reisiofeneco: seems like an advantage to me, TBH, but there is also window grouping you can get00:00
FBIwellick: which version of virtualbox?00:00
wellickI just downloaded it. 5.0.1400:00
fenecoreisio: what would be that?00:01
gadnukhey guys, does anyone have any tips for getting my headphone sound to work again after an update? I've tried everything I can find online.00:01
ert3gadunk: what's your sound driver00:02
MonkeyDust_gadnuk  in a terminal type   alsamixer    if you see MM, go there and hit m to unmute00:02
ert3gadunk: and do you have any clue what it would have been00:02
gadnukMonkeyDust_: already tried that.. and i tried the force-reload tactic00:02
* ert3 is entering helful mode after being helped00:02
fenecois there a way to split window in 4 edges instead of only 2 sides?\00:02
gadnukert3: Not sure, it all just crapped out on me after a simple apt-get ugprade00:03
MonkeyDust_gadnuk  then what is 'everything'?00:03
ert3gadnuk: from what version to what version we may get lucky checking the changelog00:03
KulsetHi! Im in need of some help regarding giving an ftp user on my new fileserver access to 2 other hard drives in the server, and not just the home directory. Im currently using Wing FTP server, send me a message if you can help. Thanks in advance :)00:04
reisiofeneco: would get you started: https://github.com/zpydr/gnome-shell-extension-taskbar/issues/900:04
gadnukert3: I didn't upgrade my distro or anything, I'm on 14.04 with kernel 3.1900:04
reisiofeneco: some specific docks also do this (would be an additional or alternative to your current panel/s)00:04
wellickFBI: any clues?00:05
gadnukMonkeyDust_: I'm sorry what was that?00:06
fenecoi have an idea, i could split the windows on another desktop00:07
fenecoso i would just switch desktop00:07
reisioI have an idea00:09
reisiolet the IRC client notify you of activity in a channel00:09
reisioand then just switch to that channel00:09
reisioI mean, you're going to be in more than only four channels exactly anyway00:09
fallencl0udhey, can someone help me? trying to boot gives me the message "Error getting authority: Error initializing authority: Could not connect: No such file or directory (g-io-error-quark, 1)00:10
wellickWhy do I get this when trying to install ubuntu from the vbox? http://postimg.org/image/l7oeeg8ox/00:13
MonkeyDust_gadnuk  it's hard to give new tips, if we don't know what you've already tried ... 'everything' is a bit vague00:14
reisiowellick: that during installation, or after?00:15
wellickI should get something like this, right? http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/virtualboxprecise16.jpg00:15
wellickI never get to that part.00:16
reisioeventually, yeah00:16
reisiowhat image are you using?00:16
wellickthe .iso i download from ubuntu's website00:17
reisiowhich one00:17
obZenQuestion: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeEncryptedPartitions00:21
obZenI have an encrypted partition btrfs using luks  WITHOUT lvm00:21
obZenHow would I go about resizing00:21
fenecowellick: what happens instead00:24
wellickI get this: http://postimg.org/image/l7oeeg8ox/00:24
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ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.00:29
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root2_Alguém que fale Português?00:31
xangua! Pt | root2_00:31
k1l!pt | root2_00:31
ubotturoot2_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.00:31
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iDealsanyone good with Array issues?00:33
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arquebusiDeals: what kind of array issues?00:38
mjoelner /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER mjoelner bnslnxxsfqbm00:39
xanguamjoelner: cool00:39
mjoelneroops fuck00:39
xangua3 in one day I believe00:39
mjoelneris this a big problm for me?00:40
Fuchsmjoelner: no, not at all00:40
Fuchsmjoelner: just redo it without the space at the beginning00:40
Fuchs(for gods sake, someone merge that pull request)00:40
mjoelnerFuchs, noone can do anything with the code?00:41
mjoelnergreat thanks00:41
Fuchsunless they can also log in as you, in which case you'd have a completley different problem00:41
mjoelnerand i trust you anon guy from internets :)00:41
Fuchsmjoelner: /whois Fuchs,  I know what I am talking about, don't worry00:42
mrx-awhy they're disconnecting00:46
SchrodingersScatthe circle of life00:46
XkQHow to switch back from ubuntuGnome to lightdm?00:52
jayjoWhen I get the warning Usage of / is high on reboot, what's the best way to track down unecessary installs, etc?00:52
Bashing-omjayjo: Disk usage : what returns ' df -h ; df -i ' ?00:53
jayjo/dev/xvda1 is using 92%00:54
iDealsarquebus right now it wont mount.  Looks like maybe lost power when syncing00:55
iDealsbefore I tried rebooting it was showing 2 device as faulty.  Upon restarting wont mount00:55
Bashing-omjayjo: ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' . Lots of old kernels still installed ?00:56
jayjodoesn't appear to be, all 3.13. can I just sort the top 100 files on the filesystem?00:58
mjoelnerFuchs: How do you connect via secure host?00:59
Fuchssecure host being?00:59
mjoelneris there an SSL connection to irc?00:59
mjoelnerso people cant see your IP?00:59
cryptodanmjoelner: they cant see it to begin with as its masked by the server01:00
k1lmjoelner: there is SASL on freenode or you can ask in #frrenode for a cloak which will hide your ip01:00
Bashing-omjayjo: ' cd / ; sudo du -sx * | sort -n ' will do that for ya .01:02
NoCodeHow can I make the minimal installation ISO boot from USB?01:04
vortekhello.. my mouse doesnt seem to click on stuff.. it worked yesterday, and i rebooted also01:04
NoCodevortek, Have you tried to reset the mouse into the port? Like take it out of the USB port and put it back in?01:05
squinty!usb | NoCode01:07
ubottuNoCode: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:07
silvian_Have you tried using your mouse in a different computer to rule out possibily to rule out mouse hardware issues?01:07
squintyalso see pendrivelinux.com NoCode01:07
jayjoIt looks like the log files are the culprit, is there a convenience method to safely remove them?01:07
vortekits a touchpad on a laptop no mouse01:08
squintyvortek,  system settings -> mouse and touchpad -> touchpad ON01:10
Bashing-omjayjo: One can manually remove the log files, but "logrotate" us supposed to be taking care of the logs .01:11
vorteki cant click stuff01:11
squintyvortek,  no mouse available for now?01:11
reisiovortek: showoff01:12
vortek?? reisio01:12
vortekwell the pointer is there01:12
vorteki just cant click stuff01:12
reisiovortek: what'd you do between yesterday and now01:12
squintyjayjo:  bleachbit will remove log files and other un-need stuff (very similar to ccleaner if you know that app)01:14
vorteki just re booted01:15
vortekand siabled bluetooth01:15
vortekdisabled bluetooth i mean01:15
mikodoI was reading on the linked page on Xubuntu Core. Suggestion. Does someone want to make a reference that the mini.iso will only install in BIOS Compatibility Mode (BIOS) no UEFI. There is no alternate installer anymore, so should a reference to the Ubuntu Server.iso be install if one wants to install in UEFI firmware. Links: http://xubuntu.org/news/introducing-xubuntu-core/ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD http://www.ubuntu.com/downl01:21
mikodoOops So sorry. I thought I was in #xubuntu01:22
emilspshow me thy bots01:23
squinty!ubottu | emilsp01:24
ubottuemilsp: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone01:24
emilspthanks, squinty01:29
eloszhello. What packet capture tool would you recommend besides wireshark? I also need info about packets like 'click event' , 'negotiating parameters' etc01:40
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guideXI am trying to connect to my wpa wifi on my compaq v2000 but, I'm very bad with linux, can someone help me figure out why I cannot connect?01:43
guideXwith the latest lubuntu01:44
guideXI know the device can connect, but with lubuntu it doesn't work01:45
guideXor probably, I don't know how to set it up properly01:45
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:46
guideXhrm ok01:47
Bray90820Do PL scripts work on Ubuntu01:51
guideXany other tips?01:53
guideXI'm getting stuck with the page01:53
guideXI've been at this problem for days actually01:54
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wz_hello, is there anyone?02:05
squintyguideX,  have you worked your way through  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide/Commands   might be a good start02:07
iDealsseeking some help on a broken mdadm array.  anyone around?02:13
truexfan81ok i don't get it02:13
truexfan81i've tried every combination of permissions that exists and i still get the same 403 forbidden error, is apache2 just broken on 14.04 server or something?02:14
BarnacleBobtruexfan81, it definitely is not broken on 14.0402:15
truexfan81BarnacleBob: why does it complain in the logs about permissions then when any and all permissions that exist?02:16
truexfan81i mean hell just to try to brute force it into working i gave it 777 that didn't even work02:16
BarnacleBobwell you definitely dont want to do that02:16
truexfan81well that was part of trying all of them02:17
BarnacleBobcan you use the paste site to paste the ilne from the log file and a ls -l of the file02:17
truexfan81its not just 1 file, its any and all files in the /home/www/ dir02:17
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cplxhi guys - named isn't starting when I type service named start or /etc/init.d/named - seems to be OK when I type named -u bind -f02:18
BarnacleBobtruexfan81, well paste one of them02:18
dotpixiscplx: named?02:20
cplxdotpixis: bind?02:21
dotpixiscplx: what does it do?02:21
cplxdotpixis: DNS server...service..?02:21
dotpixiscplx: have you done all the debug steps?02:22
dotpixis*standard debug02:22
cplxdotpixis: named-checkconf shows nothing02:22
cplxdotpixis: can't see f'all in logs02:22
dotpixiscplx: are you running full server version, or desktop and vm?02:23
dotpixisor desktop02:23
guideXI can't figure out how to properly configure my wifi02:24
cplxdotpixis: serverversion02:24
guideXwith the wifi radar, I can see the access points, but I cannot connect02:24
guideXbut likjely because I'm not good with linux, so maybe usually wouild be something simple02:24
dotpixiscplx: what have you tried so far?02:25
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cplxdotpixis: permissions on rndc.key set to 640 and chown'd to root:bind... when it only runs when I type named -u bind -f makes me think it should be something simple im missing...02:26
cplxdotpixis: haven't wanted to mess too much with it as probably cause more repurcussions..02:28
truexfan81well would you look at that, i stop apache2 service install nginx, point it to /home/www/ start it...and it just works...02:30
truexfan81apache2 definitely broken02:30
BarnacleBoblol it definitely is not.  you just didn't want to take the time to understand the problem02:31
truexfan81i been working on it for 4hours now, decided it was time to do something else02:31
truexfan81oh and all that jsp stuff i was fighting with a couple weeks ago where i was thinking it was a tomcat config issue and never got to work...well now that i've switched to nginx that is magically working02:42
truexfan81so yeah i think i will be apt-get removing apache202:42
guideXwhy is the wifi in lubuntu so complicated? Shouldn't the wifi just kind of work? I've been trying to set it up for so long02:45
truexfan81naw nevermind i'm gonna leave apache2 on there just incase i need it, i've just removed it from update-rc.d02:45
xangua! Details | guideX: "doesn't work" is not a statement we can help you with02:47
ubottuguideX: "doesn't work" is not a statement we can help you with: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:47
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guideXmy wifi won't connect, or I'm unable to figure out the proper way to connect02:47
guideXI'm not really sure what to do after iwlist scan02:48
guideXI can see all the access points, but the connect command elludes me02:48
truexfan81they should update that bot to suggest http://paste.ubuntu.com/ instead of pastebin.com02:49
andornautI can't seem to mount an overlay fs dir onto my homedir. Does overlayfs not work on ecryptfs mounted dirs?02:52
Ben64truexfan81: the bot doesn't say pastebin.com02:58
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:59
truexfan81hmm ok02:59
truexfan81nevermind then02:59
guideXis there an easy way to connect to wifi on lubuntu03:00
guideXI've been trying for days lol03:00
Ben64guideX: you're going to need to give a lot more information in order to get help here03:00
guideXBen64: I'm on the latest lubuntu, I'm able to iwlist scan03:00
guideXbut I'm not really sure the correct way to connect after that03:00
lulaHello! I have Ubuntu installed on a USB installed with the DD method. It unfortunately runs out of disk space when I do apt-get update & dist-upgrade. How can I expand the default FAT16 storage space?03:00
guideXI can also see the wifi list in wifi radar03:01
guideXbut when I connect, it just tries forever03:01
Ben64lula: can you explain the dd method03:01
Ben64guideX: what version of lubuntu, what wireless card03:01
cplxdotpixis: you still there man...?03:02
guideXlatest lubuntu and broadcom bcm431803:03
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guideXlubuntu 15.1003:04
Ben64oh broadcom03:04
guideXBen64: but, I'm past the part where it doesn't work at all03:04
Ben64good luck with that... at best it's finicky03:04
Ben64i'd recommend a cheap usb wireless thing03:04
guideXit is able to list access points, problem is, I'm an idiot when it comes to linux, maybe it's just a pebcak03:05
guideXso maybe, I'm just not able to connect, because I don't know how, so where would you go next to connect?03:05
Ben64the network manager03:05
guideXso problem with the network manager, I'm not able to bring up a list of wifi03:05
guideXso I try to create one manually03:05
guideXbut then how do you connect to it after you create?03:06
guideXthere's no connect button03:06
guideXit says "wifi .. my wifi thingy last used never03:06
guideXso how do I connect to that thihng03:06
Ben64you need to have it list the networks03:07
guideXBen64: so there doesn't appear to be a "List networks" menu item or something03:08
Ben64i'm not really familiar with lubuntu, but the ubuntu one you click the icon in the taskbar and all the networks should be visible there03:08
guideXahh ok, so my network manager isn't configured properly then03:09
Ben64like that, the TP-LINK one03:09
guideXhrm, let me take a pic opf mine03:09
guideXit doesn't have any netwroks03:09
NoCodeHi, I just installed Ubuntu from the minimal ISO. After logging in with Cinnamon, I get random broken characters, pictures(from memory), then after a couple seconds, Cinnamon desktop shows up. What would do this, and how would I fix it?03:10
PeacefulPso...ubuntu 12.04lts on EEPC..any tips on speeding things up..chromiuim seems to load slow as hell03:12
PeacefulPor is it just the shitty netbook?03:12
guideXBen64: http://skywirenews.com/dd.jpg03:13
guideXdo you know how to list the wifi networks here?03:13
Ben64device not managed03:13
guideXoh hrm03:14
Ben64you probably messed that up by trying manual stuff03:14
guideXBen64: well this device doesn't work with wifi with lubuntu out of the box03:14
xanguaPeacefulP: try Xubuntu or Lubuntu instead of Ubuntu03:15
guideXso I had to do a lot of troubleshooting to get to this point03:15
Ben64which is why i said get a usb wireless03:15
Ben64broadcom is a pain03:15
guideXBen64: well thanks for the device not managed tip, that actually helps alot though03:16
guideXI didn't know there was a problem there03:16
NoCodeAfter logging in, http://i.stack.imgur.com/wkvyz.jpg -- Looks like that for like 2-3 seconds, then the desktop appears.03:16
mssbrgHi all! Is there anywhere I can view the compilation flags for certain apt packages? In particular, I'm interested in python2.7 for precise.03:17
Ben64NoCode: video card / video driver problem03:17
PeacefulPxangua, is there anyway i can install that without having a usb stick..at work..on the machine now03:24
PeacefulPanyone around?03:36
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cplxhi guys - named isn't starting when I type service named start or /etc/init.d/named - seems to be OK when I type named -u bind -f (under root user)03:40
Rave1PeacefulP,  you should be able to install  the lxde or xfce meta package and reboot into that desktop at the login window03:41
joeb3_cplx, check /var/log/syslog for any errors.03:42
PeacefulPso Rave1 it would be like a dual boot then?03:43
Rave1PeacefulP,  no you will just have option of other desktops within the same OS03:44
cplxjoeb3_: seems to be no logs anywhere for named/bind...03:44
joeb3_cplx, open a terminal window.  tail -f /var/log/syslog.  Open another terminal window and start bind.03:45
PeacefulPso Rave1 i can just d/w the lxde? meta package and install it using  ubuntu then reboot and bam03:47
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Rave1PeacefulP,  honestly i dont have an ubuntu machine at the moment but  all debian based OS are similar and have many DE options check online fro Ubuntu specific methods03:50
Rave1PeacefulP,  there may be the lxde meta package in ubuntu synaptic package manager that is what I would check first03:51
PeacefulPso basically i would just be changing the GUI03:52
Rave1well there will be leftovers from the default install that you could purge later in most cases03:53
PeacefulPi see03:53
PeacefulPthanks ill have to check it out03:53
Rave1but some may cause problems if removes and best left03:53
PeacefulPthink itll be alot faster?03:53
PeacefulPi only use this for irc and browsing really03:54
Rave1I have mint mate on an old acer one probably about same spec it is fine for basic browsing03:54
Rave1lxde would be better03:55
Rave1lubuntu on an SDcard running on an old eeepc 701   as well, it works  LOL03:57
PeacefulPlol nice03:59
misha_howdy people03:59
misha_is there anybody alive?04:00
locksmithSo, to use a 80-wire wide IDE cable, it has to plug into a 80-wire wide plug, even though only 40 pins will be used, right? So does that mean that I can plug a 40-wire wide IDE cable into a hard drive that takes a 80-wire wide cable?04:00
misha_I probably should get going04:00
misha_see ya. TTL04:00
locksmithor does it have to be an exact match?04:00
MapleHey do you guys know where I can find my camera??04:04
nedstarkits on the kitchen table under the newspaper04:04
MapleWhen I plug it in with a USB it doesnt show anything. I know. Basic people cant figure out anything without a GUI but Im kinda stuck..04:05
joeb3_Maple, turn on the camera when you plug it in...04:06
MapleThats what I did and nothing happened.04:06
Rave1Maple,  lsusb in a terminal show your cam?04:06
Mapleidk. What is Suyin Corp.? if thats not it then no.04:07
Rave1I have no idea what your camera is called04:08
MapleIt's a canon04:08
MapleI dobt thats Suyin Corp.04:09
Rave1never know lol04:09
MapleOk its not there.04:10
MapleBut its plugged in04:10
Rave1Maple,   check for bad cable  bad usb port first04:11
MapleI know my cables are good and so are my ports~04:11
MapleNVM I had to set it to look through pictures. I remember..04:12
Rave1check for  set up on how usb devices are treated when plugged in04:12
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MapleThnx anyways!!  haha I remember the IT training videos I watched not too long ago go through similar steps but I got it now!04:13
Rave1ok good04:13
MapleSee yaaaz04:13
shirovskihello everyone :D I'm running elementaryOS and can't seem to get nautilus to run as default04:14
shirovskianyone there free to help :D04:16
senpaiso i screwed up.. http://i.imgur.com/bDsXpK4.png04:33
senpaisomeone installed zsh in a shell, but its super ugly, so i "sudo remove zsh" like a dumbass. and now, i can't su - thisshell04:33
senpaihow do i manage to get back in it?04:33
BarnacleBobsenpai, sudo nano /etc/passwd04:35
BarnacleBobchange the mentions of zsh to sh or bash or whatever shell you want04:36
senpaiseb@freenode:~$ su - stats04:37
senpaiCannot execute /usr/bin/bash: No such file or directory04:37
BarnacleBobtype which bash04:37
BarnacleBobi think its /bin/bash04:38
BarnacleBobnot /usr/bin/bash04:38
Revian1it is in /bin04:38
senpaioh, it worked04:38
cplxhi guys - named isn't starting when I type service named start or /etc/init.d/named - seems to be OK when I type named -u bind -f (under root user)04:39
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iDealsany mdadm/raid experts out there?05:07
ropohow do i install steam on ubuntu?05:11
youBoboropo: sudo apt-get install steam05:12
