valorieDarinMiller: can I copy the above links and instructions in a blog post, crediting you?00:14
* valorie blogs as the linux grandma00:14
valorieunless you blog, and your should -- in which case, you should be on the planets!00:17
DarinMillerValorie: Sure, anytime.00:23
valorieDarinMiller: any particular reason you asked them to install gksu?00:27
valoriekdesudo works and is standard install00:27
DarinMiller:) I used GNome and those were notes from my old days.  I need to update my notes. Thanks!00:28
valorieso python-glade2 is still needed?00:29
DarinMillerUhhh, maybe some more stale notes... I will have to verify on a fresh install... possibly needed for GUI.....00:30
valorieI'll leave it in00:32
valorie!info python-glade200:32
ubottupython-glade2 (source: pygtk): GTK+ bindings: Glade support. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.0-4ubuntu1 (wily), package size 9 kB, installed size 101 kB00:32
valoriehttp://www.unixmen.com/howto-install-and-configure-samba-share-in-ubuntu/ works, btw00:42
valoriea bit old00:42
DarinMillerUpdated my SMB notes so less likey to give marginal advice in the future.  Thanks for the feedback. :)01:18
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eeoshi everybody, I have deleted a folder from an ext4 artition by mistake. Unfortunately I cannot unmount the directory.07:55
eeosCannot use ext4undelete .... any other solution you know of?08:01
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel08:01
knroWhat version of KDE Frameworks 5 will be available in 16.04?08:24
knroI see 5.15 in Xenial repos, but isn't that a bit old?08:24
valoriewe've got some slow uploading happening08:26
knrovalorie: you know what the plan is? KF5 5.19?08:28
valorieFW 5.18 is what we have in landing08:28
acheron885.18 if the packages in the landing/staging ppas make it in I think?08:28
valorieyes, if the FFEs got filed08:28
valorieif not, hopefully that will happen later today08:30
acheron88as LTS I assume it will keep going with a few stable upgrades anyway, no matter what is there on release08:30
valorieonly well-tested stuff08:31
valoriewhich is why we'll miss the newest Qt08:31
eeoshateball: thanks!08:49
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BluesKajHi folks12:25
hazamonzoHowdy BluesKaj12:53
BluesKajHey hazamonzo12:53
hazamonzoBluesKaj: So check this. Kubuntu has been working pretty well so far but just recently... its happened twicw.. but the UI has frozen12:55
hazamonzoNot the mouse or the OS as such12:55
hazamonzojust the ability to click anything12:55
hazamonzoI thought i could drop out into a terminal (ctrl+alt+F1)12:55
hazamonzothen try restarting plasma or something12:55
BluesKajhazamonzo, can you moce the mouse or see the cursor move?12:56
hazamonzoyeah i can12:56
hazamonzoits like trying to click a photo of your desktop12:56
hazamonzocalt alt-tab windows either12:56
lordievaderhazamonzo: Can you still activate krunner?12:57
lordievaderWhen that happens.12:57
hazamonzoBluesKaj: lordievader krunner....13:00
hazamonzoIm not sure what that is!13:00
hazamonzo2 secs13:00
hazamonzoahh, the little terminal at the top of the desktop?13:01
hazamonzoI've pulled that up by accident many times before but im not sure if it works during the freeze13:01
hazamonzowhats the shortcuy keys for that so i can test next time it happens?13:01
hazamonzoBluesKaj: 15.10 yeah13:01
hateballhazamonzo: alt+space by default13:02
hazamonzohateball: Good to know! Cheers13:02
hateballhazamonzo: it may be useful binding ctrl+alt+T to launch Konsole :)13:02
lordievaderhazamonzo: If so, you could issue 'kquitapp plasmashell && kstart plasmashell' there, it might fix things.13:03
hazamonzoi usually drop out to a terminal using ctrl+alt+F1 to F613:03
hazamonzolordievader: Okay. Im going to take a noteof that for the next time it happens13:04
hazamonzoI was looking for something like this to simply restart my desktop13:04
hazamonzoor desktop UI13:04
BluesKajhazamonzo, yakuake is a good alternative13:05
