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apuimedojamespage: I got the MEM manager charm working yesterday with ha and all. I'll be adding tests and unit tests and I'll pass it along for review08:24
apuimedoI was also checking the reactive layers08:24
apuimedoIt's quite an interesting concept08:24
apuimedoand the interfaces possibly even more08:24
apuimedobut by God will it be a piece of work to move the openstack charms to that08:25
jamespageapuimedo, a large bit of work to re-factor all 23 existing charms to reactive/layers/interfaces :-)08:38
jamespageapuimedo, good morning btw08:39
apuimedoI saw somebody started working on the keystone interface08:39
apuimedojamespage: good morning indeed ;-)08:39
jamespageapuimedo, yah - let me give you a few pointers as to work we've done08:39
jamespageapuimedo, https://code.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers/+git08:39
apuimedoI added a Midonet API interface yesterday08:40
apuimedothe only thing I don't quite see well is that in most interfaces I don't see any place for unit tests08:40
apuimedoso it feels a bit magical08:40
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deanmanHello, I'm trying to bootstrap an AWS compatible cloud environment (eucalyptus) and can't seem to figure what's the configuration parameter to define the endpoint URL on environments.yam. Any hints?10:09
mgzdeanman: there isn't one, you'll need to make some source changes10:15
mgzdeanman: but that's likely less of an issue than getting an image etc working10:16
mgzdeanman: you're probably better off using the manual provider10:16
deanmanmgz: There a couple google hits where people discussed about deploying on eucalyptus and some even said they succeeded but couldn't find any reference for the endpoint url while checking the docs. Ok most probably you are right, i should check with manual provider10:17
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tvansteenburghI was just reading about Binding Service Endpoints to Spaces in the juju-core 2.0beta1 release notes. Does anyone know how to define an endpoint in a charm? I don't remember seeing anything about that.14:08
tvansteenburghNever mind, this explains it: http://juju-sapphire.github.io/MAAS%20Spaces%20Demo/14:12
iceydoes upgrade_charm kick off config changed? and do defaults (that are left as defaults) update if changed in an upgrade_charm?14:57
cory_fuicey: I'm fairly certain that the only hook that runs during a `juju upgrade-charm` is the upgrade-charm hook15:16
iceythanks cory_fu, do you know if it will update the config if defaults change (and were still defaults at upgrade time)?15:17
cory_fuicey: Oh, you mean if the new version has different defaults?  I don't know, but my guess would be not15:17
iceyok, thanks cory_fu!15:17
cory_fuBut that's just a WAG, so you should really test it.  I'm curious to what the result is if you do15:18
jamespageicey, config-changed will always run after upgrade-charm15:19
iceyjamespage: but do the values (that were still defaults) change to new defaults as well?15:20
jamespagejuju records if a non-default value was provided15:20
jamespageif it's not been changes, the default will change15:20
iceyawesome, thanks jamespage!15:21
neiljerramafternoon all - Can I ask a question about Neutron-related charmhelpers?15:49
neiljerramI'm working on charm integration for a networking backend called calico. We've actually had charm support for a while, but now I'm just adding in Liberty support15:50
jcastromagicaltrout: ping! You were the guy looking at doing gitlab right?16:21
pmatulisanyone use rackspace with juju 2.0 ?16:22
josepmatulis: afaik there's no provider, so I use manual16:23
pmatulisyes, the provider exists, i just can't get it to work16:24
joseoh... let me double check here16:24
joseah, I'm stuck in 1.2616:24
neiljerramhow can I clear the charm cache on the bootstrap machine?16:52
neiljerramOn the bootstrap machine, I see this, and I think it's causing the deploy not to fetch my latest code from launchpad:16:53
neiljerramroot@calico-vm07:/var/log/juju# find / -name "*nova-cloud-controller*"16:53
hatchI see that api-info is no longer a command in juju 2.0 - can anyone fill me in on what the equivelant command to `juju api-info --password password` is?16:54
neiljerramhatch, I'm afraid I doubt it.  I'm mostly seeing questions on this channel, and no answers.16:59
neiljerramStill, I wish you more luck than I've had!17:00
hatch:) Someone will pop in to answer you I'm sure17:00
rick_h_hatch: get-model-config maybe?17:04
rick_h_neiljerram: the deploy pulling from LP?17:04
rick_h_neiljerram: it comes from the store, if you've updated in LP it needs to get reingested which takes a couple of hours atm17:04
neiljerramrick_h_, I understood that it was possible to use a launchpad branch directly, with this syntax in the bundle file:17:05
neiljerram    "nova-cloud-controller":17:05
neiljerram      branch: "lp:~project-calico/charms/trusty/nova-cloud-controller/liberty"17:05
rick_h_neiljerram: juju deploy does't use that, only the juju-deployer tool. what version of juju are you using?17:06