herman_hi everybody, where can I find any info available on how to run windows software?05:18
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:18
cplxhi guys - named isn't starting when I type service named start or /etc/init.d/named - seems to be OK when I type named -u bind -f (under root user)05:19
herman_thank you05:20
guideXmy wifi is WORKING!05:21
guideXI fixed the network manager05:21
guideXand it works now05:21
c|onemanis there a remote desktop solution that is as fast as OSX's native VNC05:25
c|onemanfor linux05:25
guideXI like team viewer05:26
Betacommandanyone know why I would be getting http://pastebin.com/aC0BFgvv errors while trying to update?05:27
Revian1Betacommand: That package url is invalid, no package there.. hence the 40405:31
BetacommandRevian1: why would ubuntu think there is?05:31
Revian1Betacommand: have a look: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/ntp/05:33
Revian1there's 14.04.5 and 14.04.8, no 14.04.605:34
Revian1Betacommand: was this after a sudo apt-get update?05:34
BetacommandRevian1: yeah, but looks like I had a repo that died05:39
high_warmHi, i am on dell xps 13 9343 with 14.04 3. I see some comments that new kernel will solve a lot of questions. My question is how can I move to 14.04 4 with the kernel 4.2. I do not want to compile by myself, so I hope to just upgrade to 14.04 4 directly. How can I do that?05:44
cplxhi guys - named isn't starting when I type service named start or /etc/init.d/named - seems to be OK when I type named -u bind -f (under root user)05:47
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Ardancplx, check on db05:49
cplxArdan: db? :s05:50
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azure_hello i am using xorg radeon and light dm isnt showing in the right resolution. It works fine with the fglrx drivers but i know i dont need them and everything else is fine but the log on screen. how do i fix that? also i have two monitors06:09
htrejhhhhi, i have two disks, 1 for ubuntu and 1 for windows 10, whatever i do windows 10 installs uefi on the ubuntu disk, not really a problem, but when choosing ubuntu uefi to boot it boots up my windows os06:31
htrejhhhisn't it possible to have windows 10 and ubuntu uefi entries on the same uefi partition?06:31
user___Hi , I have this question in my homework and I cannot understand the question well , the question is : What type of system will be the best for Web applications and why?06:32
useerHi , I have this question in my homework and I cannot understand the question well , the question is : What type of system will be the best for Web applications and why?06:36
useer  If I answered Gnu/linux distributions server , it will be right answer , and If I answered openbsd or freebsd for windows server , I don't know what is the best answer06:36
faddatHi, does anyone have the slightest clue how to use ubuntu xenial on GCE?06:37
useerHi , I have this question in my homework and I cannot understand the question well , the question is : What type of system will be the best for Web applications and why?06:37
useerIf I answered Gnu/linux distributions server , it will be right answer , and If I answered openbsd or freebsd for windows server , I don't know what is the best answer06:38
useercome on come oncome oncome oncome oncome on come on06:39
baizonuseer: please stop spamming06:41
faddatyes for real06:41
faddatwhat do you need to know?06:41
faddatUmmmm that is an opinion question useer06:41
faddatPeople in here could go on all day about that question.  I'm an admin, and I couldn't tell you which is best06:42
faddatAnyone who did tell you, would be lying to you.06:42
faddatYou should write that as the answer, and include a screed about what a ridiculous question that it06:42
useerfaddat that means it any answer be true , Is not it ?06:43
faddatWell, I would write "this question has no answer."06:44
faddatif I were you.06:44
useerfaddat ok , thank you I think you are right06:45
Ardancplx, check /etc/bind/named.conf06:46
azizLIGHTi got some errors when i did sudo apt-get update: http://paste.linux.chat/view/b2c240e806:47
azizLIGHTdoes anyone know how to fix this06:47
tgm4883faddat: I would bet that the correct answer for that question is in the why part06:47
azizLIGHTwell anything can be good/bad for web aplications depending on how its configured06:48
useerfaddat I think you mean the answer will be : this question has no specific answer it depends on your needs and your goals .06:48
useerok I got it06:48
useerfaddat have a nice day , Thank you so much06:48
azizLIGHTanyone wanna look at my pastebin06:50
alikilaijazizLIGHT: Did you look at this yet? http://askubuntu.com/questions/13065/how-do-i-fix-the-gpg-error-no-pubkey06:50
azizLIGHTno, let me check it06:50
azizLIGHToh no i sitll got the error06:54
ArdanazizLIGHT, sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com thekey06:54
ArdanazizLIGHT, sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com A040830F7FAC599106:55
ArdanazizLIGHT, sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 3B4FE6ACC0B21F3206:55
azizLIGHTi did the firest one: http://paste.linux.chat/view/00d99d5206:56
azizLIGHTnot sure what it means because it says 1: unchanged06:56
azizLIGHTArdan: is this applicable to me : http://elementaryos.stackexchange.com/questions/96/how-to-fix-gpg-keyblock-resource-etc-apt-trusted-gpg-d-key-gpg-resource-l06:58
ubuntu-matehi everyone06:58
azizLIGHTArdan: it worked!07:01
MotoMacI am running this command: wget -O - https://nightly.odoo.com/odoo.key | apt-key add - and I get this in return: Cannot write to ‘-’ (Success).07:03
MotoMacthis use to be a bug in 1.14, but I am on 1.1507:03
omeniusI just had enough with windows07:19
omeniusI want to install Ubuntu with KDE DE, I'm just wondering that is there particular reson to install Kubuntu instead of install ubuntu, remove unity and install KDE?07:20
omeniusI'm choosing ubuntu only because it's so well supported and I would like to not lose a drop of that support by installing Kubuntu07:20
xanguaomenius: Ubuntu is Kubuntu is Ubuntu07:21
omeniusokay, so it's best to go with kubuntu then, ty for answering :)07:21
* ropo dayummmnsss07:24
NoCodeIs MATE needed to run Cinnamon?07:25
prophet86anyone there who can help me mount my second drive?07:25
omeniusprophet86: try gparted07:26
xanguaNoCode: no07:26
NoCodehrm, I wonder what MATE uninstalls that won't allow me to boot into Cinnamon. Won't allow me to log in.07:28
NoCodeI just uninstalled MATE, restarted. Couldn't log in, so I had to open up a tty and install mate again for my desktop to work.07:28
NoCodemaybe GDM07:29
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cargocultis there a command or a text file where I can change the setting "Require my password when waking from suspend"07:34
=== boodllebat_ is now known as boodllebat
AbbieHoffmanhi, every time I try to run the command   sh install.SH   I get the error -> "Can't find config.sh." does anyone know how to fix this problem?07:56
cargocultAbbieHoffman, where did you get install.SH from?07:58
raniersomeone here?08:00
AbbieHoffmancargocult: it's in a unziped tar ball package in a directory for the program gtk-gnutella08:01
Xcloudranier, yes there is.08:01
cargocultAbbieHoffman, then you'd better ask where people talk about gtk-gnutella08:02
raniercan you help me with problem in audio?08:02
AbbieHoffmancargocult: it's also in a directory on my desktop could that be the problem?08:02
AbbieHoffmanwell it sounds like more of a linux issue than a gtk-gnutella issue08:03
cargocultAbbieHoffman, don't know where it expects config.sh to be and where to get it from08:03
raniermy audio produces a noise08:03
ranierin win worklys perfectly, but in any linux distro produces a noite08:04
azizLIGHTnot sure why but ubuntu keeps thinking my mouse battery is dead?08:05
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=== Xcloud1 is now known as Xcloud
django_how can i check disc for defects08:29
=== santa is now known as Guest76768
seawolf57hi, it's 3:39 a.m. here in Wooster OH is there anyone I can chat with there?08:39
seawolf57we could do Google hangouts if anyone wanted08:40
seawolf57hi nthfloor, where are you tonight?08:40
baizon!offtopic | seawolf5708:41
ubottuseawolf57: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:41
cargocultdjango_, with smartmontools08:42
seawolf57have you seen there's a good distro of Manjaro's of a cool new Linux with an Apple like dock and many features?08:43
seawolf57cargocult... your name... you know!08:44
cargocultseawolf57, what's wrong with my name? you mean nick?08:44
seawolf57hello all08:45
seawolf57no, cargocult, I meant that it is a very cool, very knowledgeable name to have08:45
seawolf57nick? As in "Nukala" Nick, do you know him?08:46
seawolf57he was my psychiatrist for 28 years08:46
seawolf57are you there, Dr. Nick08:47
seawolf57He kind of blew it though, I had a normal CAT scan (not mental) 15 years ago, I am just a medium and autistic08:48
seawolf57well hello "Vbotka" lol08:48
rudrax42hi all09:01
rudrax42any one sugest me best irc client for android mobile please09:02
CookieMyaaic, aicia, atomic09:07
rudrax42which one is best ?09:15
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SusWombatIs it possible to get independent workspaces in unity?09:18
baizonSusWombat: yes, https://askubuntu.com/questions/260510/how-do-i-turn-on-workspaces-why-do-i-only-have-one-workspace09:19
rudrax42@geirah best irc for android09:19
SusWombatbaizon: but dows every monitor then has its own set of workspaces?09:20
ducasseSusWombat: no. That would violate the EWMH. Only a few WM's do that, like i3, awesome and Enlightenment.09:21
baizonSusWombat: https://askubuntu.com/questions/21711/multiple-monitors-multiple-workspaces09:21
SusWombatducasse: gnome 3 does also09:22
draynehow to i play media using cmus on ubuntu?09:22
FolattI have problems with my wireless, can anyone help me with it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=231393109:23
ducasseSusWombat: I didn't know that, never used it.09:23
auronandacedrayne: when  you've opened cmus press 5 to go to the browser view09:23
drayneok auronandace, thanks09:23
auronandacedrayne: then navigate to where your files are09:24
drayneit worked thanks09:24
auronandacedrayne: you are welcome09:25
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heyhey folks10:04
heywhen I issue update I get  cannot copy extracted data for './boot/vmlinuz-3.16.0-60-generic' to '/boot/vmlinuz-3.16.0-60-generic.dpkg-new': failed to write (No space left on device)10:04
heyyet there are 100 gb free and moree10:04
=== hey is now known as Guest95676
Guest95676Guest95676: any idea+10:05
=== Guest95525 is now known as EriC^
=== EriC^ is now known as Guest42157
Amm0nGuest95676, i don't think you got a 100GB /boot. Did you check with "df -h"?10:11
aaagauravhi all10:14
diamondswordhello. I want to upgrade xfce version from 4.10 to 4.12 I think to follow this guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhiy5lq9HYw but after installing xfce 4.12, he doesn't have the stuff comes with 4.12 like new whisker menu, new dock, new brightness/volume controls. only now he has xfce version 4.12 when "about xfce" clicked. how can I get the real xfce 4.12 shown here http://www.xfce.org/about/tour ?10:15
bq_tar error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15155109/10:16
bq_i did 'sudo'10:16
bq_the file system is not read-only. i can write into it.10:16
cfhowlettdiamondsword, xfce is only ONE of the packages you need for the full experience.  try this: apt-get -s install xfce4* | pastebinit10:17
bq_any hint?10:17
baizonbq_: virtual machine?10:18
diamondswordcfhowlett: I'm already using xfce desktop, just I want to upgrade to version 4.12 with correct instructions.10:18
cfhowlettdiamondsword, actually forget my my suggestion10:18
bq_baizon: yes i did this in vm10:18
bq_baizon: any problem with vm?10:18
baizonbq_: "Ok after a bit more in-depth googling found that this is a VirtualBox issue, not a Ubuntu problem. The shared folders are protected from this activity. I don't know how/why it worked the first time round but it is a known bug. I created a project outside of the shared folder with no problems. Thanks for the input Dougal."10:19
cfhowlettdiamondsword, "correct" method is to wait for it to hit the repos.  next best method is the one shown, install the ppa.  Not supported by ubuntu however.10:19
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge10:19
baizonbq_: http://www.ahtik.com/blog/fixing-your-virtualbox-shared-folder-symlink-error/10:19
aaagauravhi any one can please help me10:25
AirBerlinHey people10:25
ducassediamondsword: if you want Xfce 4.12, then upgrade to 15.10.10:25
aq2Is it not possible to just install the new xfce in an older version? maybe editing sources.list for that?10:26
ducasseaq2: you would need to use a ppa.10:27
cfhowlettaq2, ppa, already suggested but still unsupported here10:27
cfhowlettAirBerlin, no need to shout10:27
AirBerlinhave a question....10:27
AirBerlinI just installed ubuntu 14.04...10:27
cfhowlett!ask | AirBerlin,10:27
ubottuAirBerlin,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:27
AirBerlinI runs quite well but... I am not 100 % satisfied10:28
AirBerlinSo i think about switching back to W1010:28
AirBerlinDoes 16.04 contain something great feature?10:28
aq2What exactly you are not happy with?10:28
aq2You can change ubuntu to look like windows 10 if you want10:28
AirBerlinwell not sure, I can't really say but10:28
cfhowlettAirBerlin, we only support ubuntu here.  and 16.04 is not even in BETA testing yet, so what were you expecting10:28
AirBerlinI have a win 10 licence.. :(10:28
aq2In Linux you decide what your desktop looks like, not Microsoft.10:29
gid3ong'day. I have a multitude of mac.dmg files I want to convert to .iso. Is there any too which will let me do that with batch-setup? (I am not really so confident with terminal yet ;-)10:30
gid3ontoo > tool10:30
elkyaaagaurav: you haven't asked your question so nobody could possibly know how to help you. What issue are you having?10:30
aq2gid3on: http://askubuntu.com/questions/477290/can-i-convert-a-dmg-file-to-iso-in-terminal10:31
gid3onaq2: thanks!10:31
aq2first result on google.10:31
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | discussion of ubuntu 16.04 goes to the other channel10:31
ubottudiscussion of ubuntu 16.04 goes to the other channel: Xenial Xerus is the codename for Ubuntu 16.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+110:31
AirBerlinOk so what you do10:32
AirBerlinUsing win 10 o ubuntu 14.04 at my position?10:32
cfhowlettAirBerlin, your machine, your choice.  not our choice.10:32
cfhowlettbut you could have both10:32
soupnanodesukarWhat are they going to name ubuntu after we reach z? Makes of cars?10:32
aq2Its possible to install Windows after Linux10:32
aq2you just need to reinstall grub10:33
cfhowlettsoupnanodesukar, wait and find out like the rest of us.10:33
gid3onaq2: Oh, I saw that one already. This procedure would mean I have to go through every single dmg-file. I was kinda hoping for a batch tool that would allow me to simply execute once and then all files get converted10:33
ducassegid3on: use a for loop10:33
aq2gid3on: Move all dmg's to a folder and run dmg2img /path/to/folder/*.dmg10:33
aq2For moving them around i think you'll need a loop, im not sure though10:34
soupnanodesukargid3on: if you go for a shortlist, your shell script will look like this: [SHORTLIST=`ls *.dmg`] [for FILE in read -r; do] [insert code here] [done <<<"$SHORTLIST"]10:36
aq2This tutorial also converts the img file to iso instead of just renaming it http://dailytechnologiesupdate.blogspot.fi/2011/11/converting-dmg-to-iso-file-in-ubuntu.html10:36
Guest95676  folks how I can resize boot from terminal-10:36
soupnanodesukar*shortlist > for loop10:36
cfhowlettGuest95676, details.  you mean resize the partition??10:37
bq_baizon: problem persists10:37
VarunAgwDoes anyone know a guide on Systemd/Upstart/SystemV and what else there are?10:37
Guest95676cfhowlett:  yes to make space for new kernels10:37
Guest95676by default boot is 200mb here now I see more is required10:37
soupnanodesukarGuest95676: have a look at sfdisk.10:38
cfhowlettGuest95676, you intend to resize rather than clean out old kernels??10:38
VarunAgwbtw what they are called collectively (startup manager?)10:38
Guest95676cfhowlett: both10:38
aq2Guest95676: I would boot from a live dvd/usb and do that with gparted.10:38
cfhowlettGuest95676, this ^^^^10:38
Guest95676aq2 yes however I havent got usb stick handy10:39
Guest95676ok how I can clean old kernels perhaps this will do atm10:39
cfhowlettGuest95676, repartitioning a booted and live system will kill it10:39
EriC^^does anybody know what happens after a release upgrade downloads all packages and starts unpacking? my pc froze mid-upgrade and i had a bunch of iU status packages so i ran dpkg-configure -a and it's booting but i have no sound though, i wonder what the steps after unpacking it does10:39
aq2Guest95676: Then you'll have to wait. You can't resize a partition that's being used.10:39
cfhowlettsudo apt-get autoremove MIGHT help, Guest9567610:39
aq2Didn't he say that he needs more space to /boot partition, not / partition?10:40
Amm0nGuest95676, if you use grub2 you could try: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot/Examples10:40
AirBerlinHilfe bitte10:40
cfhowlett!de | AirBerlin10:40
ubottuAirBerlin: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:40
aq2Amm0n: good idea10:41
Guest95676sudo apt-get autoremove -f also gives disk full error10:41
aq2Guest95676: sudo apt-get clean10:41
EriC^^Guest95676: delete the files manually10:41
EriC^^from /boot10:41
EriC^^then apt-get purge the packages10:41
cfhowlettGuest95676, http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-uninstall-the-old-kernels-in-ubuntu/10:42
ducasseGuest95676: look in /boot for old kernels, then remove the packages with dpkg -r.10:42
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EriC^^nobody knows about do-release-upgrade?10:43
cfhowlettEriC^^, eh??10:43
EriC^^what it does after it unpacks the new packages it downloaded?10:43
aq2installs them with dpkg?10:44
EriC^^aq2: well duh :P10:44
Guest95676ducasse: http://pastebin.com/zL0gZRaG10:44
EriC^^but any other steps?10:44
aq2the basic apt-get [dist-]upgrade just downloads and installs packages10:45
bq_baizon: the problem still exists10:45
EriC^^yeah i mean the do-release-upgrade10:45
aq2I don't know about it though10:45
cfhowlettEriC^^, did you upgrade or did you merely udpate??   NOT the same10:45
EriC^^my pc froze mid upgrade, and i chrooted and found a list of iU (unpacked) status packages, so dpkg-configure -a fixed that and it boots but i dont have any sound10:46
EriC^^cfhowlett: do-release-upgrade10:46
Guest95676cfhowlett: which files are actual kernel files+10:47
bq_baizon: but it works with non-shared folder.10:47
Guest95676 vmlinuz-3.16.0-30-generic10:47
cfhowlettEriC^^, then I would not trust that system.  get the .iso, make a usb and clean install.  Let me pre-empt the complaint "but I don't WANNA rebuild my system!"  as it stands your system is untrustworthy.  reinstalling is the saner and easier option.10:47
ducasseGuest95676: then use dpkg -r to remove the older kernel packages. They're called linux-image-generic_version. Just type 'dpkg -r linux-image-generic' and use TAB expansion.10:47
bq_baizon: but i want to install at shared-folder instead.10:47
EriC^^Guest95676: that's the kernel, you want to delete initrd files which are bigger in size10:47
EriC^^cfhowlett: i know, i want to use 16.04, and it was the plan initially10:48
EriC^^so i'll probably fresh install in a few weeks time10:48
cfhowlettthank you for volunteering to alpha test for us, EriC^^10:48
EriC^^lol not really10:49
cfhowlettYES really.  16.04 is not even at beta yet.  what did you expect?10:49
EriC^^it comes out in a few weeks10:49
Guest95676ducasse: there are no such files10:49
EriC^^i upgraded to 15.10 cfhowlett10:49
cfhowlettEriC^^, from ___ to ___ ?10:49
Guest95676EriC^^: so simply delete them and thats it10:49
EriC^^14.04 to 15.10 , sudo do-release-upgrade does that10:50
EriC^^Guest95676: delete the old initrd's then run sudo apt-get purge linux-image-....-generic for those kernels10:50
cfhowlettEriC^^, wait, you're saying that it went directly from 14.04 > 15.10??10:50
gid3onaq2: Thanks!!!10:50
EriC^^it'll take care of the rest10:50
aq2gid3on: You're welcome.10:50
cfhowlettNOT 14.04 > 14.10 > 15.04 > 15.10??10:50
EriC^^cfhowlett: yeah, that's the normal path right now10:50
EriC^^cfhowlett: yes, yes,...10:51
cfhowlettOK .... still wouldn't trust a half-way installed/configured box though10:51
EriC^^cfhowlett: i removed the hdmi cable from the laptop while it was upgrading, and it put a splash screen and just froze10:51
