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rh300zxanyone here familiar with porting to new device and willing to help me out ?00:45
besneatteI did a google nexux 4.... it was super easy, just followed the guide00:46
rh300zxyes but your trees are available i need to build for vs985 and bump oot00:46
rh300zxboot sorry00:47
besneattegotcha... I am sure someone here can help you... i have found many answers here :)00:48
rh300zxi have built env... i need to figure out whether i can extract from my cm13 or if i should revert to stock kk and extract00:48
rh300zxi have built but obtained secure boot error when i flashed cause i didnt bump boot img. but wasnt sure if it was ok to extract trees blobs etc from cm1300:51
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jabawokcat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness07:33
jabawoksay wha ?07:33
jabawokanyone know what the thinking is there?07:33
MikaelaIf I understand that correctly, it means to always use swap and only when it's full move to RAM, but that doesn't make sense to me08:07
anpokjabawok: just how aggressively the kernel tries to move virtual memory to swap08:37
anpokjabawok: is that on ubuntu touch?08:43
anpokthat would fit the scenario .. limited memory.. fast application starts.. and applications that not in focuus get lifecycled anyhow..08:44
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sistemxHello, can anybody help with install bacon2d?11:33
sistemxHello, can anybody help with install bacon2d? I try make, deb but nothing12:09
sistemxno any errors, but in create new project missing bacon12:11
mimecarI have not work with bacon2d, sorry12:12
sistemxbut as I know, it is only this way how to make game isn't it?12:13
mimecarhave you ask on the mailing list?12:17
mimecarthere're developpers can hel you12:17
sistemxThis way I don't know12:19
sistemxThanks, I will try...12:21
mimecaryou can ask also on this channel...12:22
sistemxIt looks like noby use bacon12:29
sistemxI can not get answers :(12:30
mimecarit is sunday12:30
mimecarand not all the users are conected12:30
sistemxIt is right, I try install it almost 1 week, I am desperate12:35
mimecarsistemx, Have you sent the message to the mailing list?12:58
sistemxnot yet12:59
Smurphyanyone has news on when the OTA9.5 will be released ?13:19
mimecarit will be released this Wednesday13:24
SmurphyCool. :)13:29
CryptoManiacWhich phone is currently the most high-end for Ubuntu phone?13:34
k1l_CryptoManiac: the upcomming mx 5 pro13:35
FSXDo you guys know if it's possible to use the SDK on other distrobutions too?13:36
CryptoManiack1l_: Is that the one by Meizu?13:41
k1l_CryptoManiac: yes13:41
CryptoManiacand very tempting13:47
CryptoManiacbut the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be out sooner13:47
ogra_will it ?13:48
k1l_CryptoManiac: you could buy the samsung and port ubuntu touch to that :)13:50
* ogra_ hasnt seen any finalized release date for the S7 ... 13:50
ogra_(unboxing and presenting doesnt mean "in hands of customers" ... if you got after that, meizu was even earlier (last week) with the ubuntu phone ;) )13:52
latestnicknameI tried to build ubuntu touch, and am following the guide on wiki.ubuntu14:05
latestnicknamehowever, everytime I try to sync, I get the message:14:06
latestnicknameerror: Cannot fetch aosp/device/asus/grouperMiB | 15.83 MiB/s14:06
latestnicknameerror: Exited sync due to fetch errors14:06
latestnicknameERROR:phablet-dev-bootstrap:Error while trying to sync repository14:06
latestnicknameDoes somebody know what to do?14:07
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dhbikerMeizu Pro 5 got announced14:59
dhbikeras i suspected14:59
dhbikerhopefully the battery life will be better than on the mx415:00
mcmicHow can I access the sdcard of the phone from a computer I’m connected to through USB?15:42
popeyover mtp15:42
popeywe do that by default15:42
mcmic(Computer runs GNU/Linux with KDE, I can see the internal memory alright)15:42
mcmicI see the internal memory but not the SD15:42
popeywhat device?15:42
mcmicI formated the SD to ext4 and put it in the phone and reboot15:42
mcmicbq E4.515:43
popeythat's why then15:43
popeyit won't be automounted if it's ext415:43
