bluesabrelate evening all02:31
branauHowdy bluesabre02:40
bluesabreheya branau02:43
branauHow goes it?02:44
bluesabrewent hiking for first half of day, then shopping for the other half02:45
bluesabreFitbit says I have 17.3 thousand steps today02:45
branauWell I'd say you had a productive day!02:46
bluesabrebut good :D02:46
Unit193bluesabre: Nice on the first bit!02:46
branauWhere'd ya go hiking at?02:47
branauOh hey, I used to live in Louisville02:51
branauHey knome, you online?06:47
pleia2usually not this time of day, he's in finland :)06:55
pleia2best to catch him early in the day, he sleeps during our evenings/nights06:56
branaupleia2 isn't it kinda late for you too?06:56
branauI'm looking at 1am here haha06:56
pleia211pm here06:57
branauOh that's not too bad. Any chance you've got a good email to reach knome at? I was going to head to bed for the night but I wanted to give him a head's up on the status of the wallpaper contest site06:58
pleia2he posts to the xubuntu-devel mailing list, you can grab his address there :)07:01
pleia2I also recommend subscribing to it yourself if you haven't07:01
Unit193Yeah but he's an odd Finnish.07:01
pleia2not very high traffic, lots of useful posts07:01
branauCool, thanks. I'll subscribe to it07:01
branauUnit193 I know how the Finns are, I lived in Finland for a year07:01
branauNot far from Helsinki actually07:02
branauI went there every weekend haha07:02
Unit193So, TN and Finland, ok.07:02
Unit193Erm, KY, close! :P07:03
branauHaha yeah07:05
branauI'm 21 y/o and I've moved ~~25 times07:05
branauLife's an adventure07:05
Unit193Ohio? ;)07:12
branauNope haha never lived there. I was born in CA, and lived in OR, ID, NV, KY, and IN for the USA. Internationally I've lived in Finland, and currently live in Mexico07:15
* Unit193 → ot07:15
dkesselbluesabre: font feedback: i changed noto to size 10. otherwise it was too small. but i am running a fairly high resolution for the screen size, so hey... i guess 9 should be fine for most other people10:55
dkesselother than that, i noticed nothing which would be against noto10:56
bluesabrethanks dkessel15:28
bluesabreknome: so far good or acceptable feedback15:29
branauknome, you around?17:25
flocculant!team | just in case any of you don't know (I didn't) or someone asks - seems that when booting images now - no warning about disk size (as long as it's big enough) nor internet availability18:04
ubottujust in case any of you don't know (I didn't) or someone asks - seems that when booting images now - no warning about disk size (as long as it's big enough) nor internet availability: bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster and Unit19318:04
pleia2knome: re: thread about storing the MD5SUMs on our website, it may be it's time for that http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=299418:08
pleia2could happen with any of our mirrors, obviously18:08
pleia2so it may be time for us to store a canonical series of hashes somewhere trusted over https18:09
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flocculantI saw that too 18:15
Nairwolfhi, I'm not an expert, but I've seen that even with https, the problem would be the same18:32
NairwolfI've heard that md5 isn't a good solution if you want to avoid collision18:32
pleia2the chances of collision are not within the realm of seriousness18:33
pleia2so I'm not ready to give up on hashes18:33
pleia2and no, the problem is not at all the same18:34
NairwolfBut, unless I'm wrong, if a bad guy wants to corrupt xunbut isos, he will have to being able to create a corrupted iso (but which still works in order to be installed) WITH the same md5. It's almost impossible18:34
NairwolfI agree with you pleia218:34
Nairwolfabout https, I don't really know18:34
pleia2well, https just means you are trusting the source :)18:34
Nairwolfsorry, in fact, my participation isn't really usefull ;)18:35
pleia2if someone hacks your website you're in trouble either way, since you'd be trusting a bad thing18:35
Nairwolfoh, yes, I've just checked, there is not https at xubuntu.org18:35
pleia2you can use https on xubuntu.org, but we don't make it default18:35
Nairwolfok, I understand18:35
Nairwolfare you sure ? I have the https-everywhere extension18:36
Nairwolfif it's https, it should be actived18:36
pleia2yes, we've had this discussion a few times18:36
pleia2it is activated, we just don't send people there by default18:36
Nairwolfwhy ? 18:36
pleia2it's new, site is faster without it, didn't find immediate value18:37
NairwolfMy Firefox tells me he blocked some non-secure element18:37
NairwolfBut, I don't which ones18:37
Nairwolffaster, really ? How much ? 18:37
pleia2that too, links to some http resources, you can look in the page source to find them18:37
knomepleia2, tbh, canonical should just do that in cdimage or wherever they want to push their SUMS18:37
knomepleia2, seems silly to duplicate effort for all flavors individually18:38
pleia2Nairwolf: the same as any http to https speed difference, I'm not being innovative over here :18:38
