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kubuntu_hi team.  I'm looking for the script to build the kubuntu ISO.  I've checked the kde wiki and a few other places, but no luck. :-( Can anybody point me in the right direction?07:08
valorielike your own custom ISO?07:12
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.07:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about custom07:13
kubuntu_valorie: well, I would start with building the 15.10 install / live CD with the default settings / packages, but would then look to customize some of the settings and packages...  I'm assuming there's a build script to create the ISO, but I can't find it...07:14
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blazeis something wrong with the launchpad lately?10:26
blazepackages are waiting for being published for at least 3 hours10:28
blazethat means something is wrong definitely10:28
BluesKajHi folks12:25
clivejohi BluesKaj12:26
BluesKajhi clivejo12:27
BluesKajlarge upgrade today, 114 upgraded and all is well :-)12:38
clivejositter: is there any way to get a package to "jump" the queue on KCI?12:58
sitterclivejo: nope13:10
clivejojust have to wait then ?13:11
clivejositter: what is it doing at the minute?13:12
sitterdeploying a new tooling revision13:14
clivejois that something you started?13:15
sitterit automatically starts when someone from bluesystems pushes new tooling13:15
bshahjust wondering: would it make sense to split out kci tooling and nci/mci/dci tooling? or kci also uses same stuff?13:17
sitterbshah: same stuff13:20
sitteronly the actual binaries are different (since they use launchpad etc)13:20
sitterand even that only holds true for ci-tooling for the most part13:20
clivejositter: Im trying to get libkolab to build on KCI, the last attempt failed due to dput "15:19:04 Unable to negotiate with no matching key exchange method found. Their offer: diffie-hellman-group1-sha1"15:35
clivejoany idea what happened?15:35
sitterkolab phab probably still drunk15:36
clivejoseems to have built the source ok this time15:36
clivejoit was failing over patches that no longer apply15:37
clivejolog in is wrong15:40
clivejo15:16:58 D: FQDN: ppa.launchpad.net15:40
clivejo15:16:58 D: Login: kubuntu-ci-bot15:40
sittersgclark: ping15:41
clivejothere are a lot failing over bad login15:41
sitterthat'd be odd15:42
sitterdebug3: channel 0: status: The following connections are open:15:44
sitter  #0 client-session (t4 r0 i3/0 o3/0 fd -1/-1 cc -1)15:44
sitterclivejo: authenticates just fine15:44
clivejowhy does the console say it failed twice?15:44
sitterlaunchpad problem maybe?15:44
sitterit authenticates *now*15:44
clivejocantor seems to be the same - http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_stable_cantor/39/consoleFull15:44
sitterdoesn't mean it worked when that job ran15:44
clivejoIll queue a rebuild15:45
clivejomaybe just intermittent thing15:45
clivejositter: also, why when there at 97 in the queue is it only using 5 out of 16 slots?15:47
sgclarksitter: pong15:47
sittersgclark: does build.kde use a docker swarm?15:48
sitterand if so how do you send workspaces to the swarm?15:48
sgclarksitter: only on sandbox atm. But it will yes.15:48
sgclarksitter: bcooksley set it up.15:49
sittersgclark: do you have any pointers to code?15:49
sitterI can't wrap my head around workspace exchange without substantial IO overhead on both ends xD15:49
sgclarkI do not sorry.15:49
sitterwill have to hunt down ben I guess15:49
sitterclivejo: it uploads just fine with exactly the same arguments. I think it was a launchpad problem TBH15:50
clivejohummm KCI is doing mgmt_docker again :/15:51
sitterclivejo: see if you find all other jobs doing it. but as it stands right now I think this are problems on launchpad15:51
sitterwhich is not too surprising considering there are still publishing delays apparently15:52
sitterso something isn't right on their end15:52
clivejositter: They were doing maintenance earlier on, but I thought things had been resolved15:55
clivejomaybe some knock on problems15:55
clivejoits just failed again!!15:57
sittermaybe ssh in xenial is broken xD15:59
clivejofailed again :(16:00
BluesKajssh on my lan works here on Xenial16:00
marco-parilloGood news everybody: I have been afraid to try a fresh Xenial install since I had heard of problems with the installer, but things just went very smoothly this morning in a VM.16:00
clivejositter: Ill trigger the wily build then :)16:01
BluesKajthink the installer bug was fixed , used a daily on Sat to reinstall after a I got into a mees on friday's upgrade16:02
clivejowho fixed the installer?16:02
BluesKajI tried the image I had  DL'd earlier and the ubuniquity kept crasheing , but anwer image worked fien16:03
BluesKajubiquity even 16:03
BluesKajdamn KB keeps tricking my fingers :-)16:04
clivejositter: I think you might be on to something, a lot of the xenial builds triggered today are failing with the same error!16:04
sgclarkis there an email list for the kubuntu-council?16:04
clivejosgclark: kubuntu-council@lists.launchpad.net ?16:06