* hazamonzo googles13:06
BluesKajto the terminal. that is13:07
soul_Yakuake is <313:08
BluesKajsoul_, to me that indictes it's less than 313:09
soul_hahaha, very good one BluesKaj!13:11
BluesKajif you were trying to show some kind of image there, it's beyond my understand ..I don't use text images except for smileys13:12
BluesKajunderstanding rather13:13
soul_<3 → means a heart x)13:13
hazamonzoyakuake seems pretty nice13:14
BluesKajdoesn't look like that to me ;-)13:14
BluesKajyakuake is great, been using it for many yrs, F12 and it's there13:15
soul_I use the "Pause" key on my laptop keyboad13:16
soul_since I don't use it at all13:16
GreenDaydoes deezer rocks under kubuntu?13:44
Frank__Help with printer drivers13:44
chaithanyaHello, I  installed Kubuntu 15.10 in  Lenovo G50-70, I'm unable to connect to the wireless networks. Can anyone please guide me through this?13:45
Frank__I have Kubuntu 14.04 and have just purchased a canon MF216n printer and cannot find any drivers for it and the system will not recognize it as being there.13:45
hateballGreenDay: Do you mean if you can use Deezer in Kubuntu? It seems to be some web based thing, so probably13:45
hateballchaithanya: what chipset is the wifi? "lspci |grep Net" will show13:46
BluesKajGreenDay, deezer is a Unity web app, not KDE/Plasma13:46
hateballYou can probably just use the website tho13:46
hateballoh they left13:49
hateballLooking at https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support/details/printers/black-and-white-laser/mf216n it seems to have a linux driver at least. the autodetect of OS fails tho13:49
chaithanyahateball: 02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n (rev 01)13:52
hateballchaithanya: Open the driver manager and add the restricted firmware for it13:53
hateballalternatively, "sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source", let it work its magic and reboot13:54
chaithanyahateball: I ran the command, now reeboting14:03
hateballLet's hope for the best then!14:04
chaithanyahateball: It worked! Thanks a ton :)14:08
hateballchaithanya: :)14:08
GreenDaynow i listen to scorpion online ;)14:14
BluesKaj!OT | GreenDay14:15
ubottuGreenDay: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!14:15
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irawansyahshorcut application blender and android studio gone when i install kde, how to fix it16:23
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six86Hello, since a while now (came with an update) my kubuntu 15.10 with Backports doesn't shutdown when I chose to shutdown, but instead it just logs out. From there I then can manually shutdown. Is this known? How can I fix it?16:23
BluesKajirawansyah, which kubuntu and how did you install kde?16:25
BluesKajor 'buntu rather16:26
BluesKajsix86, have you updated and upgraded today?16:27
six86BluesKaj: No. Not yet.16:27
BluesKajthen do so16:27
six86:-D Fix incoming?16:28
irawansyahi install kubuntu through ubuntu software centre16:28
six86BluesKaj: Upgrading didn't help.16:50
soul_I don't have audio using headphones in my laptop. Can somebody help me to figure out how to solve the issue, please?16:53
BluesKajsix86, what does uname -a show?16:55
BluesKajsoul_, disable automute in alsamixer16:56
Jeetenhey if i update-qt lib 4.8 to 5.5 on my kubuntu plama 15.10 than there are any problem generated on my system?16:57
Jeetenhey can anybody help me?16:59
soul_I already did, BluesKaj. Still nothing :/16:59
Jeeteni am trying to install Ampps Web developing app but when i run17:00
BluesKajJeeten, suggest you leave the default qtlibs alone and do the normal upgrades for your system17:01
JeetenCannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x40806) with this library (version 0x40805)17:01
Jeeteni have error17:01
JeetenBlueskaj, i have error Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x40806) with this library (version 0x40805)17:02
BluesKajJeeten, if you're fooling around with Qt libs you'd beter know what you;'re doing17:02
