kkinetixdougiel: you had a noveau crash with the kubuntu live dvd? I presume you have an nvidia graphics card/chipset then?00:33
melodiedougiel I found your error message on posts on the web: do you have a nvidia graphic card on that machine?00:51
melodiedougiel : http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2074280.html and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1015165 and00:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1015165 in linux (Ubuntu) "i2c i2c-4: sendbytes: NAK bailout." [Medium,Expired]00:54
valoriemelodie: kudos for you finding that stuff!00:54
melodieat Archlinux too, a few years ago: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=15775400:54
* valorie had no time to google00:54
melodiehi valorie00:54
melodieyes valorie it happens sometimes. :)00:55
valoriedougiel: ^^^00:55
melodieand seeking for others is often easier for me than seeking for myself :P00:55
melodieok ladies and gentlemen, it's almost 2 am here in the South of France (south west) so, I wish you all a good one! :)00:56
vorteki cant seem to click stuff with my mouse01:02
vortekit happened all of a sudden and reboot does not work01:02
valorieis it wireless, and if so, have you checked the battery?01:04
vortekits a touchpad01:05
vorteki shouldnt of said mouse :)01:05
valorieah, and what version of kubuntu are you running?01:06
vortekthis sounds stupid  but how i check?01:08
vortekits the latest version01:09
vorteki just downloaded it last night01:09
vortek14 somthing01:10
valorie14.04 is the LTS01:10
valoriedef. not the latest version, but OK01:10
vortekim running 15.1001:10
valorieok, that is the latest, great01:11
valorieso the quickest way to see the settings is to push alt+space, and type "touchpad" into the little window that pops up (krunner)01:12
valoriethere is even a nice testing thing over to the right01:12
vortekcant click on the testing area01:14
vortekand i cant click stuff01:14
vortekit only letts me slect touchpad settins01:14
vortekand thenn nothing01:14
valorieand this can't be physical, like dirt or so under the buttons?01:16
vorteki can click on he windows01:16
vortekto load stuff just when it loads i cant click on the items01:16
vortekno it works fine in windows 701:16
valorienext, using krunner again, type drivers01:19
valorieand check the driver manager01:19
vortekit just shows my xorg drivers01:21
vortekon when i tab to ok01:22
vortekit disapers01:22
valorieI'm sorry: dinner time here01:23
lloyd__hello.  is there a way to reinstall KDE in Kubuntu 15.10?01:29
lloyd__ormore precise, I can't get my desktop effects to toggle on ecause I can't use my F12 key.  any ideas?01:35
DarinMillerlloyd__, you can reassign the short cut key in the system settings.01:37
DarinMillerto re-install kde, you could try sudo apt-get --reinstall install kde-plasma-desktop01:39
lloyd__I've tried to search for the desktop setings keys, under the shortcuts settings.  any idea were it's specifically at?01:41
DarinMillersure: system settings | Shortcut01:42
DarinMillerLeft hand side Global Keyboard Settings, top dropdown select kwin01:43
DarinMillerin the search window, type comp and hit enter.... Suspend Compositing01:44
lloyd__I don't have a01:45
lloyd__... "kwin: option.   maybe thta's the problem01:45
lloyd__never mind, I found it!01:48
DarinMillerkwin is the 16.04 name, um, trying to rememeber old name.... possibly system...01:48
DarinMilleroh, what was the name?01:49
lloyd__system settings01:50
DarinMilleroh good, I was close :)01:51
lloyd__thank you very much!01:52
DarinMillernp :)01:53
valoriekwin is the windowing part of plasma02:09
valorieit does not replace systemsettings in 16.04 or anywhere else, just to set the record straight02:10
DarinMillerThe drop down name sometimes toggles between kwin and system settings for some reason.  Seems to happen during the alpha/beta stages.  Never pinned it down.02:12
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vortek_i cant seem to click on certain things with my touchpad07:58
vortek_it worked the other day07:59
vortek_and google dont havve any solutions that work,, can i get some help? :)08:00
lapionsince My upgrade to vivid many applications in the menu have no icons any more, since the upgrade to wily even firefox has no icon anymore08:15
valorielapion: that is now solved in more recent versions08:16
valorievivid is end-of-life now08:17
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:17
lapionvalorie, I upgraded yesterday and there are no updates08:19
lapionvalorie, I upgrade to wily08:19
lapionvalorie, still many icons missing08:21