neiljerramrick_h_, Also, my last upload to that branch was a couple days ago, so should have had any digestion needed.17:06
neiljerramroot@calico14:~/md4# juju --version17:07
rick_h_neiljerram: k, your branch isn't /trunk so it won't be ingested to the charmstore, but once it is it'll be cs:~project-calico/trusty/nova-cloud-controller17:07
neiljerramI was deploying with: juju deployer -v -c liberty.yaml17:07
neiljerramrick_h_, Yes, that's what I thought.  I didn't want to create something in the store until I had some confidence that the code was working - hence the launchpad branch.17:08
rick_h_neiljerram: k, so to confirm you're using juju-deployer to deploy this?17:09
rick_h_neiljerram: oic, you're trying to upgrade the charm?17:09
nagyzok, gonna ask here, since #maas is usually dead: do you guys think I can add arbitrary subnets to MaaS using the CLI? I think the requirement that the maas controller sits on every subnet that it can deploy nodes to is far fetched17:09
nagyzunless I have this backwards and it's just an auto-add-subnet function for the ones known already17:09
nagyzlooking to deploy a greenfield OpenStack using proper public and private subnetting...17:09
stokachuwhats the account parameter for in the CreateModel api? https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/master/api/modelmanager/modelmanager.go#L5617:09
neiljerramrick_h_, yes, exactly17:09
stokachujuju help create-model only lists --owner and --config as an option17:10
rick_h_neiljerram: ok, and how are you doing the upgrade?17:10
rick_h_stokachu: I think that's the work not complete yet17:11
rick_h_stokachu: you'll be able to specify a credentials.yaml entry17:11
stokachurick_h_: ok17:11
rick_h_stokachu: e.g. juju create-model work-ec2-creds17:11
rick_h_and not have to pass them via the -c yaml file param17:11
rick_h_at least that's what the spec says, not looked into accounts in this code yet :)17:11
stokachunice, yea right now i just use the ConfigSkeleton api call for that17:11
stokachui wonder if they'll have a AccountSkeleton17:12
stokachuok cool np17:12
rick_h_stokachu: if you're curious axw and wallyworld are the masters of this stuff17:12
neiljerramI took a fork of the upstream nova-cloud-controller, with: bzr branch  lp:~openstack-charmers/charms/trusty/nova-cloud-controller/next17:12
stokachurick_h_: yea im just trying to stay up with the latest api changes for my work with bigdata install17:12
stokachuso i can be ready when juju goes live17:12
neiljerramThen I added my changes to that, and pushed to lp:~project-calico/charms/trusty/nova-cloud-controller/liberty17:12
rick_h_stokachu: gotcha, yea the credentials.yaml file is there, but the api for add-credential and such is in progress as next step for beta217:13
stokachuok cool, thanks for the info17:13
rick_h_neiljerram: k, but what command did you run expecting the charm to upgrade17:13
neiljerramrick_h_, nothing yet, I think.17:14
neiljerramrick_h_, I'm thinking the process is: 1. try out new code. 2. propose merge of my new code into lp:~openstack-charmers/charms/trusty/nova-cloud-controller/next17:14
neiljerramSo at the moment I'm only at step (1).17:14
rick_h_neiljerram: right, but you were saying that the charm was't grabbing the new code17:14
rick_h_neiljerram: so you wanted to clear some caches?17:15
neiljerramYeah, what I see is that on the machine where that charm should go, the deploy fails.  And when I did into the cause of the failure, it's because it doesn't have the latest code on that machine.17:15
rick_h_neiljerram: ok, so when you juju-deployer that bundle file it didn't get the latest bzr branch?17:16
neiljerramrick_h_, Yes, that's it.17:16
bcsalleris it too late to revise the "juju show-controller" (and similar) output so as not to put data in the keyspace. Its much harder to write validating schema for these things if things like the controller name are keys rather than data17:23
rick_h_bcsaller: shoot an email to the list with concerns and we can get feedback from wallyworld/axw and look into it.17:26
bcsallerrick_h_: yeah, sure, thanks17:27
hatchis there any way I can debug a hung " Waiting for agent initialization to finish" on aws with juju 2.017:29
hatchit's been allocating for over 30minutes now17:29
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cheryljhatch: take a look at /var/log/cloud-init-output.log and if that shows that the jujud started, look at /var/log/juju/machine-x.log17:30
hatchcherylj: the machines haven't been allocated on aws17:31
cheryljhatch: ah, that's interesting17:31
hatchis this cloud init output file on the controller?17:31
cheryljhatch: no, it would be on the instance17:32
hatchahh ok, so yeah, no instance :)17:32
hatchThese machines were created via the GUI, lemme see if I can add units via the CLI17:32
cheryljhatch: I'd look at the machine-0.log and search for the name of the service you deployed...  see if there are any errors around that17:32
cheryljhatch: are you using beta1?17:33
hatchcherylj: tip updated this morning17:33
cheryljthe GUI has some compatibility issues with 2.0-alpha2 and later17:33
hatchnot anymore!17:33
