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Bofu2Usmoser: that dns v4 first trick fixed it11:47
Bofu2Uthank you :)11:47
smoserBofu2U, its fixed without that workaround now.13:40
Bofu2Uah cool13:40
smoseryou can read the analysis in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/squid-deb-proxy/+bug/154764013:40
Bofu2Uperfect, much appreciated13:41
smoserit seems taht squid just kind of goes buggy if a host has > 9 ipv6 addresses, then it never considers ivp4 ones.13:41
smoser(which it woudl have correctly chosen realizing that it could not connect to any of the ipv6 addresses)13:41
roaksoaxdurschatz: /win 1515:09
roaksoaxdurschatz: let's do through here :)15:09
roaksoaxdurschatz: do you have any console logs of whent he machine is trying to pxe boot and at the same time logs from /var/log/maas/regiond.log,clusterd.log ?15:10
durschatzyes I do15:10
durschatzwhat is best way to send them to you?15:11
roaksoaxdurschatz: pastebin15:11
durschatzwill do15:13
durschatzvar_log_maas_clusterd.log @ http://pastebin.com/UEiPubyi15:24
durschatzcengnlynxpod1:var_log_maas_regiond.log @ http://pastebin.com/5zUMrUWx15:32
durschatzI had to remove the top and bottom of region.log to fit it into 512k limit15:32
durschatzcengnlynxpod1:var_log_maas_maas.log @ http://pastebin.com/tyYrbgDc15:34
roaksoaxdurschatz: what about clusterd.log and a console output ?15:37
durschatzvar_log_maas_clusterd.log @ http://pastebin.com/UEiPubyi15:43
roaksoaxdurschatz: the problem may be this: provisioningserver.drivers.power.PowerError: Failed to power node-87bce854-d7e7-11e5-b6c6-5254009f68e6. BMC never transitioned from  to on.15:44
durschatzOK. What could have caused this to start happening after three weeks of no issues.15:45
durschatzfor console all I have is a video and an image snapshot of the error thrown by maas-ipmi-autodetect-tool15:47
durschatzdo you need these?15:47
durschatzor were you looking for dmesh and/or boot.log15:49
durschatzof which neither has the thrown error.15:49
roaksoaxdurschatz: it would be ideal if you have a console log itself so I can review, but I guess a video of the error thrown would be helpful15:49
durschatzvideo is 65 MB.  how would you like to receive it?15:51
durschatznp ill post it on youtube16:01
roaksoaxdurschatz: yeah or put it somewhere that I can watch it via16:11
durschatzConsole Video Ubuntu Mass Fail to Commission @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOp_HqSjpvg16:11
roaksoaxdurschatz: i know what the issue is16:12
roaksoaxdurschatz: the commissioning environment cannot access the internet, and cannot install dependencies it needs to configure the BMC16:13
durschatzOK I will check.16:14
durschatzIs it the node that cannot access the internet?16:16
durschatzLooks like the node can access the internet:16:17
durschatzubuntu@node1-compute:~$ ping
durschatzPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.16:17
durschatz64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=58 time=7.17 ms16:17
durschatzMAAS also can reach the internet.16:18
roaksoaxdurschatz: oh, I know what this may be about. can you change the power parameters manually on your system, and can you re-try commissioning?16:19
roaksoaxdurschatz: if you've seen just 3/4 days ago, then this is related an issue with the archives/squid that we are tracking down now16:19
roaksoaxdurschatz: we as in ubuntu, provided it is not a maas issue exactly16:19
durschatzthat sounds like more of the problem I was expecting.16:20
durschatzWhen you say change power parameters on my system manually.  What should I change them to?16:20
roaksoaxdurschatz: do you have the default power params for the BMC ?16:21
roaksoaxdurschatz: the defuatl user/password combination16:21
durschatzI am using LAN_2_0 [IPMI 2.0] with login and password16:23
durschatzSorry Andres, I'm not sure what you're asking me to do?  For power type, there is not default to select.16:33
mupBug # opened: 1548387, 1548390, 1548391, 1548394, 154839617:09
mupBug #1548402 opened: unable to deploy nodes w/ 14.04 and MAAS 1.10 on Xenial <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548402>17:39
koapshi all, does anyone have an ideas why in my virtualbox testing environment for MAAS 1.9.0 (one region, two controllers), the machines on the second controller when using bonds are not getting a default gateway? If I break the bond and use eth0, I get a default gateway, but when using bonds I don't. We have this setup working somewhere else on all physical servers19:01
durschatzThanks Andres, for letting me know you wanted me to set IPMI username to default ADMIN/ADMIN for Supermicro.19:14
durschatzI recommissioned the SuperMicro node and this worked in the sense that the node is now in ready state.19:15
durschatzWhat about the KVM node?  It's using Virsh, not IPMI.19:17
roaksoaxdurschatz: In the UI, you can "Add Chassis"19:17
durschatzroaksoax: I have that setup and it FAILED_COMMISSIONING on Friday.  Going to quickly re-try to make sure the problem still exists.19:25
nagyzroaksoax, is it expected that a maas controller is somehow present on all subnets that I want to deploy machines to? I fear that's a far-fetched requirement, if so. If not, then great, and that means I should just be able to go ahead and add subnets using the CLI, right?20:11
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Razva[ERROR] Failed to upload leases: 'str' object has no attribute 'mac' < when deploying via Landscape. any hints?20:25
nagyzI guess I just have to try this...20:48
nagyzor does anybody have some experience with it?20:48
koapsnagyz: I think a MAAS controller has to be on any subnet you want PXE on20:56
durschatzI second koaps: MAAS needs to be on subnet that the node is looking to PXE on.20:57
nagyzright, but it's not about PXE20:58
koapsdurschatz: you wouldn't have any ideas on my issue would you?20:58
nagyzwhat if I'd like to define different subnets (, VLAN 123), and then PXEboot from something else (, VLAN 333), then set up bond0.123 to a static IP?20:59
nagyzsurely the controller doesn't have to have an IP on a subnet where we're not PXEbooting from20:59
nagyzthe boot requirement is obvious :)20:59
durschatzI'm not 100% sure.  PXE happens at layer 221:01
koapsnagyz: I do that now, bond0 is native vlan where PXE is and I add in two more bond0.123 bond0.321 fabrics, in that case MAAS has no idea about the subnets on bond0.123 or bond0.321, it just adds the interfaces, you can create subnets for those vlans using the maas commands21:01
koapsbut MAAS controller doesn't have interfaces on them21:02
nagyzok, great, exactly the info I'm looking for21:03
nagyzso the fabric in 1.9+ gives me the L2 domain, basically?21:03
nagyzthen I need to tie the subnet to a fabric?21:03
nagyzgreat, thanks21:04
nagyzanything particular to look out for when creating the subnets from the CLI?21:04
koapsgive me a sec and I can give you the maas commands21:04
nagyzkoaps, ?:P21:26
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mupBug #1548542 opened: maas.drivers.power.ipmi: [WARNING] Failed to change the boot order to PXE <IP>  ipmi_ctx_open_outofband_2_0: BMC busy on Dell 12G servers <oil> <MAAS:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548542>23:07
mupBug #1548560 opened: twisted 16 removes deprecated attributes in Request and DummyRequest <MAAS:In Progress by ltrager> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548560>23:58

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