valorieprobably worthwhile to at least add backports08:21
lapionvalorie, "..more, since the upgrade to wily even firefox has no icon anymore"08:29
lapionvalorie, I did two upgrades in a row. first to vivid then to wily08:32
valoriewow, that's a lot of work08:33
valorieand that's a move from plasma 4 to plasma 508:34
lapionvalorie, to upgrade to wily I had to purge tex from the system because, and at a certain moment the kde-frontend to do-release upgrade froze because it could handle a dialog question when updating one of the cinnamon packages. So I had to use do-release-upgrade with the generic gui.08:36
lapionvalorie, I make backups so I ended up upgrading the system more than six times08:38
valorieright, I always use commandline for such things08:38
valorieespecially with such a huge upgrade08:38
valoriethere are cinnamon packages in the archive?08:39
lapionvalorie, upgrading from safe mode doesn't allways work correctly08:40
valorieI don't know, I've never tried that before08:41
valoriefrom the terminal is safest IMO08:41
lapionyou mean upgrading without gui in a terminal08:41
lapionI'd rather have a pop-up asking question so my attention is drawn to the system if there is a question and I do not need to constantly check the system for questions08:43
lapionmany of my previous upgrades got borked because screen lock got invoked and the password could not be ascertained by the system any more and I had to redo08:45
lapionupgrades do not automatically disable screen-saving-locking etc etc08:46
valoriecertainly it is a good idea to turn off lockscreens before beginning08:48
valorieas well as removing any PPAs08:48
lapionvalorie, I prefer upgrading from safe-mode and have done many a upgrade in safe mode with a sandbox mode to have all files downloaded for the actual upgrade afterwards08:48
valorieand ensuring that you are fully updated and upgraded08:48
lapionvalorie, but I still have the missing icons.08:49
valorieI used to have them too08:49
valoriethen I added backports08:49
valoriethat's all I'm telling you08:49
lapionDo you mean backports from ppa's or backports in the default repository ?08:52
lapionyeah..there is was staring me in the face on my primary ( laptop display) irc is on my secondary display ;-)08:56
lapionvalorie, problem not solved by using ppa10:42
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daum_hey guys - anyone able to help me troubleshoot some bluetooth issues: I can see the device, but when i set it up as an a2dp device (bluetooth speaker) it says failed to connect but device added....then it shows as connected but ic an't get music to play over bluetooth11:16
omeniusjust a quickie: where is settings for ipv4 configs?11:22
omeniusone would think that these are located at network settings but I'm not finding anything there11:23
rockyroadHi there I am looking for help with acpi on an asus laptop running kubuntu, not able to wake up after suspend, could you help me ?11:24
rockyroaddmesg gives "[Firmware Bug]: ACPI: BIOS _OSI(Linux) query ignored"11:25
rockyroad"ACPI Error: [_SB_.PCI0.RP01.PXSX] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND (20150930/psargs-359)"11:26
lordievaderomenius: Open the NetworkManager settings applet, then configure a network -> ipv4 tab.11:41
lordievaderrockyroad: A 'acpi=vendor' might help with that: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI11:42
omeniusty :)11:42
rockyroadhi lordievader, is this helping? ACPI=0x76689000  ACPI 2.0=0x76689000  SMBIOS=0x776e2000  SMBIOS 3.0=0x776e100011:52
lordievaderrockyroad: It doen't tell me anything, but I am not an acpi expert...11:57
BluesKajHey folks12:01
rockyroadI found several very similar bug reports on the web but no answer :-S12:04
lordievaderrockyroad: The acpi=vendor kernel parameter does not work for you?12:10
rockyroadlordievader: sorry I had misunderstood. I will try, thank you12:24
RoahHello, i recently upgraded from the 14.04lts and i can't found how to configure my wacom like on the older version can someone help me plz ?12:26
RoahAs side note the tablette is detected and seam to work12:28
PinguineВсем привет12:45
Roahnvm i founded a thread explaining the state of it, so i did from the command line using "xsetwacom"12:46
BluesKaj!ru | Pinguine12:46
ubottuPinguine: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:46
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omeniusdamn it feel good to not depend on windows13:08
omeniusat finally I took time to install and configure linux distro on my desktop pc13:08
BluesKajomenius, Congratulations, welcome to Kubuntu, if that's what you installed :-)13:10
