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davidcalleMorning o/08:14
dholbachgood morning08:19
davidcalleHey dholbach o/ How was the weekend?08:32
dholbachhey davidcalle08:42
dholbachit was great - very relaxing - how was yours?08:43
popeyI'll be afk most of the week I think08:43
* dholbach hugs popey 08:43
* davidcalle hugs popey as well, nothing serious I hope?08:44
davidcalledholbach: fine, caught conjunctivitis from the kids, but I went to a cool petting farm yesterday with them yesterday, so let's say it equals out :D08:46
dholbachbah... that sucks :-/08:48
dholbachhope you'll be better soon again08:48
popeyNo, I'll be at https://www.embedded-world.de/08:48
popeyso no Q&A or team meeting for me this week08:48
popeybut I'll be on telegram (and will get pings on irc)08:49
davidcallepopey: well, that can be qualified as "serious"08:50
davidcalledholbach: thanks, I'm quite fine :)08:52
dholbachok :)08:52
svijdpm (or anyone else): can you tell me why ubucon.org is down and where/who hosts it?08:54
dpmmorning svij08:54
dpmsvij, it's hosted from a shared box marcoceppi set up for us at amazon IIRC08:56
* dholbach relocates to the office, brb08:57
svijdpm: isn't he hat MWC? Can you talk to him or what should we do?08:58
dpmsvij, I'm not at MWC this week, but I'll send him an e-mail. Logging into the site, it seems juju is not even returning the output of juju status :/09:01
svijoh ok :-/09:02
svijwhat I wanted to say is, if he is at MWC, he probably won't have much time09:02
svijbrb ~30min09:02
dpmmorning czajkowski09:09
czajkowskiello hows everyone ?09:14
davidcalleczajkowski: great, you?09:20
czajkowskidavidcalle: not bad looking at my crazy work inbox and wondering where to start09:22
czajkowskibut each morning I have a 9:30am stand up with the team so will decide my day after that09:22
czajkowskidavidcalle: you?09:22
davidcalleczajkowski: when in doubt, delete email :)09:22
czajkowskidavidcalle: lol I wish!09:22
svijdpm: thanks for handling the communication… need to delegate the work on the website later then. :)09:22
MooDooI was ok until davmor2 made me look at lxc09:22
czajkowskidavidcalle: I  like to get to inbox 0 by friday and I *try* never to let my work mail box go over 10 mails not answered so it keeps it in check09:23
davidcalleczajkowski: fine, had a great weekend with the kids (petting farm!), drowning in coffe since two hours, a prety good monday ahead :)09:24
czajkowskiwe added new hens to our collection at the weekend09:25
davidcalleczajkowski: I have a *lot* of Thunderbird filters to sort my email in ~20 folders. 90% I just "Mark as read" :)09:25
czajkowskifresh eggs daily ftw :)09:25
davidcalleThat's nice :)09:25
czajkowskiaye if not a little noisy atm due to old hens V new hens settling down09:26
davidcalleBut... chicken fights are illegal!09:27
czajkowskiwell yes09:29
czajkowskibut there is a natural pecking order to establish09:29
czajkowskiold and new09:29
czajkowskiso in the old group of 3 we knew who was top hen09:30
czajkowskiand in the new 3 you can kinda see one top hen but all 6 together needs to restablish the new hen pecking order09:30
davidcalleSame happening at home between the 20 month old and the 7 month old :p09:33
czajkowski20 month and 7 month09:34
popeyo/ see you all soon09:54
davidcallepopey: have fun!09:55
dpmdholbach, omw14:31
dpmdholbach, ah, forget it, got the times wrong14:31
dpmwill be omw in 30 mins :)14:32
* dholbach hugs dpm14:32
pleia2so, "tracking" also doesn't send me emails when new replies are made on discourse, looks like really the only way to tune is to turn on emails for everything, and turn off specific categories I don't want emails for15:24
pleia2which, ultimately, is why this site continues to be pretty unusable for me15:25
knomeo hai pleia215:25
belkinsapleia2, what version is the Discourse on?15:25
pleia2no idea15:25
pleia2maybe a newer version is better :)15:27
belkinsaIt is, Mozilla uses Discourse and it's the updated one and that feature works.15:29
pleia2you can subscribe to email alerts for specific categories?15:30
belkinsaI think so.15:30
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day, see you tomorrow!17:10
balloonspleia2, perhaps filing an issue / inquiring on https://github.com/discourse/discourse?17:15
pleia2balloons: I'm just giving feedback, don't really have the time to invest in this seriously17:16
