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lotuspsychjemariogrip: nice one! http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/02/ubuntu-phone-sony-xperia-oneplus-one04:10
jabawok<anpok> jabawok: is that on ubuntu touch?05:50
jabawokon an E505:50
jabawokMikaela: yep i realise what it means. Is there any cause for concern about flash longevity with swappiness=100 ?05:52
MikaelaI have no experience with Ubuntu Touch and cannot answer that.05:52
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tsdgeosmardy: do you have anyone that will review https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/loading-1544063/+merge/285842 or should i just top approve it myself?08:29
mardytsdgeos: dbarth_ generally approves my MPs, but you can certainly do that too :-)08:31
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peat-psuwitabeato_: I've made a PR for ofono. Could you please have a look? https://github.com/rilmodem/ofono/pull/22811:15
abeato_peat-psuwit, sure, thanks11:15
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Guest94989anybody here??11:28
k1l_Guest94989: some are :)11:29
Guest94989is der development for htc desire 81611:32
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jgdxcharles, hey, ken approved https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/lp1533835/+merge/28560311:42
jgdxMirv, hey, what's the status on the qsysteminfo landing?11:47
Mirvjgdx: latest news is waiting for mzanetti to test the patch set version 20 that is in silo 009. if I get a go ahead, I would do a final rebuild and put towards QA.11:56
jgdxMirv, ack11:56
mzanettiMirv, ah, I did test it11:57
mzanettiMirv,  I have a branch here that switches unity8 from its internal implementation to the one in the silo. seems working.11:58
mzanettiMirv, I'd say you can go ahead11:58
mzanettiMirv, I'd like to leave a comment... but for some reason the website didn't accept my stored password any more and clicking the password restore link doesn't get me an email12:02
jgdxmzanetti, Mirv: I also have a branch that replaces the internal implementation to the one in the silo in System Settings. Works well!12:07
mzanettijgdx, awesome!12:08
mzanettiso yeah. IMO we could go ahead12:08
mzanettiMirv, ^12:09
Mirvmzanetti: ok!12:14
HelioI would desire to port Ubuntu Touch to my SM-T320 (mondrianwifi).12:19
matv1the community port of the sony experia Z1. Does anyone where I need to go for an image?12:20
HelioCurrently, there is a CM port to it.12:20
HelioI cloned `phablet` repo, but I don't know how to use the CM port ad base for Ubuntu.12:21
matv1i guess they´re all in Barcelona dancing with robots :(12:27
k1l_Helio: did you look into the poritng guide? its mentioned in the topic in here12:28
davmor2matv1: at a guess uports12:28
matv1davmor2 nope its not on there, which surprised me12:29
Heliok1l_: If you mean [this](https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/), I can't find yet any info of using a current CM port as UT base.12:29
matv1davmor2 i assume you meant https://ubports.com/12:30
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rbasakIs there a known bug on the phone failing to honour the lock screen timeout at all? It happens to me after a few days - the screen no longer blanks by itself despite the setting, so I get an effective battery drain after a notification (eg. SMS).14:24
rbasakA reboot fixes it, but I'd like to debug further if someone can tell me what to check, as my phone is in this state right now.14:24
mhall119the WiFi Display page of System Settings isn't working on mako, it can't find the Displays QML component, am I missing something?14:37
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mterrytedg, what's the story with the app-object branch?14:58
