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Kilosafternoon everyone11:08
KilosMaaz seen superfly11:09
MaazKilos: superfly was last seen 23 hours, 24 minutes and 8 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-02-20 03:45:06 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2016-02-21 02:05:48 PST11:09
Kilosoh my where my fly11:09
Kiloschesedo meeting tuesday night hey11:09
Kilosdid you see the addition to the agenda11:10
magespawngood afternoon12:06
theblazehenhi magespawn12:20
Kiloshi magespawn theblazehen 12:21
theblazehenhi Kilos12:21
Kilosssd's are a different kinda storage device hey13:03
theblazehenKilos: Yeah. But as long as TRIM is enabled you don't need to worry about it. With modern SSDs it'll even do okay without TRIM, but obviously having it on is better13:04
Kiloshaha i have no idea even what trim is or how to turn it on13:09
Kilosand whether the badblocs command works on them13:10
Kilosand caddies for lenovo lapptops are expensive13:10
Kilosthat might help13:16
Kilossudo fstrim -v / seems to be the command to use13:23
Kilosim not gonna worry about cron jobs13:24
theblazehenYeah, your fs should automatically be using discard I think, so no worry about it13:29
theblazehenHi SubOracle13:36
theblazehensuperfly *13:37
theblazehenTab complete..13:37
superflyhi theblazehen13:37
superflyjust reinstalled my server, got my IRC logs back, yay!13:37
Kiloswb superfly 13:42
theblazehensuperfly: Which client do you use?13:49
superflytheblazehen: quassel13:52
theblazehenNice. Same here. Wish it had a cli client though.. My terminal looks rather nice if I say so myself13:53
theblazehenone background: https://i.imgur.com/6IQfuwP.jpg . New one is generated every minute with cron job13:57
superflytheblazehen: https://github.com/magne4000/quassel-webserver14:28
theblazehensuperfly: Doesn't look too bad, local client is alright. Would still like to be able to use say weechat or irssi with it though14:30
superflyI hear you14:31
superflythe problem with weechat and irssi is that they are fully-fledged IRC clients. you are basically looking for a terminal-based quassel client :-)14:31
theblazehenYup, exactly. Would like it if quassel could also act as a normal bouncer14:33
superflysadly, my googling is not turning anything up14:33
theblazehenYeah, there's also smuxi, but that doesn't have much in the way of android clients etc14:34
Kilosi am gona swop drives and see how ssd is doing15:24
KilosMaaz watch them15:24
Maazoh Kilos I will watch them no problem, but you better be back soon!15:24
Kilosssd rather lots faster15:36
Kilosthe trim command trimmed lots15:36
Kilos103902941184 bytes were trimmed15:37
Kilospity they so expensive15:38
magespawnhi all15:48
Kiloshi magespawn 15:57
magespawni missed all that other converstion, my computer froze15:58
magespawnconversation too15:58
Kilossorry i cant help, moved to ssd15:59
Kilostheblazehen can you fill magespawn in please15:59
superflyhi Kilos, magespawn15:59
Kiloshi superfly 15:59
theblazehenKilos: Hmm, client lost my logs when internet went out :/ sorry16:00
magespawnhi superfly16:00
magespawnno worries16:00
magespawnhi theblazehen 16:00
Kiloswe spoke about getting ssds to perform better magespawn 16:00
Kiloscommand is16:00
theblazehenHi magespawn16:00
Kilossudo fstrim -v /16:00
theblazehenfstrim, yeah. Kilos if you have discard for your drive options in /etc/fstab then you're good16:01
Kilosworks on older drives that have had things deleted16:01
Kiloslemme look there16:01
Kilosnope theblazehen 16:03
Kilossuperfly i like your im not a robot goodie16:04
Kilosbetter than those crooked letters i battle to see16:04
magespawni have two new toys, a nas enclosure and a raspberry B+16:05
Kilosim trying to member what a nas enclosure is16:05
magespawnNetwork Attached Storage16:06
Kiloswith a drive in16:06
Kilosthat crazy guy was marketing them16:06
magespawnyes, it is an old one so only takes ide, has an 80 gig in it at the moment16:06
Kilosthen i know what you are talking about16:07
Kiloshandy to have16:07
Kiloside drives are cheap compared to ssd16:08
Kilosi bought a 1TB drive for same price as a second hand 128g ssd16:08
Kilosnow to see how long it lasts16:08
magespawnalways handy to have more storage16:09
theblazehenKilos: change the errors... to discard,errors...16:09
Kilosok ty16:13
Kilosthis line theblazehen 16:14
KilosUUID=aeb4d033-ce06-4a07-b05b-af3427e412e4 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       116:15
Kilosonly place i see errors16:19
theblazehenso discard,errors=remount-ro16:24
Kilosty lad16:24
Kiloshi zipper 16:34
KilosMaaz seen inetpro 17:06
MaazKilos: inetpro was last seen 3 hours, 41 minutes and 51 seconds ago in private on freenode [2016-02-21 05:24:17 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2016-02-17 03:50:33 PST17:06
Kilosaw missed him17:06
Kiloshi there inetpro 17:06
Kiloslaptops have many drawbacks, you cant just plug in and extra drive to work on17:07