pleia2jcastro had asked why it wasn't working for me as an email gateway thing17:16
balloonspleia2, sure, i suppose the message is for anyone wondering about features.17:17
balloonsFor my part it's sad it wasn't adopted, but it wasn't. So it doesn't really matter if it solves all of our problems and slices bread.17:17
jcastroI don't understand the problem17:31
pleia2jcastro: maybe I'll just need to explain with words on a phone some time17:33
pleia2(not this week, sprinting)17:33
jcastroyeah I don't see the value of fixing it?17:33
pleia2oh ok17:33
jcastroI mean, why spend all this time reconfiguring it?17:33
pleia2well, people didn't know about the site, some folks seem interested now that they do17:34
jcastrofixing the email integration won't really help anything17:34
jcastroit's still not going to fix the underlying problem17:34
jcastroit'll fix it for a handful of people I guess17:34
pleia2I guess I misunderstood the intent of your initial email17:34
jcastroyeah I just don't see the point unless that fix brings in a few thousand new users in17:35
knomeone thing i bumped with discourse was that even when the finnish loco was created a group and ack'd we could use finnish communication, somebody came bluntly commenting we need to talk in english17:36
jcastrowhy would you listen to that person?17:36
jcastroand also why would that person care?17:36
knomei wouldn't, but i wouldn't like them to clutter our threads17:36
jcastrooh, well that's a configuration value17:36
knomewell, yeah.17:36
knomewhich isn't done17:36
knomeso there you go, one more thing why i think discourse might have failed17:37
jcastrohttps://discourse.mozilla-community.org/ is an example17:37
jcastrothey default to a category view17:38
jcastropleia2: sorry, reading up it sounds like I'm yelling17:40
jcastrowhat I mean today is it wouldn't make sense to fix the email config and then take it down like a month later17:41
knomeyelling or not, to me it seems like you want to tear it down regardless what kind of feedback you got from people17:41
knomeso maybe you should just do that.17:41
jcastrooh, well so far no one's stepped up17:42
pleia2jcastro: if you're set in your opinion that it's not and will never be useful, I won't continue providing feedback17:42
jcastroand the people who run it see it as a failure so I suspect the session will be an open/shut case17:42
knomepleia2 just did, commenting about the email features; i just did, commenting about locos17:42
pleia2that's fine, I just thought your email was asking for feedback and discussion17:42
knomei thought the same tbh17:42
* knome shrugs17:42
jcastrooh, I see what you guys are saying!17:42
jcastroI misunderstood17:42
jcastrowas there another thread I missed?17:45
jcastromy initial mail is more of proposing a shutdown, not keeping it around?17:45
pleia2still the same thread that's been going on since your first post17:45
pleia2people providing feedback, explaining why they don't like reddit, etc17:46
knomesure. but it feels like that you've already decided the outcome regardless of people telling how discourse could be improved and how it could be useful for them17:46
knomebut then you go on saying it's not worth to change the configuration now17:46
knomeso why don't you just announce the closure?17:46
knomewhy ask for feedback?17:46
pleia2I guess I read too much into the subject "Future of Ubuntu Discourse?" (I actually did think it was a question)17:46
jcastrowell someone recommend it becoming a topic of UOS17:47
knomeit totally leaves the future open, it isn't clear to me either that it WILL be shut down17:47
jcastroI don't think just shutting it down abruptly is a good idea17:47
pleia2according to the thread, someone did17:47
pleia2"Marco said he'd create a session. Apparently he hasn't yet.. :17:47
jcastrowell, I would assume if someone stepped up and made it a priority to work on then that might work17:47
knomebut if you don't think trying to make it work is a good idea either... it doesn't seem like it's sensible to waste people's teim on "feedback"/"discussion"17:48
jcastrosort of like "hey if someone wants to fix this do the work, otherwise it goes away", just like you would for a package17:48
jcastroknome: oh I think it could totally work17:48