ducasseGuest95676: try 'sudo dpkg -r linux-image-generic_3.16.0.30'10:52
fotanggood morning. as root I type "e2fsck /dev/loop0p2" (without the quotation marks), and get error: e2fsck: Operation not permitted while trying to open /dev/loop0p2\nYou must have r/w access to the filesystem or be root. Any ideas?10:52
EriC^^if somebody has experience with do-release-upgrade , it might be pretty all done, just a sound issue with the kernel and my laptop10:53
fotangroot appears to have r/w access: brw-rw---- 1 root disk 259, 1 Feb 21 11:46 /dev/loop0p210:53
=== sina is now known as Guest55322
cfhowlettfotang, this is on what version of ubuntu??10:53
EriC^^the rest works fine after dpkg-configure -a (it basically had all the packages it downloaded unpacked and just needed to configure them10:53
Guest95676dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove linux-image-generic_3.16.0-30-generic which isn't installed10:53
fotangVERSION="15.04 (Vivid Vervet)"10:53
cfhowlett!15.04 | fotang10:54
ubottufotang: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid10:54
mave_Hey ppl! Does 16.04 have the latest intel graphics divers onboard with skylake support. Or do they still be updated by hand with the recently released updater?10:54
cfhowlettno longer supported.  install a supported version for help10:54
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | mave_10:54
ubottumave_: Xenial Xerus is the codename for Ubuntu 16.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+110:54
mave_i know cfhowlett. but that doesn;t anser my question :>10:55
k1l_mave_: the intel driver comes in/with the kernel. so with the newer kernel there are newer drivers10:55
mave_thanks for your answer10:55
Guest95676ducasse: perhaps deleting initrd files removed old kernels10:55
cfhowlettGuest95676, I add a * to purge all the associated files, e.g. sudo apt-get purge linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic*10:56
aaagauravhow to change bcast address in ubuntu 15.1010:57
=== RainbowRaverGirl is now known as QuinnStorm
aaagauravwhen i setup manually ethernet ip subnet and dns ip its change in broadcast addtess so i cant open companwy's website10:58
MultbrelchI try to telnet a Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop. Telnetd and xinetd are installed." nmap -p  IPaddress" shows that "23/tcp closed telnet". What shall I do?11:00
ducasseGuest95676: the packages should still be registered in the dpkg database if you just deleted the files manually, and the initrd might get regenerated. use 'dpkg -l | grep linux-image-generic' to see what kernels are registered as installed.11:00
Guest95676yes seems like that is happening11:01
raksh93hi i am running wily and the network icon at the top suddenly disappeared. any suggestions?11:02
raksh93this i what i get on running nm-applet in the terminal http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15155496/11:02
aq2raksh93: How about this: sudo service network-manager start11:03
Guest95676ducasse: ok it worked kernel 51 .d11:04
aq2raksh93: This might be helpful also http://askubuntu.com/questions/507310/network-manager-icon-disappeared-14-0411:04
MultbrelchHow can I open a port, e.g., port 23 for telnet? (Ubuntu Desktop 14.04, telnetd and xinetd are installed)11:05
EriC^^Multbrelch: why use telnet over ssh?11:05
aq2Multbrelch: Maybe you need to allow that through the firewall first? sudo ufw allow yourportnumber11:05
Multbrelchaq2, ufw is not active11:06
aq2Then thats not the problem11:06
MultbrelchEriC^^, I must use telnet cause I connect the Ubuntu computer with an old SUN11:06
Multbrelchold SUN (from the 1990s) does not have ssh11:06
EriC^^Multbrelch: check the config of telnetd11:06
EriC^^and check that it's running right now11:07
Multbrelchwhere is the config?, EriC^^11:07
akikMultbrelch: try http://sunfreeware.com/introduction.html11:07
EriC^^the package name is telnetd ?11:07
EriC^^try man telnetd , or man telnet it'l probably say11:07
raksh93aq2: thanks i'll try that11:07
aq2You're welcome, the link has a bunch of other suggestions too.11:07
aq2I looked into this when i installed ubuntu from mini.iso11:08
Multbrelchthx akik this will be done later, but first telnet11:08
aq2had some trouble with the applets11:08
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:08
MultbrelchEriC^^, must telnetd appear as a process, so can I see it as telnetd in "ps -el"?11:10
r00tersad: hi11:10
EriC^^Multbrelch: yeah maybe, or try service --status-all11:10
Guest956761 more question I have installed cups and it shows HP Deskjet 2050 J510 series detected however when I send page to printer it yet to print it11:10
CurvedFangI'm having an issue with booting into the BIOS after installing Lubuntu in Legacy Boot. Everything works okay but I am no longer able to access the BIOS. Upon boot, a white line that seems to be loading something comes up, and when I press f2 garbled white text comes up and I am unable to select anything. After, it just resumes booting and ends up at the login screen.11:11
CurvedFangI would appreciate some help.11:11
aq2CurvedFang: Is F2 the key you would use to get to bios? What if you tap it before the white line thing appears?11:11
MultbrelchEriC^^, it's funny, there is "[+] xinetd" but no " telnetd"11:12
omeniushow does aptitude differ from apt-get in short words?11:12
EriC^^Multbrelch: which package did you use to install telnetd?11:12
Multbrelchand xinetd11:13
Multbrelchvia sudo apt-get install11:13
CurvedFangaq2: Same thing would happen. It comes up instantaneously11:13
ducasseomenius: aptitude is more complex, has extensive search facilities, and uses different logic for dependency resolution11:13
aq2CurvedFang: That's weird, if you make a bootable cd can you boot from it? Most computers boot from cd by default.11:13
CurvedFangI don't have a CD Drive.11:14
EriC^^Multbrelch: try sudo service telnet restart11:14
omeniusthanks for great answer :)11:14
EriC^^Multbrelch: which ubuntu do you have?11:14
aq2omenius: aptitude is translated better so you may prefer it if english is not your native language. They handle things so use one or the other, not a mixture of both.11:14
Multbrelch14.04 64Bit11:14
CurvedFangaq2 Laptop didn't come with one11:14
aq2handle things differently11:14
aq2CurvedFang: then i dont know how to help :(11:15
daum_ #kubuntu11:15
akikMultbrelch: if you have telnet under xinetd, the port will be shown under xinetd process when you do "netstat -tulpan"11:15
CurvedFangI just need to know how I can access the BIOS :P11:15
CurvedFangThen I can boot from USB :D11:15
Multbrelchakik, right, but port 23 is not listed11:16
MultbrelchEriC^^, sudo service telnet restart => "telnet: unrecognized service"11:16
akikMultbrelch: there's a disable keyword used in xinetd. maybe it's disabled by default. look into /etc/xinetd.d11:16
=== Lingo is now known as Node
Multbrelchakik, in this directory there are: chargen, daytime, discard, echo and time. Where to search?11:17
CurvedFangaq2 I'mma try hitting f12 instead, see what happens :o brb11:17
=== Node is now known as Sexy
=== Sexy is now known as Distinct
akikMultbrelch: ok so telnetd is not running from xinetd11:18
raksh93aq2: thanks that worked. apparently i just needed to restart network manager11:18
aq2raksh93: The sudo service start thing lasts over reboot11:18
aq2so the service will be started when you start your computer11:18
Multbrelchmust I put something into this directory, akik ?11:19
akikMultbrelch: look into /etc/init.d if the init script is there11:19
Multbrelchakik, there is no file 'init' but 'xinetd'11:20
akikMultbrelch: how about telnetd ?11:20
Multbrelchnothing, akik11:21
akikMultbrelch: dpkg -L telnetd11:21
raksh93aq2: ok11:21
Multbrelchakik, yes there are some paths ...11:22
akikMultbrelch: it could be that telnetd is so discouraged that you need to work a lot to enable it :)11:22
Multbrelchso ...11:22
Multbrelchakik, in the internet it reads easy to deal with, just install telnetd and xinetd ...11:23
akikMultbrelch: pastebin the "dpkg -L telnetd"11:24
Multbrelchakik, oh the systel is not in the internet ... so typing, mom11:25
Multbrelchthere is /usr/share with /doc and /man11:25
akikMultbrelch: if you want to have telnetd under xinetd, there needs to be a configuration file for it in /etc/xinetd.d11:26
Multbrelch/usr/sbin, /usr/sbin /usr/sbin/in.telnetd11:27
akikMultbrelch: did you install both packages at the same time? xinetd and telnetd11:27
omeniusdoes someone remember internet config file from top of the head? The one where you put ip configs11:27
omenius*location of the file11:28
Multbrelchakik, shall I deinstall both and install only telnetd?11:28
mcphailomenius: networkmanager is used by default. If you don't want to use that, then you can use /etc/network/interfaces11:29
akikMultbrelch: there are guides available to create the configuration file for xinetd11:29
omeniusty. You actually get good answers in this channel. You guys rock11:29
akikMultbrelch: for example here http://ubuntuguide.net/install-and-enable-telnet-server-in-ubuntu-linux11:30
akikstep 5.11:30
Multbrelchokay, I know this page but couldn't find xinetd.conf11:31
MultbrelchI will see11:31
akikMultbrelch: the file you need it /etc/xinetd.d/telnet11:32
Multbrelchaha, I need to manually create it?11:32
Multbrelchor is it xinetd?11:32
akikMultbrelch: yes you need it if you want to run telnetd from xinetd11:33
MultbrelchAnd what about deinstalling both and re-install of only telnetd?11:33
akikMultbrelch: i don't see the reason for uninstalling. it's just missing the config file11:34
Multbrelchakik, you mean 2 config files ...11:35
Multbrelch/etc/xinetd.d/telnet and /etc/xinetd.conf11:35
akikMultbrelch: ok maybe it's better to reinstall both :)11:35
akiksomething's borked11:35
Multbrelchk, thx for all !11:37
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xboxanyone active here11:45
cfhowlett!ask | xbox11:46
ubottuxbox: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:46
bq_which bash or terminal has a feature where you can open the file by clicking the name11:48
k1l_bq_: that is called gui file manager :)11:49
=== win32 is now known as EN
bq_cursor based11:49
=== EN is now known as win32
=== drac0 is now known as Guest58802
Guest58802i have sound issue can some1 help me fix it?11:52
cfhowlett!ask | Guest5880211:53
ubottuGuest58802: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:53
Guest58802ok ;]11:53
aq2Guest58802: What kind of issue?11:53
aq2What exactly is not working like you expected?11:53
Guest58802i have instaled newest distro of ubuntu mate, im using usb sound card MAYA U511:53
Guest58802sometimes when i stop using sound - like turning off video on youtube, i cant get sound back11:54
aq2Click the sound indicator, there's sound settings. Is anything muted?11:54
Guest58802for example yesterday i was listening to spotify for like 3h then when i turned it of and wanted to play movie with VLC - there was no sound11:54
Guest58802nothing was muted, when i wanted to test speakers from my output - no sound11:55
KeyboardNotFoundHow to disable bluetooth on system startup?11:55
MonkeyDustKeyboardNotFound  blueman can do a lot11:55
aq2Guest58802: My sound testing doesn't work either but VLC and Spotify work.11:55
MonkeyDust!info blueman11:55
ubottublueman (source: blueman): Graphical bluetooth manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 1635 kB, installed size 4829 kB11:55
aq2I'm on ubuntu mate 14.0411:56
KeyboardNotFoundMonkeyDust, there's no option to disable it, also when I disable with right click, on next restart it's automatically started11:56
Guest58802when i typed pactl list sinks short i had respond with maya u5 running - but still no sound in speakrs11:56
=== Guest58802 is now known as Drac0666
Drac0666Guys, any advices?11:58
MonkeyDustKeyboardNotFound  try   sudo service bluetooth stop11:58
synthormornin. i upgraded my hwe stack on my 14.04.4 machine. the 4.2 had to be installed by hand, but now i'm on 4.2. but still on mesa 1.17.1 not on 1.17.2 like mentioned in the wiki. is that related on running xfce and not ubuntu-desktop?12:00
BluesKajHey folks12:01
=== not_phunyguy is now known as phunyguy
synthorwith apt-cache depends packagename12:04
synthori can see, that xfce relates on xorg and xorg on mesa. kk12:04
MonkeyDustsynthor  what's the difference?12:04
synthornew kernel, drivers, xorg, mesa, umm forgot sth? :D12:05
synthorlts kernel12:05
synthorno bleeding edge12:05
k1l_synthor: if you "just" update a 14.04 to 14.04.4 there is no change in kernel or xorg stack. only on a new install of 14.04.4 iso that new stacks are used.12:07
k1l_!hwe | synthor12:07
ubottusynthor: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack12:07
k1l_synthor: this lists the packages you need to install for kernel and xorg stack12:07
synthorthat was exactly what i read before12:07
k1l_synthor: (background is: most people using a stable release dont want their kernel and xorg upgraded automatically because that could break stuff. )12:08
synthori know the install images are updated, but i saw that i still was on the old 3.19 kernel with my 14.04.4 install. so i wanted to upgrade the kernel, xorg, mesa12:08
k1l_synthor: that page lists exactly what you need to install.12:08
synthorthought it's the same article i read. wasn't... o.O12:09
synthori read this german one https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/LTS_Enablement_Stacks/12:09
synthorthx k1l_ !12:10
synthorcoffee anyone? lol12:10
Distincthi synthor12:11
k1l_synthor: that german page lists the same, its just not udpated to wily .12:12
synthor<Distinct> hi synthor12:14
synthorthe german article is mixed with 12.04/14.04...but for 14.04 they say you have to run sudo apt-get -s install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-core-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-vivid libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-vivid12:15
k1l_synthor: excahnge all vivid with wily12:16
synthorthere's my error. lol wily is 15.10?12:16
synthorall those names12:16
k1l_synthor: yes.12:16
synthorletme upgrade to wily's hwe then ^^12:18
synthorswitched to notebook..12:21
cfhowlettbefore I jump to #ubuntu-es, can any bilingual readers help?  I have an email from a spanish speaking ubuntu user I need translated.12:23
synthorthx again k1l_12:25
synthorworked like a charm12:25
synthorwouldn't be linux if not :D12:25
synthorwow, the desktop feels much faster now :)12:27
juandysoy nuevo12:30
juandyhay alguien?12:30
cfhowlettenglish only here juandy12:30
k1l_!es | juandy12:30
ubottujuandy: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:30
heyyhey hey'12:31
cfhowlettjuandy, may I PM you??12:31
heyyfor some reason when I add languages and short cut keys12:31
heyyits yet to work12:31
heyyI wonder what else must be done to fix it12:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1218322 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Can't set keyboard layout change to alt+shift, ctrl+shift, etc." [High,Triaged]12:34
aq2Hi marko12:39
Danteywhere can i find the conf file for the KDE network manager plugin OpenVPN?12:45
Danteythere is no config in /etc/openvpn12:46
Danteyseems the network manager stores the infos on a different place12:46
MonkeyDustDantey  in a teminal, use 'locate' to, well, locate files12:46
Danteyi don know the exact name of the conf file12:46
captainpicardwhy are all the ubuntu mirrors broken?12:47
k1l_captainpicard: are they? they work for other users. what is the real issue?12:47
BluesKajDantey, install network-manager-openvpn12:48
captainpicardk1l_: using the xubuntu mini installer. it found my network, got an ip address succesfully, asked me to choose a mirror. every one i try to pick, it says bad mirror12:48
MonkeyDustcaptainpicard  in which country are you12:49
k1l_captainpicard: using a proxy or firewall on your network?12:49
captainpicardno. plus ive used this mini installer before, about a year ago, without any issues. same network.12:49
BluesKajDantey, after installing it then restart network-manager12:49
DanteyBluesKaj i got it installed12:49
captainpicardus.archive.ubuntu.com is what i'm selecting12:50
Danteybut i can find the config file for this openvpn plugin12:50
BluesKajDantey, plugin?12:50
Danteythis one is a plugin for the network manager12:50
BluesKajdo you mean the vpn client?12:51
Danteyit uses openvpn but i can find the config file12:51
Danteyconfig is not in /etc/openvpn12:51
BluesKajyou should have an client insyll file from your vpn provider, most likely a .sh file12:52
BluesKajinstall file12:52
Danteyyes i got one its working to but i need to do some changes to the config file12:53
BluesKajDantey, like what?12:53
Danteyi need to use udp6 protocol this is not configable via the network manager plugin12:54
ioriacaptainpicard, did it auto-configure the network ? if yes , try to set it manually with static ip12:54
BluesKajDantey, click mon the network manager then at the top of the popup there are 2arrows, click on that, it's"configure network connections" then click on edit , there you'll find the ipv6 etc settings12:57
Danteyipv6 is only configurable for the network connection not the openVPN connection here12:59
BluesKajyou're on kde right then click on the panel icon, Dantey, your openvpn should show beside the airport mode configuration  , the 2 arrows13:02
Danteyyes on kde but i have no arrows i have a tool icon for configuration there13:03
captainpicardfor bios settings, is ubuntu considered a plug&play os?13:04
mrb101what is the Brightness control application does ubuntu 15.10 uses to when i press on the brightness buttons ?13:05
MonkeyDustubuntu-mate__  it works, we see you13:05
MonkeyDustubuntu-mate__  this is the ubuntu support channel13:05
BluesKajok Dantey , do tou get a page with options like edit, file, conections , settings, and a list of vpn servers?13:05
ubuntu-mate__im newbie13:06
DanteyBluesKaj : i got a solution i can edit the config file if i export vpn config then edit it and import it again13:07
Danteybut seems the network manager can handle udp6 seems i have to use openvpn directly13:07
BluesKajyes Dantey because the openvpn network manager itself has to be configured in the "connection manager"13:09
Danteyyes seems the network manager openvpn plugin is not able to handle all the openvpn features :(13:10
BluesKajDantey, why udp6 ?13:10
Danteyfor dualstack gateway and it should pull all traffic through the vpn not only the ipv4 traffic13:11
Danteyall ipv6 traffic bypassed the vpn normally13:12
=== daniel is now known as Guest47412
Nicholas1is there any app to monitor bandwith for linux?13:25
Nicholas1gnome system monitor is nice, though it closes the data usage after disconnecting from internet13:26
MonkeyDustNicholas1  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bandwidth-monitoring-tools-for-ubuntu-users.html13:27
Nicholas1thanks for link monkeydust , i appreciate that13:28
CryptoManiacWhich Ubuntu channel is best for discussing Ubuntu Phone?13:28
cfhowlett!touch | cryptodan13:28
ubottucryptodan: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:28
cfhowlettCryptoManiac, sorry you ^^^13:29
Nicholas1 MonkeyDust i would like to know is it possible to make changes in  gnome system monitor in such a way that it won't refreshes data usage after disconnecting from internet ?13:30
Nicholas1everytime the whenever i go offline it refreshes the data usage13:31
Nicholas1i would like to keep it persistent13:31
Nicholas1u know what i mean13:31
Ben64not really13:31
Nicholas1does it logs the data usage to some particular file?13:32
Nicholas1Ben64 really?13:32
Ben64i mean you're free to grab the source and rewrite it13:32
Nicholas1sir i could barely code . i am that weak at programming :-D Ben6413:33
Ben64so then you can't13:33
cencalokHy all13:33
Nicholas1isn't there any way (settings) to make the data usage persistent13:33
Nicholas1this is really a serious disadvantage of gnome system monitor13:34
Nicholas1i see13:34
Ben64not really13:34
Meerkatwhat would be some good system directories to put on an SSD for speed?13:34
Nicholas1say if u consumes a data of almost 200 mbs and the other moment u experience a network disconnection and BAM now u have lost all the usage report13:35
Ben64so don't use that to keep track of data usage13:35
MonkeyDustNicholas1  i'm not familiar with bandwith measuring, but you can use the 'watch' command to monitor it ... watch -n 1 [command] for a 1 sec interval13:41
stasiicto create a bootable ubuntu usb is it enough to just do "dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/myusbdevice" ? because I have done that but it still doesnt boot :(13:41
seth_For some reason, I keep getting this error when trying to install MonoDevelop on Ubuntu 15.10. ca-certificates-mono gamin libart2.0-cil libgamin0 libglade2.0-cil libglade2.0-cil-dev libglib2.0-cil libglib2.0-cil-dev libgnome-vfs2.0-cil libgnome2.24-cil libgtk2.0-cil libgtk2.0-cil-dev libmono-2.0-dev libmono-accessibility4.0-cil libmono-c5-1.1-cil libmono-cairo4.0-cil libmono-cecil-private-cil libmono-cil-dev libmono-codecontracts4.0-cil13:41
