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tg90norwhat would cause cloud-init to regenerate ssh host keys upon rebooting my ubuntu trusty server?10:31
Odd_Bloketg90nor: If cloud-init were to think that it were on a new host, it would regenerate them.  What environment are you seeing this in?10:38
tg90norOdd_Bloke: my server is running in an openstack cloud. the logs indicate there may have been a problem reaching the metadata server10:39
Odd_Bloketg90nor: cloud-init stores the data about instances it thinks it has run on in /var/lib/cloud/instances; is there more than one directory in there?10:40
tg90noryes, there are two directories10:40
Odd_Bloketg90nor: OK, so that's probably the issue you're seeing.10:41
tg90norOdd_Bloke: thanks! seems cloud-init detected it as an ec2 instance, probably after some temporary failure to talk to the metadata server10:44
Odd_Bloketg90nor: Ah, right; yeah, the assumption is that the metadata server will always be there. :)10:44
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esierraphi, is it possible set gid of group?16:25

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