hulioi thought i download the mate21:28
Huliowhere to ge tthe mate version then?21:29
Hulioisn't it in ubuntu download?21:29
andybrineHi Everyone21:29
bekksHulio: sudo apt-get install mate-desktop ?21:29
Huliowhen i went to ubuntu.com and download it21:29
andybrineI just trying to setup but I cant see the workgroup at all21:29
andybrinesetup samba21:30
Huliobekks, ok i did that command and it does install21:30
Huliobekks, now what?21:30
Huliobekks, reboot?21:30
bekksHulio: Log out, select Mate, login, done.21:30
bekksHulio: This isnt Windows, no need for rebooting all the time.21:30
james1212would anyone in here be willing to assist a newbie to unbuntu?21:31
SaulGoodmanBashing-om, I tested fglrx drivers before too21:31
james1212I'm having issues upgrading mint21:31
bekks!mint | james121221:31
ubottujames1212: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:31
Hulioi logged out and back in21:31
james1212yeah they steered me away21:31
Huliostill seeing samething21:31
Huliohow to choose mate?21:32
bekksHulio: BEcause you did not select Mate.21:32
Huliobekks, i dont see where to select21:32
Hulioat the login screen21:32
SaulGoodmanBashing-om, but what must be added is radeon.dpm=1 to /etc/default/grub to make gpu work with higher frequency21:32
bekksHulio: On the Login screen, you have at least one icon where you can change your desktop environment to be used.21:32
Hulioi'll try aain21:32
andybrineWhen you run samba you should be able to see your workgroup through browse network is that right?21:33
SaulGoodmanBashing-om, otherwise gpu will run on lowest/default frequency and system can't manage power of gpu21:33
bekksandybrine: Not necessarily.21:33
Bashing-omSaulGoodman:^^  That is nice to know !21:34
andybrinebekks should I be able to see it through "Windows Network"?21:34
andybrineIm not able to see any of the workgroups I have setup21:34
Bashing-omSaulGoodman: Uh Huh ! per: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver .21:35
bekksandybrine: you need to be a workgroup member.21:35
andybrinebekks ok so I can do that in user and groups?21:36
bekksandybrine: No. You can do it in your samba configuration.21:36
andybrinebekks, ok. I will have a look21:37
OneM_IndustriesHey, how would I make a message box appear on screen from a terminal? I am trying to get someone's attention.21:37
bekksOneM_Industries: start xmessage as the user.21:37
SaulGoodmanBashing-om, do you mean overheating?21:38
giuca92a tutti21:38
andybrinebekks, I have set it so that anyone can view it21:39
bekksandybrine: so anyone can view what?21:39
andybrinethe shared folder21:39
Bashing-omSaulGoodman: I was confirming for all the boot parameter you utilized . And "overheating" too is a part of power management .21:40
bekksandybrine: thats not sufficient. You need to configure your samba server for workgoup membership.21:40
andybrinebekks, I think I have done that21:41
OneM_Industriesbekks: I SSH'd into the machine, and ran xmessage, but it returned "Error: Can't open display:".21:41
bekksOneM_Industries: then you arent the user you want to message.21:41
andybrinebekks I followed this guide by nixie pixel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wUfzdiE4m821:41
OneM_IndustriesHm, odd. I SSH'd into the box with their login creds.21:41
bekksandybrine: I dont care about youtube crap, sorry.21:41
OneM_IndustriesAnd they are the only user on the box.21:42
andybrinebekks, thats ok. Im just lost here right now as my shares are not appearing at all21:42
bekksOneM_Industries: then just set the DISPLAY variable to the running X server.21:42
OneM_IndustriesEr..how do I do that?21:42
andybrineand I thought this was a pretty simple setup21:42
bekksandybrine: you dont need them to be appearing, you just need to mount them.21:42
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andybrinebekks ok, that makes sense21:43
andybrineis there an easy way to mount a network drive in ubuntu as im sharing from ubuntu to ubuntu21:44
bekksandybrine: Yeah. a) dont use samba, but nfs, b) "mount" is your friend.21:45
bekks!mount | andybrine21:45