JeetenBlueskaj , i want to install {http://www.ampps.com/} app on my Kubuntu and i don't know about qt libs ! This app making on QT.17:05
BluesKajJeeten, no idea, sorry , not a web dev'17:06
Jeetenok thanx17:06
agile_prghi all, I just loaded kubuntu, is there a way to add a bottom task bar?17:08
agile_prgoh wait I see it17:09
soul_Seems impossible for me to solve this. Is there a place to ask about this kind of problem?17:11
six86BluesKaj: Linux pc 4.2.0-27-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 22 04:49:08 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:11
rattkingsoul_: have you poked around phonon settings? in Hardware -> Multimedia -> Phonon17:16
BluesKajsoul_, have you checked phonon as rattking suggested and your pulseaudio output settings as well as thevolume ctrls for the appropriate outputs in alsamixer17:29
agile_prghow do I add a desktop shortcut?17:37
BluesKajagile_prg, do you mean icons to the desktop?17:38
BluesKajjust drag them out of the kmenu17:39
agile_prgwhat if they are not in the kmenu?17:39
BluesKajif they aren't in th ekmenu then they are most likely not installed. Which app are you referring to?17:40
soul_rattking: BluesKaj... This is what I have: http://imgur.com/a/l6PP517:42
soul_Do those images tell you something?17:42
BluesKajagile_prg, http://askubuntu.com/questions/540464/creating-a-shorcut-for-application17:45
six86Hello, since a while now (came with an update) my kubuntu 15.10 with Backports doesn't shutdown when I chose to shutdown, but instead it just logs out. From there I then can manually shutdown. Is this known? How can I fix it?17:45
BluesKajsoul_, plug you 'phones into the lineout on your soundcard17:48
agile_prgBluesKaj is there no graphical way to make a desktop shortcut?17:52
BluesKajagile_prg, dunno17:53
agile_prgIs there a trash can I can add to the kubuntu desktop?17:58
BluesKajagile_prg, yes right click on the desktop , add widgets type trash in the search18:00
soul_The screenshots are taken with the earphones connected, BluesKaj18:00
agile_prgcan I add a top panel with apps to launch from it?18:00
BluesKajyou can use a launcher in widgets18:02
agile_prgoh ok18:02
BluesKajagile_prg, recommend you reads about the kde/plasma desktop and what it can do for you18:02
BluesKajagile_prg, https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/811704-how-to-use-kde-plasma-desktop-like-a-pro18:05
agile_prgI added an empty panel but it is to the left, I want it to be located on the bottom18:10
agile_prgcan't figure out how to move it down there ;<18:10
agile_prgfigured it out nm18:12
BluesKajsoul_, open alsamixer in the terminal and make sure your headphones and line/out controls are turned up18:20
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Guest83036Hi , is still possible on KDE 5 to have different background for different desktop ?18:27
marco-parilloPlasma 5 can support different backgrounds for different activities.18:28
BluesKajthe virtual desktops separate wallpapers are no longer supported in plsama 5, you have to set them in activities, Guest8303618:30
Guest83036BluesKaj:  why ?, I mean are two different things18:33
Guest83036so I can still use until 20 desktop but with the same background, maybe isn't so usefull, at least to me18:35
BluesKajyes they are and I was upset about it, but separtate wallpapers are no longer supported in plasma 5 , ...I have 8 differnt actitvities setup with different wallpapers , works ok.18:36
Guest83036yeah but you can't switch between activities as easy as you can between desktop, I'm wrong ?18:38
Guest83036I'm testing kde5 and it seems stable and nice but for what I can see there are few usefull things still missing, like for example the plasmoid for the application menu on the top bar, different backgrounds for different desktop and so on .....18:43
marco-parilloMaybe you could re-assign the default key to switch activities in System Settings > Short Cuts > Global Keyboard Shortcuts > Walk through Activities18:46
