Kiloshelloooo africa11:10
=== eebrah_ is now known as eebrah
Kiloshi MarwenDo zipper and everyone else16:34
MarwenDohi Kilos16:34
MarwenDohow are you doing16:35
Kilosgood ty and you?16:35
MarwenDoFine :)16:35
Kilosready for a new weeks work?16:35
MarwenDowhat kind of work ?16:35
Kilosdont you work?16:35
Kilospc stuff16:36
MarwenDoI'm studying16:36
MarwenDowhat about you ?16:36
Kilosstudy as hard and as much as you can16:36
Kilosim too old16:36
Kilosi just work on everyones nerves16:36
Kiloshi Na3iL16:47
MarwenDohi Na3iL16:47
Na3iLHey Kilos MarwenDo16:48
Na3iLhow are you guys16:48
Kilosgood ty and you?16:48
Na3iLgood as well16:50

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