bluesabreflocculant: pushed catfish 1.4.0 to https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/xubuntu-staging02:58
bluesabreflocculant: care to kick the tires before I work on getting it into xenial?02:58
bluesabreknome: should I request font feedback on -devel or -users ML?02:59
knomeDEVEL please02:59
bluesabre"Why not X-font?"03:00
knomecomic sans plzz03:01
Unit193knome: Set terminal to that, all people on IRC really look like idiots then.03:02
knomewell, let's think if i need to do that to make people look idiots considering the channels i'm in03:03
knomejust kidding, you're all fantastic03:03
bluesabreknome: need the [TEAM] tag or no?03:11
knomei guess the feedback is mostly open to all03:11
knomei would like to get sensible feedback about the legibility in that size etc. from people outside the team too03:12
knomenot sure if that's a sensible wish though03:12
bluesabreknome: http://pad.ubuntu.com/lySO0nj0D4 ?03:12
bluesabreknome: I'm using 10 for all my sizes, but that's because my resolution is high and eyes are going bad :D03:13
knomeyeah, it's a bit different with high resolutions03:14
Unit193bluesabre: My eyes are crap.03:14
knomeand DPI affects it too of course03:14
knomebasically if you can have a big DPI, bigger font sizes are more OK03:15
knomefine with what's on the pad03:21
bluesabreoh dang, got mixed up with the channels03:22
bluesabrethanks knome03:23
bluesabresending that out03:23
Noskcajbluesabre, Any chance you could put the new catfish in debian?04:53
flocculantbluesabre: mmm - still see the oddity with custom dates (but that's not marked Fixed anyway) but this08:12
flocculantupdatedb reads /mnt - directory audio/j has Jane in it - catfish doesn't see it http://i.imgur.com/OIpxt0U.png08:13
flocculantlocate find's it fine08:13
flocculantbut if I go *to* j in thunar and 'Find in this folder' it does ... 08:15
flocculantoh 08:16
flocculantbluesabre: sorry - if I have custom date set it doesn't - so that's working fine :p08:16
flocculantnote to self - drink first cup of tea before *anything* 08:17
flocculantafter that first cup - it all seems fine with the exception of custom date08:32
flocculantbluesabre: ignore all of that ...08:43
flocculantbluesabre: ok - starting again ... 09:11
flocculantstill see the custom date issue09:11
flocculantalso seeing some bizarre results from either using right click menu/or double click on result - bug1547807 09:12
flocculantbug 154780709:12
ubottubug 1547807 in catfish (Ubuntu) "Need to click in empty space for right click options to work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154780709:12
flocculantdescription is 'one' issue I saw 09:12
flocculantscreencast attached to it09:12
bluesabreflocculant: awwww, didn't check the catfish (Ubuntu) bugs13:03
bluesabreflocculant: marked them as affecting the project too, will fix those soon13:03
flocculantI get confused about more than one package when they're both in LP ... 13:05
bluesabreat least a few of those are easy fixes13:06
flocculantbluesabre: also - pretty sure that the bug I found today is new13:06
bluesabrewhich one?13:06
flocculantthe one I reported today bug 154780713:07
ubottubug 1547807 in catfish (Ubuntu) "Need to click in empty space for right click options to work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154780713:07
bluesabrethat's been mentioned in the past, always forgot about it since no bug was ever filed13:07
flocculantoh right - never noticed it in the past - but at least there is a bug now :)13:08
bluesabrewill probably try to get a 1.4.1 out this weekend then before attempting to send to archive13:09
bluesabreflocculant: thanks a lot for checking it out for me, big help!13:09
flocculantyw - at least I can do this :)13:10
jjfrv8bluesabre, re the noto font - I agree with you that 9 pt is a little small for hi-res displays, but 10 doesn't look good either, at least in T-bird, e.g.13:56
jjfrv8on a highlighted line, the font is not centered vertically and some characters overhang at the bottom: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/noto-9vs10.php13:57
bluesabrejjfrv8: interesting observation14:08
bluesabrethat might be a bug in the font itself, or in Thunderbird's rendering of it14:08
bluesabrevery unusual14:08
jjfrv8Well the droid font is not centered in T-bird either, but at least I can use 9pt, which doesn't overhang, because it looks larger.14:10
jjfrv8Otherwise, the noto is not bad looking and I'll probably get used to it :)14:10
bluesabrethanks for the feedback jjfrv8 :D14:23
`qqsome noto font feedback.15:51
`qqit is very close to droid sans, i'd reckon most users won't notice15:51
`qqbut when i installed fonts-noto, it installed a ton of fonts noto for different scripts15:52
`qqtoo many really15:52
`qqcoudln't find fonts-noto-mono15:53
`qqand lastly it does take more horiz space than droid sans15:53
`qqnot much, but one can tell15:53
`qqit's a good choice. not sure how the team could have done better. 15:54
`qq+1 from me15:54
branau~Afternoon, everyone!20:08
SwissBothi branau20:08
branauQuestion for the team: how are the contest submissions for the wallpapers going to be voted on?20:09
Unit193ubottu: random wallpaper1 wallpaper2 wallpaper3 wallpaper4 wallpaper5 wallpaper620:10
ubottuUnit193: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:10
flocculantbranau: that depends I guess on how many, whether there's enough time (you'll remember I'm cycnical :D )20:12
flocculantI'd plump for civs probably 20:12
Unit193I'm also cynical and slightly trollish.  Honestly, either civs or artwork team.20:12
_SpongeWhats the flickr group, then ?20:12
flocculantno idea 20:13
branauI just ask because I've developed an upvote/downvote plugin that we could use for it20:13
branauYou can see a live example of it on floornews.org (be warned though, it's a very political site haha)20:13
flocculantbranau: well that's what we wanted PoC for :)20:13
flocculantpersonally I'd like a list and then something to vote for them on/with20:14
branauflocculant the PoC is for tomorrow right?20:14
flocculantwith civs you can have a list of 5 billion things - but if you actually only want to vote for 1 - put it to 1 and the other's get marked at 4,999,999,999 :)20:15
flocculantbranau: ack20:15
_SpongeI checked out floornews.org & you have to log-in to vote.20:15
_SpongeWhat does ack mean ?20:16
_Spongeso its not a TLA , then.20:16
flocculantomg amewican politics 20:16
flocculant_Sponge: nope 20:17
branauflocculant: The list would be good, I'm guessing we'd like to organize from most popular to least popular? 20:18
branauI've never heard of civs though20:18
flocculantfor a recent example :D20:20
branauflocculant: wouldn't that involve a lot of manual data entry though?20:21
flocculantonly a list of people who can vote and the things to vote on20:21
flocculantI've done it bunch of times for different things20:22
branauflocculant, alright, sounds good. I'll try to get an in-house voting system set up for the PoC that I'll be shooting your way tomorrow so you can decide on which you like better20:23
flocculantawesome sauce20:24
knomebranau, or rather on this channel :)21:18
Unit193Did you read logs, knome21:18
knomebut i'll go do that now21:19
flocculantknome: what on this channel? 21:35
knomeflocculant, see q on -off21:37
flocculantohh I see :p21:37

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