pleia2tsimonq2: for future reference, your summary in the doc is perfect, please don't feel the need to take such detailed notes about the community Q&A :) you'll burn yourself out!03:24
pleia2tsimonq2: but now that you have those notes, I recommend sending them to popey, dholbach and mhall119 for this week, I'm sure they'd love to see them03:24
pleia2I'm really impressed, haha03:25
pleia2tomorrow is a travel day for me and I won't be getting to my hotel until very late so the editor email will likely go out pretty late07:00
pleia2(like, 24 hours from now)07:00
pleia2sigh, went to copy over some of the summaries to the wiki and I can't edit pages18:13
pleia2asked in the IS channel, hopefully can resolve it soon, but I have travel to do now18:31
pleia2was really hoping to knock some of this out before I left though x_x18:31
MooDoowhich page - this one? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue45519:47
pleia2MooDoo: wiki.ubuntu.com, where we publish the newsletter21:36
pleia2looks like the lock was released again though, so I can edit21:37
pleia2but I'm actually getting on a plane now, so it will have to wait!21:37
* pleia2 puts laptop away21:37
Unit193Plane's internet wouldn't make it any slower...21:37
Unit193pleia2: Have a nice flight.21:37
pleia2Unit193: wiki is not editable on plane wifi, the wifi times out before I can save :D21:38
Unit193Haha. :D21:38
pleia2it thinks the page is not responding and gives an error21:38
pleia2it's pretty funny, in a sad way21:38
pleia2anyway, airplane, thanks :)21:38

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