ubottuandybrine: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount21:45
andybrineok, so I can easily mount a network from ubuntu to ubuntu without samba?21:46
OneM_Industriesbekks: How do I set the DISPLAY variable?21:46
Bashing-omandybrine: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2159449 <-easiest way to cp files 'tween two 'buntus that share the same router/house (Morbius1)21:46
bekksandybrine: You need to use nfs instead of samba, yes.21:46
andybrineok perfect thanks. I will have a look at that21:47
bekksOneM_Industries: This should help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/432255/what-is-display-environment-variable21:47
OneM_IndustriesOk, thank you.21:47
OneM_IndustriesSo, xmessage -display localhost:0.0?21:48
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SaulGoodmanBashing-om, instructions was working opposite with my card. I had no dpm without boot parameter21:54
SaulGoodmanand my card is radeon hd 697021:54
interwatanyone know how to disable gdb scripts like peda temporarily?22:01
Bashing-omSaulGoodman: Going to the exterme for gaming, have you seen : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD?action=show&redirect=BinaryDriverHowto%2FATI ?22:03
QwertieIm about to open an issue on the ubuntu bug tracker about the backlight not working on my macbook. What commands should I run to get info for the bug report?22:06
SaulGoodmanBashing-om, I have seen many topics, guides etc but what worked for my card is default fglrx drivers and dpm parameter to grub :). Otherwise I got with open source and fglrx drivers about 60-140 fps now I get 100-300fps :)22:08
Bashing-omSaulGoodman: Filed that info away for future reference.22:10
SahibPrimeI'm having problems with GPG22:18
SahibPrimeI have run "gpg --gen-key" to generate a key, and it has generated one22:19
SahibPrimeBut when I check ~/.gnupg, I see no key22:19
SahibPrimeI should see a file with my name, right?22:20
SchrodingersScatSahibPrime: not your name, afaik, but pubring.gpg, secring.gpg, etc.22:22
SahibPrimeI have pubring.gpg and secring.gpg22:22
SahibPrimeThis website tells me this command: gpg -a --output ~/.gnupg/[your key].gpg --export '[your name]'22:23
SahibPrimeBut I don't know which key to use22:23
SchrodingersScat!man | SahibPrime, man gpg then '/FILES'22:23
ubottuSahibPrime, man gpg then '/FILES': The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/22:23
SahibPrimeSo pubring..gpg?22:24
SchrodingersScatSahibPrime: you're outputting to your key?22:25
SahibPrimeI'm following this: http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/tutorials/make-your-own-deb-and-rpm-packages22:25
truexfan81on trusty does apache2 use sites-enabled by default or is it using some kind of global config? i'm trying to figure out what to edit to make it look in a different place for the site files22:29
SchrodingersScatSahibPrime: oh, it's asking you to make a new key, so not one that exists22:29
SahibPrimeYes, I've just made a new key, with gpg --gen-key22:30
SahibPrimeNow I'm trying to find it22:30
SchrodingersScatSahibPrime: directly before the line you pasted, "Create a public key from this with:" which idk if you really need...but I'm no gpg expert.22:30
SahibPrimeFollowing this, type ls ~/.gnupg to make sure the new key exists (it’s firstname_lastname.gpg).22:31
SahibPrimeBut I can't find a firstname_lastname.gpg22:31
SahibPrimeIt shows this: http://pastebin.com/hPQQQ08d22:32
SchrodingersScatSahibPrime: I'm starting to not trust Michael Reed22:33
SahibPrimeI remeber the Ubuntu Packaging Guide had something about this, one second...22:33
SahibPrimeIt involves key IDs and keyservers22:35
SchrodingersScatSahibPrime: well, I'm pretty sure that --output needs to create the firstname_lastname.gpg, for reasons I don't understand.  Not a very descriptive guide.22:35
SahibPrimeFile `/home/sahibprime/.gnupg/pubring.gpg' exists. Overwrite? (y/N) N22:37
SahibPrimewoah woah, what?22:37
SahibPrimeThe command they list apparently CREATES the pubring?22:37
SahibPrimeBut it's already created?22:37
SchrodingersScatSahibPrime: that's part of my confusion, why make a 2nd?  I guess so you can use that one specifically to sign packages?22:39
