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anpok_tjaalton: hm I am trying your vulkan binaries..08:57
anpok_and I have a problem within X ..08:57
anpok_vkcube and other examples I pulled complain that there is no DRI3 support..08:57
anpok_but I actually rebuilt the most recent intel xorg video driver .. enableing dri2 in debian/rules..08:57
anpok_did I miss a step?08:58
anpok_dri3 of course..08:58
anpok_stuff runs fin on top of drm/kms though08:58
anpok_zzarr: any news form your endevaours?08:59
zzarranpok_, it's hard to understand what parts of the kernel I need to make an Android container work/run09:01
anpok_.. write a detailed description when you figure that out..09:01
anpok_i want to try that too next time i get some more free time..09:02
zzarrright now it's more like if I figure it out09:03
zzarris there a more detailed block diagram of the kernel/libhybris and all of it?09:04
zzarranpok_, what would be the best approach? trying with the Android driver or wrap the freon driver?09:08
zzarrif the question is not clear by wrapping the freon driver I mean making a Mir-server that runs on top of freon09:12
anpok_zzarr: well you need to solve the problem of transfering a rendering result from a client to the server.. if the freon driver has capabilities to do that - then this will be the more intersting approach because you get to write some code..09:15
tjaaltonanpok_: you missed reading the ppa description :)09:16
anpok_my (maybe outdated?) understanding of the chrome os rendering system is that they only have a single process doing the actual rendering with the gpu driver.. the other processes just use an inter process version of GLES/EGL and maybe some 2D drawing library09:17
zzarranpok_, I think so too I would get a much deeper knowledge and it would work on any Chrome OS device (Intel/ARM alike)09:18
anpok_zzarr: but yeah that would also be an interesting integration task.. let USC do all the rendering..09:18
anpok_tjaalton: yeah I am good at that09:18
zzarranpok_, I'm still not familiar with all the terms, what does USC stand for *feeling like I should know*09:20
anpok_unity-system-compositor the system compositor in the default ubuntu touch setup09:20
anpok_usually the thing that posts to screen09:20
zzarranpok_, okey09:21
anpok_with kms/android drivers it just posts the buffer of the nested server to screen09:21
anpok_so it is a process that runs a mirserver09:21
zzarranpok_, is that a good approach here too?09:22
anpok_what do you refer to:09:23
anpok_ah you mean having usc there too ..09:25
anpok_yes you need something with the necessary permissions to access the gpu.. and the screen.. and you want to allow as processes as possible09:26
anpok_thats actually even safer than with kms/android drivers..09:26
zzarranpok_, good call09:31
anpok_*as few processes09:32
zzarranpok_, could you help me figure out  where to start? (I'm still new to graphics in general)09:37
anpok_hm first I would try to figure out where and how chrome os sets up rendering with the drivers you have..09:38
anpok_then try to get that workin outside of chrome os..09:38
anpok_then take that as a basis for a mir graphics platform09:39
zzarranpok_, Is the lack of console a problem or is that bypassed if I get freon running?09:39
anpok_hm no i do not think so..09:40
anpok_it might just make stuff harder to try out :)09:41
zzarrI have a kernel with console right now, so I don't think that would hinder anything09:42
anpok_i guess figuring those things out will keep you busy for a while ... then you have to look into getting the IPC services working..09:51
anpok_and after that you might have to make some changes to mir to get all of that working as a graphics platform09:51
anpok_interprocess communication09:51
zzarrokey, yes09:52
zzarrthanks anpok_09:52
anpok_strip the last two dots09:53
zzarrthanks again :-)09:57
zzarranpok_, the second link is a bit outdated, (Chrome OS used X back then, and Freon as of Q3/Q4 last year)09:58
anpok_tjaalton: yay works..10:00
anpok_tjaalton: oh.. those demos at //github.com/SaschaWillems/Vulkan.git make the i915 reset the gpu in various ways..10:04
zzarranpok_, it's hard to find any info about how freon works10:06
zzarranpok_, this might be interesting https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/dev/developers/design-documents/ozone10:08
zzarrVulkan looks nice10:14
alan_galf_: I'd like your eyes on this (as you wrote the original). I tried reverting the associated changes and this appeared reproduce the original failure, but it was hardly a clean merge so I can't verify I've captured the intent: https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/unity-system-compositor/rework-DeadlockLP1491566/+merge/28669810:16
tjaaltonanpok_: which cpu?10:18
alf_alan_g: ack, I will take a look10:21
anpok_tjaalton: i7-4750HQ .. so haswell iris 520010:23
tjaaltonanpok_: hmm might be a known issue then10:24
anpok_there is an incomplete support warning on startup of each demo..10:25
anpok_zzarr: hm there was a mir port of that one once -- running ozone as a mir client -- not what you need as far as i can tell..10:26
tjaaltonyeah, the driver is in flux and moving stuff around upstream, so i haven't bothered updating it yet10:27
zzarranpok_, I guess that I could have a look at that but only to get a general feel10:58
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zzarranpok_, is there an picture or description how the components communicate in Mir?12:17
zzarrI have found this, what parts don't I need? http://i1-linux.softpedia-static.com/screenshots/Mir_1.png12:20
zzarrIf I ported QtMir and QtUbuntu, would that be enough?12:20
alan_gzzarr: as it port them to something other than Mir?12:21
zzarror is it everything below libhybris?12:21
* alan_g should probably read backchat12:22
zzarrI guess I was thinking a bit wrong12:22
zzarrI should have the freon driver in the position where libhybris is now12:23
anpok_there is no nice colorful picture that guides you through the source code12:26
anpok_you will have to provide an implementation of the mir::graphics::Platform interface12:26
zzarranpok, the image I found as well as knowing that the interface mir::graphics::Platform is a colorful image ;-)12:28
alan_gzzarr: does this help? https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/development-branch/view/head:/design/Architecture.dia (You need dia to view it)12:29
zzarrI was about to install dia from the repository... but I could not... it says that it don't know about a package called "dia-gnome-gnome-gnome-gnome"... I suspect I know why12:33
zzarralan_g, nice diagram12:41
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