kkinetixHey all04:44
kkinetixI was reading https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging and the very first 'need' is git commit access to debian git04:45
kkinetixI haven't yet found the information on how one gets to that point, and if it means one has to be a debian developer already or not04:46
valoriekkinetix: until you earn that right, you have other people do the commits05:47
valoriefolks: http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=299405:47
kkinetixvalorie: I see... is that earnable through kubuntu tasks/packaging, or does one have to get involved with Debian directly?05:53
valoriestart with Kubuntu - we cooperate directly with Debian06:00
valoriefor instance, we've got a bug-fixing sprint coming up in Munich soon, with us and Debian both06:01
valoriewe'd like to work even more closely with them06:04
kkinetixVery cool06:04
valorieI think so06:07
valoriea work in progress though06:07
kkinetixI'll see about ploughing through the documentation06:08
valoriehave you joined Kub-devel list?06:08
kkinetixI have!06:08
valoriegreat, be sure to introduce yourself06:09
valoriemost of the devels are in europe06:09
* valorie lives near Seattle Washington USA06:09
kkinetixok, I'll look to do so in the near future... will go through some archives as well06:12
valoriethis chan is where the action is06:13
kkinetixI'm near the west coast myself, I'm in Kamloops, BC06:13
valorieyou're just a few hours from me then06:13
kkinetixYes, I've enjoyed the few visits to Seattle that I've had - though I haven't been as a tourist yet, sadly.06:14
valorieI've not actually been up to Kamloops, but I have cousins and so forth all over Canada, including BC06:14
valoriemy mother actually grew up in Alberta, although she was born in Iowa06:15
valoriemy father's dad was born in Ontario, and came to Seattle after WWI06:15
kkinetixYou certainly have some Canadian ties, eh? 06:20
valorievery much so06:21
valoriehalf of my mother's sibs stayed in Canada06:21
valorieand all the rest of my Cowans06:21
valoriemostly still in Ontario06:22
kkinetixHeh, right on06:22
valoriewhat do you do up there in Kamloops?06:25
kkinetixSo do you do development as well?06:25
valorieI do community, and docs06:26
valorieand I'm on the Council06:26
kkinetixI'm mostly a network guy... professionally I've been doing network bits for 15 years or so.  But I've been a Linux guy and sysadmin for longer.06:26
valorieand I do student programs and some other stuff upstream in KDE06:26
kkinetixSounds like all of that could keep you buys06:28
kkinetixbusy, too06:28
valoriefun group06:29
valoriewe do our annual meeting at KDE's annual meeting, Akademy06:29
valoriewe like meeting face to face, so since Ubuntu stopped doing "real" meetings, we moved to Akademy06:32
kkinetixThat sounds fun06:35
valorieit is!06:35
valoriethis year we'll meet in Berlin in September06:35
kkinetixUbuntu doesn't do a get-together any more though eh?06:38
valorieCanonical gets their staff together, but no longer organize face-to-face for Ubuntu06:39
valorienow it's all on hangouts06:39
valoriewe participate in those if we have anything to discuss06:39
valoriebut really, nothing beats face to face06:39
kkinetixYeah, no doubt06:40
valoriefortunately, the ubuntu community has a fund that helps many of us to attend06:41
kkinetixI can see that being massively helpful for sure06:43
clivejodoes anyone know if there is something I need to do to get my kubuntu email to work?11:09
BluesKajHey folks12:01
clivejohi BluesKaj12:01
BluesKajHi clivejo12:02
sgclarkclivejo: it is a mail forwarder, it will forward to your main email.16:26
clivejosgclark: it wont work16:26
sgclarka few more details might be helpful lol16:27
* sgclark get first cup of coffee16:27
clivejoMail is getting bounced "Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table"16:28
sgclarkuh that is a server problem. 16:30
clivejosupposed to update every 48hours16:31
sgclarkok, but out of scope of something I can fix :) need to try #canonical-sysadmin16:33
yofel[19:40:12] <clivejo> Phil, is there any way to merge a local folder into a git archive18:41
yofel[19:40:47] <clivejo> I have some packaging for libkolab and want to merge it into the kubuntu_unstable branch on Debian18:41
clivejothat was a secret!18:42
yofelwell, there is no way to "merge" something18:43
yofelwhat you can do is copy your files into the git archive, git add everything, then look at the diff if the changes look right18:43
clivejocould I not git init the local folder and add as a remot?18:43
clivejohow would I merge the changelog, thats the main issu18:44
yofelwell, yes. But if you don't share any history, then all you'll get is merge conflicts in everything18:44
clivejosome of the changelog is shared18:44
yofelubuntu-dev-tools has merge-changelog or so for semi-automatic changelog merging18:45
* soee now knows a secret ... what to do, what to do ...20:05
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blazesoee: ?20:57
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clivejovery quiet in here today!21:06
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clivejoovidiu-florin: ping21:12

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