sakrecoer_cfhowlett: knome: i understand. i'll experiment a little with the the sandbox on zequence server see what sexyness we can achieve with what is :) 12:49
sakrecoer_i was thinking about creating a jekyll template matching knome's template, just for depoloying feature-showcase. but given the publication (aka uploadrights and comapny) it is too complicated12:50
sakrecoer_too complicated to use, not to create template.12:51
sakrecoer_i'm not sure i'm ready to take the traffic and the responsability that comes with it using a subdomain12:51
sakrecoer_so i wont even ask my IProv. he sure has other fish to fry12:53
sakrecoer_now that rhe 14.04.4 is in releases at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/ shoulnd't we update the website?14:48
zequencesakrecoer_: Yes, you are right. A few links need to be updated there, and an announcement would be good too17:45
OvenWerkszequence: people are looking for the download button on our web page to point to 14.04.4 instead of .318:20
OvenWerkszequence: Oh you are already talking about that ... :)  sorry.18:20
zequenceOk, all updated18:27
zequenceNot doing an announcement. Not that big of a deal, but if someone wants to, be my guest18:27

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