hatchwell...tip gui17:33
hatchactually it's still missing some features, but we're very close17:34
ChrisHolcombeusing the juju coordinator seems to be a little bit tricky.  On my little ceph monitor cluster of 3 only 2 out of the 3 hosts got the coordinator lock.  The 3rd didn't for some reason17:35
hatchcherylj: the first instance of 'mariadb' in machine-0 log is: 2016-02-22 17:13:45 ERROR juju.state.unit unit.go:740 unit mariadb/0 cannot get assigned machine: unit "mariadb/0" is not assigned to a machine17:37
pmatulisrick_h_: re your config, can you confirm 'tenant-name == your account #' and 'username == name you log in to UI with' and 'password == p/w to log in to UI with' ?17:37
ChrisHolcombesorry i should say charmhelpers coordinator*17:37
hatchcherylj: so even via the CLI it doesn't ever appear to allocate any more machines on aws17:39
hatchpossible that tip is broken?17:39
cheryljhatch: bleh, that would be bad.  Let me see if I can reproduce17:41
hatchthanks cherylj - it's entirely possible that I have somehow broken this, but I was able to place units on the controller itself17:42
cheryljhatch: were you just doing "juju deploy mariadb"?  or were there special options / config?17:42
hatchI deployed the charms via the GUI, and scaled via the gui. When I tried to scale via the CLI I ran 'juju add-unit wordpress'17:43
hatch^ cherylj17:43
neiljerramrick_h_, if you're still around - I don't think we reached a resolution in our conversation a little earlier...18:02
jcastroany resolution on the lxd/2.0beta issues identified over the weekend? I would cry if I had to move back to 1.25.18:15
lazyPowercory_fu : i've run into a context issue with relationships and peering :/  i dont recall if we solved this already.   > ValueError: Unable to determine default scope: no current hook or global scope18:16
lazyPoweriirc - i think we had to assign each unit in the conversation to the scope bits, and iterate them?18:17
cory_fuPeers have to be unit scope.  Unit scope is incompatible with default conversations, so you always have to loop over self.conversations() and you can't ever use self.conversation() or self.set/get_remtoe18:17
lazyPowerits all in here - https://github.com/mbruzek/interface-tls/blob/master/peers.py18:17
lazyPowerfound it, ta18:17
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rick_h_negronjl: sorry, had a phone call18:35
rick_h_oops neiljerra...who left18:36
beisnerdosaboy, jamespage - ceph-* MP tests blocked on:  bug 154847819:25
mupBug #1548478: nova.conf section [libvirt] is missing option rbd_pool <uosci> <ceph (Juju Charms Collection):New> <ceph-radosgw (Juju Charms Collection):New> <nova-compute (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548478>19:26
dosaboybeisner: hmm not sure how that got through wihout breaking amulet, i removed that conf entry cause it is useless19:32
dosaboybeisner: i'll see if i can fixup the tests19:32
beisnerdosaboy, fyi, it made it through b/c the nova-compute test doesn't involve ceph.19:32
beisnerin amulet that is19:32
dosaboybeisner: tru say19:32
beisnerdosaboy, thanks for taking that19:33
dosaboybeisner: it's just a n-c thing thought right? i mean it is not a but but more an amulet test issue in teh n-c charm19:33
beisnerdosaboy, right, the n-c test is good.  other charms that cross-validate that the rbd conf thing was in nova.conf will need test updates19:34
dosaboybeisner: 10-4 got it19:35
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dosaboybeisner: i guess we need to land this first - https://code.launchpad.net/~hopem/charms/trusty/nova-compute/lp1548478/+merge/28683320:15
dosaboythen the amulet fixes (coming up)20:16
beisnerdosaboy, ack20:21
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dosaboybeisner: amulet fixes all submitted but set to WIP until ^^ lands20:26
beisnerdosaboy, right on.  tyvm.20:26
dosaboybeisner: thank you for raising the bug with all the necessary info :)20:27
beisnerdosaboy, happy to20:40
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ChrisHolcombeis it possible for one juju unit to call a function on another?21:18
lazyPowerChrisHolcombe - relations and actions make anything possible :)21:19
ChrisHolcombelazyPower, so there's no issue with unit A calling functions on unit B?21:19
ChrisHolcomberpc style?21:19
lazyPowerTheres some glue code you'll want to patch the charm to listen to the API, and you'll have to give the charm juju API credentials21:20
lazyPowerbut yes, its completely possible, and wouldn't cause an issue if you encapsulate the concerns properly21:20
ChrisHolcombelazyPower, +100021:21
ChrisHolcombelazyPower, so how would i go about giving api creds to a unit?21:22
lazyPowerChrisHolcombe - every time i've done it i've had marco or aisrael's help21:30
ChrisHolcombelazyPower, time for a hacky workaround then21:31
lazyPowermay the force be with you21:31
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stokachuanyone run into this before: connection attempt for failed: /var/lib/juju/nonce.txt does not exist23:47
stokachudoes it just take awhile for it to generate?23:47

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