pleia2knome: probably18:38
pleia2knome: and maybe we link to their list that lives over https?18:39
Nairwolfyes, but I've read the difference isn't so much high18:39
pleia2we don't need to do it ourselves18:39
knomepleia2, exactly.18:39
pleia2knome: wfm18:39
knomepleia2, since they essentially create the ISOs...18:39
knome...they should be the source for the sums too18:39
pleia2yeah, they are really, we'd just be copying from them18:40
knomebecause a xubuntu website admin can be evil too, and people with tin foil hats don't like that possibility18:40
pleia2we only have as much protection as the security record of wordpress :)18:41
knomewhich is... well, not too bad, but..18:41
knomebut as i said, when building ISOs, the canonical build servers should push the sums to a central place that is easy to link to18:42
knomeit doesn't take any space, they are already doing the sums too18:42
pleia2that would be optimal for us18:42
knomeand for all other flavors18:42
pleia2plus, we wouldn't have to update the link all the time18:42
knomeor in other words, the world peace18:42
knomeyes, it could be a release specific link18:43
knometbh, just pushing the current *SUMS files in the same directory structure even in a HTTPS host would be god enough18:43
knomeerr, good18:43
knomehow do we want to escalate?18:44
pleia2wondering if we should just poke our -release friends first to see what they think18:44
knomeIS ticket, or talking to release team, or community team?18:44
knometomorrow is more likely to work for -release poking18:46
* pleia2 nods18:46
knomeUnit193, is the core issues still stalling?18:46
pleia2there's no rush really, the mint thing just kind of hit home :)18:46
pleia2I have an airplane to get on soon18:46
knomeyeah, no worries18:47
knomewe were on a party essentially the whole day18:47
knomemm, not bad18:47
branauknome! How goes it?18:49
knomebranau, not bad18:49
branauHave you seen the email I sent you?18:49
knomei got your email but haven't had a chance to react or look at the site yet18:50
knome(though please share the stuff publicly in the channel too if you don't specifically want to avoid that)18:50
branauGotcha, well I'm going to go ahead and set up the voting now, the submissions and moderation of them are ready to go though18:50
branauSounds good18:50
Unit193< knome> because a xubuntu website admin can be evil too <---  Yes, I certainly am.  But a good evil.19:14
knomelike dexter?19:16
flocculantbranau: so how goes it then? 21:19
knomebranau, i looked at your code, and even logged in to your site via openid. a few comments:21:29
knomebranau, you don't assign a default role to the new users automatically, so i'm unable to do the actions you have set for the custom "competitor" role you registered21:30
knomebranau, partially related to the latter; please use the launchpad-openid extensions (i'll dig a link up for you in a second); this both removes the requirement to actually write your openid address when logging in (and at the same time, disables "normal" logging) but also allows you to set the role based on the team memberships the user has21:31
knomebranau, the latter solves the problem of giving special permissions to people who should be allowed to do something else than just submit21:31
knomebranau, here's the link: https://launchpad.net/wordpress-openid-integration21:32
branauknome yep, totally spaced the default role. That's a quick fix though. And I'll switch out that plugin too so I can test it. We're you able to log into the admin though and fix your role so that you could test the image submission?21:33
knomei didn't yet have time to set it up for myself21:35
branauknome I'll fix your role then rel fast so you can check that out 21:36
knomebranau, if you enabled something on the demo site, then it didn't work21:48
branauknome I tried to set the defualt role to competitor and for some reason it didn't save, I'll have to debug when I'm on front of my computer again (currently I'm on my phone) but I'll check your role real quick 21:49
knomesure, as long as it works on the final site21:50
branauKnome you can test now21:52
branauYour role has been fixed21:52
knomewill do in a bit21:53
knomebranau_, we don't have any license/attribution input fields, how have you planned to do those?23:23
knomebranau_, also, is this restricted to one submission per user?23:23
branau_knome the license was an oversight, I can add it in, shouldn't be a problem. This is currently restricted to one upload per user, but I'll double check it 23:25
branau_What other attribute fields would we want?23:25
knomewe want "attribution" eg. the name the user wants to be attributed with if they win23:26
knomethe license, which should really be a two-step process23:27
knomeor with two options:23:27
knome1) cc-by-sa23:27
knome2) other, specify: ____23:27
knomeand each user should be able to submit as many images as they want23:27
knomeor at least >123:28

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