tedgmterry: tvoss did a first review and I made those changes, he's supposed to come back to  it.14:59
mterrytedg, cool14:59
tedgmterry: That probably broke your branch some, especially the changing of case of the namespaces.14:59
mterrytedg, and the object-signals are still experimental?15:00
mterrytedg, yeah I re-based recently15:00
tedgmterry: Yes15:00
mterrytedg, ok cool  :)15:00
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mcphailIs there an idiot's way to set up a PPTP VPN connection on the phone. (Please tell me in words of 1 syllable as i don't really understand VPNs ;) )16:25
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jgdxmcphail, not sure pptp is supported currently.16:34
jgdxpete-woods, did the connectivity api for vpn change recently? I'm seeing this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15171556/16:35
pete-woodsjgdx: um, no16:36
pete-woodsthat's a scary sounding error16:36
mcphailjgdx: ok - thanks!16:36
jgdxpete-woods, I'm using d-feet to call the AddVpnConnection using 0. Could you try?16:40
jgdxmaybe there's something locally screwed up16:40
jgdxpete-woods, running 0.7.1+16.04.20160217-0ubuntu116:46
dobeyjgdx: that error looks like you're trying to pass a string as a bool16:58
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dobeyjgdx: did you type '0', or 0 in d-feet?16:58
dobeyjgdx: and since it's expecting a bool, i think you need to type false instead of 0 perhaps16:59
pete-woodsjgdx: that error is coming from the comms between the indicator and network-manager16:59
pete-woodsit's pushed back to the client for convenience17:00
dobeyoh, right17:00
pete-woodsthe error suggests we are doing something wrong with the autoconnect property in the indicator17:00
pete-woodswill try reproducing17:00
pete-woodson friday I did the same thing in the VPN editor17:01
pete-woods(in preparation for the secret store landing)17:01
davmor2pete-woods: surely it should be called secret-hub ;)17:02
pete-woodsdavmor2: gsercret-storeqt-cpp?17:02
davmor2pete-woods: man that is uglier than secret store :D17:03
pete-woodswell technically gnome-keyring is the secret store anyway17:03
pete-woodsthat landing just fixes the wiring between the secret agent and gnome-keyring17:03
davmor2pete-woods: oh so now you are installing secret agents on the phone, they must be really little to fit in phones though :)17:05
pete-woodsdavmor2: I'm sure we could put out a blog post about the "new secret agent on the Ubuntu Phone" and it would be really well misinterpreted by the headlines as some sort of FBI thing17:12
davmor2pete-woods: hahaha17:12
davmor2pete-woods: just call it secret-squirrel instead who can resist secret squirrel :D17:13
pete-woodsthat sneaky squirrel, we never can catch him17:13
dobeyi have gotten pretty good at shooting squirrels in the face17:14
pete-woodsmaybe that should have been the S instead of saucy salamander17:14
davmor2pete-woods: hahaha17:15
dobeylead pellets at 425 m/s are pretty great for stopping squirrels17:16
mhall119mariogrip: I have the FP contacts from dpm, let me know when you've had a chance to update the doc with the kernel issues and I will sent an email to them and CC you17:49
mariogripmhall119: ack17:50
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mhall119mariogrip: stable channel is stuck at Fairphone boot splash, so I guess it doesn't have that 5.1 patch17:58
mariogripmhall119: Ok, good to know. maybe I should remove stable (at least from device.ubports.com) until ota1017:59
mhall119a good idea, yeah18:02
* mhall119 reflashes to rc-proposed18:02
peat-psuwitWhere can I see what will land in next stable OTA? I have to update device tarball if Pulseaudio lands.18:04
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mhall119mariogrip: check it out, UB Ports is on one of the banners at WMC: https://twitter.com/UbuntuFun/status/69827953099007180818:29
