sidiIf I'm uploading packages to my PPA, they don't show up on my build queue and I don't get any rejection email, what should I do? Just wait?00:17
wgrantsidi: give it a few nore minutes, some unscheduled maintenance going on atm00:36
sidiwgrant, oh okay, thanks00:44
sidiwgrant, should I resubmit afterwards though, or are the jobs being held somewhere?00:48
wgrantsidi: Should be processed once things are back up.01:22
cirilowas having trouble pushing but things are OK for me now.  Isn't there a page somewhere to let us know if there's any maintenance going on?01:23
sidiwgrant, thanks i managed to push my packages in the end! thanks for being here and replying too :-)01:24
wgrantNormally yes, but things aren't quite normal atm :(01:24
wgrantThings should be OK for now.01:24
cirilothanks; any idea what went wrong?01:26
clivejois there something wrong with LP login?15:58
clivejoour CI keeps failing to dput due to "15:59:02 Unable to connect to SSH host ppa.launchpad.net; EOF during negotiation"15:59
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clivejooddly it only seems to be for xenial jobs :/16:05
cjwatsonclivejo: one moment, I'll get it fixed.  somebody started an old version of the uploader process that only supports old key exchange methods that xenial's ssh doesn't accept16:10
clivejocjwatson: ah thanks16:11
cjwatson(well, when I say "somebody", it was auto-started on reboot)16:13
slacknerhiho, is there any possibility to keep older builds longer available in the PPA, if people want to downgrade a package for example?16:14
cjwatsonclivejo: should be better now16:15
clivejocjwatson: thanking you :)16:15
cjwatsonslackner: no, but you can copy them into another PPA if you want to continue offering them16:16
cjwatson(assuming you do that before they're garbage-collected, of course)16:16
slacknercjwatson: well, but this doesn't really scale when i want to keep for example the last 10 versions or something like this. :/16:16
cjwatsonbest I can offer you at the moment16:18
cjwatsonwe have other scaling problems ... there are a *lot* of PPAs16:19
slacknercjwatson: too bad, i was really hoping that this problem can be solved on launchpad side. downloading is also not really an option for us, the packages consist of many parts and manual installation can be complicated... i almost fear we'll have to set up our own repo then in the long term :/16:29
slacknercjwatson: thanks anyway16:29

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