jcastrono one has committed to doing such a thing is the problem17:48
jcastroof course it could all work if we spent a ton of time doing that17:48
pleia2if anyting came of this thread, the first problem is that it faded into obscurity after being launched, so lots of folks didn't know about it17:49
pleia2we don't really link to it anywhere in our community, it's hard to find17:49
knomewell, there are two of us who have pointed out things that either 1) should work (email notifications) or that are 2) configuration options17:49
knomethose don't sound like they take you a week to implement17:49
knomeyes, and what pleia2 said; if it's not discoverable, how can people use it?17:50
knomei wouldn't say a platform has failed if it's hidden; it's not the platforms fault, it's the communications fault17:50
jcastropleia2: I think those were all solveable problems17:50
pleia2anyway, actual work now :) I don't have a strong opinion about keeping it around and certainly can't lead anything here17:50
jcastrobut the real issue is the forums people didn't want to do a software upgrade17:50
jcastrowe can't really force them to upgrade17:51
jcastroso we have a half-sort-of forum that no one is using and limped around for a while17:51
pleia2ubuntuforums.org or discourse?17:51
jcastroI would argue both. :)17:51
pleia2the death of ubuntuforums.org has been greatly exaggerated17:52
jcastroI don't think "let's have both" works17:52
pleia2it is still active, and huge17:52
pleia2it's just awful ;)17:52
jcastrotraffic peaked in 2k817:52
jcastroand has been declining since17:53
jcastrobut I would say it has a core group that is active17:53
jcastrobut having "two forums" confuses people I guess17:54
jcastroso killing off the least popular one seems like a better idea than having 217:54
pleia2ubuntuforums.org will likely never die fully17:55
jcastroright but this isn't about ubuntuforums17:55
pleia2discourse always seemed like a social experiment, less about support (though there is some)17:55
jcastrowe _know_ people didn't use discourse17:55
jcastroanyway sorry for the confusion, I'll submit a session to UOS since Marco is on the road18:00
jcastromhall119: in the pending queue for UOS now18:01
mhall119jcastro: ack, I'll setup tracks and track leads soon so it can be approved and scheduled18:03
mhall119hey, jcastro, want to be a track lead? :)18:03
jcastromhall119: heh, nice try!18:04
czajkowskimhall119: then jcastro would have to use a wiki :o18:04
mhall119wait, you said Marco is on the road, want to volunteer him to be a track lead?18:04
jcastromhall119: jgrimm or someone on that team would be the way to go18:04
jcastroour team doesn't even really work on ubuntu directly anyway18:05
jcastromake the ubuntu server team do it. :D18:05
mhall119"that team"? Are you not on that tema?18:05
jcastroI haven't worked on ubuntu since I was on your team18:06
mhall119jcastro: do you have time today or later in the week for a hangout to chat about juju stuff? I want to try and get back in that loop this year18:06
jcastroYeah, after Wed.18:06
mhall119cool, I'll give you a ping sometime thursday then, thanks18:07
jcastroMarco is on the CC now though, so I suppose you could trick him to be a track lead and he wouldn't know any better18:07
mhall119jcastro: yeah, but he'd be on the community track then18:07
jcastromhall119: I need like 2 issues fixed in xenial before we talk, that's why I need to wait18:07
jcastrothey released over the weekend in the devel ppa and boom18:10
jcastromhall119: are you on xenial?18:16
mhall119not yet, been waiting for idle time to make the jump (going to re-install with the 64bit image) but haven't found any idle time yet :)18:16
jcastroI got a new thinkpad this weekend so I did a clean reinstall18:18
jcastropleia2: no new submissions for the opensourceinfra list? Was kind of hoping you'd get flooded20:02
pleia2jcastro: last one was mediawiki20:03
pleia2the linux foundation has some, and the creative commons folks as well, they've promised patches, some day :)20:04
pleia2I wish LF has more, they're a bit more paranoid than I expected about specifics, instead they tend to open source their generic puppet modules and tools20:04
jcastrodoing this actually helped me find a bunch of bugs of stuff that is open but not indexed anywhere20:05
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