mariogripmhall119: OMG! That's Amazing!! :D18:30
timeaxHello peoples ;)18:40
timeaxIs there an expert in ubuntu touch portings who could help me?18:40
nik90timp, ping18:41
dobey!ask | timeax18:42
ubot5timeax: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:42
timeaxWhen i launch the mk command i got a lot of errors for missing folders...18:43
timeaxHow can i solve that?18:43
timeaxAhh i got the problem...18:45
timeaxWhen i followed the guide about ubuntu touch porting(the one listed in the topic) i downloaded all the sources for ubuntu touch in phablet directory18:47
timeaxBut when i downloaded the xiaomi mi2s(the phon on which i wanna port that OS) sources i downloaded in the home folder18:48
timeaxSo how can i solve that?18:48
timeaxIf i copy/paste the mi2s folders in the phablet one,i'll lost everything in phablet folder?18:50
timeaxSry for the noob question,but i'm new in portings and i'm new in linux18:50
timeaxBut with some help i could accomplish my mission :) tnx in advance for eventual relpy :)18:51
mhall119abeato_: ^^ can you give timeax any assistance here?18:52
timeaxYep peoples every help its very appreciated :D18:53
mhall119timeax: a lot of our usually help is at WMC this week, so if you don't get an answer today keep trying19:06
timeaxOuhh cool19:06
timeaxIt should be a very nice event :D19:06
timeaxI heard that canonical had some news for this  wmc19:08
timeaxBut i'm not following the event19:08
timeaxThem presented something interesting?19:08
travnewmaticcan anyone comment on the Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition?19:47
travnewmatici've got the ubuntu phone itch and i'd like some feedback19:47
travnewmaticguess not, bq store doesnt sell to the US :(19:49
taiebotHi all well done for the MWC had a look at app start up on Meizu Pro 5 does not look that much better than my nexus 4 :-( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa4mpKiSPhY19:55
timeaxThank you for the news guys ;)20:17
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travnewmaticwell i live in the usa how the heck do i i get my hands on one :|20:22
old_benzI’m very interested in the Z1 port, and looking for any/all information about it20:24
old_benzwould like to try porting to the Z5, but so far not getting too far…20:25
timeaxTravnewmatic there are a lot of online shops who ships worldwide,just use the most famous search engine for finding them ;)20:34
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timeaxoldbenz are u expert in porting ubuntu touch?20:35
old_benzno, not an expert at all, but somewhat familiar with android20:36
timeaxOh ok, just asked coz i need som help in porting ubuntu touch on my xiaomi mi2s20:37
old_benzwhat’s your question?20:38
timeaxIm in trouble coz i downloaded ubuntu sources to phablet folder20:39
timeaxAnd  mi2s sources in home folder20:39
timeaxSo when i try the make command i got a a lot of error messages due to missing directories20:40
timeaxNow i'm not sure that if i try to merge the 2 folders,ill have the right result20:41
timeaxI really dont want to spend another week in redownloading all the sources again20:41
timeax2 days for ubuntu touch and other 3 for mi2s cyano sources20:42
old_benzyou shouldn’t have to “merge” anything.20:42
old_benzyou should move the binaries to the vendor/ directory20:42
old_benzthe kernel to the kernel/20:43
timeaxBut there are some folders with same name20:43
timeaxIf i copy/paste the mi2s sources in the phablet directory it'll overwrite theexisting one and make me lose the ubuntu touch sources right?20:45
old_benzdepends, which directories conflict?20:46
timeaxI still havent tryied coz i got fear to broke something20:46
timeaxwhat u think if i take a copy of phablet directory as a backup, i call it phablet220:48