SchrodingersScatSahibPrime: and why you would need to make the --output something that doesn't already exist?22:39
SahibPrimeI'm following the Ubuntu Packaging Guide now22:41
bionicmuffinIs anyone in here super fluent with the shell?22:41
bekksbionicmuffin: We are poll masters. What is your actual issue?22:42
SchrodingersScat!wayttd | bionicmuffin22:42
bionicmuffinA while ago I changed the .local directory to just local because  I needed to access a soundtrack from my Steam app.22:44
bionicmuffinI then changed it back to .local, and now the .local directory looks like this: http://pastebin.com/2waJwthF22:44
SchrodingersScatthe shell didn't do that to you ;_;22:45
bionicmuffinnow it has 2 folders.22:45
bionicmuffinone is 'share' the other is, oddly, 'local'22:46
SchrodingersScatyeah, you moved local into .local22:46
bionicmuffindid it like, recreate .local when I renamed it to local?22:46
SchrodingersScatbionicmuffin: likely programs still needed a .local when you moved the files, so it was repopulated?22:47
bionicmuffinAll I did was22:47
bionicmuffinmv .local to local to change the name22:47
bionicmuffinthen I entered mv local to .local to rename it22:47
SchrodingersScatbionicmuffin: it did not rename it, you are moving local to .local/local22:48
bionicmuffin(of course I did not write 'to')22:48
bionicmuffinhmm. weird22:48
Gerritjanquestion is g++-arm-linux-gnueabihf supported on ubuntu x64?22:48
bionicmuffinso what do I do? Delete .local/local or .local/share....or neither?22:48
SchrodingersScatbionicmuffin: well, .local/local/ has your old .local in it.22:49
KingchocomelchI need to get my office soon. Since I commited myself to linux I am not going back to windows for a while so I have a huge problem now for my studies: How 2 download microsoft fonts into ubuntu for using libreoffice??22:50
bionicmuffinSooo, delete .local/share, or leave it?22:51
SchrodingersScatbionicmuffin: .local/local seems like more of the problem, imo you can either delete the .local/local and lose anything you had in there or move the contents of .local/local/ to .local/ and basically be where you were?22:53
bionicmuffinSounds like a good idea. I'll get to it later. Thanks for your opinion.22:54
SchrodingersScatbionicmuffin: why did you think you needed to move the directory in the first place?22:55
bionicmuffinTo make it appear on my GUI, so that I could copy paste the Mp3 files from a soundtrack to my music folder :p22:55
bionicmuffinThe soundtrack was part of my steam app and that's the directory they put it.22:56
SchrodingersScatbionicmuffin: could check to see if it allows for listing hidden directories, or make a copy of the single directory to /tmp/ or similar to do work on22:58
bionicmuffinmaybe. I tried to bring back my .local 'cause steam wouldn't find its files after my first command.22:59
bionicmuffinThen it created a second share folder and replicated the original .local files on its own.23:00
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bionicmuffinYou could say I was mind-blown.23:00
SchrodingersScatbionicmuffin: yes, I wouldn't expect programs to know you changed things like that :/23:01
andybrinebekks I have just tried starting nfs with sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart23:02
bionicmuffinYeah, I don't even know why they have it put in a hidden directory in the first place.23:02
andybrinebut it doesnt return anything23:02
andybrineis that normal?23:02
bekksandybrine: And did you configure shares before?23:02
SchrodingersScatbionicmuffin: maybe partially so you don't move it :^)23:02
SahibPrimeWelp, I forgot my key passphrase23:02
andybrinebekks yes I have added some shares23:02
SahibPrimeGood thing I signed nothing with it23:02
bionicmuffinhaha, yeah...I'll take your advice from earlier and sort this out later, thx again.23:03
bekksandybrine: So what does your /etc/exports looks like?23:03
andybrinebekks, let me just create a pastebin23:04
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andybrinebekks, this is my /etc/exports http://pastebin.com/SXUzri3X23:06