sitterclivejo: http://www.openssh.com/legacy.html16:09
clivejositter: thanks, cjwatson has just replied in #launchpad and is on the case16:11
clivejositter: are you guys working on the tooling? I see mgmt_tooling in the queue again16:14
clivejoits only been about 10 mins from the last time it run :/16:14
clivejositter: apparently its fixed now :)16:16
clivejoIll queue libkolab again!16:16
* clivejo crosses fingers16:16
sitterdebug3: channel 0: status: The following connections are open:16:17
sitter  #0 client-session (t4 r0 i3/0 o3/0 fd -1/-1 cc -1)16:17
sittercan confirm16:17
sittershould work again16:17
sgclarksitter: why do we have utopic? 'Merging kubuntu_unstable into kubuntu_unstable_utopic.' (konsole) and how do we delete?16:53
clivejosgclark: Ive been asking maxy to remove those16:53
BluesKajdoes 15.10 have the new 4.4 kernel available yet?16:55
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* clivejo is getting impatient with KCI17:01
blazeBluesKaj: why it should? new major versions are only available for lts releases to enable new hw support17:12
BluesKajblaze, I'm not asking why. I'm asking if it is, simple.17:13
blazewell, the answer is no17:14
blazeBluesKaj: maybe this is what you want http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/17:19
BluesKajblaze, thanks , but I'm trying solve problem for a 15.10 user who seems to be using an older kernel . Since I'm on 16.04 I've forgotten what the current default kernel is for 15.1017:23
BluesKaj4.2 it is and no kernel upgrades in sight17:33
sgclarkclivejo: libkface still needs a symbols refresh18:01
sgclarkand libkipi18:05
sneleBluesKaj: I use mainline kernels for years without problems http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D18:20
BluesKajsnele, I'm not looking for a kernel , but thanks anyway ;-)18:21
snele <BluesKaj> does 15.10 have the new 4.4 kernel available yet?18:23
sneleyes I am very late :D18:23
BluesKajsnele, I'm on 16.04 , this was meant for some guy who was looking for a kernel upgrade because he thought 4.4 was available for 15.1018:28
sgclarkyofel: I am getting down to the last few that I need your help on. I have made notes in the kubuntu-ninjas notepad, whenever you have time to look. I am distracted next several days trying to get a gig that pays $. But available with pings. Thanks!18:38
ovidiu-florin14.04.4 got out right?19:29
clivejoovidiu-florin: I believe so19:35
ovidiu-florinclivejo: when?19:47
ovidiu-florinthere was no release announcement on our part19:47
ovidiu-florinI didn't know19:47
ovidiu-florinwhen was the release?19:48
clivejoovidiu-florin: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2016-February/000205.html19:49
MirvNoskcaj: not currently, 3.7 is the next one where there are interesting upstreamings regarding Ubuntu SDK development. 3.6 would need FFe and checking how much work getting qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu with it would be.19:50
Mirvwe were a bit hoping for 3.7 beta before FF but it didn't happen so 3.7 is definitely xenial+119:51
NoskcajMirv, ok, thanks20:00
clivejoyofel sgclark: Im trying to get libkolab fixed up, but the new libkolab deps on libcalendaring21:07
sgclarkok, that is what is holding up kdepim-runtime. 21:08
sgclarkbut the rest of the problem bits we need yofels mad skillz to help with.21:08
clivejoI have it packaged here - https://launchpad.net/~kolab/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+build/897094021:09
sgclarkbut we are looking good mostly21:09
clivejobut dunno what to do about it21:09
clivejocan I move that package into apps staging?21:09
sgclarkyes *copy* it into staging21:10
clivejohow does one do that?!?21:10
clivejoalso need to build a new version of libkolab21:11
sgclarkview all packages and to the right side should be a copy and delete packages option21:11
clivejosgclark: can I add a git repo on debian?21:13
sgclarkclivejo: I do not have authority there sorry21:15
ovidiu-florinclivejo: ok, but that's Ubuntu21:32
valoriedid that FFE paperwork get filed?23:33
valoriealso, I was going to update https://community.kde.org/index.php?title=Plasma/InstallingNext23:34
valoriebut I wonder if we should just remove ourselves from that, or point to the dailies?23:34
valorieor will we release a Xenial beta I can point to there?23:35
valoriethe ci images are described there: '''Live Image of Kubuntu Vivid with Packages from Git''' The [http://files.kde.org/snapshots/ Weekly Live Image], updated every Friday with latest source from Git to run a full system from a USB disk.  Based on Kubuntu 15.04, Vivid.23:37
valoriein snapshots there is a Plasma Wayland image23:40
valorieshadeslayer: at the bottom of that page, liveCD section, you have a neon ISO23:43
valorieI assume that just can be removed, since it is a dead link?23:43
valorieeh, replaced with: '''Live Image of Kubuntu Wily with Packages from Git''' The [http://files.kde.org/snapshots/ Weekly Live Image], updated  with latest source from Git to run a full system from a USB disk.  Based on Kubuntu 15.10, Wily.23:47

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