timeaxAnd try to copy mi2s sources in phablet?20:49
timeaxIf i break original directory i'll have the backupped one20:49
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old_benzlol, you can back it up, sure20:54
old_benzif I get some time I’ll try a build for you20:54
timeaxNo dont worry,i'd like to do by my own for learning :D20:54
old_benzthat’s very good20:55
old_benzbut I will try a quick build anyway ;)20:56
timeaxI got another dubth...when i should port apparmor? after the build make?20:57
timeaxAhahha ok :)20:57
old_benzprobably after you have a working system image running…  I haven’t ported ubuntu touch20:57
old_benzmy familiarity with ubuntu touch is fixing a non-booting Nexus 7 a couple of months ago: https://github.com/ddagunts/UTCWM_N7_patch20:58
timeaxOk tnx,now i'm backing up the phablet directory20:58
timeaxAfter it finishes i try to copy mi2s folders in the original one20:59
timeax44gb backup 😟20:59
old_benzdo you have the vendor binaries?21:02
timeaxI downloaded from the link you posted early21:03
timeaxNot xiaomi sources,but cyano21:04
timeaxI need the originals too? Or cyano are enough?21:05
old_benzyou need the device config to go into device/xiaomi/aries21:11
old_benzyou need the kernel source to go into kernel/21:11
old_benzand you need proprietary binaries to go into vendor/21:12
old_benzthe device config and kernel source are part of cyanogenmod, however, the vendor/ binaries are not.  I will try to pull them out a cyanogenmod build21:12
timeaxFrom the sources i downloded there are the folders vendor/xiaomi/aries... Aren't this one?21:15
timeaxArires it's mi2/2s codename21:15
old_benzyeah probably21:18
old_benzmaybe they are part of the cm source tree, I dunno21:18
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old_benzso I was probably wrong, my apologies21:19
timeaxCool i saw that this was included so i hadnt took lot care about them21:19
timeaxBut if there are some bugs in this kernel...ill bort them too on top of ubuntu touch right?21:21
old_benzI’m not sure what your last statement meant?  I believe you may have to modify the kernel to get apparmor working21:22
old_benzreally, 1st step is to just get a “successful” build and see how far it will boot....21:23
timeaxI was meaning that if bluetooth dont work on the cyanogen android rom,using this kernel i'll have the same problem on ubuntu touch21:24
timeaxIs that right?21:24
old_benzthat may be true21:25
timeaxI'm sry for my bad english21:25
old_benzno problem21:25
old_benzdon’t worry about camera, bluetooth, modem, wifi…. etc21:25
old_benzyou need the core OS first, then you can troubleshoot21:25
old_benzit is generally not a quick process...21:25
timeaxThere aren't any ways to test the build on the emulator on the pc first? Instead of flashing directly on the phone?21:26
timeaxYep its an hard work...i know lol21:27
old_benznot that I know, at the end of the day you gotta test on the device.21:27
timeaxOk tnx from now only 5 minutes and the backup finish21:29
timeaxAnd ill try to du the first build :D21:29
dobeywell, the emulator works already21:35
dobeyporting to a specific phone is very different from the emulator21:35
timeaxI installed the emulator and tested it,but how can i make it run the build i make?21:36
mcphailtimeax: you need to associate it with a kit of the same architecture21:37
timeaxYou mean i should run it on an arm device?21:38
mcphailtimeax: if your emulator is an arm emulator, you need to set up an arm kit in the sdk. However, you might get better performance from an i386 emulator + kit, for testing purposes21:39
timeaxCan you teach me how to do that?21:40
timeaxOr link me some guide for it?21:40
mcphailtimeax: I'm IRC'ing from a phone just now, so can't fire up the emulator to see. But the app-building tutorials on the Ubuntu developer site guided me through the process21:41