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EriC^^is there a place the updater logs to?23:18
reisioEriC^^: /var/log/23:19
wellickhi, I'm trying to install ubuntu with VirtualBox and I get an error message "This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU"23:28
wellickthing is, I have a 64 bits CPU, supposedly lol23:28
k1lwellick: what OS is this host?23:29
wellickwin 723:29
k1lis it a 32bit win7?23:29
k1lwellick: on the settings for that vbox host choose the ubuntu 64bit.23:30
Nairwolfhi, I want to install libreoffice 5.1 with a xubuntu 14.04 which ppa I need to add ? This one (https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ubuntu/ppa) or this one (https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ubuntu/libreoffice-5-1) ?23:30
wellickyes but that's the problem, when I was confugyring the vbox I could only choose ubuntu 32bit :/23:31
k1lwellick: you cant run 64bit guests on a 32bit Host os23:31
FBIwellick: you need vt-x support for 64bit23:31
bekksk1l: Of course you can.23:31
wellickI'm quite sure my windows is 64, but let me check.23:31
bekksk1l: You just need vtx.23:31
wellickhum, maybe the virtual box I installed is 32 bit, can it be that?23:32
k1lbekks: ok. then wellick needs to check this23:32
Spacedogg_iiehi, right place for ubuntu phone questions?23:32
wellickI'll just download ubuntu 32bit then23:32
FBIwellick: check if you have vt-x support23:33
k1lNairwolf: you can sort the packages for trusty in the dropdown menu on that launchpad pages. this is the right one: https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ubuntu/libreoffice-5-1?field.series_filter=trusty23:33
wellickFBI: how do I do that?23:33
k1lSpacedogg_iie: #ubuntu-touch is the channel for that23:33
Nairwolfthank you k1l ;)23:34
ert3has anyone had the issue where adding executable to a file returns a file not found error23:38
reisioert3: probably not even you23:38
ert3./file returns permission denied chmod g+x then ./file returns file not found23:38
ert3dude I will let you remote view my desktop if you don't beleive em23:39
reisiothat won't be necessary23:39
reisiowhat perms is it now, ls -al?23:39
FBIwrong architecture23:40
fallencl0udhello! I have a computer that is not booting after upgrade from 15.04 to 15.10, failsafeX in recoverymode gives me the error getting authority message, apparently there is an issue with something in fstab? how can I figure out what to remove?23:40
truexfan81i need some help with filesystem permissions, i'm trying to follow this guide but its not working http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/13PermissionDenied23:40
FBIfile thefiel23:40
ert3actually that is a thing23:40
ert3its a 32bit app and im running 64bit ubuntu23:40
FBIert3: then you need lib32 stuff23:40
reisioert3: 664 should be permission denied23:41
FBIfallencl0ud: I hope you are not using their suggested document root23:41
ert3is this a simple apt-get tree I need to run or do I have to make those thingies for running 32bit in 6423:41
reisioyou'll obviously need execute perms23:41
ert3reisio I reset it to original23:41
reisioert3: original?23:42
truexfan81i am trying to move my apache www directory into somewhere in /home/ partition so i can have more storage space to post larger files on the site23:42
FBItruexfan81: don't do that23:42
fallencl0udFBI: what?23:42
FBItruexfan81: use /srv instead and mount something with free space there :)23:42
ert3reisio: as in fresh from tarball23:42
ert3reisio: chmod g+x changes the return to Permission denied23:42
truexfan81FBI: its an ovh dedi my partition options are limited23:42
FBItruexfan81: if you really want to use /home then use acl23:43
truexfan81and the root partition doesn't have enough space for what i need to share, only /home/ has the needed space23:43
FBIbut really, /srv is much cleaner23:43
reisioert3: right, I guess my point was that 'original' is an ambiguous set of permissions23:43
reisioert3: whereas the output of ls -al is not23:43
ert3reisio: chmod 774 returns No such file or directory23:43
ert3I can change permision but not execute23:44