omeniusyeah, ty C:13:11
rockyroadlordievader: I paste mesg diff with acpi=vendor here : https://paste.kde.org/pqls6cefa . Full initial output here:https://paste.kde.org/pkv58omto/kyexx913:29
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lordievaderHmm, guess that wasn't the right option. "Malformed early option 'acpi'" Reading the web it seems that option is for acpi_backlight, or something like that.13:40
lordievaderrockyroad: What do you get when you turn the machine on after a suspend?13:40
rockyroada black screen, fan on, mouse pointer  no key stroke effective , have to keep power button pressed13:42
rockyroad... to reboot13:43
* rockyroad connected as rockyroad1 from other laptop to keep contact while experimenting with this one13:48
lordievaderrockyroad: Can you ssh into the box?13:49
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rockyroad1lordievader: this time what I got is a text console screen with boot messages, ending with "vgaarb: this pci device is not a vga device"13:52
rockyroad1still irresponsive13:53
lordievaderHmm, what version of Kubuntu are you running?13:53
lordievaderrockyroad1: I guess the same happens when you issue 'sudo systemctl suspend'?13:55
rockyroad1ssh up !13:56
rockyroad1I think I had tried systemctl way last time I was working on it (its not my computer), with the same result13:57
rockyroad1lordievader: I just tried again from ssh: it turned off the screen, then, on wake up, it came back to the same console screen and the ssh session  came back to life14:00
lordievaderAh, it could very well be that the graphics driver is crashing.14:02
rockyroad1from syslog : ACPI: Waking up from system sleep state S3 ... PM: resume of devices complete after 620.164 msecs14:03
rockyroad1does it mean the xserver would be the culprit ?14:04
BluesKajor gpu driver, perhaps?14:05
lordievader^ is what I think.14:05
lordievaderrockyroad1: What graphics card are you using? And what driver?14:05
rockyroad1geforce 940m with proprietary driver.14:07
lordievaderBy any chance a hybrid system?14:08
rockyroad1yep with bumblebee I think14:10
BluesKajyou should be using nvidia-prime with that driver \14:11
BluesKajdon't think bumblebee will work on 15.1014:13
BluesKaj!nvidia-prime | rockyroad114:14
BluesKaj!info nvidia-prime14:14
ubottunvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.1 (wily), package size 10 kB, installed size 114 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)14:14
rahulprabhakarNeed help with kde login manager. I don't get graphical prompt instead terminal prompt upon boot and after logout. need to run startx manually after login from terminal.14:18
rahulprabhakarIt used to work earlier now just stopped working. I have Kubuntu 14.04 installed with KDE 4.14.13 (from kubuntu backports ppa)14:20
lordievaderWan't bumblebee the one for nouveau?14:26
lordievaderThat could very well explain the troubles, if I am right, that is.14:26
BluesKajIt disables the discrete graphics card if no client is detected, and start an X server making use of NVIDIA card if requested then let software GL implementations (such as VirtualGL) copy frames to the visible display that runs on the intergrated graphics. The ability to use discrete graphics depends on the driver: open source nouveau and proprietary nvidia.14:33
BluesKaj ^ ^ direct quote from muon14:34
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BluesKajit = bumblebee ^14:37
BluesKajto add to the confusion about what to use with hybrid graphics14:38
rockyroad1lordievader, BluesKaj, sorry, it was already nvidia-prime installed14:38
lordievaderrockyroad1: Hmm, you could try and disable the integrated card (Intel?) and see if that fixes things.14:39
BluesKajrockyroad1, yeah seems the hyn=vrid gpus are detected and nvidia-prime is enabled by default when the proprietary driver is installed14:39
BluesKajerr hybrid14:40
rockyroad1Sorry, they're calling me for lunch, I'll be back in a moment, thank you very much for help so far.14:40
d0kI've updated to plasma 5.5.4 and now the panels items light up light blue when hovered on. How do I set it to how it used to be in 5.4.x, when it only had a blue line above the icons and text when hovered on?15:35
clivejod0k: I had to install theme based on previous versions15:39
d0kOh wow, I feel dumb now15:42
d0kOkay, another problem15:42
d0kWhen I right click on some applications on my secondary monitor, the pop up menu appears on the primary monitor15:42
clivejonever had tha before15:44
d0kDoes anyone have any ideas?15:45
Smurphynope. Have only one Monitor here :}15:46
