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kivihey all13:31
* jdstrand tries to answer asdas and Frozen, but they are offline13:57
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MBachI'm looking for help for building my ppa18:01
MBachI have found a script to help building and it seems to work fine on my computer18:03
MBachhowever, when dput occurs, the compilation fails on remote server...18:04
MBachhere's the log: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/241234881/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.miam-player_0.8.0~git20160221.4544582~wily_BUILDING.txt.gz18:04
MBachhow can I reproduce this issue on my computer?18:04
dobeyuse sbuild to always build in a clean chroot18:06
dobeyseems like you are missing a dependency on qmake18:07
dobeybuild-depends that is18:07
MBachthank you dobey18:08
MBachI'll look into sbuild18:09
MBachexcellent dobey, now I have the same error on my computer18:11
MBachthat's a good progress18:11
nik90timp, ping18:41
nik90timp, I will leave my questions below for you :). Currently I am using PageHeadStates to specify which header buttons are shown in Search Mode and Normal Mode. However I would to migrate to the new PageHeader goodies..How can I implement header states in PageHeader? This wasn't mentioned in the docs clearly.18:54
nik90timp, also the headstates allow me to show a textfield in search mode while hide it in normal mode.18:55
nik90timp, I suspect I could define states in the contents property..but not sure..need your opinion.18:55
timpnik90: I would just use "normal" states, and a different PageHeader for each state19:18
timpnik90: see how it is done here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/staging/view/head:/examples/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery/PageHeaders.qml19:19
timpnik90: it can probably be made a bit nicer using states19:20
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timpnik90: cool :)20:57
timpohh, NL. I just left last Friday. It was snowing when I got on my plane.20:57
timpI'm not a big fan of the Dutch weather ;)20:57
nik90timp, ermmmm...aren't you dutch :P ?20:59
nik90but yes not a big fan of the dutch weather either...the winds nearly push me of the cycle every now and then :D21:00
timpnik90: yes, I am Dutch, but after I travelled a lot to tropical countries I really don't like the weather in NL any more21:01
timpactually the weather itself is not the worst, but the grey sky all the time. I like sunlight :)21:02
nik90NL = resting place for the clouds all year along21:02
timpI'm in Barcelona now, much better. :)21:02
nik90yeah I remember...you moved sometime after the malta trip if I recall21:03
timpI'm moving all the time ;)21:03
timpI mean, for years I'm spending some months each year in bcn, each year a little bit more :)21:03

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