seth_libmono-compilerservices-symbolwriter4.0-cil libmono-corlib4.0-cil libmono-corlib4.5-cil libmono-cscompmgd0.0-cil libmono-csharp4.0c-cil libmono-custommarshalers4.0-cil libmono-data-tds4.0-cil libmono-db2-1.0-cil libmono-debugger-soft4.0a-cil libmono-http4.0-cil libmono-i18n-cjk4.0-cil libmono-i18n-mideast4.0-cil libmono-i18n-other4.0-cil libmono-i18n-rare4.0-cil libmono-i18n-west4.0-cil libmono-i18n4.0-all libmono-i18n4.0-cil13:41
seth_libmono-ldap4.0-cil libmono-management4.0-cil libmono-messaging-rabbitmq4.0-cil libmono-messaging4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-build-engine4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-build-framework4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-build-tasks-v4.0-4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-build-utilities-v4.0-4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-build4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-csharp4.0-cil libmono-microsoft-visualc10.0-cil libmono-microsoft-web-infrastructure1.0-cil libmono-oracle4.0-cil13:41
seth_libmono-parallel4.0-cil libmono-peapi4.0a-cil libmono-posix4.0-cil libmono-rabbitmq4.0-cil libmono-relaxng4.0-cil libmono-security4.0-cil libmono-sharpzip4.84-cil libmono-simd4.0-cil libmono-smdiagnostics0.0-cil libmono-sqlite4.0-cil libmono-system-componentmodel-composition4.0-cil libmono-system-componentmodel-dataannotations4.0-cil libmono-system-configuration-install4.0-cil libmono-system-configuration4.0-cil libmono-system-core4.0-cil13:41
seth_libmono-system-data-datasetextensions4.0-cil libmono-system-data-entity4.0-cil libmono-system-data-linq4.0-cil libmono-system-data-services-client4.0-cil libmono-system-data-services4.0-cil libmono-system-data4.0-cil libmono-system-design4.0-cil libmono-system-drawing-design4.0-cil libmono-system-drawing4.0-cil libmono-system-dynamic4.0-cil libmono-system-enterpriseservices4.0-cil libmono-system-identitymodel-selectors4.0-cil13:41
cfhowlettseth_, use paste!!!13:41
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:41
seth_libmono-system-identitymodel4.0-cil libmono-system-io-compression-filesystem4.0-cil libmono-system-io-compression4.0-cil libmono-system-json-microsoft4.0-cil libmono-system-json4.0-cil libmono-system-ldap-protocols4.0-cil libmono-system-ldap4.0-cil libmono-system-management4.0-cil libmono-system-messaging4.0-cil libmono-system-net-http-formatting4.0-cil libmono-system-net-http-webrequest4.0-cil libmono-system-net-http4.0-cil libmono-system-net413:41
seth_.0-cil libmono-system-numerics4.0-cil libmono-system-reactive-core2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-debugger2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-experimental2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-interfaces2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-linq2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-observable-aliases0.0-cil libmono-system-reactive-platformservices2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-providers2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-runtime-remoting2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-w13:41
seth_indows-forms2.2-cil libmono-system-reactive-windows-threading2.2-cil libmono-system-runtime-caching4.0-cil libmono-system-runtime-durableinstancing4.0-cil libmono-system-runtime-serialization-formatters-soap4.0-cil libmono-system-runtime-serialization4.0-cil libmono-system-runtime4.0-cil libmono-system-security4.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel-activation4.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel-discovery4.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel-internals13:41
seth_0.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel-routing4.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel-web4.0-cil libmono-system-servicemodel4.0a-cil libmono-system-serviceprocess4.0-cil libmono-system-threading-tasks-dataflow4.0-cil libmono-system-transactions4.0-cil libmono-system-web-abstractions4.0-cil libmono-system-web-applicationservices4.0-cil libmono-system-web-dynamicdata4.0-cil libmono-system-web-extensions-design4.0-cil libmono-system-web-extensions4.0-cil13:41
seth_ libmono-system-web-http-selfhost4.0-cil libmono-system-web-http-webhost4.0-cil libmono-system-web-http4.0-cil libmono-system-web-mvc3.0-cil libmono-system-web-razor2.0-cil libmono-system-web-routing4.0-cil libmono-system-web-services4.0-cil libmono-system-web-webpages-deployment2.0-cil libmono-system-web-webpages-razor2.0-cil libmono-system-web-webpages2.0-cil libmono-system-web4.0-cil libmono-system-windows-forms-datavisualization4.0a-cil13:42
MonkeyDustseth_  it works, we see you13:42
cfhowlettnope, not reading all that mess.  use paste.13:42
Nicholas1MonkeyDust i could monitor the data usage. though i would like to have a program which could create a log file of it ?13:43
Nicholas1MonkeyDust  most  monitors refresh the data usage after diconnecting from internet. they refresh their usages13:44
MonkeyDustNicholas1  yes, redirect the output to monitor.log or so ... i'm sure the people in #bash can tell you how to do that13:44
Nicholas1thanks MonkeyDust13:44
=== Barzogh_ is now known as Barzogh
cfhowlettthe caret question ... apt-get intall hexchat vs. apt-get install hexchat^                   what is the difference???13:57
BernhardPosseltlibapache2-mod-fastcgi is in 14.04 right? its not available on travis13:58
MonkeyDust!find libapache2-mod trusty13:59
ubottuFound: libapache2-mod-apparmor, libapache2-mod-auth-mysql, libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql, libapache2-mod-auth-plain, libapache2-mod-macro, libapache2-mod-perl2, libapache2-mod-perl2-dev, libapache2-mod-perl2-doc, libapache2-mod-php5, libapache2-mod-python (and 77 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libapache2-mod&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all13:59
BernhardPosseltalso found this http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libapache2-mod-fastcgi13:59
ioriacfhowlett, http://tech.shantanugoel.com/2010/10/23/apt-get-caret.html13:59
BernhardPosseltE: Package 'libapache2-mod-fastcgi' has no installation candidate13:59
BernhardPosseltis what travis gives me14:00
cfhowlettthank you ioria14:00
ioriacfhowlett, np14:00
* cfhowlett wonders who the heck this "Travis" is ...14:00
BernhardPosseltcfhowlett: https://travis-ci.org/14:01
MonkeyDustBernhardPosselt  in a terminal:  apt-cache search libapache2-mod-fastcgi14:01
BernhardPosseltmost popular ci for github14:01
cfhowlettBernhardPosselt, can't buy you a beer but ...14:01
ubottuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!14:01
k1l_travis is some bundle to create apps. but i would say BernhardPosselt needs to talk to the travis guys about their setup14:01
Nicholas1cfhowlett could u please tell me how do i make log file of data usage in gnome system monitor?14:01
cfhowlettNicholas1, no idea, amigo.  above my level of knowledge.  but I would bet there's an app already available.  ask the server guys14:02
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server14:02
Nicholas1i see cfhowlett14:03
cencalokOm ade malsasa ada gak y14:05
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList14:05
cencalokOke guys... Im find my friend... Ade malsasa... :)14:06
iDealsanyone familiar with repairing mdadm Raid arrays14:07
MonkeyDustiDeals  ask your question and wait14:07
iDealsMonkeyDust  will do14:08
=== shuduo is now known as shuduo-afk
iDealsI have a RAID array that recently stopped working.  It showed to faulty drives (out of 3), I then rebooted and it appears it will not mount.  It seems unlikely two drives failed at the same time, so thinking perhaps something happened while syncing14:09
iDealsneed help troubleshooting14:09
frostschutziDeals, mdadm --examine /dev/sd*?, smartctl -a /dev/sd?, ...?14:11
iDealsI dont think I have smart14:14
iDealswill give examine a shot14:14
iDealsfrostschutz nothing looked out of order really from I could tell on examine of the drives14:17
iDealsnot sure what it would say if something was awry though, pretty new to RAID14:17
frostschutziDeals, put the output on paste.ubuntu.com or similar. if you don't provide information no one can help14:18
iDealsfrostschutz, thanks, didnt know that paste site existed.  here is the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/15157564/14:20
=== abc is now known as Guest82875
frostschutziDeals, smartctl? install smartmontools14:24
frostschutziDeals, if sdc/sdd are intact you should be able to assemble the raid with those14:25
synthormdadm --assemble --scan should work14:28
iDealsfrostschutz when I try assemble it doesn't work14:28
iDealslet me google smartmontools real quick and will install14:28
iDealsno error, just shows the prompt again14:29
synthorsudo tail -n 50 /var/log/syslog14:29
synthorshows the last 50 lines of the syslog file...14:29
iDealssynthor, is that for me to try?14:30
mrsam96hi...i have noise with my speaker sometimes...how can i do?14:30
synthoryeah, iDeals14:30
aq2mrsam96: How loud is that noise?14:30
synthorthere should be the error logged why mdadm couldn't assemble your raid14:30
iDealsthat is all that was generated14:31
iDealsnot 50 lines =(14:31
mrsam96<aq2>yes it is loud...when the music ply i have noise14:31
aq2I have some noise too but its very quiet14:32
mrsam96<aq2>its a rustle14:32
synthoris there a file mdadm.log in /var/log?14:32
synthormaybe just run sudo grep -Ri "mdadm" /var/log14:33
synthorsearches in /var/log for mdadm logs14:33
iDealsthat has considerably more entries, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15157773/14:34
iDealsI'm starting to feel like rebooting was a bad idea.14:36
iDealsat least the array was showing prior14:36
iDealswhen I rebooted though it wasnt able to build the array, so opted to skip14:36
iDealswhich maybe why its not seeing it?14:36
synthorrebooting was no problem14:36
xubuntu11hi guys, i try to run a script at power state switch between ac to dc. i put the script into /etc/pm/power.d/ and chmod x it. it puts "performance" per echo into /sys/devices/ystem/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_govenor, but if i unplug my powercable and vi into the scaling_govenor it just stays at the default and doesnt change - what am i doing wrong?14:37
synthorso, one of three devices failed? raid5 then?14:38
iDealsyes, RAID514:39
iDealshow can I tell which device failed?14:39
synthorcat /proc/mdstat14:40
iDealsI had webmin, but it hasnt seemed to work in some time.  Not sure that it is set to start automatically on boot14:41
synthorshows the mdadm raid stats14:41
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.14:42
voozeHave anyone just updated 14.04 with apt-get upgrade? my font rendering is all broken now :/14:42
iDealsubottu, yikes14:43
iDealswas not aware14:43
BernhardPosseltvooze: relogin14:43
voozeBernhardPosselt: I just rebooted, it just happend after reboot14:43
pw_what is lvm14:44
synthorlogical volume manager14:44
BluesKaj!lvm | pw_14:44
ubottupw_: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:44
iDealssynthor, I didn't see anything standing out at me with cat /proc/mdstat14:45
synthoriDeals, u have a spare drive for that raid?14:45
synthorif another one dies, data will be lost definately14:45
iDealsnot currently14:45
synthori'm think what to do know...14:45
synthornever used raid514:45
iDealsah, yeah I'm starting to kick myself for choosing RAID514:46
synthorkick yourself if you don't make backups14:46
synthorraid is no backup!14:47
iDealsso it seems =(14:47
iDealsI'll grab a new drive today14:47
synthorbetter two14:48
iDealsis it difficult to have systematic backups to an external drive in Ubuntu?14:48
iDealsit is a lot of data (4 TBs)14:49
synthorrsync is your friend14:49
jushuriDeals: that is not a lot, i have a server here with 58TB14:49
iDealsthat is a lot!14:50
iDealsokay, so sounds like I'm at a standstill until I grab a new drive14:50
iDealsthank you so much guys!  Will be back tomorrow14:51
pw_hey guys i just set up my first raid and lvm on my my system i wanted you guys to take a look and see what you think14:51
pw_sdb                                            111.8G14:51
pw_└─sdb1                       LVM2_member       111.8G14:51
pw_  ├─root-root (dm-0)         crypto_LUKS       103.4G14:51
pw_  │ └─root-root_crypt (dm-4) ext4              103.4G /14:51
pw_  ├─root-boot (dm-1)         ext4                976M /boot14:51
k1l_pw_: please paste.ubuntu.com14:52
synthortry to manuall reassemble your raid with14:53
synthormdadm --create /dev/md0 --assume-clean --level=5 --raid-devices=3 /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd14:53
pw_there it is14:53
frostschutzsynthor, never never never14:53
frostschutznever use mdadm --create to try and recover14:54
pw_what do you guys think of this partition setup then14:54
pw_i just want to say its my first time and i used ubuntu for only couple of weeks :D14:55
synthorso what to do else in this situation?14:55
MonkeyDustpw_  first time you use ubuntu, or first time you use linux?14:56
biobuntu>/quit ...14:56
=== anon is now known as Guest48702
frostschutziDeals, --assemble should work in this case using two drives (have to --stop the existing md first). failing that perhaps --assemble --force. that's assuming the disks are actually okay, I didn't see smartctl data yet (did I miss it)14:56
pw_MonkeyDust, i used linux before when i was a young kid but i never really got a hang of it14:57
synthorno frostschutz, you haven't...14:57
iDealsfrostschutz, looking for command to install smartmon14:58
MonkeyDustpw_  it's strange that you start with raid and lvm, as a linux beginner14:58
synthorsudo apt-get install smartmontools14:58
synthorhe gave it to you earliere14:59
iDealsmissed it earlier, just tried got errors15:00
iDealsunmet dependencies15:00
synthorshould rely on webmin..15:00
pw_MonkeyDust strange? I installed ubuntu normally with three partitions for root,home and swap. played around with the system a little bit and then reinstalled using crypt,,raid and lvm to learn about those configurations15:00
pw_im doing some uni projects15:00
k1l_!webmin | synthor15:01
iDealsit suggests apt-get -f install, is that okay to do?15:01
ubottusynthor: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.15:01
pw_i dont want to just have linux on my system, i want to learn to use it in all kinds of ways. otherwise it will be a big waste of time15:01
synthori read that k1l_15:02
pw_MonkeyDust, anyway do you like the way partitions are setup? would you do anything differently ?15:02
synthorso hey may have broken dependencies because he installed webmin in "some way"15:02
cfhowlettwebmin is a bad idea. BAD idea.15:02
SchrodingersScatiDeals: that normally tries to fix your packages.  It helps if you give the exact error you're getting, in a pastebin if it's multi-line, so people know exactly what you're dealing with.15:02
iDealsapt-get install error, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15158332/15:03
synthorfirst fix that apt errors15:03
iDealsyes, I had webmin on my system.. installed a long time ago15:04
iDealsdidnt know it was a no-no15:04
synthordon't worry15:04
synthoroutput of uname -a15:04
iDealsLinux ubuntu 3.2.0-43-generic #68-Ubuntu SMP Wed May 15 03:33:33 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:05
MonkeyDust3.2, that ubuntu 12.0415:05
synthorlsb_version -a15:06
iDealsyes, 12.0415:06
synthorlinux-server : Depends: linux-headers-server (= but is to be installed15:06
iDealslsb_version: command not found15:06
synthorwhat have you done to the kernel packages?15:06
synthorno need for lsb version, if you know its 12.0415:06
TJ-iDeals: what archive mirror is the system using? Is the local package cache up-to-date ("sudo apt-get update") ?15:07
synthorpost output of cat /etc/apt/sources.list15:08
TJ-iDeals: root of the issue is, the local system's package lists and the installed packages are out-of-date compared to the archives, so apt cannot resolve the differences15:08
iDealsTJ-, not sure on the mirror15:08
dimeetreesMy windows always lag whenever I resize them. Im running ubuntu 14.04, tried installing proper video drivers, no luck. All hardware minimum requirements are met, can anyone shed light on this?15:09
SupaYoshihow do I make my iptables rules I currently have persistant?15:09
SupaYoshiin Ubuntu 12.0415:09
iDealssynthor, here is the result http://paste.ubuntu.com/15158448/15:09
TJ-iDeals: "grep 'archive.*main' /etc/apt/sources.list" should identify it15:10
xanguadimeetrees: by minimum requirements you mean? if you have limited resources you might wanna try Xubuntu or Lubuntu15:10
dimeetreesxangua: I mean it's not my hardwares fault, my machine is not limited.15:10
apostagihello I need help. I have Epson sx235w printer I have the driver but it doesn't have any ink level status... I used terminal with this commmand sudo apt-get install mtink BUT this didn't help... I want to change the ink cartridge also... THANK you, I appreciate you help!!! Adorjan15:11
iDealsTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15158475/ result of grep15:11
aq2dimeetrees: What kernel are you running?15:11
aq2Check by typing uname -r to a terminal15:12
dimeetrees 3.19.0-49-generic #55~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 22 11:24:31 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:12
TJ-iDeals: The US mirrors - should be current, so I'd think a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ought to settle things down15:12
aq2And your ubuntu version is 14.04?15:12
dimeetreesaq2: correct15:12
iDealsTJ-,do both in the same command line, or one after the other15:13
aq2dimeetrees: Install a newer kernel: sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-wily15:13
aq2Reboot after that and your graphics should work.15:13
TJ-iDeals: exactly as I typed those commands, everything inside the " " marks as one command-line, then press Enter15:13
dimeetreesaq2: thanks, is it always a best practice to keep kernal up to date?15:14
synthoriDeals you just can connect every command with &&15:14
aq2No need for that15:14
TJ-aq2: dimeetrees I'd suspect it's not the kernel but possibly missing X server upgrades to the LTS hardware enablement stack15:14
TJ-!ltse | dimeetrees15:14
ubottudimeetrees: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack15:14
aq2only if your hardware is not working15:14
aq2TJ-: new kernel fixes surprisingly many things15:14
aq2i couldn't run compiz with 3.x kernel15:14
dimeetreesI actually downgraded from 15x because it was outright crashing15:15
aq2Yes, lts releases are good15:15
synthoryeah, i installed the wily stack and 4.2 this morning. runs much much faster and smoother at all :)15:15
TJ-aq2: It won't magically fixed a non-hardware accelerated desktop. Best thing is to identify the cause before guessing at a solution, since replacing a kernel could cause additional problems (e.g. if the system relies on (re)building out-of-tree 3rd party kernel modules)15:15
dimeetreesthanks guys, brb15:15
aq2dimeetrees: wait15:16
aq2he didn't15:16
aq2i would have told him how to boot the old kernel...15:16
synthordimeetrees, you haven't mentioned your hardware nor driver you installed...15:16
TJ-aq2: always happens :D15:16
xubuntu11hi, i try to run a script at power state switch between ac to dc. i put the script into /etc/pm/power.d/ and chmod x it. it puts "performance" per echo into /sys/devices/ystem/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_govenor, but if i unplug my powercable and vi into the scaling_govenor it just stays at the default and doesnt change - what am i doing wrong?15:16
iDealsTJ-, not sure that it worked15:17
TJ-iDeals: did the 'dist-upgrade' part install/upgrade packages?15:17
synthorsmartmontools will install fine, when the dependencies are fixed, iDeals15:17
=== dima is now known as dimeetrees
linuxgeekis it mandate to set proxy in /etc/environment for sudo apt-get update to work?15:18
TJ-iDeals: if it did, then retry the original "sudo apt-get install smartmontools"15:18
dimeetreesKernal update fixed laggy window resizing15:18
iDealshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15158621/ output of apt-get update command15:18
=== andre_ is now known as Guest21510
iDealssmartmontools generates same dependency error15:18
synthorwhich one have you installed?15:18
dimeetreesthanks a bunch. Im guessing my video drivers expected the latest kernal, because they were probably the latest.15:18
aq2dimeetrees: new kernel releases just support more hardware and better, nothing unusual about that.15:19
synthoriDeals, so..i asked you already...what have you done with the kernels?15:19