karin_hello i got a question im debugging with gnueabi-gdb and i get the whole time Cannot access memory at address 0x0 whan can i do about that15:57
DarinMillerkarin_ Wish I could help but I have zero experience with arm debugging.  I assume you already added the debugging symbols as suggested by this site http://elinux.org/GDB?16:04
karin_no that not only i have the problem that the debugging doesnt work @ all now and i didnt change the code or something16:08
Abe_I am looking for this folder .kde4 in my home folder $HOME/.kde4/share/config/ I do not have an .kde4 folder just .kde :(16:08
Abe_ballo file extractor is making problems on my machine I have to disable it16:09
DarinMillerAbe_ which version of Kubuntu are you running?16:09
Abe_KDE 4.13.316:10
karin_DarinMiller: i get now Error in final launch sequence Failed to execute MI command: -exec-continue Error message from debugger back end: Warning:\nCannot insert breakpoint 1.\nError accessing memory address 0x0: Invoer-/uitvoerfout.\n16:10
Abe_the trusty release16:10
d0kI plugged my main monitor into the GPU and the secondary monitor into the motherboard if that helps16:14
DarinMillerAbe_, as per this website http://askubuntu.com/questions/437635/how-to-turn-off-baloo-in-kde-4-13 baloo can be disable by editing $HOME/.kde/share/config/baloofilerc and changing Indexing-Enabled=true  to Indexing-Enabled=false16:14
Abe_ok so I was in the right folder... thank you16:19
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Abe_I don't find an Indexing-Enabled in this file :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/15159889/ *sry was pasted ugly somehow16:23
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DarinMillerAbe_ Are you just trying to disable desktop search?16:27
Abe_No Kubuntu is behaving weird the last couple of days. when the pc is idle it just uses 30-50% of my cpu for no reason.16:28
Abe_as soon as I am moving the mouse it goes back to 0. the baloo file extractor pops up in system activity. so I have this process under suspicion16:30
DarinMillerDoes the system monitor indicate baloo_file is the offending process?16:30
DarinMillerI would try setting Indexing-Enabled=false, logging out/in and see if the problem goes away.16:32
Abe_No this is the process that keeps appearing and going away. which is annoying so i'm trying to turn this process off. I really do not know if this is the cause for my cpu usage when idle16:32
Abe_like i said I don't find and indexing-enabled in this file :/16:34
BluesKajAbe_, what about akonadi server , do you kamil and other PIM apps16:34
BluesKajindexing usually takes only a few mins with baloo16:34
Abe_turned akonadi already off, I am not using any mail apps or Kmail16:35
BluesKajAbe_, ok16:35
BluesKajAbe_, system monitor/ksysguard is a good app for checking processes16:36
Abe_ok I am looking at that right now. the funny thing is. If my cpu goes up to 30-50% it does not show which process is using it. It immediatly goes back to 0 jumps back to 50 then 0 again.16:40
Abe_wasn't like that a couple days ago. using this pc with kubuntu for over a year now never had any problems :/ I recently installed steam but the process is not running so that can't be it16:42
rockyroadBluesKaj: I'm back, tried uncessfully to find how to disable the integrated intel graphics. would you have a hint ?16:42
rockyroadno such option in the bios, nvidia-prime installed16:42
Abe_could be like that since the last update i've made16:44
BluesKajrockyroad, no default gpu option in the BIOS? that's odd.16:44
Robert__hello guys I install Ubuntu 15.10 what shouyld I do to have KDE16:48
DarinMillerBluesKaj I have a hybrid skylake laptop from Dell that lacks default gpu in bios.  Its been quite a challenge to configure it as it requires the latest kernels, Nvidia and intel drivers.16:48
rockyroadIn the Aptio BIOS I have, there's a "Graphics Configuration" section, but the only thing in it is about the amount of preallocated memory ...16:48
BluesKajRobert__, install kubuntu-desktop16:49
Robert__where could I find kubuntu desktop ?\16:49
BluesKajDarinMiller, have you figured it out ? If so maybe you help rockyroad, I'm stumped16:50
BluesKajyou could help16:50
Robert__BluesKaj- thanks I'm the first day on linux :)16:51
DarinMillerBluesKaj, I am running 16.04 on it with landing PPA.  xrandr does not work as the intel video driver has yet to support 16.04. But NVida side is working fine.16:52
DarinMillerRobert__ could you repeat the issue(s), I missed the original problem statement.16:53
