mappshi all05:19
zmoylan-pispring is here, the daily mail hacker is no longer wearing a hoodie... :-) http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/02/18/12/0236EF8900000578-3452774-image-m-93_1455800012124.jpg10:22
directhexOh no, that website's horrible. Have some10:25
directhexTea and Kittens10:26
directhexInstead, they're much nicer.10:26
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:30
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penguin42popey: You need to borrow one of these; http://gizmodo.com/this-lg-robot-ball-thing-is-insane-176018780616:20
popeythats cool!16:23
penguin42it's probably great for chasing cats16:24
popeyheh, yeah!16:24
MooDooevening all19:44
penguin42it is indeed19:45
popeyi should pack19:46
popeyand book a cab19:46
popeyI hate travelling19:46
penguin42popey: For some reason there is no service that anaesthetises you at home, and delivers you to your destination and then awakens you19:47
popeyDerren Brown did that!19:47
penguin42so did the CIA19:47
popeyhypnotised someone and next thing he woke up in Morocco19:47
popeytouche :)19:47
MooDoosafe travels popey :)19:48
diddledanpopey: MWC?#19:57
diddledanis that this week?19:57
penguin42diddledan: Yeh lots of news stuff coming out from it19:58
MooDooHall 3 Stand 3J30 that's where canonical is :)20:03
penguin42based on the pictures on G+ I dont think you'd miss it from space20:06
* diddledan wonders if there are going to be any juicy bombshells20:19
diddledanmoar announcements! :-p20:19
diddledanpopey is probably itching to tell us but isn't allowed20:20
diddledanI'd imagine it's really difficult to be both secretive yet also very public20:20
zmoylan-pithe ubuntu toaster, shuttleworths face on every slice...20:21
diddledannumber of times the community Q&A has had questions along the lines of "when is x and y going to make a new z" and I'm sure I can see a glint in popey's eyes when he tells the audience he doesn't have anything to share about that20:22
diddledanooh, a boontoo toaster will be awesome20:22
diddledanI still want to get popey sainted20:23
diddledanpopey, popey, he's our man, if he can't do it, call superman20:24
penguin42diddledan: I'm not sure that's generally a good idea to get someone sainted20:24
penguin42diddledan: Well, not for them20:24
diddledanI think you have to perform a miracle or two, don't you?20:25
MooDooIt's obvious what it is, it's a paper thin ubuntu phone that's transparent made out of aluminu...computer oh computer20:25
diddledanMooDoo: and bendy!20:25
MooDoolots of stages to becoming a saint20:25
MooDoodiddledan: oooh yes forgot bendy20:26
diddledanhmm, a keyboard. how quaint.20:26
diddledanforget popey, let's saint Scotty20:27
MooDoodiddledan: ah someone got the reference ;)20:27
diddledanso.. completely random question.. can ubuntu snappy core for the raspi drive the LCD display?20:29
diddledanas in the official 7 inch display from the foundation20:30
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