clivejovalorie: that compromise was due to a Wordpress site, is kubuntu.org fully patched and secured with good decent passwords?11:39
clivejohacked the WP site and redirected the download link to a modified Linux Mint ISO, with a backdoor in it11:42
yofelkubuntu.org is WP 4.4217:45
clivejogood strong passwords?17:51
clivejohow are you Phil?17:53
clivejokkinetix seems to have an interest in packaging17:54
yofelno passwords at all, it's bound to Ubuntu SSO17:56
yofelso lets hope that everyone has a good launchpad password17:56
clivejohope so17:57
yofelI'm... okay I guess. Spent half of yesterday repariing my dad's smartphone (a bad usb cable had fried the usb socket) and was lazy most of today and spent it gaming with a friend17:58
clivejoyou guess?!?  that doesnt sound good!17:59
yofelnow you're worrying too much. I slept horribly last night so I'm feeling down the whole day. At least I don't have a cold like last week so that's a win18:02
clivejowhat games do you play?18:05
yofellately mostly: Agrarian Skies modpack for minecraft, 7 days to die, CS:GO, Civilization V18:34
clivejowhat on?18:39
clivejoyou dont have windows do you?!?18:39
clivejoPhil, is there any way to merge a local folder into a git archive18:40
clivejoI have some packaging for libkolab and want to merge it into the kubuntu_unstable branch on Debian18:40
yofelall of that runs on Linux. Although CS I actually play on my windows desktop (yes, I do have one just for gaming) - you need pixel perfect precision for that game, and linux cannot handle that18:40
yofelwait, we're in the wrong channel..18:41
clivejoIm shocked18:41
clivejoappaulled even!18:41
yofelit's a good OS really, a shame that MS is making a mess out of it18:42
clivejoI cant stand it18:43
clivejohave to fix my ma's windows 10 laptop and it drives me crazy18:43
* ahoneybun has a desktop with Win 10 for gaming18:44
yofelWin10 is actually nice - if you installs shut-up-10 and stuff18:45
clivejojust so slow to do anything18:45
ahoneybunits ok18:45
clivejolooks like we are getting an in/out vote on the 23rd June18:48
* yofel is honestly curious how that'll turn out18:48
clivejoon if the UK should stay in the EU18:49
clivejoI live in Northern Ireland, which is technically part of the UK18:51
clivejoso we will be going to the polls to vote on it18:51
clivejoyofel: do they even mention it on mainland Europe?18:53
clivejoI get the impression that most other countries have their own problems and dont really care about it!18:54
yofelsure, it's a rather big topic here. Although it's mostly because the continent is slighly annoyed at the UK because we have other problems that we should be spending time on18:55
clivejoI dont think that problem can be solved, no matter how much time they spend on it!18:58
clivejolooks like you guys are having problems with migrant/refugee influx19:02
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