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Guest95525hi the ubuntu installer is crashing right away10:02
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BluesKajHey folks12:01
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cortexman_i have to manually run sudo systemctl start lightdm after boot21:21
k1llook into the dmesg and Xorg.log what is going wrong on boot21:22
cortexman_i don't really see anything21:25
cortexman_i think it's just not actually trying to use lightdm21:25
cortexman_dpkg-reconfigure says lightdm is already first21:25
lordievadercortexman_: Is the lightdm service enabled?21:41
truexfan81can anyone tell me where phpmyadmin keeps its config on ubuntu when you don't choose any of the 2 httpd options during the auto config? i asked in #ubuntu but no one there seems to know21:48
truexfan81i've tried using locate command to no avail21:49
truexfan81i just need to add my ip to it so i can gain access to it21:49
asperhello there. running on ubuntu 16.04 i can't delete a bridge interface created by ip link. after reboot its still there and an         │ Adie22:03
asper                          | previously associated wifi interface uses it as master.22:03
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aspernevermind. hostapd was bringing that thing up.22:34

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