iDealshave no answer for that.  I would think I nothing15:20
dimeetreesaq2: makes sense.15:20
synthorlinux-server : Depends: linux-headers-server (= but is to be installed15:20
iDealsserver has been up and operational for at least a year without issue. no interaction from me15:20
TJ-iDeals: "sudo apt-get -f install" will attempt to fix the issue15:20
synthorthat uname showed that you are on 44.53.....but why is 70.84 to be installed?15:20
synthorfrom where does that come?15:20
iDealshave no idea15:20
TJ-synthor: the 44.53 is the Depends from linux-server (which is an out-of-date installed package)15:21
synthormmh okay15:22
iDealsTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15158698/15:22
iDealsI assume it is okay to say yes15:22
TJ-iDeals: try also forcing that to upgrade with "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade linux-server" - the version in the archives of linux-server is
TJ-iDeals: correct, that's exactly what you need to fix the issue15:23
synthornice TJ-15:23
synthornever had broken dependencies for a long time ^^15:23
TJ-iDeals: it appears that the server isn't configured to automatically install security updates, so has got so far behind the archives it made it impossible for apt to figure out a safe solution15:24
iDealsyeah it appears interacting with the server once every few years is bad form on my part15:24
iDealssigh, still cant install smartmontools15:25
synthorhope it's just a local server without open ports directly on the internet15:25
TJ-iDeals: what's the error now?15:25
iDealssame as before15:25
TJ-iDeals: about linux-server version being wrong?15:25
iDealswill post output15:26
TJ-iDeals: can you show it? since that package should just have been upgraded15:26
synthorshould have other versions mentioned..15:26
synthoryour harddisk is full15:27
synthorno space left15:27
synthorthe kernel wasn't installed15:27
synthorthere was that awesome command to remove all the old kernels...15:27
synthorwhich i have to google all the times ^^15:27
iDealsyes, array was full when it broke15:28
iDealsSSD drive that hold OS has space though15:28
TJ-iDeals: is there a separate file-system for /boot/ ?15:28
synthorin this case it's just the /boot partition15:28
synthorisn't /boot separately always?15:28
TJ-synthor: no15:28
synthoronly when using encryption then15:29
iDealsit is encrypted15:29
kristhianis teamviewer in linux free or is it good for 7 days only?15:29
TJ-iDeals: "sudo dpkg -r linux-image-3.2.0-40-generic linux-image-3.2.0-38-generic linux-image-3.2.0-41-generic linux-image-3.2.0-39-generic"15:29
daftykinskristhian: check their site, they sell it - not us15:29
synthorthen you have to remove all the old kernels installed to free space on /boot, iDeals15:29
iDealssynthor, shows 20 GB free on SSD15:30
synthoron /boot?15:30
synthordf -h15:30
iDealsTJ-, ran, no errors15:31
TJ-iDeals: that should have removed 4 old kernel versions and freed up some space15:31
synthorhow much is used/free on /boot now?15:31
synthordf -h tells...15:31
homahi my friends15:31
iDealsdoes, df -h, show available space?15:31
synthorin human readable format15:31
TJ-iDeals: check space with "df -h | grep boot" then, if space free, retry "sudo apt-get -f install"15:32
iDeals94m free on boot15:32
iDeals94M rather15:32
TJ-iDeals: OK, try the "... -f install" now15:32
synthori have 92m15:33
synthorshould be fine15:33
synthori have three or four kernels installed15:33
synthorthree, 3.13, 3.19, and 4.215:33
iDealsso far this one is getting further along15:33
iDealssynthor, still an error at the end.15:34
synthorpost it..15:34
iDealscopied back a little further than needed to show results of previous two commands15:36
TJ-iDeals: "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade linux-server"15:36
synthortry to remove them headers15:36
TJ-iDeals: the installed version is an old one, and has to be forced to upgrade to stop it causing knock-on effects15:37
synthorsudo apt-get remove linux-headers-kernel-
iDealsTJ-,  The following packages have unmet dependencies:  linux-server : Depends: linux-headers-server (= but is installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.15:37
TJ-iDeals: that suggests the package versions are screwy. What does "apt-cache policy linux-server" report ?15:38
iDealsTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15159050/15:38
iDealsSynthor, is it okay to remove headers?15:39
apostagiany suggestion for Epson sx235w ink level? thank you15:39
synthorin my eyes, yes15:39
synthorthey seem to be installed and thus the upgrade doesn't work15:39
TJ-iDeals: "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade linux-server linux-headers-server"15:40
synthordpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of linux-server:15:40
synthor linux-server depends on linux-headers-server (=; however:15:40
synthor  Version of linux-headers-server on system is
synthorsudo apt-get remove linux-headers-kernel-
synthorshould be15:41
synthorsudo apt-get remove linux-headers-server-
iDealsTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15159094/15:41
TJ-synthor: the explict dist-upgrade is supposed to do that as part of its work15:41
TJ-synthor: but in this case there's something preventing it. iDeals can you show us "apt-cache pllicy linux-headers-server" ?15:43
TJ-iDeals: typo!  "apt-cache policy linux-headers-server" ?15:43
synthorwhy don't try -f as apt suggests?!15:43
TJ-synthor: we did; it got confused :)15:44
iDealsTJ-, above is result of apt-cache policy linux etc..15:44
TJ-iDeals: Yes, and it's interesting in a strange way!15:44
daftykinscor 12.04 still.15:44
iDealsLOL sounds like my system, interesting in a strange... and frustrating way :)15:45
synthoryou're just frustrated because you need to ask us for help. we're not :P15:45
TJ-iDeals: the candidate versions of linux-server and linux-headers-server are both according to apt-cache policy. However, trying to force the upgrades says the candidate is
synthoris that a local box? or public server?15:46
TJ-iDeals: retry "sudo apt-get -f install" ... sometimes several iterations can fix problems in steps15:46
synthoryeah, i remember that15:46
iDealsno dice15:47
iDealslocal box15:47
iDeals@ synthor15:47
synthorand i mean to remember that i ended up with reinstallig this box :/ first steps with linux and so...15:47
iDealslatest iteration of apt-get -f install http://paste.ubuntu.com/15159234/15:48
synthorthat's really weird15:49
synthorTJ-? ^^15:49
synthorrun it again iDeals15:49
synthorand post the output15:49
synthormaybe he get from version to version15:49
TJ-iDeals: "sudo dpkg --remove linux-server" (it's a meta-package, don't worry!)15:49
iDealsthat does look frightening LOL15:50
TJ-iDeals: now "sudo apt-get -f install" again15:50
iDealsTJ-, looks to have worked15:51
TJ-iDeals: now "sudo apt-get install linux-server" and ensure it installs version
=== Nach0z_ is now known as Nach0z
iDealsokay smartmontools installed as well15:52
TJ-iDeals: I'd think you're finally sorted now :)15:52
TJ-iDeals: however "sudo apt-get autoremove" just in case any 'cruft' is leftover15:52
synthorbig ups TJ- :)15:53
iDealsevidently a lot of 'cruft' leftover15:53
iDealsokay done and done15:54
iDealsdo I just type 'smartctl' for report?15:54
synthor--all or something15:54
TJ-iDeals: Pro-tip: don't leave it so long between "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade" in future, else the local packages, lists, and archive versions will get terribly out of sync15:54
synthorhe didnt login for a long time into this box ;)15:55
iDealsTJ-, thank you, will make sure its not years before next update LOL15:55
iDealswell its running daily, I just havent had to interact with it so to speak15:55
synthorso now you can look whats up with your harddisks/raid15:56
TJ-iDeals: always a problem with locally isolated systems. Makes sense to keep a local apt-cacher-ng mirror that does have external access, and let the isolated systems upgrade via it15:57
=== anon is now known as Guest58198
iDealsTJ- thank you, will research setting that up, should be plenty of forum posts regarding I'm sure.15:58
synthordoes someone watch leverkusen vs. dortmund? so weird...lol!15:58
iDealsnow need to figure out how to use smartctl15:58
daftykinsstay on topic15:59
Bretagnej'ai besoin d'aide15:59
k1l_Bretagne: for french join the #ubuntu-fr channel16:00
Nicholas1i have installed vnstat. its showing abnormal data usage values ?16:00
Nicholas1why that so?16:00
Nicholas1does it requires sometime to start calculating normally?16:01
mrb101Hello, I have a problem which i can't really understand. I have multiple devices at home. Running different OSs. The machines running linux based OSs even Android phones. Can't open Facebook or Youtube website. Any idea what could be causing that ?16:01
synthorsudo smartctl --all /dev/xxx16:01
synthorxxx stands for each harddisk16:01
synthorsda, sdb, sdc, sdd16:01
daftykins-a is fine16:01
karin_hello i got a question im debugging with gnueabi-gdb and i get the whole time Cannot access memory at address 0x0 whan can i do about that16:02
Nicholas1daftykins any app to monitor bandwith . also i want to save log even after reboots16:02
iDealssynthor, so run that for each device separately?16:03
daftykinsdon't pick on me16:03
iDealsor use wildcard * ?16:03
synthoryes iDeals16:03
synthori dont know16:03
iDealsfrostschutz, you still on?16:05
frostschutziDeals, huh?16:05
synthorhe can smartctl now :D16:05
synthorhis raid problems..16:06
iDealsI can finally smartctl16:06
fooobarrrIf I'm adding to hard drives I want in RAID 1 to an existing ubuntu installation is it best to do it through llvm16:06
fooobarrras in here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/RAID1%2BLVM16:06
iDealsmany thanks to synthor and TJ-16:06
synthornull problemo :)16:06
fooobarrrthere's software raid on the motherboard but I can't find the documentation on how to use it... so I probably wont be using that16:07
TJ-iDeals: "sudo smartctl --all /dev/sd?" should do all the 'sd' type devices16:07
synthordon't use the onboard fakeraid fooobarrr16:07
synthoruse linux software raid instead16:07
iDealsTJ-, it didnt like that LOL16:08
lpgsx8Salut tout le monde quelq'un parle français?16:08
iDealslooks like it only can do one at a time16:08
TJ-fooobarrr: either as PVs for a LVM mirror, or use mdraid to create a mirror and make its device-mapper device the PV (e.g. /dev/sde /dev/sdf => /dev/mapper/md3 => PV => VG )16:08
rexwin_I have a virtual machine in digital ocean hosting www.onlinedigitalservices.ca I want to have my own mail working like admin@onlinedigitalservices.ca16:08
rexwin_what should I do?16:08
daftykinsrexwin_: read their wonderful documentation and talk to their support16:09
TJ-iDeals: the shell should expand "/dev/sd?" to match /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdc (if they exist)16:09
frostschutzTJ-, yes but smartctl only takes one ;)16:09
fooobarrrok I was thinking of doing the mdraid route16:10
fooobarrrseems pretty easy16:10
TJ-iDeals: if it complains "You have provided X device names" then do "for D in /dev/sd?; do sudo smartctl --all $D; done"16:10
iDealsTJ- http://paste.ubuntu.com/15159650/16:11
fooobarrrlvm mirrors are easy too though...16:11
iDealsfrostschutz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15159650/16:11
fooobarrrso many options16:11
TJ-frostschutz: yup, I misread its intro in the man-page - all that shell expansion-like device name explanation is misleading at a glance)16:11
TJ-fooobarrr: until you need to recover them :)16:11
frostschutziDeals, your sdc drive is a goner16:12
synthori did TJ-16:12
synthoralso i resized them afterwards16:12
synthorit works, if you are strong and have lot of time ^^16:13
iDealsfrostschutz, I was afraid of that16:13
fooobarrrI'm settuping up a backup too ... external clearly16:13
iDealsokay, will proceed with getting a replacement drive16:13
ABC-XYZFor some reason, recently, after updating sddm, I suddenly got an /etc/systemd/system/graphical.target.wants/sddm.service symlink: since the display manager is supposed to be determined by the /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service file which (configured by dpkg) points to gdm, this results in 2 display managers running .. I suppose this is a bug?16:14
ABC-XYZsddm package doesn't seem to contain this file though16:14
ABC-XYZI wonder how it got created16:14
TJ-iDeals: so /dev/sdc failed about 330 hours ago16:14
iDealsoh wow, array only went down about 72 hours ago16:15
frostschutziDeals, in the future you should setup smart monitoring, have it send you mail on failure. detect errors early, replace immediately. try mdadm --stop /dev/md0 ; mdadm --assemble --force /dev/md0 /dev/sdb /dev/sdd116:15
iDealsfrostschutz, should I do that now, or wait until I get a replacement?16:16
frostschutza new drive won't magically fix things, the raid has to run first before you can add a new drive16:17
frostschutzso make it run now & then make a backup if you don't already have16:17
=== r4z3r is now known as kkirsche
frostschutzif you can't make it run you might still have to ddrescue your broken drive (and lose whatever sectors are bad on that)16:18
iDealslooks like it may have worked16:18
=== kkirsche is now known as r4z3r
iDeals mdadm: /dev/md0 has been started with 2 drives (out of 3).16:18
synthorbackup important data if you can access them now16:19
iDealsseeing if I can access16:20
mssbrgHi all! Is there anywhere I can view the compilation flags for certain apt packages? In particular, I'm interested in python2.7 for precise.16:21
iDealsdoesnt look good16:21
synthorpost output of cat /proc/mdstat16:21
iDealsarray is running, data on it doesnt seem to be there16:21
ABC-XYZhmm, apparently another update-rc.d defaults is added automatically to the postinst file by dh_installinit16:22
frostschutziDeals, file -s /dev/md0?16:22
cfochI run update-grub216:22
cfochand it has got stuck16:22
iDealsfrostschutz,  /dev/mdo: ERROR: cannot open `/dev/mdo' (No such file or directory)16:22
cfochwhat should I do? http://dpaste.com/2S5CVGK16:23
synthor0 not o16:23
cfochshould I wait or should I cancel it? I don´t want to lose my grub :S16:23
aa_gauravhi i manual enter ip subnet and dns ip in eth0  but if config show me diffrent broadcast ip16:24
synthor/dev/md0 (zero=16:24
aa_gauravi cant connect server site  due to diffrent broadcast ip16:24
iDealsah, thanks synthor16:24
iDeals daunderground@ubuntu:/$ sudo file -s /dev/md0 /dev/md0: Linux rev 1.0 ext4 filesystem data, UUID=315bad1e-fdd6-4a77-a60b-7ae4d011416a (needs journal recovery) (extents) (large files) (huge files)16:24
synthorwe have an ext4 filesystem here :)16:25
synthorrun a filesystem check16:25
frostschutziDeals, is it mounted?16:25
synthorfsck.ext4 /dev/md0 or something16:25
iDealsfrostschutz, I believe so16:25
synthoroh yeah, unmount first16:25
synthorsudo umount /dev/md016:25
synthorthen fsck16:26
cfochah I only had to wait16:26
frostschutziDeals, if it's mounted but the mounted dir shows up empty, that's not good16:26
iDealshow can I determine if mounted?16:26
frostschutz'mount' or /proc/mounts would list it16:26
=== Guest37570 is now known as med_
slapierreHey guys, I posted on the mono channel but no answer... Is there a convention on where to put mono programs? Where would be a good place to move the GitExtensions folder, should I create a ~/mono or put it under /usr/share?16:28
iDealsfrostschutz, results of 'mount' http://paste.ubuntu.com/15160056/16:29
toniktHi. Can someone please tell me how do I install "sudo" on Ubuntu 15.04 Minimal?16:29
k1l_tonikt: that is installed from the start. what is your real issue?16:29
frostschutziDeals, doesn't seem to be mounted, so try your luck with fsck.ext4 but don't answer <y> to questions16:29
toniktfrostschutz: -bash: sudo: command not found16:30
toniktits just not tehre :(16:30
synthortype su -16:31
iDealsfrostschutz, just typing in "fsck.ext4" seem to just return help options16:31
synthorthen apt-get install sudo16:31
toniktsynthor: thank you!16:31
iDealsfrostschutz, above is the result of fsck.ext416:32
frostschutziDeals, with /dev/md0 as argument naturally... you can try fsck.ext4 -n /dev/md0 first and if that looks good run it without -n16:32
iDealsfrostschutz, results of fsck http://paste.ubuntu.com/15160163/16:34
frostschutzwell, go for it16:34
iDealsholds breath, okay16:35
iDealsdoing without -n16:35
iDealsfrostschutz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15160213/ -- result less the -n16:36
frostschutziDeals, so... mount it? mkdir /mnt/somewhere; mount -o ro /dev/md0 /mnt/somewhere; ls /mnt/somewhere16:38
iDealsfrostschutz, how do I determine where I had mounted it previously?16:39
frostschutziDeals, /etc/fstab16:39
iDealsfrostschutz, you'll have to forgive me, I'm an idiot LOL.  /etc/fstab doesnt seem to anything for me16:41
frostschutziDeals, grep 315bad1e /etc/fstab or grep md0 /etc/fstab16:41
frostschutzbut just for testing it does not matter you can just use any /mnt/ or /media/ directory16:42
iDealsfrostschutz,  /dev/md0        /storage            ext4        defaults        0        016:42
iDealsso looks like mounted to /storage16:42
iDealsso mkdir /mnt/storage ?16:43
iDealsfrostschutz, do I do all three commands you posted, or were those 3 ways to do the same thing?16:44
frostschutziDeals, mount -o ro /storage16:44
iDealsfrostschutz, done... although command didnt show any results, just went back to command line16:45
frostschutziDeals, find /storage16:47
iDealswow, that had an enormous output16:47
iDealslooks like it is mounted and data is present16:48
frostschutzhave a look at some files, see if they are intact, make a backup of your important stuff, buy a new disk next week and add it to your raid and hope it syncs16:49
iDealsis there a good way to determine what physical drive it is, probably easiest in bios?16:49
dretnxI like osx yosemite blurred bottom bar. Is this possible with ubuntu?16:50
frostschutziDeals, if you look at the smartctl output earlier it lists model and serial number16:51
iDealsfrostschutz, I dont have any extra sata slot on Mobo, so have to remove broken drive before adding new drive16:51
iDealsah okay, thank you!!!16:51
synthoriDeals, if you know which sdx device is it, look in smartctl output for the serial number. then you can see it on the harddrive itself16:51
synthorfrostschutz was faster heh16:51
iDealslol you both are awesome, thank you!!!!!!!!!!16:52
iDealsI'm sure I'll be back tomorrow trying to figure out how to add new drive16:52
iDealshave a wonderful Sunday!16:52
synthoryou too mate16:52
synthorno problemo16:53
dougielmy ubuntu running xfce hangs on shutdown after it gives me a message about stopping speech dispatcher - how do I figure out what it is haging on?16:54
ioriadougiel, can you paste /etc/default/speech-dispatcher ?16:58
pauljwdougiel, not sure, but try pressing esc on that shutdown screen to see if it will take you to the terminal and you should be able to the shutdown sequence and where it hangs16:58
=== swiltink is now known as Sgt_Tailor
dougielioria, will do...17:00
ioriadougiel, you should have this line 'RUN=no'    change it to   'RUN=yes', if not working remove the package sudo apt-get remove speech-dispatcher17:01
dougielpauljw, say something about codecs and intel sound17:02
=== Big7i is now known as CryptoManiac
pauljwdougiel, you should follow ioria's lead, more knowledgeable than me..17:04
=== Xenthys is now known as Francis
ioriadougiel,  i think is a bug of Orca17:05
=== Francis is now known as Xenthys
=== rafal is now known as Guest54755
dougielpauljw, followed ioria  lead as I turned it to yes during previous guess so removed the package and now it stalls saying stopping rsync daemon = [ok]17:07
dougielpauljw, and the only console I can get to is saying the same thing since 124 seconds after boot.17:08
dougielbut the machine does not shut down17:08
ioriadougiel,  sudo halt -p  and restart17:09
noalstameiki meme combat et mon raccourci vers le panneau de config a disparu ><17:10
dougielioria, powering up now to try sudo halt -p17:10
dougielioria, same thing just hangs after successfully stopping rsync daemon rsync [ok]17:13
ioriadougiel, did you remove the package ?17:13
dougielioria, yes17:14
ioriadougiel, try to purge it  sudo apt-get purge speech-dispatcher17:14
karin_Can sombody help me because i have a gnueabi-gdb with eclipse but i get whole time Error message from debugger back end: Warning:\nCannot insert breakpoint 1.\17:15
karin_and Error accessing memory address 0x0: Invoer-/uitvoerfout.\n17:15
AthenaPvPHello people of the #ubuntu chat, I require your help once more:17:15
AthenaPvPI am trying to use logmeinhamachi which requires you to use the terminal... Yeah I'm pretty bad with the terminal.17:16
AthenaPvPIt says to use hamachi login and I get the following error:17:16