popeynot sure it would show up even if you did mount it, not tried that15:43
mcmicAt first I formated it with the phone, it did vfat and I couldn’t copy some file to it, because of vfat limitation on file names15:43
mcmicSo I formated with the PC to ext4 thinking ubuntu should have no problem with it15:44
popeyit has no problem, just not the assumed default15:44
mcmicIf I go into the SD card manager it behaves as if the SD was mounted15:46
mcmicBut I do not trust this app as I had problem with it before15:46
Smurphymcmic: yes, but probably belongs to root, not user phablet15:46
mcmicSmurphy: Oh, the ext4 filesystem?15:46
Smurphyand then, you can't write data to it.15:46
Smurphymcmic: yes.15:46
mcmicSmurphy: How can I fix this?15:47
Smurphygot onto the device, and make sure the sdcard is mounted with uid phablet.15:47
mcmicSmurphy: What are the command for this?15:47
mcmicI got terminal app and root access if needed15:48
Smurphymcmic: Go onto the phone, and change the UID to the one of phablet - on the device.15:49
Smurphy/dev/mmcblk1                                  30G   29G  1.3G  96% /media/phablet/937A-CE7C15:50
Smurphycd /media/phablet/937A-CE7C15:50
Smurphychown phablet.phablet -R .15:50
SmurphyShould do the trick.15:50
SmurphyI'm using vfat on it. Easier :}15:50
mcmicI got no /media/phablet :-/15:51
Smurphythen it is not mounted.15:51
SmurphyMake a "sudo dmesg" - should tell you what device name the sdcard has.15:52
mcmicSmurphy: Any word I can grep to narrow it down?15:53
Smurphysudo dmesg | grep mmcblk15:54
SmurphyShould do it - if the phone does not run for too long yet.15:55
mcmicit’s  /dev/mmcblk115:56
mcmicpartition is same with p1 at the end15:56
mcmicSmurphy: I’m supposed to mount it where? It’s not in fstab so just mount does not work.15:57
SmurphyThing is - if you mount it manually, the sym=links which are required will not be set, and the apps won't find the sdcard/storage space.15:59
SmurphyIMHO - you should let the device format it.15:59
Smurphyas vfat.15:59
SmurphyWhat problems did you have ?15:59
mcmicSmurphy: Could not copy my music because some songs have question marks or quote in the name16:00
mcmicIt’s so stupid ext4 is not supported in the same way as vfat.16:00
mcmicI think I’m gonna let it go for no16:00
SmurphyI have no problems with that.16:01
SmurphyI bet you are using a specific charset. Are you coming from Mac OS-X ?16:01
mcmicJust copy some music on the internal memory and open a ticket on the bug tracker for proper ext4 support16:01
mcmicSmurphy: No, ArchLinux with KDE16:02
SmurphyAnd where did you get the music from ?16:02
mcmicSeveral places obviously16:03
mcmicBut most of it got renamed by picard16:03
mcmicAny way, I give up on this battle for today, it’s getting late here16:04
mcmicSmurphy: popey: thanks for the help16:04
mcmicHave a good day16:04
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timeaxHello peoples :)17:23
mimecarhello timeax17:23
timeaxHi mimecar,can u help me? Im trying to port ubuntu touch on mi xiaomi mi2s17:24
timeaxBut i'm having some troubles17:24
mimecarI have not experience with ports17:24
mimecarbut you can ask your questions to the channel17:25
timeaxOk tnx anyway ;)17:25
timeaxIs there somebody who can help me in porting ubuntu touch on my device?17:26
dobey!ask | timeax17:45
ubot5timeax: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:45
timeaxOk guys,sry for fhe mistake ;)17:46
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old_benzjust wondering if anyone has attemped to port a qualcomm 810 device?18:05
old_benzalso where can I find more information about the xperia z1 port?18:06
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asdasHi, all20:36
asdasI have problem with permission on Ubuntu Touch.20:36
asdasmy app armor file:20:37
asdasCan you help me?20:37
asdasjdstrand: ?20:38
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lynxisdoes ubuntu touch have a packages.ubuntu.com thing somewhere?21:08
lynxisI'm looking for perl MIME/Base64.pm which isn't included into the perl package like on desktops. syncevolution needs it in order to know the differences between the remote and local stores.21:13
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