ert3to be clear ./file returns No such file or directory23:44
reisioert3: what does ls -al say?23:44
FBIert3: because you don't have the lib32 stuff needed to execute 32bit binaries23:44
ert3reisio: -rwxrwxr--23:44
Rhombixheya just bought an ethernet switch. i'm trying to make a LAN to my PS3, but don't know how to configure it. any sugguestions?23:45
ert3FBI: as i asked is that a thing I can get via apt-get or is there a step after that23:45
MonkeyDust_Rhombix  how ois that ubuntu related?23:45
fenecohi, do you know any irc client that allow to split channel windows?23:45
reisioert3: whath does 'file' say the file is?23:45
truexfan81and what exactly is acl? i've never heard of it23:45
FBIert3: http://askubuntu.com/questions/454253/how-to-run-32-bit-app-in-ubuntu-64-bit23:45
FBItruexfan81: man 5 acl23:46
reisiofeneco: most GUI ones allow you to separate a tab into a new window, then you can arrange them with anything you want23:46
RhombixMonkeyDust_: i'm using ubuntu23:46
FBItruexfan81: gives you more fine grained access control23:46
ert3FBI: thanks23:46
FBIert3: probably some more updated thing than that url too23:46
RhombixMonkeyDust_: is there a more relevant channel?23:46
fenecoreisio: can you say one? i couldnt find a way to do with hexchat, for example23:46
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ert3FBI: I found a promissing link as well ( I have google on monitor 2) and am following your advise23:47
ert3reisio: ELF 32-bit LSB  executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, not stripped23:47
reisiofeneco: right click on tab/channel name, detach23:47
FBIRhombix: router connected to the switch too or just your ps3 and computer?23:47
RhombixFBI: it's my computer, to the switch, to the PS323:48
FBIRhombix: could just as well use a direct cable then23:48
FBIRhombix: but whatever, either set up dnsmasq or just do static ip/netmask23:48
reisioert3: sure you don't want 755 ?23:48
RhombixFBI: what does that mean?23:49
ert3reisio: group needs permissions too23:49
Rhombixi'm just trying to set up the network options. but i've never done this before.23:49
reisiothat should be enough23:49
ert3reisio: sorry no you have a point23:49
fenecoreisio: i wanted something inside the main window, do you know some alternative?23:51
RhombixFBI: when connecting devices thru a switch, are they then connected by default? or what settings do i have to change to get them to see each other?23:52
ert3FBI: thank you I shall send you many female bodies to inspect23:53
FBIRhombix: since you don't have a dhcp server on the network you either have to set up static ip/netmask/route or run a dhcp server to do it for you23:54
FBIRhombix: just like the postman can't deliver a package if he doesn't know what the addresses are23:55
fenecoso no linux client with split windows?23:55
reisiofeneco: you know a client that does it?23:55
ert3reisio: it turns out it was the lack of 32bit libraries for exectution, thank you for your valiant efforts23:55
FBIfeneco: weechat23:55
fenecoreisio: on windows there's mIRC23:56
reisioert3: gj23:56
fenecoirssi docs says something about split windows too but im not sure if it works23:56
FBIfeneco: https://github.com/hexchat/hexchat/issues/3423:56
reisiofeneco: you want GUI?23:56
fenecoreisio: not necessarily but would be good, main need is split 4 channels in one program screen23:57
RhombixFBI: ok thank you, i'll look into this23:57
reisiofeneco: try weechat, then23:57
reisiofeneco: but detached windows are just as good23:57
FBIfeneco: http://weechat.org/about/screenshots/23:57
reisiofeneco: a decent window manager or separate util can align windows in whatever fashion you like23:57
fenecoFBI: i saw thta, is not implemented yet,23:58
fenecoreisio ubuntu can align two windows, each side, but if im on another program window, and click to change to the irc software window, it will show only one of the windows23:59
fenecoFBI: that seems to be what i want23:59
wellickWhy do I get this when trying to install ubuntu from the vbox? http://postimg.org/image/l7oeeg8ox/23:59

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