BluesKajRobert__, open a terminal/console, then at the prompt type or copy and paste this, sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop16:54
BluesKajthen at the login page you'll be able to choose between unity and kde/plasma desktops16:56
DarinMillerrockyroad could you repeat the issue(s), I missed the original problem statement16:57
rockyroadHi DarinMiller, ty. The issue was that the computer is not waking up properly from suspend to ram17:01
DarinMillerrockyroad what make/model of laptop?  My skylake laptop has similar issues, but improved dramatically with the 4.4 kernel.  What version of Kubuntu?17:03
rockyroadI dont have the refs on this laptop, of the 2 pastebin I made earlier (dmesg) are you able to find them in the logs ?17:04
rockyroadIt turned out that the problem could well be related to hybrid graphics17:04
rockyroadI have nvidia-prime installed17:05
rockyroadTrying to disable the intel GC from the bios, can't find any suitable option17:05
rockyroadcan I disable it from the kubuntu session ?17:06
rockyroadasus r516u17:07
DarinMillerlogs finally updated,  just a sec...17:07
DarinMillerby chance did you try sudo prime-select nvidia ?17:10
BluesKajDarinMiller, my laptop uses the i915 driver for the intel gpu and I'm running 16.04 there as well and xrender is an option, but I'm using OpenGL3.117:11
Abe_Ok I just removed a hole bunch of crap, emptied my trash and removed unwanted programs, the problem seems to be gone now after a restart thank god17:12
DarinMillerAbe_ was this the popup window on the wrong monitor problem?17:12
Abe_DarinMiller: do what? sorry did not understand17:13
Abe_Now my cpu ist pending between 0-2% like it was before17:14
DarinMillerAbe_ I was curious which problem you solved.17:15
BluesKajAbe_, it's a good practice to run autoremove and autoclean periodically, like once per week17:17
Abe_No I was the guy asking for that baloo thingy17:17
Abe_BluesKaj: I do that like after every update17:18
BluesKajAbe_, so what "junk" did you remove ? :-)17:18
rockyroad_DarinMiller: Odd mesg it gives: the current alternatives in use are: ['nvidia-352', 'nvidia-352']17:18
rockyroad_Info: the nvidia profile is already in use17:18
Abe_all kinds of things in my homefolder that were starting to pile up :D17:19
Abe_oh and my trash didn't empty it for months I think so there were gb of crap I got rid of17:20
Abe_I should start using commas in my sentences.17:21
DarinMillerrockyroad I recommend enabling the ubuntu graphics ppa sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa , followed by sudo apt update and installing the recommended vidoe driver. (341.28 is working great for me).17:22
DarinMillerdang, just missed rockyroad....17:23
rockyroadDarinMiller: I'm still here, on 2 computers, one going on and offline ...17:26
* rockyroad is also rockyroad_17:26
DarinMillerrockyroad have you used ppa's?17:28
rockyroadI'm doing it ... slowly ;)17:30
* BluesKaj reads and absorbs for the next poor soul with optimus17:36
rockyroadthe ppa recommends nividia-352, which is the one I have ... do you thing replacing it with nvidia-361 can solve my problem ?17:37
BluesKajrockyroad, your gpu and his may be diffent , hence the different drivers17:38
BluesKajdifferent even17:39
rockyroadanyway 361.28  is installing at the moment17:40
BluesKajwho knows, it might help17:41
rockyroadupdating libcuda1-352 and nvidia-open-icd-35217:42
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omeniushey guys, I'm sure someone else has does this before; so how I bind my "windows" button (in keyboard) to start menu show/hide?17:48
rockyroad_it concludes with "Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915/skl_guc_ver4.bin for module i915"17:48
omeniusalso isn't it quite bad that 99% not made by apple has button, on where is logo of the product of a software company17:49
omeniusthat is quite strong statement17:49
omeniusI'm talking about keyboards but did not actually include the word "keyboard" in whole message17:50
DarinMillerrockyroad_ which version of kubuntu?17:53
DarinMillerNewer versions of kubuntu include newer versions of firmware.17:55
rockyroadkubuntu 15.10 w/ linux4.417:57
rockyroadafter install and reboot I tried suspend again ... same thing17:57
rockyroadbut from ssh I am able to do "top" and it gives very busy xorg, plasma, kscreenlocker_g ...17:58
rockyroadand also migration/0 ..18:00
DarinMillerEnsure to install the intel drivers also:  https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/intel-graphics-installer-linux-1.4.018:00
rockyroadis it official from intel ?18:03