timeaxOk now i go searching the app building tutorial ;) tnx for the tips :)21:42
mcphailtimeax: good luck!21:42
old_benzdefault cm11 repos for aries breaking on audio unfortunately21:42
old_benzsorry gotta go back to work :)21:42
timeaxOk tnx fir your patience old benz :)21:43
old_benzhardware/qcom/audio/legacy/alsa_sound/alsa_default.cpp:237:32: warning: missing initializer for member 'EDID_AUDIO_INFO::nSpeakerAllocation' [-Wmissing-field-initializers]21:43
old_benzsorry about no pastebin, gotta run21:43
old_benzhardware/qcom/audio/legacy/alsa_sound/alsa_default.cpp:237:32: warning: missing initializer for member 'EDID_AUDIO_INFO::AudioBlocksArray' [-Wmissing-field-initializers]21:43
old_benzI may take a look later21:43
timeaxTnx a lot, dont worry, have a good time ;)21:44
k1l_so running around with a VR google is "the next thing"? :)21:46
dobeytimeax: you can't run the kernel you build for your phone, in the emulator; the emulator is a generic i386 or armhf image21:47
dobeytimeax: the emulator doesn't emulate the exact same hardware as your phone might have, so even if you could boot your image in the emulator, it wouldn't be particularly helpful. you have to test it on a device21:47
timeaxAh ok dobey,at this point ill test it directly on the phone21:50
sebsebsebtimeax: you have Ubuntu phone :d ?22:17
timeaxNope lol but im trying to port it on mine22:18
sebsebsebtimeax: what phone you got?22:19
sebsebsebtimeax: the new MEizu Ubuntu phone that's beeen recnetlyl announced is a good one to get it seems22:19
sebsebsebnice tablet from BQ soon as well22:19
timeaxI got a xiaomi mi2s22:20
timeaxAnd i'm planning to get the mi522:20
timeaxI really like xiaomi product,i got this mi2s since 3 years ago and its still a great phone :D22:21
timeaxSo i stay with xiaomi lol22:21
timeaxthe porting i'm attempting to do its just for fun :D22:22
sebsebsebtimeax: yeah22:22
timeaxWhat phone you got instead?22:23
sebsebsebtimeax: uhmm.  I got a old Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, a Jolla phone,  two of the Ubuntu phones22:24
sebsebsebold NOkis around here to heh   and such if that counts as having somethung heh22:24
sebsebsebtimeax: actauly I paln to have all five of the UBuntu devices :d22:24
sebsebsebso far22:24
timeaxAhahah lol look like you hate smartphones eh? Ahahah22:24
sebsebsebas in the two just announced ones as well22:25
sebsebsebone of those is a tablet actsaully22:25
timeaxYep the m10 right?22:25
sebsebsebtimeax: the latest Meizu one it's a bit like, do I need that, no not really, should I buy it anyway, why not?  I quite like the previous Meizu Mx 422:26
sebsebsebUbuntu Edition22:26
timeaxWhat processor it got?22:26
sebsebsebbut that latest one22:26
sebsebsebseems to be the best  Ubuntu phone by far22:26
sebsebsebtimeax: if you look at the stuff on http://omgubuntu.co.uk it explains really nicely about stuff like that22:26
timeaxYea now i check it :)22:27
old_benzit’s too bad the LTE support is bad on the Meizu, otherwise looks like a nice phone22:27
sebsebsebold_benz: yeah LTE is a network thing I think22:27
old_benzit supports a very limited set of 4G frequencies22:27
sebsebsebthe Meizzu isn't quite full convergence either as in the desktop thing, but Canonical could support it the other way it seems so22:27
old_benzmore like the module/antenna thing22:28
sebsebsebwhich one the Meizzu Pro 522:28
old_benzI don’t think it has MHL either22:28
sebsebsebor the MX 4 ?22:28
old_benzpro 522:28
sebsebsebyep exactly the pro 5 lacks MHL I have read22:28
sebsebsebso can't just connecgt to a desktop22:28
sebsebsebbut can apparantly do stuff the other way, well if Uubntu touch has support for that22:29
old_benzIf the pro 5 supported more 4G and had MHL I’d get it yesterday22:29
