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flocculantcyphermox: am I right in assuming that ubiquity " Redesign the prepare screen for less clutter." is lose the internet warning and the disk size warning? note - I saw the disk size warning when it was too small :)18:18
slangasekunblocked getting the new phpunit unstuck from -proposed, so it's now compatible with php7; there may be various test failures in update_excuses that now want retried19:08
flexiondotorg_Is infinity about yet?20:35
flexiondotorg_He definitely said I should annoy him ;-)20:35
infinityflexiondotorg_: I forget what you were annoying me about.  Minimal cdimage merges for xu/mate?20:43
Ukikie...Alive on a weekend? :320:44
flexiondotorg_infinity, Yes please :-)20:44
flexiondotorg_infinity, Would be good for testing in Beta 1.20:45
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dokoso gnutls is coupled with bind9 and linux; removed netexpect, trying to get filezilla done23:25

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