CurvedFangIs anyone here?11:08
CurvedFangI'm having an issue with booting into the BIOS after installing Lubuntu in Legacy Boot. Everything works okay but I am no longer able to access the BIOS. Upon boot, a white line that seems to be loading something comes up, and when I press f2 garbled white text comes up and I am unable to select anything. After, it just resumes booting and ends up at the login screen.11:10
hippytaffAnyone else having trouble with git. Git kills nano (causes a segfault and can't open and docs or new doc) and pretty much anything cli. apt-get install etc...15:29
hippytaffCan't see any bug reports...15:31
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weepshi. is it possible to upgrade from lubuntu 11.10 to one of the LTS versions? I've tried different ways, but the system cannot find any suitable upgrade18:13
tewardweeps: 12.0418:14
tewardthat's your next step.18:14
pleia2you can go 11.10 to 12.04 and then 14.04, 14.04 is a supported LTS18:14
teward^ that too18:14
pleia2you'll need to adjust your sources though, since 11.10 has been EoL for some time now and the repos don't work anymore18:14
weepsI've followed these instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Oneiric but that didnt help. adjusted the apt source accordingly18:15
pleia2those are the correct instructions, what do you mean "didn't help"?18:15
weepsdo-release-upgrade still does not find a new version to upgrade to18:16
pleia2hm, that's weird :\18:17
tewardstupid question18:17
tewardbut did you try `do-release-upgrade -d`?18:17
tewardthere were historic cases where that may be needed18:17
weepsyes, same result18:17
weepsI found that in "Software Sources" in the first tab all sources where unchecked18:23
weepsand I think it works now with that tool18:23
weepsit offered to upgrade to 12.04 but crashed (or went invisible?) after a while18:26
weeps /tmp/update-manager-... is running, taking up almost all cpu power18:28
weeps...for over 12 minutes now. Can I kill that safely? Seems to be stuck.18:36
weepsaptitude safe-upgrade installs from the 12.04 repos now, that is a good sign, right?18:41
ianorlinweeps it might take a while if your computer is old as it has to use a lot of packing and upacking of the packages19:23
ianorlinweeps: I would not kill it19:23
weepsthanks, but I already did19:25
weepsrebooting now, fingers crossed. thanks so far.19:39
suncokrethello, is there someone for help? :)20:48
ianorlinsuncokret:probably  but we need to know what your question is to help you20:49
suncokretis it secure if we use portable linux programs which we put for example in home directory?20:49
suncokreti mean is that programs safe from viruses20:50

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