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rockyroadDarinMiller: installed it, rebooted, exactely same result18:15
rockyroadXorg 100%18:15
Abe_rockyroad: Are u using an nvidia driver?18:16
DarinMilleryes, but my nvidia drivers have to pass thru the intel cpu, so the intel cpu has to working correctly on my box.18:18
Abe_okay that sounds odd18:18
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Abe_rockyroad: was it that way when you installed kubuntu? if not try to redo everything you have done :>18:23
Abe_sorry I know that didn't help18:24
rockyroadI think it would be safer for me to uninstall those experimental driver. Is there any precautions about doing it ?18:25
rockyroadDarinMiller: ^18:26
DarinMillerthe nvidia or intel driver?18:26
rockyroadboth I think. I need a system as stable as possible18:26
DarinMillerto go back to nvidia 352, sudo apt install nvidia-352.  I would expect the recent intel drivers to work as good or better than the default ones.18:27
rockyroadI cannot keep experiemental thing that don't fix anything. It is not my box18:27
DarinMillerLOL, oh I see :)18:28
DarinMillerI would stick with the 352 drivers for now and the drivers installed by the intel 1.4 installer.  When 16.04 comes around, I would use the latest recommended drivers for that release.18:29
rockyroadyep I'lll do that. .. but while we were talking "top" shows that the cpu eased down18:30
rockyroadany interesting exploration you think of before I downgrade ?18:31
rockyroadthere are still those "migration/0" "migration/1" processed I wonder what they are18:32
DarinMillerno, now with the install reporting missing firmware.  Additional firmware can be installed, but that is another rabit hole that I would not recommend on someone else PC.18:32
DarinMillernow = not18:32
DarinMiller16.04 should include a new firmware set and newer nvidia drivers may be possible on that release.18:34
rockyroadinstall nvidia-352 raises conflicts ...nvidia-persistenced xorg-driver-binary18:38
DarinMillertry sudo apt-get purge nvidia*, reboot, then install 35218:40
omeniusmy Xorg daemon/software/whatever is taking 40% of my CPU power when I have taskbar18:52
omeniusI had to remove it. It was not like this before18:53
omeniusalso the right side of the bar is bugging, an arrow icon is moving from left to right and back18:54
omeniusboot fixed the problem18:58
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asdf_Ubuntu or Kubuntu?19:13
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rockyroadDarinMiller: I'm in trouble ... I cannot go home leaving my friend with a dark screen :-s20:36
rockyroadoh, he's gone ...20:44
GreenDay100% [Connexion à fr.archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1360:8c01::18)]20:44
GreenDayit hangs20:44
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rockyroadOn boot, my screen is left on tty console for ages, but last time it finally came up with login screen after 10 mins or so ...20:47
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suncokretis it secure if we use portable linux programs which we put for example in home directory?20:47
rockyroadI am able to access the faulty box through ssh20:47
rockyroadand no task seems over-busy20:48
rockyroadthe tty says: "Started Light Display Manager", then "Started ACPI event daemon"20:49
rockyroadAnybody around to help ?20:51
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GreenDayit worked21:03
GreenDayi did apt-get clean21:03
GreenDaythen it been further then it hangs then it continued and done21:04
d0kWhen I right click in some applications on my secondary monitor, the pop up menu appears on the main monitor21:22
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andybrineHi Everyone23:01
andybrineIm having problems installing and setting up Samba23:01
andybrinecan anyone here provide any assistance?23:01
DarinMillerHi andybrine23:11
DarinMillerStill need samba assistance?23:11
andybrineYes please23:11
DarinMillerThis website has a good samba overview: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba23:12
andybrineI have gone through soo many tutorials but cant seem to see my workgroup23:12
DarinMillerBasically you need the following: sudo apt-get install samba samba-common system-config-samba python-glade2 gksu23:12
andybrineI have it installed, I just cant seem to get it working23:13
andybrineI have created shared folders and setup smdb.conf23:14
DarinMillerAdd a smb group:  sudo addgroup smb23:14
DarinMillerAdd yourself to the group: sudo adduser $USER smb23:14
andybrineok I have done that23:15
DarinMilleradd yourself as a samba user: sudo smbpasswd -a $USER23:15
