apwDalekSec, will have a look00:16
DalekSecapw: Great, thanks!00:16
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xnoxinteresting stuff, cgroup namespaces.10:58
apwno you don't want to use all that complex stuff, you'll break it11:04
* xnox giggles11:05
ckingdo we have regression tests for it?11:20
lamontjsalisbury: aroudn yet?15:43
xnoxcking, yes, it's called systemd in a docker image in lxd container.15:45
ckingwhy doesn't that surprise me15:46
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jsalisburylamont, yes15:51
jsalisburylamont, about to update the bug15:53
lamontcool.  did I maybe convince you to do the for loop?15:54
jsalisburylamont, only two kernels left to test in the bisect, then on more after that with a revert of the actual commit.  I'll post then next two to try shortly15:54
lamontjsalisbury: cool.  my hope was to be done destroying my work setup in minimum time16:01
lamontbecause it's getting old16:01
jsalisburylamont, yeah, bisecting is a pain16:01
lamonttbf, it would suck far less if it wasn't my primary worksurface16:03
tseliotapw: hey, I pinged you about the backport of amdgpu from 4.5, and you recommended that I file a bug report and link the commits to it; I have one more question: would I have to rename that as amdgpu_bpo, or could I simply leave it as it is?16:51
apwtseliot, how utterly vile is the delta, if its likely to make maintenance huge its better if its separate16:53
tseliotapw: it's about 230 commits. I'm at 136 and I haven't had to fix up commits (other than whitespace issues) so far16:55
tseliotapw: I want to make it clear that, if anything fails, I can maintain that code16:56
* apw dries16:57
apwwell i guess its really bjf's call, as he has to work with it16:57
* tseliot prepares a nice coffin16:57
tseliotthe added benefit would be no fglrx ;)16:58
apwas in it would no longer be required, or no longer work :)16:59
tseliotthe former, and purged too17:01
bjftseliot, which series is this for? Xenial?17:01
tseliotbjf: yep17:01
bjftseliot, i'll feel better when you are at commit 230 and still feel everything is fine17:02
tseliotbjf: so will I ;)17:03
bjftseliot, i mostly trust your decision as it _will_ be you fixing any/all problems. but it feels late to be sucking in something this huge.17:04
tseliotbjf: that is understandable but I didn't have the hardware to work on. I'll let you know how my work goes17:05
bjftseliot, ack, thanks17:05
tjaaltonalso, I'm preparing i915_bpo for SKL/KBL/BXT..17:06
tjaaltonSKL again, as it's still not done, and shares audio bits with KBL17:06
* apw gets his shit-list out and checks your name is on it17:09
apwand underlined and highlighted in luminious orange17:09
apwtseliot, oh and you'll prolly have to file FFEs now as that is in the past17:10
tseliotapw: it won't be a problem17:11
apwdepending if there is anything non-fixy17:11
tseliotwell, it's both things17:11
apwbug #154540117:28
ubot5bug 1545401 in linux-lts-wily (Ubuntu) ""kernel BUG at /build/linux-lts-wily-Vv6Eyd/linux-lts-wily-4.2.0/mm/memory.c:3146!"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154540117:28
apwstgraber, seems adt testing is broken again: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/154844017:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1548440 in lxc (Ubuntu) "lxc: adt testing failing with 4.4.0-7.22" [Undecided,New]17:57
stgraberpassed on all arches but amd64, lets just retry it17:58
stgraberwell, not seeing any retry link on proposed-migration, so guess it's not considered a migration blocker then17:59
apwstgraber, not passing for me, on anything18:00
apwstgraber, ^18:00
apwstgraber, britney is confused by kernels, because triggers for those _switch_ the installed kernel18:01
apwstgraber, so it doesn't maintain history so there are never regressions there, i intuit them in the adt-matrix for the kernel from actual history18:01
stgraberso looks like this may be some kind of apparmor bug preventing you from getting an IP somehow18:02
apwjjohansen, ^18:02
apwwe always love apparmor bugs18:02
stgraberwould be nice if we could get a dmesg dump after that particular failure18:03
apwstgraber, presumably that only applies in lxc land, else we'd not be able to use the kernel for any testing at all18:03
stgraberso that's the current xenial-proposed kernel then?18:04
* stgraber uprades the big test VM18:05
apwstgraber, yes18:05
stgrabergot a system running the proposed kernel now, creating a container to see what's going on18:25
stgraberapw: ok, same behavior here, though I have an idea as to what's going on18:26
stgraberhallyn: around?18:26
stgraberapw: that kernel brings us cgns support correct?18:26
hallynstgraber: yeah18:27
hallynthough you need the git head lxc18:27
hallynto get the moun tpermissions18:27
stgraberhallyn: so we have adt regressions with the latest kernel and current lxc, would my assumption that lxcfs detects cgns and so doesn't mount /sys/fs/cgroup but old lxc blocks the cgroupfs mount be correct?18:27
stgraberif so, I'll just tag rc2 and upload that to the archive along with my packaging rework, that should fix adt18:28
stgraberalright, let me re-test with current lxc upstream18:28
hallynyeah, the lxd nesting profile allows 'mount,' iirc, which hid that one from me18:28
stgrabergah, ok, so we need both a new lxc and lxd then18:29
stgraberok, so lxd cherry-pick of your fix and new lxc rc, that should do the trick18:30
stgraberapw: will have both uploaded within the hour18:30
apwstgraber, sounds good thanks18:30
hallynstgraber: yup, unless there's another glitch hiding, but those were working for me over the weekend18:30
stgraberlxd uploaded18:34
stgrabergoing to grab some food and then get tagging for lxc rc218:34
stgraberlxc uploaded18:44
apwstgraber, ack thanks19:03