Carogaany lvm heros in here? Im having troubles repairing my lvm. Cant seem to repair my lvm metadata on a certain disc.17:17
* AthenaPvP hides becuase she doesn't even know what lvm means.17:18
Carogapvcreate --uuid --restorefile isnt really helping me much, and the interwebs is making me confuss17:18
CarogaAthenaPvP: Logical Volume Managemer/Management17:18
Carogaa way to combine separate Physical Discs into one Virtual Disc/Group17:18
daftykinspretty sure hamachi is Windows only, using that is a mistake - AthenaPvP17:19
AthenaPvP.. Have you tried turning it off and then back on again...? *Useless linux hero... AWAAAYYY!*17:19
AthenaPvPdaftykins: they have their own support for linux which requires the terminal to use.17:19
Carogashort desc: combining 2x1TB physical discs to appear as 1x2TB disc on ur system.17:19
crystalravenhello, when i run "make"  (i build from source) the terminal gives this: http://pastebin.com/eYGpkHeA  what does this mean? can someone help me to fix this? im running ubuntu 14.04.04 x6417:19
daftykinsAthenaPvP: if they offer support then that would be your best port of call17:19
Carogaare you trying to setup a VPN for gaming purposes ?17:20
dougielioria, purged and same results17:20
AthenaPvPdaftykins: yeah I already tried that. Their support on Linux is close to useless.17:21
dougielioria, wouldn't it be the next thing on the list that is failing as whenwe purged the package it stopped on the privious line?17:21
daftykinsAthenaPvP: so what are you trying to achieve... as i said it was a mistake :)17:22
AthenaPvPI'm trying to log in using logmein hamachi.17:22
dougielhow do I find out the list of things happening during shutdown?17:22
ioriadougiel, what you mean ?17:22
daftykins"log in" makes zero sense AthenaPvP - and as already said that's a third party program, it is not supported here17:22
daftykinsso either come up with an actual "i want to do x" that makes sense and alternative methods can be suggested, or contact them to get support17:23
AthenaPvPdaftykins: alright... lets say I want to run a program called 'hamachi' as a root in the terminal; how do I do that?17:23
daftykinsyou're just repeating the same thing over and over.17:23
axk4545can I set my own wallpapers to cycle instead of the system ones?17:24
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)17:24
Carogaaxk4545: yes you can17:24
dougielioria, it used to hang saying the speech message with ok status after saying rsync message with ok status we purged the speech package and now it hangs after the rsync message saying ok17:24
skinuxDoes OpenJDK8 have to installed manually?17:24
axk4545Caroga: how would that be done? Do I need to put them in a specific directory?17:25
dougielwhere do I find a log of the shutdown process after next boot?17:25
musicluvr5hello everyone17:26
Carogaaxk4545: you could make a desktop wallpaper slideshow like described here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/134/how-do-i-create-a-desktop-wallpaper-slideshow17:26
nbusronehi , anyone know a way to clone a ntfs partition and mount it to retrieve the data in it ? application ?17:26
axk4545Caroga: thanks17:26
Carogaaxk4545: you could also install the following: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/raring/wallch/17:27
CarogaGood luck buddy17:27
skinuxWhich version of Ubuntu has OpenJDK 8?17:27
jgcampbell300ok i have some crazy things happening ... trying to install ubuntu it freezes .. mint mate mate-panel pops up 4 of everything on the panel ... cinnamon flips out i forget where ... xface and xubuntu seem to work fine ...17:27
jgcampbell300oh .. windows 7 8 and 10 work just fine .. very odd17:28
Amm0ndougiel, usually there isn't a log except there is an error then you'll find them in syslog or journalctl. If got warnings and want to know you could just "halt" the system.17:28
ioriadougiel, but it was working before ? the shutdown , i mean17:28
andybrineAfternoon Everyone17:31
crystalravenalso gave it a try a sudo make with same result: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15161279/17:32
andybrineCan anyone recomend a tutorial to setup file sharing between 2 ubuntu machines? Im struggling and cant seem to get it working at all17:32
andybrineI hav tried using samba with no success17:33
dougielAmm0n, I ne/etc/upstart-xsessions.ed to coron 01 * * * * sudo shutdown -h +240 and I need a linux that does that17:33
nullzenanyone in here have much knowledge bout the disk encryption from the installer17:33
dougielAmm0n, I need to coron 01 * * * * sudo shutdown -h +240 and I need a linux that does that17:34
dougielioria, I need to coron 01 * * * * sudo shutdown -h +240 and I need a linux that does that17:34
ioriadougiel, it'a a cron job ?17:35
dougielI need to eventually do the cron job that I know works but the darn ubuntu does not shut down cleanly17:36
dougielioria, I need to eventually do the cron job that I know works but the darn ubuntu does not shut down cleanly17:36
skinuxI this likely a Copyrighted media? https://etproxy.com/torrent/4661341/Ubuntu+Linux+Go+from+Beginner+to+Power+User%21.html17:37
ioriadougiel, not very good in cron job, sorry, try to remove it and see if the machine shutdown regularly, then start over17:38
MonkeyDustskinux  #ubuntu-offtopic17:38
dougielioria, it is not doing that - it is now doing 'sudo shutdown -h +1' from a command prompt17:39
dougielioria, there is no cron job17:39
dougielI would like to set up a shutdown for 4 hours after start up.17:39
dougielthere is no linux that seems to be capable of this?17:40
MonkeyDustdougiel  rtcwake can do that ... rtc means real time clock ... find it in the repos17:40
dougielI do not want to run a cron job I want my ubuntu to shutdown - h now17:40
reisiodougiel: any system at all can do that17:40
reisiothe simple way would be to use 'at' in a pm-utils poweron script, but17:41
reisioyou could also use an rc.local/equivalent17:41
reisiohell you could even not use at and use 'sleep 4h && shutdown -h now'17:41
ioriadougiel, also qshutdown17:42
dougielMonkeyDust, reisio does the mentioned utilities require the machine to shut down? ie reisio you command is good but shutdown must work not hang the machine...17:42
ioria!info qshutdown | dougiel17:42
ubottudougiel: qshutdown (source: shutdown-qapps): Qt program to shutdown/reboot/suspend/hibernate the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.8-1 (wily), package size 198 kB, installed size 988 kB17:42
dougielare you guys on the same page?17:42
reisiodougiel: if shutdown -h now makes your machine hang, your bios/power config isn't right17:42
dougielI need to "shutdown -h now' and the fan stop spinning17:42
dougielreisio, can you help me with that?17:43
MonkeyDustdougiel  what you can do also, make a cron job, that pauses 4 hours before shutting down the machine17:43
reisiocron is not the right tool, if the poweron time varies17:43
reisioI mean you could cron a script that is aware of poweron time, but that's convoluted17:44
parallelsCan I update to newer version in parallels17:44
dougielI have been doing this for more than a week and made little progress spending 10 -16 hrs aday on the project can someone hlep me please?17:44
reisioparallels: don't see why not17:44
MonkeyDustwhats parallels?17:44
komaru_912reisub i know of, but what is reisio, i got nothing on google17:44
dougielparallels is vm software17:45
MonkeyDustdougiel  try   sleep [4 hours] shutdown -h now17:45
parallelsIts a VM for MAC17:45
reisiodougiel: I'd start by looking in your BIOS config and playing with prefs for acpi/apm/sleep17:45
camorilinit 017:45
reisiodougiel: if that doesn't work, you might try the same approach from software land17:45
reisiokomaru_912: it's part of a surname, reversed17:45
komaru_912i have very basic doubts here, where is downloaded file stored after apt-get install pkg, and where is the installed file located?17:46
dougielMonkeyDust, your command does not even work17:47
andybrinecan anyone recommend a tutorial to setup network filesharing with ubuntu?17:47
andybrineI just cant get it working17:47
reisioandybrine: for use with... Windows boxes?17:47
reisiov2: --preset insane17:47
parallelsreisio: I think i'm running an old version but cant see updated17:47
v2reisio: ?17:47
andybrinereisio, no just ubuntu to ubuntu really17:47
reisioparallels: theory is harder17:47
MonkeyDustdougiel  what command did you type17:47
reisioandybrine: I'd just use sshfs17:48
dougielcopied and pasted17:48
dougielsleep [4 hours] shutdown -h no17:48
dougielsleep [4 hours] shutdown -h now17:48
v2What is the differences between php and perl ?17:48
MonkeyDustdougiel  no, yu have to eplace [4 hours with the correct syntax]17:48
andybrinereisio, can you recomend a setup tutorial?17:48
andybrineI want to use it through nautilus or nemo so I can edit from a client machine17:49
reisioandybrine: that's the best part, it's soooooo simple17:49
reisioandybrine: sshfs user@host:optional/path ./local/mount/point17:49
reisioandybrine: done17:49
komaru_912hi everyone! iam new to ubuntu.  i have very basic doubts here, where is downloaded file stored after apt-get install pkg, and where is the installed file located?17:49
andybrinereisio, that sounds simple17:49
reisioandybrine: secure by default, & optionally less secure if you want some speed improvements17:49
MonkeyDustdougiel  type this, to test:   sleep 5s; ls17:50
reisioandybrine: I'm sure you can put it into /etc/fstab, too, if you want; can't say I've yet bothered17:50
andybrinereisio, where do I do that, is that through terminal?17:50
reisioyou'd have to use keys for that, I imagine17:50
reisioandybrine: the 'sshfs user...' is from any terminal, yeah17:50
andybrineok, so thats from a client machine17:51
dougielMonkeyDust, ok that worked17:51
andybrinebut yu have to have a shared folder?17:51
dougielsudo sleep 5s; shutdown -h now17:52
MonkeyDustdougiel  ok, now use the sleep command in combination with shutdown -h17:52
weepshi. I'm trying to dist-upgrade from 11.10 to one of the LTS versions, but none of 3 different methods I've tried work, they all cannot find any upgrades17:52
MonkeyDustdougl  play a bit with it, try and make it a cron job etc17:52
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
xangua! Eol | weeps a fresh install would be faster17:53
ubottuweeps a fresh install would be faster: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:53
=== napterk_ is now known as napterk
guideXBen64: I was able to fix it, there was a "managed=false" in some ini file somewhere17:54
=== krzysztof is now known as krzsw
guideXas soon as set to true, the wifi thingy lit up17:55
guideXand all my connections were visible17:55
musicluvr5does anyone know of a software that can find the metadata of audio files in ubuntu. I have music brainz picard and easy tag, but for some reason they don't correctly identify almost 80% of my collection. Something like TuneUp for windows and mac that listens to a part of the file and idenitifies the song based on that..?17:55
ioriadougiel, i tested sudo shutdown -P   x (as 2400) and it works17:57
trini7yAfter i downloaded some large file for almost   a week my laptop stopped connecting to the wifi17:58
dougielsleep 5s; sudo shutdown -h +117:58
dougielioria, ? then...18:00
reisiomusicluvr5: the problem with musicbrainz is that it has a tiny, tiny database compared to cddb18:00
reisiomusicluvr5: in the long run, it'll probably be better, but the long run isn't going to do you much good right now18:00
reisiomusicluvr5: I have found, in general, one must tag manually if one is at all picky :) :p :/18:00
dougiel"sudo shutdown -P" will turn off my ubuntu?18:00
reisiomusicluvr5: apps like metaflac/id3v2, and beets if you can stand it, will help18:01
reisioI find beets a little too cavalier18:01
ioriadougiel, after 4 hours .....18:01
reisioI imagine I could configure it to not be, but I'm already happy using sh18:01
ioriadougiel, sudo shutdown -P   240018:01
ioriadougiel, if you start the command in a script at startup ...18:02
musicluvr5thank you18:02
weepsthanks xangua, I followed the instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Oneiric (except that I used apt-get) but do-release-upgrade still does not find any new releases (this is lubuntu 11.10)18:03
dougiel40 hours?18:03
ioriadougiel,  "I would like to set up a shutdown for 4 hours after start up"18:04
PestBudahey, why is it that "reboot" will execute without sudo?18:04
dougielright and my shutdown -18:04
dougielright and my shutdown -P 1 makes my machine hang right after it reports Stopping Speech Dispatcher speech-dispatcher [ok]18:06
dougielioria, what is it hung on?18:06
ioriadougiel,  dpkg -l speech-dispatcher18:07
dougielright and my shutdown -P 1 waits on minute makes my machine hang right after it reports Stopping Speech Dispatcher speech-dispatcher [ok]18:07
ioriadougiel,  can you paste   dpkg -l speech-dispatcher  ?18:08
dougieldo not fixate on the successful shutdown of the speech-dispatcher18:08
dougielwhen it is not installed it gives me an error and is not the issue as I understand it18:08
ioriadougiel,  and without that command, does it shutdown regularly or hangs anyways ?18:09
=== AntiSpamMeta2 is now known as AntiSpamMeta
dougiel| Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend18:10
dougiel|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)18:10
dougiel||/ Name            Version      Architecture Description18:10
dougielii  speech-dispatch 0.8-5ubuntu1 amd64        Common interface to speech synthesi18:10
ioriadougiel,  it's installed .... haven't you purged it ?18:10
ioriadougiel,  you haven't18:10
dougieland still hung anyway!18:11
ioriadougiel,  purge it18:11
dougielioria, I did18:11
ioriadougiel,  ah, ok18:11
dougielthen I reinstalled it after the hanging persisted18:11
=== joe75_ is now known as joe75
dougielthen I reinstalled it after the hanging persisted ioria18:12
ioriadougiel,  yes, does it shutdown regularly  without any parameters , like form the xfce menu ?18:12
serg__hi. I have included kompiz and after loading the cross began to appear instead of the normal mouse cursor . It disappears after a run control center . Ubuntu Mate 15.1018:12
dougielmy machine is hung and ...18:13
dougielholy cow ioria no.18:13
ioriadougiel,  ok, so the issue is not the command , but your acpi settings18:13
reisioserg__: sounds like you don't have a window manager running upon X starting18:13
reisioserg__: if you log out and save your session that might fix it on its own18:13
dougielioria, ok - where does that leave me?18:14
xubuntu11hi, i try to run a script at power state switch between ac to dc. i put the script into /etc/pm/power.d/ and chmod x it. it puts "performance" per echo into /sys/devices/ystem/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_govenor, but if i unplug my powerc18:14
ioriadougiel,  try to set acpi=force”   in  grub , edit the kernel line18:15
ioriadougiel,  acpi=force18:15
xubuntu11am i asking the wrong channel?18:17
=== _|_ is now known as Guest53047
dougielioria, where do I put that?18:17
serg__reisio, thanks - its work.18:18
reisioserg__: coo coo18:18
reisioxubuntu11: what was the question?18:18
mlvmhnwhen will i recieve the update for Ubuntu?18:18
xubuntu11 i try to run a script at power state switch between ac to dc. i put the script into /etc/pm/power.d/ and chmod x it. it puts "performance" per echo into /sys/devices/ystem/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_govenor, but if i unplug my powercable nothing happens18:18
ioriadougiel,  you can visualize grub at boot, advanced option , press 'e'  , find the line 'linux' and after 'quite splash' add  acpi=force , or you can edit /etc/default/grub and   GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash acpi=force”    and run sudo update-grub18:19
xanguamlvmhn: update of what exactly? What release are you running?18:20
mlvmhn14.04 LTS atm, there is a new version 14.04.4 LTS18:20
tgm4883mlvmhn: have you been doing regular apt-get updates?18:21
tgm4883mlvmhn: or via update manager?18:21
mlvmhni always get the daily updates and install them asap18:21
tgm4883mlvmhn: what is the output of 'lsb_release -r'18:22
mlvmhndo i run that command in terminal?18:22
tgm4883mlvmhn: sorry, I mean 'lsb_release -d'18:22
tgm4883mlvmhn: yes in terminal18:22
mlvmhnok will check brb18:22
xubuntu11i dont want to be annoying, but why doesnt anybody answer - i mean just a "i dont know" would be nice, so i am thinking i am asking somewhat of a wrong answer18:23
mlvmhnok there was 14.04.4 LTS, must have missed it18:23
xubuntu11wrong question*18:24
tgm4883mlvmhn: you get it via regular updates :)18:24
mlvmhnk, so when i the major update for LTS versions?18:24
tgm4883xubuntu11: because 1700 people putting "I Don't know" to every question would get super annoying super quick18:24
tgm4883mlvmhn: you mean to 16.04?18:24
tgm4883mlvmhn: IIRC, you would get that prompt at the first point release, around june/july18:25
jushurxubuntu11: you have the acpid service running?18:25
xubuntu11jushur: how do i check that?18:25
mlvmhncool i have a tech question, can i run it here?18:25
tgm4883mlvmhn: is it ubuntu related? If so, then yes18:25
xubuntu11jushur: thanks for the keyword - i am looking into it!18:26
mlvmhnmy system is 4 GB RAM, 3 GHz Core2Duo. is that enough?18:27
jushurmlvmhn: for what?18:28
tgm4883mlvmhn: yea we need more detauls18:28
mlvmhnjust regular use, i feel sometimes lag. i also run qBittorrent with several big torrents18:28
jushurpong runs on my p100 128mb ..18:28
tgm4883mlvmhn: yea that should be fine18:28
jushurmlvmhn: restrict your torrents some then?18:29
mlvmhnso if i upgrade with more ram is no point?18:29
tgm4883mlvmhn: i'd probably go SSD first18:30
mlvmhnk, what is the max of ram i can have in ubuntu?18:30
jushurmlvmhn: get a ssd for the system, and use the hdd for torrent sharing.18:31
baizonmlvmhn: 1024GB18:31
tgm4883baizon: nah, it's more than that18:32
mlvmhnk thx ;)18:32
baizontgm4883: youre right, n/a18:34
baizontgm4883: hmm, no sorry youre wrong, its 12TB18:34
baizontgm4883: or when its extended 64TB18:35
baizondepends on the version18:35
tgm4883baizon: uh, 12TB is more than 1024GB :/18:35
tgm4883so i'm right...18:35
tgm4883at least, with the way I understand math. 1TB < 12TB18:36
baizontgm4883: 2 memory slots = 2^6418:36
baizontgm4883: 4 memory slots = 4^6418:36
tgm4883baizon: what does that have to do with anything?18:37
baizontgm4883: nothing, sorry18:37
=== sylvia is now known as Guest48776
FatToneHey could anyone answer a question for me real quick?18:40
dougielioria, thank you for your help... how do I make that edit permanant? while it does not work completely it puts my machine into a state where control + alt + del reboot it - do you know of a command that will just shut it down?18:40
vltHello. I have a problem displaying some PDF files. For example, in a 10 page document pages 2-10 all show the same page. The affected files come from different sources (according to their header data). If I run the file through pdfopt or pdftk the problem gets fixed. Any idea what could be the problem here?18:42
FatToneI'm new to Linux so this is probably pretty basic, but I was just looking through my trash folder and there were two folders in there named 'applications'. Inside those folders were a whole bunch of .desktop files. I didn't move those there. Is this something Linux does automatically?18:42
reisiovlt: PDF is an awful format, and generators for it are also awful18:43
reisiovlt: you could see how it looks via acroread, though18:43
reisiovlt: that's all most PDF authors test against18:43
reisiocontributing to its awfulness18:43
reisioFatTone: they could be, for example, things you deleted from your desktop18:45
reisioor from your panel18:45
tgm4883FatTone: no, linux doesn't move stuff automatically to your trash folder18:45
reisioany little launcher or shortcut is ultimately usually a .desktop file18:45
FatToneThere's probably 100 files in there18:46
vltreisio: Yes, when testing on another machine in AcroRead it looks fine. But obviously other tools like pdftk or pdfopt seem to have no problem parsing it. How to fix the atril (evince fork) problem?18:46
tgm4883vlt: file a bug with atril18:47
vlttgm4883: Thank you.18:48
FatToneSo I feel like I probably shouldn't just empty my trash with all these files in there. What do I do with them?18:48
cortexmani need the subversion from Xenial, i'm on Wily18:48
cortexmanbest procedure?18:48
tgm4883FatTone: well if they are in there, they most likely aren't being used18:48
tgm4883cortexman: compile?18:48
k1lcortexman: look out for a ppa18:49
cortexmanwhat about just adding xenail repos and updating just subversion18:49
cortexmanthen disabling them18:49
tgm4883cortexman: no18:49
tgm4883cortexman: most definitely, do not do that18:50
ioriadougiel,  sudo halt -p      not working ?18:50