DarinMillerEnable the user:  sudo smbpasswd -e $USER23:16
DarinMillerFor the next part, either use the GUI: sudo system-config-samba23:17
DarinMillerOr, manually edit the smb.conf file: sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf23:17
DarinMillerchange: Change: workgroup = workgroup to workgroup = <your network group name>23:17
DarinMillerAlso, change the resolve order as follows:23:18
DarinMillername resolve order = bcast host lmhosts wins23:18
andybrinedo I have to change the network group name?23:18
DarinMillerOrder is very important!23:19
DarinMillerNo, you can leave it as work group.23:19
andybrinedo I have to add that to the config?23:19
DarinMillerAlso,  ensure the "name resolve order" is under the [global] section23:19
andybrineok, let me check my smb.conf23:20
DarinMillerYes, typically "name resolve order" must be manually added to the file.23:20
DarinMillerto enable anonymous access to windows machines: remove the ";" (semi-colon) from beginning of line "security = user"23:21
DarinMillerand below the "security = user" line add a new line:23:21
DarinMillermap to guest = Bad User23:21
DarinMillerSpecific Folder share example (add at the end of the file):23:22
DarinMilleri.e. [Downloads]23:22
DarinMillerpath = /home/<your user name>/Downloads23:22
DarinMillercomment = "Some comment"23:23
andybrinecan I pastebin my config file?23:23
DarinMillerwriteable = yes23:23
DarinMillervalid users = name1, name2, ....23:23
DarinMillerbrowseable = yes23:23
DarinMilleryes, paste away.23:23
DarinMillerWhen the you finish editing the smb.conf file, restart samba: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart23:24
andybrinei feel like such a noob23:25
DarinMillerI feel like a noob every time I fight samba.  I always forget something....23:25
andybrinelol, its such a challenge23:25
andybrinedoes my smb.conf look right?23:26
DarinMillerEnsure to add: name resolve order = bcast host lmhosts wins23:26
DarinMillerin the [global] section...23:26
DarinMillerAre you sure you want to share your entire home directory?23:27
andybrineat the moment yes, lol23:28
andybrineonce its working I will change the folder23:28
DarinMillerAnd, do you have a /samba/anonymous directory on your box (that's not a default folder)23:28
andybrineyea, I created that folder23:28
DarinMillerChecklist: ok, so you added the smb user group and your username to the group.23:31
andybrineIll add that now23:31
DarinMillerAdded and enabled your username to the samba group using smbpasswd?23:32
andybrinedont think I have done that23:32
andybrinehow do I do that?23:33
DarinMillersudo smbpasswd -a <username>23:33
DarinMillersudo smbpasswd -e <username>23:33
andybrineyes, I think I did that with your commands earlier23:33
DarinMillerOk, restart samba? sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart23:33
andybrineok all is restarted23:34
andybrineshould I be able to see that now as a workgroup?23:35
kguest12does kubuntu 14.04 keep uptoday with the latest KDE? or is its KDE frozen to whatever was around at the release of 14.04?23:35
DarinMilleryes, navigate with dolphin or a file manager on another PC.23:36
andybrineYOU ARE A LEGEND!!!23:36
andybrineFirst time I have been able to see my shared files!23:36
andybrineThanks! Its much appreciated!23:36
andybrineCan you recomend a good tutorial for the future?23:38
DarinMillerExcellent! Glad I can help.  If you run into write issues, try modifying the file permissions on the specific directory with either dolphin or the chmod command23:38
DarinMillerThe one I gave you at the beginng was a good one no?  A couple others: http://www.jonathanmoeller.com/screed/?p=294123:39
DarinMillerMy personal notes I keep here for a community Ed class I occasionally teach: https://sites.google.com/site/bcelinux/classroom-news/basicsambaconfigurationfilesharingincludingwindowspcs23:40
andybrineOk awesome thanks23:40
andybrineI will save all these links for the future23:41
DarinMillerkguest12: if you use the backports PPA, 14.04 stays fairly up to date on the KDE side.23:41
DarinMillerandybrine: Glad I could help23:41
DarinMillerThe kernel is not updated, so if you have a skylake PC that needs newer kernerl or firmware revs, those will have to updated manually.23:42
DarinMillerkguest12: 2 more months and 16.04 will be out the door with most of the latest and greates.23:43
andybrinecan you send me the unixmen article again?23:45
DarinMillerLooks like my other link expired.23:49
andybrineyea, thats perfect23:52
andybrinethat will be the ideal guide23:52

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