magespawni have seen a few that have had an extra space for another drive17:29
magespawni also saw, somewhere, a way to remove the cd rom so that you could have an extra drive17:30
theblazehenmagespawn: Yeah, think cd rom is normally sata? In that case, worst case just some duct tape or something 17:31
Kilosydes but you need what they call a caddy to put an extra drive in place of the dvd17:33
Kilosand that around R150017:33
theblazehenKilos: I think you can make do with DIY though?17:33
Kilosmost likely if the connectors are the same you could pad it up with some polystyrene strips i suppose17:34
Kiloswill look into that17:34
theblazehenYeah, I think it should be the same17:35
Kilosill femove this dvd and look17:36
theblazehenOtherwise you could always put the normal hard drive in a usb enclosure or something?17:36
KilosCryterion you on another pc?17:37
Kiloswhere is your cloak17:37
CryterionKilos no same one17:38
Kilosoh my17:38
Cryterionhaving a look now17:38
Kiloscloak missing17:38
Kilosit didnt even say changing host17:39
Kilosthats better17:40
Kiloswhat was wrong17:40
Cryterionrestarted client17:41
Cryteriondon't think I had since it was activated17:41
Kilosoh my17:42
Cryteriongoing to check on my troops, here but not here ;)17:43
Kilosoh kids17:43
Kiloswhats that17:43
Cryterionnot, dropped them off at home already17:44
Cryterionillyriad is a deep strategy mmorts game based in ancient times17:44
Kilosonline game?17:45
Cryterionbrowser based17:45
Kilosi love those games but online is not an option17:46
Kilos0ad is at least in the repos17:46
Kilosyou uncapped peeps are spoiled17:46
Cryterion0ad is yes, never got far with it yet, was still thinking of setting up a basic server to start learning online based game programming, just not much time atm17:48
Cryterionuncapped only works if the wire aren't corroded, 2nd time this year telkom has been out to fix wire at the pole17:49
Cryterionthe get 1 more quick fix, then they gotta change the cable17:50
Kilosmaintenance is poor on everything17:50
Cryteriononly 3 pairs in the cable I think, on the 2nd, if third is still there17:50
Kilosno chance of getting ftth17:51
CryterionI give it 2 months, and I'll log a breakdown17:51
Kilosi saw an add somewhere , someone was offering free ftth for test purposes17:51
Kilosfibre to the home17:52
Cryterionnot yet there17:52
Kilosmaybe mweb or one of them17:52
Cryterionlines aren't laid yet17:52
Cryterionthe fibre went south coast of Durban first, nothing more as yet17:53
Cryteriontoti might have, but it was more the scottburgh area they set it up17:54
Kiloshaha the diva learned ninja moves from watching ninja movies17:54
CryterionAnd I don't see telkom, or their subs digging anywhere, only water pipes being fixed17:55
Kilosoh well you young enough17:56
Kilosmaybe one day17:56
CryterionI drive around, so get to see17:56
Cryterionroads being laid twice in a year17:56
Kiloshalf jobs17:57
Cryterionthen they decide they need to dig one half up to replace a pipe17:57
Cryterionso the road f'd afterwards anyway17:57
Kilosi dont understand them all, the durbs to pmb concrete road was built very many years ago with minimum maintenance needed but thats the only place that has done it17:59
inetproguten abend18:29
inetproyes and that counts for you as well oom Kilos18:33
Kiloshaha ty inetpro 18:34
inetproyou guys all asleep here or what?18:34
Kilosor what18:34
* inetpro sukkel18:34
Kilosmet wat18:34
inetpromet julle18:34
Kilosgo pm18:35
Kilosai! ek sukkel18:35
inetprolyk my hier gaan niks aan as ek weg is nie man18:35
Kiloshahaha i told you you are important18:35
inetproso what else did I miss here?18:38
Kilosmeeting in 2 days18:40
Kilosand btw 18:40
Kiloswhere were you18:40
* inetpro has always been here18:40
Kilosi pinged you a few times with no reply18:41
inetprooh my...18:41
inetprosorry oom18:41
Kilosso where were you18:41
inetprowatching cricket, and 18:42
inetprowatching cricket, and...18:42
Kilosoh my18:42
Kilosgeeks dont do sport18:42
Kilostodays game was exciting18:42
inetprogiving us some hope again18:43
inetpronow we just need to play like that when it counts18:43
Kilosbut makes me wonder what happened in the tests18:43
inetproit's a young team, they needed to build a bit of new character before...18:45
inetproI think we have a classy team in the making18:45
KilosT20 cup looks promising18:46
inetprofor sure18:46
Kilosi gonna sleep soon18:48
Kilosyou all have a good evening and rest for the week ahead18:48
Kilosyou too superfly 18:48
superflynight Kilos18:48
superflywill do18:48
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:49
Kilosthat counts for you as well inetpro 18:49
inetprooh, good night oom18:49
CryterionKilos am I still cloaked?19:44
Cryterionhmm, he's not here19:46
Cryterioncan anyone else check?19:46
superflyCryterion: not at the moment20:24

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