reisiovlt: I don't know pdfopt, but if it's like pdftk, it works on a much simpler level18:50
* Fleuv stlr 18:50
bunjeecan someone instruct me how to install my HP Photosmart 7250 printer wirelessly.....Please?18:50
reisiovlt: if you separate all the pages and reparse each to make a new PDF, it will naturally be a superior PDF using Unixy tools18:51
cortexmanhow about - how do i disable svn / kwallet integration?18:51
tgm4883bunjee: what version of ubuntu?18:51
cortexmanthat's another way to fix18:51
reisiovlt: PDF is proprietary, you see, so no amount of bugs filed for evince will make evince render PDF the same as acroread18:51
reisioit's a lost cause18:51
cortexmani'm not actually using Kubuntu, but i have it installed18:52
tgm4883bunjee: is that a c7250 all-in-one?18:52
tgm4883bunjee: it's supported by the hplip package in 14.04, you should just be able to add it via the add printers dialog18:53
bunjeeIs hplip installed already or do I need to get it from somewhere?18:54
reisiobunjee: probably need to install it18:54
tgm4883bunjee: I believe it's already installed, but you can check by doing 'dpkg -l | grep hplip'18:54
dougielioria, does not seem to just puts in a state wehree crtl+alt+del reboot it can we send a key combo to halt it?18:55
bunjeeOK......thank you.I'll give it a shot....18:55
theviralgriffinhi guys need some help18:56
cortexmancan i just apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop without f'ing unity?18:56
xanguacortexman: no18:57
xangua! Language18:57
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:57
tgm4883well you could, but it would be pointless18:57
cortexmanwhy would it be pointless?18:57
cortexman! Language Police18:57
tgm4883cortexman: because it's a metapackage, and wouldn't remove any functionality18:57
cortexmanhow do i get rid of it..18:58
theviralgriffinI have installed ubuntu 15.10, recently whenever i login, the desktop resets, like i am unable to change background etc along with that icons which i had unlocked from dock get reset, could anyone help18:58
tgm4883cortexman: what problem are you trying to solve?18:58
cortexmani need to get rid of kwallet, it's causing svn to crash. disabling it, and disabling subversion using kwallet, haven't worked.18:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563179 in subversion (Ubuntu) "svn crashes when checking out when saving credentials in kwallet" [Medium,Fix released]18:59
cortexmanthere is a fixed package in there18:59
cortexmanbut it's not in Wily18:59
ioriadougiel,  i don't remember a 'shutdown shortcut' , on unity you can use a custom shortcut that will call a script where you set you halt command ...18:59
cortexman (see final comment)18:59
theviralgriffinI have installed ubuntu 15.10, recently whenever i login, the desktop resets, like i am unable to change background etc along with that icons which i had unlocked from dock get reset, could anyone help19:01
cortexmani'm thinking of just downloading the xenial package and installing it with dpkg http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/subversion19:01
cortexmanif it breaks things i can just uninstall it and reinstall the wily version19:01
dougielso the shutdown command does not work in ubuntu 14.04 lts19:01
bunjeetgm4883....no good on this end......trying to "add printer".........network...............don't know where to type in hplip.19:01
tgm4883bunjee: well you would do add printer > network > then type in the IP address of the printer19:02
tgm4883bunjee: or if you wait, it should probably autopopulate19:03
tgm4883bunjee: did you verify that hplip was installed?19:03
bunjeehplip is installed19:03
theviralgriffinI have installed ubuntu 15.10, recently whenever i login, the desktop resets, like i am unable to change background etc along with that icons which i had unlocked from dock get reset, could anyone help19:03
tgm4883bunjee: so you are in teh add printer interface, you've expanded out "Network printer" then selected "find network printer"?19:05
tgm4883!patience | theviralgriffin19:05
ubottutheviralgriffin: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:05
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tgm4883bunjee: do you know the IP address of the printer?19:07
bunjeeyes....I did a printout.....19:07
Guest29522Hi guys, I needed some help with my Ubuntu 15.10. I get W: Failed to fetch http://np.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily-updates/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch type errors for all the wily-updates.. But when I switch to the us mirror, I get no error. I think its the mirror of Nepal having the issue.19:07
Guest29522Can anyone please help me on this ?19:08
=== Guest29522 is now known as arunpyasi
tgm4883bunjee: then you should be able to put the IP address in the field there19:08
bunjeesearching now....................19:08
Bashing-omGuest40841: Maybe the 'np' mirror has not completed synching up with mother to this time ?19:09
arunpyasiBashing-om: its been more than 1 week we have this issue.19:10
JackiePuppetwhile in a man page, is there a way to give a command go to another refered man page without going back to the terminal (staying in that man page)?19:12
bunjeetgm4833.......I'll have to try later.....thanks for the help.............19:13
Bashing-omarunpyasi: As no problems with the main mirror site, then that points that Nipal's server with a problem . I did have same extended issue with my mirror site and I did change my morror. // I do not know the procedure to contact the mirror to inquire of the nature of the problem .19:13
ioriaarunpyasi, try now sudo apt-get update19:14
arunpyasiioria: did you fix the problem ?19:14
arunpyasiBashing-om: ok :) No Problem.19:14
ioriaarunpyasi, well, just a minut ago your repoare still at 9 Feb now are 20 Feb .... try to run the update19:14
arunpyasiioria: how did you find that19:16
ioriaarunpyasi, did you run sudo apt-get update ?19:16
designbybeckIf I'm trying to do an install in the terminal and it says" E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?" But I don't have anything else open, how do I fix that19:17
arunpyasiioria: I encountered the error19:17
designbybeckNormally I reboot the computer, but I don't want to do that everytime19:17
ioriaarunpyasi, still now ?19:17
arunpyasiioria: Hash Sum mismatch19:17
arunpyasiioria: yes19:17
s4b0t4g3Any1 can help me? my audio isn`t working on lionsec19:17
arunpyasierror from wily-security and wily-updates19:17
s4b0t4g3Any1 can help me? my audio isn`t working on lionsec19:18
k1ls4b0t4g3: ask the lionsec support then19:18
ioriaarunpyasi, sorry, yes , you repos  are stuck at 09-Feb-2016 00:07 6.1K19:18
MonkeyDustwhat's kionsec19:18
MonkeyDustwhat's lionsec19:18
ioriaarunpyasi, http://np.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily-updates/multiverse/binary-i386/19:18
Bashing-omdesignbybeck: How about ' sudo fuser -cuk /var/lib/dpkg/lock; sudo rm -f /var/lib/dpkg/lock ' ??19:18
s4b0t4g3But alsa-mixer is`nt working19:19
designbybeckok let me try that Bashing-om19:19
arunpyasiioria: ok.. so how can we fix this ?19:19
MonkeyDusts4b0t4g3  ok, so lionsec is some ibscue distro... you're in the wrong channel, it's not supported here19:19
ioriaarunpyasi,  switch mirror :(19:19
s4b0t4g3LionSec is based on Ubuntu Bro19:20
arunpyasiioria: is bad idea..19:20
MonkeyDusts4b0t4g3  and ubuntu is based in debian, yet you're not in #debian19:20
s4b0t4g3Just a alternative distro of ubuntu on pentesting19:20
arunpyasiioria: cause I have good down speed with my country mirror19:20
ioriaarunpyasi,  really ? why ?19:20
arunpyasiother mirror, is late.19:20
MonkeyDusts4b0t4g3  alternative distro's are not supported here19:20
arunpyasiI mean, slow download19:20
s4b0t4g3ok thanks19:21
ioriaarunpyasi,  oh... well, i'm in Europe and use the us mirrors ....19:21
arunpyasiioria: ok.. but I have slow download speed naa..19:21
designbybecknope Bashing-om ....that first command complete crashed my system19:21
designbybeck....well I guess that fixed the issue because the reboot ha19:22
Amm0ndesignbybeck, next time: ps -aux |grep /var/lib/dpkg/ and see whats using it19:23
designbybeckthanks Amm0n19:23
Bashing-omdesignbybeck: Can not imigine the why it would crash the system . What release are you running ? Maybe look'n that something in systemd has changed ??19:24
pnwiseCan someone help me with xset on Ubuntu? I am using i3wm and can't set anything from a script to xset, only if I type in terminal. So now my screen is on all the time.19:26
designbybeck Bashing-om 14.0419:28
Bashing-omdesignbybeck: K; .. No idea then as to why the crash .19:29
RippyDippyhey guys, Im on xfce. Any idea why my workspace names arn't permanent19:29
designbybeckCome on 16.04 :)19:30
arunpyasiioria: I have just sent a msg to the maintainer of the repo, I hope he will help to fix the issue soon.19:31
Amm0npnwise, you want to blank your screen?19:32
pnwiseAmm0n yes19:32
Amm0npnwise, you could use xscreensaver, or add xet somewhere in your i3 config, or pass it over with .xinitrc19:33
ioriaarunpyasi,  good, try to clean the cache19:33
pnwiseAmm0n It doesn't work, xset only change settings if they are typed in terminal, it doesn't work in i3 config, in crontab or any other script.19:34
arunpyasiioria: I did everything out !!19:34
arunpyasiioria: I cleaned all the apt's cache, lists but no fix with my country repo :P19:34
ioriaarunpyasi,  sorry to hear that19:36
Amm0npnwise, did you try this suggested solution: https://faq.i3wm.org/question/5938/getting-screen-to-blank/ ?19:36
pnwiseAmm0n Yes, I tried every solution I was able to find on google. But let me try again19:37
BluesKajarunpyasi, then try changing your mirrors/sources in the package manager then updating19:37
arunpyasiBluesKaj: yeah did it. I am now connecting with us mirror.. But I want our mirror to be fixed ASAP.19:38
BluesKajarunpyasi, yes understood, closer mirrors are fastest19:39
arunpyasiyeah BluesKaj19:39
hexhaxtronHow can I make forward of port 22 without access to the router?19:40
ioriaarunpyasi,  there is also http://ubuntu.ntc.net.np/    but still stopped at 9 Feb19:40
arunpyasiBluesKaj: with my country mirror I get 3-5 MB/s but with US or other max I get is 80 KB/s19:40
arunpyasiioria: yeah, they both are the same server.... just the domain is different.19:41
ioriaarunpyasi,  i see19:41
BluesKajarunpyasi, have you tried the main mirror in the UK ?19:41
arunpyasiBluesKaj: yeah, they work fine.19:41
arunpyasiBluesKaj: main mirror is in UK or US ? I think its US !!19:42
arunpyasiohh.. I see, its UK. :D19:43
BluesKajarunpyasi, no it's in the UK19:43
arunpyasiBluesKaj: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/archive.ubuntu.com right ?19:43
BluesKajarunpyasi, yes'19:44
Amm0npnwise, i'm not familar with i3, but you could also set it with X. See: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Display_Power_Management_Signaling#Setting_up_DPMS_in_X19:45
BluesKajarunpyasi, didn't realize you meant a ppa though19:45
arunpyasiBluesKaj: did I ? I don't think I meant a PPA :P19:46
ioriaarunpyasi,  have you rebooted by the time you cleaned the cache ?19:48
BluesKajarunpyasi, oops sorry , the launchpad thing made me think it was appa19:49
arunpyasiioria: no, I haven't but yes, I had tested to many other PC but it reported the same error19:49
arunpyasiBluesKaj: Oh ok. NP19:49
pnwiseThanks Amm0n I already have similar script for X, but it does not work either19:49
ioriaarunpyasi,  you also tried  s sudo apt update ?   (not apt-get)19:50
arunpyasiioria: isn't that almost same ? No i haven't19:51
ioriaarunpyasi,  yes it is19:51
deniz946hello, my microphone is recording VERY low, any help with that?19:51
deniz946if I amplify it, i hear so much noise19:51
designbybeckAmm0n, it happened again, so I did what you said and I don't see anything19:52
Gallomimiawhat kinda mic?19:52
deniz946Gallomimia: Internal (built-in) or some pluged19:52
designbybeckAmm0n, the grep just gave back the color command19:52
Gallomimiaboth then?19:52
deniz946Gallomimia: Yes19:53
Gallomimiaseems pretty odd... i was going to suggest a mismatch in impedence versus voltage19:53
Gallomimiawhat do you use to "amplify" it?19:53
deniz946Settings > Sound > Input19:53
designbybeckAmm0n, oh looks like Software Updater was open this time, but wouldn't have have shown in the grep command?19:53
Gallomimiaand what's the "noise" you hear?19:54
deniz946The amplification noise19:54
Gallomimiaa buzz19:54
deniz946like zzzzzzzz19:54
rederredbuna sera19:54
deniz946This is how i got it19:55
Gallomimiamaybe you can change something with pulse-audio but i'm at a loss to help19:55
django_whats linux mint?19:55
django_its not ubuntu right19:55
k1ldjango_: no, its not ubuntu19:55
Gallomimiait's based on ubuntu but it's something else19:55
deniz946pulse audio is some app?19:55
Gallomimiadeniz946: no it's the backend for the audio in ubuntu. there's apps to manipulate it19:56
Gallomimiasettings > sound being one of them19:56
k1ldeniz946: some laptops internal sounddevices have some issue with the netbrum. is this a laptop? did you try to unplug the wire and see if that is still the issue?19:56
deniz946k1l: Yeah, it's laptop, I don't want to open the laptop, waranty matter19:57
k1ldeniz946: i mean let it run on battery and see if that error is still there with the net brumm19:57
deniz946okay, one sec, ill test19:58
deniz946k1l: still very low20:00
k1ldeniz946: ok. then it could be just a cheap audio card or its not well seperated from the power transistors which means the brumm is not going away due to hardware issues20:00
deniz946I think it's not cheap, the laptop i have is quite good, and with good sound card20:01
deniz946Sound Blaster Sound Card20:01
ioriadeniz946, you can try audacity20:02
oiuy543does your sound work when you boot from usb installed os?20:02
deniz946oiuy543: Didn't tested it, but in windows works quite good20:02
Carogaany lvm experts in the house ?20:03
CarogaI seek help with recovering lvm metadata from one of my pv's and it's not going that well20:04
=== not_phunyguy is now known as phunyguy
||arifaXI have a dual boot 14.04 / XP. XP worked and is still in menu.lst but I can not boot it, ends in black screen doing nothing, no logos, nothing. any ideas how I can fix that20:06
skinuxWhat is the most recommended way to upgrade distribution versions now?20:07
k1lskinux: cli or gui?20:07
skinuxeither one20:07
bekksskinux: do-release-upgrade20:07
MultbrelchI try to forward X11 from an old SUN onto an Ubuntu 14.04 via telnet and use "setenv DISPLAY IPaddress:0.0" on the SUN. It says: "XView error: Cannot open connection". Any idea?20:07
k1ldo-release-upgrade on cli. update-manager on gui20:07
bekksMultbrelch: telnet cant forward anything.20:07
bekksMultbrelch: You need to use SSH.20:07
skinuxIt says no release found, but I'm on Trusty right now and I know there are three newer versions.20:08
Multbrelchbekks it works with Xming under windows ...20:08
bekksskinux: Which ve®sion are you on?20:08
bekksMultbrelch: Using telnet - it cant. telnet doesnt support forwarding.20:08
serg__reisio, after reboot problem reappeared20:08
bekksskinux: There are no newer LTS releases.20:08
Multbrelchbekks, but with Xming and a telnet putty connection to the SUN it works ...20:09
skinuxOh, well I know that, but I want to upgrade non-LTS version20:09
tellendilHi ! I've got a problem with apt-cacher-ng in Wily, it will fire random mismatch for checksums and therefore is unusable to install packages. I'm using the Wily version from vagrant (ubuntu/wily64). Does somebody has a clue ?20:09
bekksMultbrelch: Well, then you are the first one who uses a feature of telnet which isnt implemented.20:09
k1lskinux: to 14.04.4?20:09
skinuxTo 14.10 to start with20:09
Multbrelchbekks, or is there something I miss with respect to Xming?20:09
k1lskinux: 14.10 is dead, so it 15.04.20:10
bekksMultbrelch: telnet does not support forwarding. You need to use SSH.20:10
k1lskinux: so you want to upgrade to 15.10 now? do you really want to upgrade?20:10
skinuxWell, AFAIK I have to upgrade by one version at a time20:10
med_you should be able to go from LTS to LTS or at least LTS to LTS.120:10
MchammerdadON windows 10 there is a really neat "cast to device" that works great with my smart TV. I can stream movies I downloaded to my TV in the living room that way. Does Ubuntu/Linux have any similar features that I can use?20:10
k1lskinux: yes. and that is the problem now. that is why i ask if you really want to upgrade. you will have to make a EOL upgrade to 14.10, then a EOL upgrade to 15.04 then a upgrade to 15.10.20:11
skinuxSo I can go directly from 14.04 to 15.10?20:11
k1lskinux: and in 4 months you need to upgrade to 16.04.20:11
k1lskinux: no20:11
akikMultbrelch: when using telnet the x11 apps are not tunneled but try to connect to the $DISPLAY you've set with x11 protocols20:11
johnzornwhat does xdg-open use to figure out what program to use to open something? I changed the default for text/html to chromium. When I do a xdg-mime query default text/html I get chromium-browser-chromium.desktop but when I xdg-open a .html it open in firefox20:11
skinuxWell, I want OpenJDK-8, website says to install from Repo, but repo doesn't have it.20:11
Multbrelchakik, hi! BTW: telnet does now work when not installing xinetd !!20:12
Multbrelchakik, so what must I do? Something like this?: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/x11-forwarding-over-telnet-is-it-possible-261553/20:12
akikMultbrelch: the correct answer is http://sunfreeware.com/20:13
akikMultbrelch: get openssh from there20:13
bekksakik: No.20:13
bekksMultbrelch: The correct answer is www.opencsw.org20:13
bekksSunfreeware is dead for ages.20:13
k1lskinux: see the PPA http://askubuntu.com/questions/464755/how-to-install-openjdk-8-on-14-04-lts20:13
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Bashing-omskinux: Bugs should now be irined out : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1497024 <- release upgrades should jump over unsupported releases.20:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497024 in update-manager (Ubuntu Vivid) "release upgrades should jump over unsupported releases" [High,Fix released]20:13
Multbrelchakik and bekks, why does it work with Xming and putty via telnet? Is there something similar like Xming for Linux?20:14
bekksMultbrelch: akik told you what telnet does. The solution to your issue is using ssh.20:15
NukienI'm having an issue with drive remove/insert with 14.04 - using a supermicro system20:20
skinuxTried to use the PPA, apt says there is nothing java820:21
NukienRemoving a drive doesn't seem to produce a notification - the system just eventually notices it can't write to the device and offlines it20:21
NukienNot like removing a usb drive20:21
NukienInserting a replacement (this is for testing md replacement etc) does nothing - no notification of a new drive20:21
NukienIs it missing a hotplug module or similar ?20:22
cortexmanhow do i get unity to be the default desktop from the command line..20:24
MchammerdadAnyone have any luck getting 3 monitors configured with 2  GPU's?20:24
qwertyuioplkjhgfcortexman: what do you mean?20:25
Bashing-omcortexman: Depends, what release are you running ?20:25
cortexmanit's trying and failing to boot into kubuntu20:26
k1lcortexman: autologin?20:26
cortexmannot starting sddm either20:26
cortexmanit's booting into console20:26
k1lcortexman: sudo apt install lightdm20:26
cortexmani have lightdm20:27
Bashing-omcortexman: What results ' sudo systemctl start lightdm ' ?20:27
k1lsudo systemctl start lightdm20:28
cortexmanhow do i get that on boot20:28
k1lwhat bootparameter do you use?20:28
cortexmanno idea20:29
ioriacortexman, cat Xorg.0.log | grep Kernel20:31
ioriacortexman, cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep Kernel20:31
k1ldmesg should tell the booting kernel parameters too20:32
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platsbrutsI have a separate /home partition and I want to reinstall my ubuntu distro20:44
cortexmankernel params are ro quiet splash vt.handoff=720:44
platsbrutshow can I do that?20:44
cortexman@ioria @k1l20:45
ioriacortexman, sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm   should set it as default ... what are you using now ?20:45
cortexmanjust did that20:45
cortexmani have another problem, i can't install the cuda deb anymore20:46
cortexmanFailed to fetch cuda-repo-7-5-local/Relase No hash entry in Release file which is considered strong enough for security purposes20:46
lowkeyanyone here running Ubuntu on Dell XPS 13" (2015) laptop?20:47
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Multbrelchakik, installing ssh is almost impossible on the SUN since I even do not have pkgadd or a compiler. Anyway, if I want to  try to connect to the $DISPLAY via the X11 protocols it should work as described here, right? http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/x11-forwarding-over-telnet-is-it-possible-261553/page2.html20:53
