FlannelWell, if they're idling, send them a query and/or a memoserv explaining that it's not an exactly appropriate nick and it'd be appreciated if they changed it.00:00
Flannel(I assume "joining and quitting" is on the order of days or hours, not minutes)00:00
FlannelTry a few times, in case they're AFK for long periods, and then banforward.00:01
FlannelIf theyre not saying anything, than they're not causing trouble with that nick, because no one sees it except a few times a day.  So you don't need to immediately make a knee-jerk reaction.00:01
valoriethank you Flannel00:02
Flannel(banforward is so they can eventually discover the ban and fix it, the ban would be "we did this because you weren't ever awake".)00:03
valorieI've messaged00:03
FlannelNow comes the waiting :)00:04
FlannelIn my experience, people have no problem changing nicks when asked politely (unless they're being obtuse on purpose).  It's harder to talk them into changing if you start off by poking them with a ban.00:05
elkyand usually poking them with words will give you better reasons to ban them anyway00:07
Unit193Or at least some context to it.00:08
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k1l_hi TJ-15:07
k1l_how can we help you?15:08
TJ-oops! didn't realise the client was in this channel15:09
k1l_np :)15:09
TJ-that's a left-over from 3 weeks ago when I was last on :)15:09
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