tarpmanbekks: is that the same thing as "split tunnel"?00:27
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faddathi-- anyone here have the slightest clue how to run ubuntu Xenial on GCE?07:06
faddatI am at like 3+ hours on that one problem, and I'd really love to be off of it07:07
faddatI know of this:  https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/16.04/alpha-2/07:10
faddatbut I do not know of how to get those images onto GCE.07:10
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skylitecould someone take a look at this initscript? I am very curious why it knows it should start in the name of the bitlbee user: http://pastebin.com/nZX6Ucx309:56
tomreynskylite: i don't see it either. maybe it starts as root and then drops privileges and su's to this user itself?10:18
skylitetomreyn it should be here then no? i just start it as service bitlbee start10:19
tomreynwhat should be where?10:19
skylitethe su command in the init script10:21
tomreyni was referring to the binary doing this itself10:21
skylitetomreyn  youre right10:24
tomreyni haven't checked whether it does, i'm just suspecting this10:24
tomreynif you run strings on the binary it will list entries which suggest it may have this capability.10:27
skylitei just run the bitlbee binary as root and ps aux | grep bitlbee says its not running as root10:28
skyliteso this must be it10:28
tomreynmakes sense10:28
Razvahey folks! my maas server has two nics: one for net and one for lan. I've setup the lan nic, via maas, to offer dhcp and dns. dhcp works, dns doesn't.12:22
Razvaall lan clients get IPs from the maas-dhcp, BUT seems that internet is not accessible from lan clients. should I setup nat, or this should be done by maas?12:22
trippehhmm. on my newly installed xenial systems less no longer shows up as a pager alternative.15:04
trippehthe postinst seems incomplete.15:11
trippehyup. https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=81225215:14
ubottuDebian bug 812252 in less "less not any more registered as "pager" alternative" [Normal,Open]15:14
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Carogahi ! Anyone in here a hero on LVM? I'm having troubles recovering some of my LVM pv's and the interwebs isnt helping me much, just making me more confuzz17:07
Carogapvcreate --uuid etc etc isnt allowing me to restore my device :(17:08
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RazvaFailed to get ip directly: [Errno -2] Name or service not known18:44
Razvawhen deploying openstack with juju18:44
tucemiuxcan you guys recommend a lightweight desktop to graphically manage kvm?18:48
Carogaanyone here?20:03
damasceneCaroga, sure, just ask you question and wait for an answer. most channels on freenode works like that20:12
Carogadamascene: I know, i've done so 3 hours ago without response, that's why I'm asking if there is any activity at all.20:12
Caroga[18:07:34] <Caroga> hi ! Anyone in here a hero on LVM? I'm having troubles recovering some of my LVM pv's and the interwebs isnt helping me much, just making me more confuzz20:13
Caroga[18:08:19] <Caroga> pvcreate --uuid etc etc isnt allowing me to restore my device :(20:13
damascenedid you try upstream channel?20:14
Caroganope, which would be the upstream channel ?20:14
Carogadamascene: thank you so much ! I just found #lvm existed20:15
damasceneCaroga, yeah I just checked it. I hope you got an answer. first thing required here is keeping patience20:16
Carogathank you for the reference.20:16

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