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cortexmanis there a way to tell apt to ignore the hash20:57
streulmahello if I run 14.04 or 15.10 my unity is sometimes reset with old fonts and loogs ugly21:04
ouroumovstreulma, it's a feature not a bug21:05
MonkeyDust_streulma  install unity-tweak21:05
streulmaoh, not normal that Unity reset21:05
streulmaa friend has also21:05
k1lstreulma: that is not intended. does a relogin help?21:05
streulmaa reboot helps21:06
streulmaI have an Intel 4600 card21:06
streulmaand my Nvidia is not supported with Nouveau, kernel issue21:07
streulmaI have to use nouveau.modeset=0 and i915.modeset=121:07
testerIs there french communauty here ?21:09
testerwhat about blackbuntu ?21:09
k1ltester: thats not an ubuntu21:10
EriC^^no idea, try /msg alis list *blackbuntu*21:10
k1ltester: see the website you got that OS from.21:10
suncokrethello, is it secure if we use portable linux programs which we put for example in home directory?21:10
testerok i gonna do this21:10
testerthx guyw21:10
testerguyz qwrty grr21:11
k1lsuncokret: depends on the programs you run. if the portable programs harm your system its not safe :)21:11
suncokretfor example i run double commander portable, is it safe in home directory or it is better to put program directory in for example usr directory and path for configuration files in home?21:12
suncokreti mean if i put double commander portable in home directory, is double commander safe there, can it be harm by viruses?21:15
k1lsuncokret: there is no safe place if your system is infected.21:17
suncokreti don't understand... tell me is it better and safer to put double commander portable in home directory or in usr directory? or it is same?21:18
tewardsuncokret: it is neither safer nor better.  the problem is the safety of the application NOT where you put it21:18
MonkeyDust_suncokret  what is double commander? a game?21:19
suncokreti understand that, double comander is safe21:19
k1lfor virus it doesn matter. but ou dont put portable stuff into /usr. you put that into your /home or into /opt21:19
tewardsuncokret: then I would put it in your own /home/ directory21:19
suncokretdouble commander is best file manager for linyx21:19
cortexman_my xenial upgrade has been pretty successful, with the exception that i have to run sudo systemctl start lightdm after boot21:19
cortexman_can't get lightdm to stick21:19
teward!xenial | cortexman_, assuming you want help with that stuff21:20
ubottucortexman_, assuming you want help with that stuff: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+121:20
tewardso, #ubuntu+121:20
cortexman_may not be xenial related. i have multiple window managers installed21:20
cortexman_gdm, lightdm, sddm, kdm, whatever21:20
suncokretthat is link for double commander :)21:20
tewardcortexman_: well, you said you upgraded to Xenial21:20
k1lsuncokret: why do you use a portable version? double commander is in the ubuntu repos21:20
tewardcortexman_: so, because you upgraded to Xenial, you should refer to #ubuntu+1 with any support questions and such :)21:21
suncokretyes, but i like portable... :)21:21
baizonsuncokret: that doesnt make any sense21:21
k1lsuncokret: portable is dumb if its in the official repo21:21
suncokretif you use portable you can use several versions in same time21:23
k1lsuncokret: which doesnt make sense21:23
suncokretfor me it does make sense, it is thing of like and choice :)21:24
suncokretif developer make portable version then much people probably use it :)21:25
MonkeyDust_suncokret  i'm installing it from the repos, why do you go to that website21:25
k1lsuncokret: ok, this is out of the #ubuntu focus then.21:25
MonkeyDust_suncokret  it's simply similar to norton commanader, midnight commander, nothing special21:26
suncokretit is much better than norton or midnight commander... it is much better... it is similar to total commander21:27
truexfan81can anyone tell me where the phpmyadmin package puts its config file on 14.04 when you don't specify one of the 2 httpd options during install?21:27
Ben64/etc/phpmyadmin probably21:28
Abe_mounting and unmounting cd's in linux is a very big pain21:29
SupaYoshiHey guys21:30
SupaYoshimaybe you need to limit the MARK rule with -o?21:30
SupaYoshiHow do I do this on this?21:30
Ben64SupaYoshi: need context21:30
k1lSupaYoshi: what context?21:30
SupaYoshisudo iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT -m owner --uid-owner deluge -j MARK --set-mark 0x121:30
Abe_can't find /dev/sr0 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab <--- ok means what?21:30
Ben64Abe_: explain exactly what you're doing21:30
k1lAbe_: what is your real issue?21:30
SupaYoshiOkay wow21:30
truexfan81Ben64: you would think that but nope, its not there21:30
k1lAbe_: your desktop (gvfs) should do all the mounting for you.21:30
SupaYoshiI am trying to route all the traffic owned by user deluge, over tun1.21:31
SupaYoshiI've got that working.21:31
SupaYoshiBut after doing it...21:31
SupaYoshiI cannot access deluged anymore from my LAN.21:31
SupaYoshibecause all traffic for that user and its processes21:31
SupaYoshiis run over that tun1.21:31
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SupaYoshiBut I want to access it from my LAN.21:31
SupaYoshiAnd nobody knows how to in #netfilter21:31
Abe_kk so I'm installing a windows game via Pol, the game has 3 Cd's, it does not recognize the 2nd Cd.21:31
SupaYoshiexcept this guy, suggesting this:21:31
SupaYoshiSupaYoshi, maybe you need to limit the MARK rule with -o?21:32
SupaYoshiSo Im trying to put that -o argument into that MARK rule.21:33
SupaYoshiBut not getting it yet.21:33
SupaYoshiAny idea  k1l21:33
Ben64Abe_: what game, are they cds or dvds, what does dmesg say about the disc?21:34
k1lSupaYoshi: sorry, no21:34
Abe_well I will eventually get it to run i am not worried about that21:35
drac0666hi, i have problem with my Ubuntu mate 15, after reboot i often have no sounds, sometimes i have to run app (spotify) twice or more to hear something from spearking. Any ideas why?21:35
Abe_but finding disks with  """ mount|grep ^'/dev' """ seems not very user friendly.21:35
Ben64Abe_: well why are you doing that?21:36
Abe_to find my mounting point21:36
Ben64Abe_: so did you come here to complain or do you want help with something21:37
truexfan81anyone know where that conf file is? i'd really like to gain access to phpmyadmin, but since i don't have physical access to the machine i have to add my ip to its config to do so21:38
Abe_just complaining xD sorry. well I need help with that. but I think i'm able to figure it out.21:38
Abe_thx to google21:38
tsapiihow do you need help with it if you can figure it out?21:38
Ben64truexfan81: use find or locate or something? or install phpmyadmin manually21:39
faust`hello, i am moving my web server to a new server, how can i copy everything from old server to new server? my only access way to old server is FTP21:39
truexfan81Ben64: locate says its in the apache dir, but nano says the file is empty21:39
Abe_tsapii: idk i am confused21:40
tsapiiwhat are you confused about?21:40
NoobMessesUpLinuhi guys21:41
asperhello there. running on ubuntu 16.04 i can't delete a bridge interface created by ip link. after reboot its still there and an previously associated wifi interface uses it as master.21:43
Abe_tsapii: nothing, I'm going to try it later again,21:43
xangua! 16.04 | asper21:45
ubottuasper: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+121:45
drac0666I have problem with my Ubuntu mate 15, after reboot i often have no sounds, sometimes i have to run app (spotify) twice or more to hear something from spearking. Any ideas why?21:45
victoria__i have i problem with trusty ubuntu no wlan21:45
victoria__please somebody help me21:46
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Ben64!details | victoria__21:46
ubottuvictoria__: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)21:46
drac0666I have problem with my Ubuntu mate 15, after reboot i often have no sounds, sometimes i have to run app (spotify) twice or more to hear something from spearking. Profile and Device in settings is correct (Maya u5 usb card) when i type pactl list sinks short i recive RUNNING on maya and still i hear nothing on speakrs21:50
k1lvictoria__: can you show the output of "lspci" and "lsusb"?21:51
ouroumovvictoria__, your wireless is not detected using lshw -C network ?21:52
drac0666my problem is so wired that noone wants to help? ;p21:52
victoria__how can i know that please  give a command21:53
Majora320know what?21:53
ouroumovdrac0666, more likely no one know how to help, wait for someone qualified to read your message21:53
Ben64victoria__: the same way you just posted the output from iwconfig, post the output of both 'lspci' and 'lsusb'21:54
victoria__ahhh, ok :$21:54
truexfan81Ben64: find finds nothing locate just finds empty files21:55
drac0666ouroumov, ok i will try ask later21:55
truexfan81as long as nginx has been around there should really be an option for it in the phpmyadmin autoconfig21:55
ouroumovdrac0666, also ask in #ubuntu-mate on the off chance it's distribution-specific21:55
Ben64truexfan81: just install it manually then21:55
truexfan81Ben64: what you mean by manual? compile?21:56
Ben64truexfan81: no... go to phpmyadmin, download, done21:56
drac0666ouroumov, i doubt that i had that on ubuntu/ubuntu mate/linux mint21:56
k1lvictoria__: and "lspci"?21:58
Majora320 #freenode21:58
victoria__lpsci here: http://pastebin.com/7NSWhEGY22:01
truexfan81lol extracted the zip did a ls | grep .conf got 0 results so that doesn't have the conf that allows me to add my ip to it either22:01
victoria__i ve translated that22:01
truexfan81time for church, i'll have to work on it more later i guess22:01
Gallomimials | grep .conf probably won't have as good of results as find . -name .conf22:02
Gallomimiaand both probably need some wildcards22:02
k1lvictoria__: "lspci"22:03
k1lvictoria__: there was a typo22:03
victoria__ahh wait now is working22:03
k1lvictoria__: details matter: its lspci. not lpsci22:04
victoria__sorry for that :$22:04
diego_Hey guys. I need to create a hotspot, but my situation is a bit different than the tutorials/guides ive seen online., and therefore I couldnt make it to work. Can anyone quickly help me?22:05
victoria__here we go: http://pastebin.com/zqS6r2GK22:05
k1lvictoria__: why are you root?22:06
Slashmanhello, for a server, is there any point to running unprivileged lxc container? the server guide don't give much details about the security risk that may exists22:06
victoria__it s worng22:06
k1l!bcm43xx | victoria__ see this22:06
ubottuvictoria__ see this: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:06
drac0666I have problem with my Ubuntu mate 15, after reboot i often have no sounds, sometimes i have to run app (spotify) twice or more to hear something from spearking. Profile and Device in settings is correct (Maya u5 usb card) when i type pactl list sinks short i recive RUNNING on maya and still i hear nothing on speakrs22:09
dillonhey guys, I need some more help I am trying to run a .gba file and it automatically downloaded mednafan and it said that it would work with the .gba file but it is not opening or running anything could someone please help me out22:14
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monqhey guys, i got a problem with my etc/profile file and cant get along :/22:26
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monqas soon as i connect via ssh on my ubuntu server a message is displayed: -bash: /etc/profile: row 22: syntax error at unexpected word »$'do\r'«22:26
monqi googled but didnt find solution - although my syntax in that file is correct22:26
monqsame as here: http://faculty.csuci.edu/peter.smith/s13421handouts/etcprofile.pdf22:26
k1ldid you make changes to that file?22:27
skinuxIs this stuff actually free or is it pirated? http://administrationx.net/Ubuntu-Server-Administration-pdf.html22:28
monqi added a line at its bottom : SECRET_KEY_BASE=MY HASH22:29
monqMY HAS is a hash value22:29
monqlater i deleted22:29
monqand did reboot22:29
monqbut error still appears22:30
ouroumov /etc/profile is sourced by your shell upon login. There's a syntax error in the file. Correct the syntax error and the message will disappear.22:30
tgm4883skinux: what stuff22:31
ouroumovIf row=line then it gives you and idea where the syntax error is monq22:31
skinuxThe PDFs on that page22:32
rexwin____how to find what dovecot packages are installed in my server?22:33
tgm4883skinux: not sure. They are all super old though22:33
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tgm4883rexwin____: 'dpkg -l | grep dovecot'22:33
skinuxWell, I probably don't want anything really old22:33
tgm4883skinux: what are you trying to do?22:34
ouroumovmonq, did you by any chance copied the code from that pdf onto a windows machine before pasting it on your server?22:35
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skinuxI was simply looking for free PDF books on Ubuntu administration22:36
skinuxFigured I might learn a few things.22:36
tgm4883skinux: well it's not a pdf, but there is always https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/22:36
monqouroumov, yes22:36
ouroumovmonq, I think that's where the syntax error is comming from. Under windows the new line sequence is \r\n22:37
skinuxDoes that teach about all the various commands?22:37
monqouroumov is there a way copying that file content without windows format22:38
monqim typting that whole script manually right now xD22:38
ouroumovmonq, you can try removing the stuff in-place and see if that fixes things. Use on the server: sed -i s/"\r\n"/"\n"/g /etc/profile22:39
monqouroumov i tried that command didnt fix it22:41
drac0666I have problem with my Ubuntu mate 15, after reboot i often have no sounds, sometimes i have to run app (spotify) twice or more to hear something from spearking. Profile and Device in settings is correct (Maya u5 usb card) when i type pactl list sinks short i recive RUNNING on maya and still i hear nothing on speakrs22:41
monqouroumov but im pretty sure u are rigt with ur hypothesis cuz k1l told me same22:42
ouroumovOh, I hadn't noticed22:43
monqhe told me in another channel22:44
sparks_Hey folks, made a pretty big boo boo this weekend.. I went to shrink my mdadm raid6 from 10 drives to 9, which I did successfully, but I forgot to resize2fs the device partition prior to shrinking the array... what I am now left with is a working array, but a file system that is borked22:44
monqbut im too lazy to type that script by hand22:44
sparks_I went ahead and ran fsck.ext4 on the device but it cxomplains about the partition not matching the device count in blocks and fails out eventually.. even if I run with the -y flag22:46
andybrinehi everyone22:50
andybrinedoes anyone know if samba still works for filesharing in ubuntu 15.10?22:51
k1landybrine: why not?22:51
compdocyou would hope so22:51
andybrinek1l I just cant seem to get it working and have tried everything22:52
andybrineim not able to see my workgroup at all22:52
andybrinethought I would be able to see that on my machine22:53
Bashing-omEriC^^: Is here. our day brightens .22:55
EriC^^Bashing-om: :)22:56
andybrineIs there anything specifically that I need to do to make the workgroup visible?22:56
andybrineany help would be appreciated thanks :D22:59
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sparks_also trying to resize gives me this error resize2fs: Can't read a block bitmap while trying to resize23:02
drac0666Changing autospawn=yes to no in /etc/pulse/client.conf stops pulseaudio service from working?23:04
monqk1l , ouroumov thanks guys! i just wrote that script manually in vim and now everythink works fine. as u mentioned the syntax error was cuz of the \r\n linebreak windows is fomatting its lines, but linux doesnt ackknowledge \r in its format. the problem was that im operating from a windows machine via ssh. even when i replace all \r\n in my editor (sublime2 or n++) with \n only, everytime when i copy that content, windows automatically adds \r\n to23:13
monq each end of line again(!)23:13
monqi just wanted to share with u23:13
ouroumovOk, thanks for the update monq23:13
k1lmonq: look at the encoding.23:13
k1lubuntu uses utf-823:14
MassaHey anyone ever installed lolcat on their machine?23:14
monqi found a way with sublime2 : u can determine it via: VIEW -> LINE ENDINGS -> WINDOWS / UNIX23:15
minitruehey, im having a problem after upgrading (apt-get upgrade) after boot i cant log in, it only refresh the log in screen where it ask for an user and password, anyone knows what might be the problem?23:15
EriC^^minitrue: new graphics driver isn't working23:16
EriC^^did you try the guest account?23:16
minitrueEriC^^: yes, i have different users its the same with all of them23:17
k1lminitrue: what is "uname -a"? and what ubuntu is that?23:17
EriC^^press ctrl+alt+f1 and type cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999923:18
minitrue3.13.0-77 generic23:19
minitruek1l: ^23:19
k1lminitrue: is "linux-generic" installed?23:19
minitruek1l: I would asume I've being using 14.04 lts23:21
minitrueEriC^^: http://termbin.com/ao2g23:25
k1lminitrue: is "linux-generic" installed?23:27
k1lminitrue: sudo apt install linux-generic23:27
minitruek1l: yes is installed23:29
k1lminitrue: how did you install the video driver?23:30
EriC^^minitrue: which driver are you using?23:30
minitrueEriC^^: I can see that in /etc/X11/xorg.conf right?23:33
silvianHI andybrine23:36
silvianwhich workgroup are you talking about?23:37
minitrueEriC^^: is there a way to change the drivers from tty?23:37
diego_can somebody quickly help me set up a hotspot? the guides online I followed couldn't help cuz my settings are a bit different23:37
silvian@digeo_: a wifi hotspot?23:38
silvianas in set your laptop to be an ad-hoc wifi hotspot?23:39
andybrinenot to worry silvian, I have got it sorted23:39
silviancool cheers23:39
andybrinewas having problems setting up samba and now its working.23:39
silvianah for file sharing23:39
silviancool... glad you got it sorted :)23:40
andybrineSuch a challenge setting samba up now its crazy!!23:40
silviani just use ssh and sftp to be honest... i don't bothe with any forms of file sharing anymore23:40
silviantoo much hassle23:40
silvianssh i know it works and its gonna work and be secure23:40
silvianif you need a gui filezilla is excellent to use with sftp23:41
diego_@silvan Correct. However the thing is that I get internet from an ethernet cable and because I'm on a school network, I need to set up the Ip address range, DNS server and default gateway. My laptop network card apparently doesn't support hostspot, but that doesnt matter since I have a netowrk adapter - alfa AWUS036NH. I would like the alfa to broadcast the wifi from the ethernet internet, but i dont know how to set it up :(23:43
ouroumovdiego_, your card has to be able to do that for starters23:44
diego_which card? the laptop network card cant, but the alfa network adapter can23:44
silvianyou should be able to setup a bridged connection23:45
silviani had to do teh same thing you're discribing there before diego_23:45
silvianwhich OS are you running?23:45
diego_Mint xfce23:46
silvianlet's have a look you should be able to do it from you network utilities in the gui23:46
diego_@silvian could you help me, or point me to a guide online. I just installed Linux few days ago, and am still new to everything23:46
k1ldiego_: for mint support please see the mint channels. and watch out their blogpost about their site beeing hacked and donwloads beeing changed23:47
silvianyep that's what i'm looking for right now...23:47
silviani'll find you the guide should be very straight forward to follow23:47
silviancheck first you got this package installed23:48
diego_@k1l, I tried there before, but now everybody is overwhelmed with the hack, that they don't have time for my problems :) And I believe my OS should be safe. but who knows, more information will come out I guess23:48
k1ldiego_: yeah, but your are still running their os. so see their support.23:48
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org23:48
diego_@silvian I got the package installed.23:49
silvianok have you got a tool called network manager?23:49
diego_@silvian No I have "Network" and "Network Connections" idk if its the same23:50
k1ldiego_: silvian at least go to #linux then. mint is really offtopic in here.23:51
silvianlet me contact you in private diego_23:51
silvianon this issue23:51
diego_@k1l haha chill man. I haven't came here to spam nor to attack ubuntu.23:52
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Bashing-omminitrue: Still struggling ?23:56

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