sebsebsebold_benz: I know in certain ways it's a bit sucky22:30
sebsebseblacking certain things22:30
sebsebsebstill better than the MX 4 I guess, which I quite like22:31
timeaxThe price its not bad...335 dollard22:31
sebsebsebyep and that to, compared to the same phone, but selling with Fly me OS there own thing basd on Android22:32
sebsebsebor Andorid22:32
sebsebsebit's cheaper as well22:32
timeaxExynos 7420 its the same of galaxy s6?22:32
* sebsebseb was told it wasn't that good, but woud like to try out fly me os really, but doesnt' have a Nexus to put it on one self s. and thinks surely they are going to sell phones with there updated version soon as well22:32
sebsebsebI saw earlier that could buy one of there other phones for reasoanbly cheap with it though, but that wanting to try out thing, is a bit like want to try out Tizen really, but don't want to import from Inida, maybe when they actsaully sell in UK ?22:33
* sebsebseb thinks it's fun using diffeernt oses :)22:33
sebsebsebexcept for the boring standard ones such as Android,  Windows, and Ios :D22:33
sebsebsebold_benz: yep the pro 5 is probably going to get a few less  sales since the lack of mhl22:34
timeaxSure it dont support video out?22:36
timeaxP.s. oldbenz i'm still waiting for the backup 😖😭22:37
timeaxlol its taking a life...i think itstime to upgrade to an ssd lol22:37
timeaxSebseb anyway u used ubuntu touch u said?22:38
sebsebsebold_benz: so you think Meizu pro 5 is good, but maybe not quite good enough to buy really?22:38
sebsebsebtimeax: yep22:38
timeaxIs it comparable to android?22:39
sebsebsebtimeax: BQ Aquarius 4.5 first and later the Meizu MX  4 as well22:39
sebsebseboh you haven't used it at all ?22:39
timeaxNope never had that pleasure22:39
timeaxThats why i'm curious to try it22:39
sebsebsebtimeax:  you have used Unity on the desktop though in normal Ubuntu?22:39
sebsebsebtimeax: it's Unity but a better version of Unity than what is in standard Ubuntu,22:40
sebsebsebit just seems nicer on the phone much nicer22:40
timeaxI started using ubunt only for attempt to port it to my phone22:40
sebsebsebbut it is Unity 8 on the phone,  standard Ubuntu is UNity 722:40
sebsebsebtimeax: it has  a nice interface,  it dods web brwosing fine,  and texting and calling22:40
sebsebsebtimeax: there is a lack of apps compared to Android currently by far, but get some good native apps, get some good web apps22:41
timeaxUnity its ubuntu UI right?22:41
sebsebsebyep Unity  is the default GUI22:41
timeaxI'm a noob in linux22:41
sebsebsebtimeax: I feel Canoncial has some potential at maybe getting it out there more22:41
sebsebsebtimeax: FirefoX Os IS DEAD on phones22:41
sebsebsebJolla is having problems22:41
timeaxYep i think that too22:41
sebsebsebyep it pretty much just leaves Ubuntu as the real alternative Linux mobile player for now, or so it seems22:42
timeaxJolla had economical problem hadnt shipped the products to the backers22:42
sebsebsebPlasma Active based on  Ubuntu touch I think KDE's thing, well that could have been nice, but need a nexus to run that22:42
sebsebsebno phone with that22:42
sebsebsebtimeax: heh yeah I was one of those tablet backers22:42
sebsebsebtimeax: I did get a jolla phone and such from them ok before though22:43
timeaxOuhh them refound u?22:43
sebsebsebtimeax: I think Canoncial are going the right way really22:43
sebsebsebas well22:43
sebsebsebwith there hardware partners22:43
sebsebsebBQ teh spanish one realeased the first phone what I SAID i HAD above22:43
sebsebseba cheaper one,  then Meizu came out later that year with a more cutting edge one more high end seeming, which I also bought22:44
sebsebsebMeizu the chinese company.  then BQ came out with an updated phone to the oringal, which I haven't got since haven't really had money to spend on that yet22:44
