studio-user793wow havent used IRC in years05:19
astrmixВсем привеьт16:44
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erick_Hi, I have a quick question. According to the news here -> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ubuntu-14.04.4-LTS18:02
erick_How do I use it in Ubuntu Studio? I am currently using 14.04, not 14.04.418:03
erick_What if I reinstall my Ubuntu Studio 14.04? Would 14.04.4 be in automatically?18:04
OvenWerkserick_: if you have been keeping your system up to date with regular upgrades then you already have 14.04.418:05
OvenWerkserick_: The prupose of creating new .2 .3 .4 ISOs is that someone installing from scratch doesn't have to do a huge upgrade as soon as they install.18:06
erick_Now, I want to download new ISO.18:07
OvenWerkserick_: OK, I would wait till the end of April when the next LTS comes out.18:08
erick_Would it be there on Ubuntu Studio website now?18:08
OvenWerkserick_: yes.18:08
OvenWerksbut I think the latest one will be 14.04.3 as .4 has not been released yet (maybe I am wrong and it has)18:08
erick_I found ubuntustudio-14.04.3-dvd-i386.iso for my 32 bits machine.18:09
erick_The news said today, though.18:09
OvenWerksshould have 14.04.418:09
* OvenWerks has to go18:10
erick_I only see 14.04.3 for Ubuntu Studio.18:15
erick_I see your link now.18:19
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Guest66409Hi, Ubuntu Studio is built on the top of Xubuntu right?23:12
Guest66409Or Ubuntu Studio adds Xfce DE by their teams.23:13
Unit193Well, not quite.  They both use Xfce and even kind of sync config, it does have its own.23:14
Guest66409I see. Why wouldn't they just use Xubuntu, though?23:15
Guest66409It does sound like a benefit to do so.23:15
Guest66409Do they share the knowledge in any way?23:16
Unit193There's some intentional differences, but otherwise.   Well the teams do work closely together, and in fact the website guy for Xubuntu helps out Studio with their website too.  Several other contributors try to help out as well.  So it is a good working relationship. :)23:17
Guest66409I see.23:18
Guest66409what are some of the intentional differences?23:18
Unit193I don't know/remember. :D23:18
Unit193Sorry mate.23:18
Unit193Different set of default applications, clearly.  Not sure in ways of settings though.23:19
Guest66409I see. Thank you.23:20

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