aiguu_Does the kernel team hire individuals that wish to get into kernel development without much (or any) kernel experience?19:12
aiguu_I've got professional experience in other development areas but always found kernel work interesting. 19:13
apwwe have been known to, but it all depends on the roles that are open, not sure what all we have open right now19:17
aiguu_Thanks-- is the best way to find out to apply or is there someone I could talk to directly? 19:20
bjfaiguu_, if you apply through the web site for a specific, open req. it gets the attention of the appropriate team19:21
apwstgraber, hrrmm, seems the new one has a new problem:21:35
apwraceback (most recent call last):21:35
apw  File "/tmp/tmp.rGuQP5EXYB", line 101, in <module>21:35
apw    assert(container.init_pid > 1)21:35
stgrabercrap, lets see21:36
stgraberhallyn: ^21:37
stgraberwhat's weird is that this passed jenkins somehow21:38
stgraberhallyn: rc2 is failing on all arches21:39
stgraberI'm wondering if it's not my fault though, could be explained by apparmor not loading somehow21:40
hallynwhat exactly is failing.  lxd autotest?  booting at all?21:40
stgraberhallyn: all the lxc-tests-* are pretty much (https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial/xenial/amd64/l/lxc/20160222_210046@/log.gz)21:40
stgraberand that's on a non-cgns kernel21:40
hallynhm, so it can't be that lxc-container-default-cgns just isn't installed then21:41
* hallyn tries adt locally on proposed21:43
stgraberI'm setting it up here too, didn't re-install it after I did a clean install on this box21:45
hallynPASS: lxc-tests: /usr/bin/lxc-test-apparmor21:47
hallynit's a start21:47
hallynbut im'hanging there21:50
apwmanjo, did you get to test the initramfs-tools in -proposed ?22:00
stgrabergot interupted a bit, back to looking at the adt failure now22:01
stgraberadt running, maybe I'll get lucky and get the same failure, if not, we'll just blame the DC and hit retry until it passes22:02
manjoapw, will do it in the next 1/2 hr22:02
stgraberbut most of those tests are offline so I'm unsure how that would be22:02
apwstgraber, we've failed the same way on 3 arches, so i am suspicious22:02
stgraberyeah, me too, but I'm surprised that hallyn didn't manage to reproduce it22:03
hallynno i think i was hanging differently22:04
hallyn(maybe my network hiccoughed at the wrong time)22:04
stgraberwhat would make the most sense is that I screwed up something with my packaging rework and the apparmor profile doesn't get loaded, I think that would explain all the failures22:04
stgraberah ffs, adt is blowing up on me again, I thought pitti said he'd fixed that22:05
apwstgraber, he fixes that about once a week, its a fragile beastie22:05
stgraberadt-run [17:04:45]: testing package lxc version 2.0.0~rc2-0ubuntu122:05
stgraberadt-run [17:04:45]: build not needed22:05
stgrabertar: Unexpected EOF in archive22:05
stgrabertar: Unexpected EOF in archive22:05
stgrabertar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now22:05
stgraberqemu-system-x86_64: terminating on signal 15 from pid 1277222:05
apwcorrupt tarball ?22:06
stgrabersupposedly it's a very rare error, yet I've got it on all my machines even after re-installing both of them with new disks and switching from trusty to xenial :)22:06
stgraberre-trying, if that doesn't work, I'll just start a trusty VM manually, turn proposed on in there and install lxc manually22:08
stgraberbeen debugging another issue that's trusty :)22:08
hallynjust checking22:09
stgrabergah and yeah, just got the exact same issue again...22:09
stgrabertaking over the canonical-lxd VM again, that's up to date xenial, will save me some setup time. I'm wiping lxc and lxd from it, rebooting and do a clean lxc install, lets see what happens22:10
stgraberyeah, clearly an apparmor profile...22:15
stgraber      lxc-start 20160222205626.155 ERROR    lxc_apparmor - lsm/apparmor.c:apparmor_process_label_set:234 - No such file or directory - failed to change apparmor profile to lxc-container-default22:16
stgraberok, so that's my fault for sure, now to figure out how I caused this mess22:16
stgraberfound something wrong in the packaging, fixed it and doing a test build now to see if the maintainer scripts make more sense then22:25
stgraberthough since I can't actually reproduce the adt failure, I'm not 100% sure it'll do the trick22:25
apwstgraber, that is annoying isn't it22:33
stgraberanyway, sbuild is happy and generated maintscripts look more correct than they did before22:33
stgraberlets hope that was it, uploading22:34
apwstgraber, thanks22:47
hallynok so fwiw i expect unprivileged containers in xenial to be temporarily broken.  there's a bad interaction between sforshee's patchset and cgns.  i'm going to test a fix, but it'll take some time to buld23:06
apwhallyn, cna i build you a kernel or something ?23:13
apwhallyn, as i was about to upload, and i suspect i want that kernel in there23:14
hallynapw: i'm trying http://paste.ubuntu.com/15175046/23:17
hallynnot sure it's right, but it seems more right than not doing it23:18
hallynapw: i'm about to head out for a bit, if you're going to push that somewhere i'll wait forthat, else i'll leave a build going here23:18
hallynapw since my server tends to crap out when i build a kernel, i'm happy to wait for you :)23:20
hallyneh, i'll leave it building - /me out to get a coffee, bbl23:21
apwhallyn, i'll let you know whn its built23:29
manjoapw, is the initramfs in your ppa / 23:35
manjo? 23:35
manjoapw, or is it in proposed ? 23:36
apwmanjo, in proposed23:41
manjoyes I see it in proposed .. just installed it 23:42
apwhallyn, http://people.canonical.com/~apw/master-next-xenial/23:53
apwhallyn, let me know how it fairs23:53
manjoports is so slow23:56

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