Guest83036well I just non need to use activities, why should I do it ?, When I think about something new I alays think about new possibilities and for me is absurde remove nice features on new version of software18:49
Guest83036I use Kubuntu since 9.04 and I never used activities and in my opinion they are completelly useless, but I never thought should be removed :D18:52
Tux_Everytime i download Kubuntu 15.10 it gets to the last sec then download fails ?18:53
BluesKajGuest83036, you can assign apps to each actitvity then place the app icons in quicklaunch in th epanel and the actitviies will switch to the background/app that you choose18:55
Guest83036doing it by the scroll wheel sounds much better to me, anyway .....18:57
BluesKajwell Guest83036 , that's your call , do what you want , I was merely suggesting18:59
KNRO_Guest83036: I, on the other hand, use Activities all the time. One "General" activity, another for Gaming stuff, another for development, and another for my observatory stuff19:01
Guest83036of course BluesKaj and I appreciate your suggestion, but I don't like to be force to change my way to work because someone decide to remove some features19:02
Guest83036I mean, which one of the features I'm currently using daily will be removed next ?, should I trust it or drop it since now ?19:04
BluesKajGuest83036, that's why I nstill have 14.04 with kde4 on my pc as my fallback OS :-)19:06
Guest83036me ti BluesKaj, but the new kernel on latest version of kubuntu has a much greater support for new hardware and you cannot use kde 4 on Kubuntu 16.04 I guess ....19:07
BluesKajGuest83036, no kde4 for 16.04 I'm afraid :/19:09
BluesKajor for 15.1019:09
Guest83036so If I buy a new model I'm forced to use the less complete kde5 instead of kde 419:10
Guest83036shouldn't happen !!19:10
BluesKajtechnically there is no kde5, it's now known as kde/plasma519:12
Guest83036yeah , that one :D19:13
BluesKajdon't ask me why ;-)19:13
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BluesKaj!kde | GreenDay19:59
ubottuGreenDay: KDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.19:59
MylonSo Star Nomad 2 is free for Linux players: http://steamcommunity.com/games/414950/announcements/detail/64550889822850233620:01
MylonI just thought I'd spread the word.  It looks like a good quality game.20:02
GreenDaytoo bad newsgroups are deprecated today20:09
GreenDayto the profit of mailing lists20:09
emhey anyone here?22:36
hazamonzoem: Best just to ask your question and take a seat22:37
hazamonzoif anyone can help you then they will :)22:37
emcool thanks22:37
hazamonzoNo worries!22:37
emwell i have the most bizzare problem i have every experienced with Kubuntu.  Usually when I restart it, either to turn it back on or after it suspended for some reason from inactivity, when i restart it, I find that all the icons and pannel has been rearranged, stuff added, stuff randomly put here and there and made bizzare. Look at what my desktop looked like when I turned it on: http://i.imgur.com/LniX8cB.jpg22:38
emlook how its random stuff all over the place22:39
emlook at the madness of the lower pannel.22:39
emeverything randomly moved all around and millions of copies of stuff added that i never asked for.22:39
emand all those notes and even tiny versions of notes...22:39
emTo clarify: that isn't stuff i had on my desktop that got moved around, its literally stuff I never put there, randomly there, multiple copies and randomly all over the place.22:43
emi don't even know how the tiny versions of the note thingy was made22:43
emhere again is an image: http://i.imgur.com/LniX8cB.jpg22:43
BlueProtomanI think I borked my system.  I tried a PPA for Qt 5.5.1, but that broke Plasma.  I removed the PPA via aptitude on the command line and reinstalled some packages, so now I can log in normally.  How can I ensure that I cleaned up properly?23:44
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html23:58

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