timeaxlol u bought everything ahahah22:44
sebsebseband now MEizu out with hte pro 5, and  a tablet is about to come out22:44
sebsebsebI think the tablet will be more intersting22:44
sebsebsebtimeax: I had oringally planned to buy both the gfirst bq one and the first meizu one22:45
sebsebsebI had also thought before that I HAD lost my bq phone, but luckily it turned up here in the house :d22:45
timeaxI think sailfish look nice too,if the ubuntu touch port will work right, i'll attempt to port sailfish too22:45
sebsebsebthe pro 5 I am a bit eh to, but  I know Meizu has a nice quality phone so22:45
sebsebsebtimeax: yes you can port Salifish into stuff to or should be able to22:45
timeaxYep i read that its almost like porting a cyanogen rom22:46
sebsebsebI think when some more common branded make22:46
sebsebsebdecices oh ok we will do Ubuntu touch now as well22:46
sebsebsebI'll be like eh to whoever it is, not buying that!22:46
timeaxSo if ill be able to port ubuntu touch ill be able to port sail too22:46
sebsebsebWhy?  since  uhmm I'll have loads of Ubuntu phones already heh22:46
sebsebseband such22:46
sebsebseband that only happens, if it becomes popular enough22:47
sebsebsebthen a more common known company will risk it, selling Ubuntu touch on something22:47
sebsebsebmaybe that will start to happen later this year22:47
sebsebsebtimeax: I am interested in in alternatives to Android :)22:47
timeaxYep probably22:47
sebsebseband things like that22:47
sebsebsebtimeax: altough one alternative device I hve twell two make that really, i s based on Android, but quite nice yes22:48
sebsebsebthe remix os stuff22:48
sebsebsebtimeax: oh yeah you might be able to por tthat to something even later on heh22:48
timeaxMe too but i'd avoid ios and win as altrrnatvies to android lol22:48
sebsebsebtimeax: yes I don't want to use Win or IOS as such22:48
sebsebsebI did buy a Ipad Air last year, but only since I Got it much cheaper than the UK price new in a shop, and wanted to try ios22:49
timeaxii use remix os on my netbook lol22:49
sebsebsebtimeax: Ideally we need a proper Linux alternative out there, to Ios, Andorid, Windows etc,  and seems Ubuntu Touch currently has the most potential at possibly becoming the one22:50
sebsebsebdepending on how things go22:50
timeaxYep i think the same22:50
sebsebsebthere's Tizen sort of to, but depending on how Samsung want to play22:50
sebsebsebso far they are like India only22:51
sebsebsebfor phones with it22:51
* genii ponders Sailfish22:51
timeaxBut if nubody will buy ubuntu based phones,i think canonical will leave mobile market22:51
sebsebsebgenii: you like Salifish OS ?22:51
sebsebsebtimeax:  yes possibly22:51
geniisebsebseb: Didn't seem so bad last time I tried it, about 3-4 months ago22:51
sebsebsebyeah it's good :)22:52
sebsebsebtimeax: or more than one :d ? heh22:52
* sebsebseb isn't just buying Ubuntu Phones, to sell them a bit later on, or throw them out, or recycle them22:53
sebsebseboh he's gone22:53
sebsebsebgenii: have you got an Ubuntu Phone yet?22:55
sebsebsebgenii: aren't you in USA to or some where like tat?22:55
AndroUserHey guys sry androirc crashed lol22:55
AndroUserIm timeax22:55
sebsebsebAndroUser: oh ok nice your back :)22:55
geniisebsebseb: I'm in Toronto, Canada. I was running it before on my N4, but it currently has a smashed screen22:55
=== AndroUser is now known as timeax
sebsebsebgenii: oh22:55
sebsebsebgenii: so you don't have an acstaul  BQ or Meizu one then22:56
k1l_genii: uh. i had a watered mainboard and got a cheap smashed screen n4 and made a franken n4 :)22:56
sebsebsebtimeax: well you missed my /me I think then  so i'll repate it :d22:56
* sebsebseb isnt just buying Ubuntu Phones, to sell tehm a bit later on, or throw them out, or recycle them22:56
timeaxAnyway i used remix os un my netbook, i used the version 2.0 and had some bugs and crashes,so im not using it anymore22:57
geniisebsebseb: No, I'm currently waiting on getting an Ubuntu phone until I can be sure everything works22:57
sebsebsebgenii: ok fair enough to the phone, but how about the tablet?  the BQ tablet with full convergence :d or so it seems22:57
timeaxYep i think i lost some posts22:58
sebsebsebtimeax: yeah I want to be able to look back at those devicde years from now, and be like ah yes that!22:58
sebsebsebtimeax: oh and more so heh, if Ubuntu actsaully takes off on mobile!22:59
sebsebsebbig IF here22:59
geniisebsebseb: I'm not rich enough to buy equipment just for fun. And I already have a laptop, desktop, notebook, tablet and phone :)22:59
sebsebseb,but if so, I could be like to people, yeah ok you like that, but look I have....22:59
sebsebsebthe first ones of that22:59
sebsebsebgenii: same here I am not really rich enough to buy stuff just for fun either22:59
timeaxAhahah yep i know what u mean seb i still store my old hp rw6815 and sometimes i pick it just for playing a bit ahahah23:00
sebsebsebgenii: or I would have bought certain devices23:00
sebsebsebtimeax: your old what?23:00
timeaxHp rw681523:01
sebsebsebwhat's that?23:01
timeaxA pocket pc phone23:01
sebsebsebtimeax: did it take of23:01
sebsebsebtimeax: go main streame23:01
sebsebsebor sort of23:01
sebsebsebno ?23:01
timeaxBought it in 200623:01
timeaxStill work lol23:02
sebsebsebtimeax: but yes I could look back at those devices in say 10 years that's the idea23:02
sebsebsebtimeax: and be like ah yes 2015 and 201623:02
geniisebsebseb: There was a time I had more resources for such things, this is how I ended up with an OpenMoko phone for instance23:02
* sebsebseb still has the Nintendo Game boy from child hood :d23:02
timeaxAhahahah lol me too ahahah23:03
sebsebseband  I got two of the old game consoles etc23:03
sebsebsebgenii: resources as in money?23:03
timeaxMaybe we are tecnologic nostalgics aahahah23:03
geniisebsebseb: Money, and also time to spend with the tinkerings23:03
sebsebsebgenii: if I save for long enough I can buy certain things currently :d23:03
timeaxWhere u from guys?23:04
sebsebsebgenii: right now I coudn't buy any of those new Ubuntu devices right now, since to short on general cash23:04
sebsebsebtimeax: England23:04
geniitimeax: Canada23:04
timeaxMe italy23:05
sebsebsebyeah I saw your host name timeax :d23:05
sebsebsebgenii:  time yeah your probably also a old dude heh23:05
sebsebsebI am reasonably young still :d23:05
timeaxAhuahah lol23:06
timeaxIm 2823:06
timeaxNot so old lol23:06
sebsebsebtimeax: yeah23:06
timeaxAnd you?23:07
sebsebsebtimeax: not saying here heh23:07
timeaxNo prob23:07
sebsebsebtimeax: yeah would be interesing if it did take off though or enough Ubuntu Touch23:07
sebsebsebtimeax: like Firefosx has for example or something like that23:08
sebsebsebFirefox above23:08
timeaxHow you saw my host name?23:08
sebsebsebnick list23:08
sebsebsebthen years from now it would be like, yes, I was an early adopter of that23:08
sebsebsebthat new thing that's popularish23:08
sebsebsebwell not new, but new in the sort of main streame23:08
sebsebsebnew on contracts etc23:09
sebsebsebfor some companies23:09
sebsebsebor it wil just be a niche os like Ubuntu on the desktop, time will tell23:09
timeaxYeye i know what you mean :)23:10
sebsebsebtimeax: could even come back to this chat if remembering it heh when it took place years from now23:10
sebsebsebtimeax: look at the channel log heh :d23:11
timeaxFinally my pc finished to backup , lol its time to try to build ubuntu touch23:11
sebsebsebtimeax: ok good luck and have fun with that  then :)23:11
timeaxTnx :)23:12
timeaxOldbenz are u free?23:37

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