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pstolowskicimi, morning!08:30
pstolowskicimi, there?10:02
cimipstolowski, yes10:05
pstolowskicimi, hey! do you plan any more changes to https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/single-preview/+merge/286646 ? can you get a review? i'd like to start full testing10:15
cimipstolowski, fixing tests basically10:15
cimipstolowski, so yeah, starting testing wouldnt be bad,,,10:16
pstolowskicimi, i think we should get your branch approved first10:16
pstolowskicimi, since it's a non trivial change, that kind of stuff usually gets some comments10:17
tsdgeosltinkl: you taking care of https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/launcher-updates/+merge/286393 and https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/launcher-sizing/+merge/286396 ?11:14
tsdgeoscimi: you reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/unity8/share_data_uri_string/+merge/286676 ?11:15
cimitsdgeos, it's more tricky, afaics we want array not string11:15
tsdgeoswhy do we want array?11:16
cimitsdgeos, I am looking into tests on my single preview branch, it seems I have some fails on code I didn't touch :O11:16
cimitsdgeos, if we want to share more than one thing. For example more than one image in some preview11:16
tsdgeoshave you read the emails?11:16
cimiI did mmm11:17
* cimi reads again11:17
tsdgeossomehow i remember reading contenthub only worked on a single item11:17
tsdgeosbut now i can't find it11:17
cimitsdgeos, yeah that shows a bug for sure11:17
cimitsdgeos, as well as ken fix removes the array11:18
cimitsdgeos, we need to have both working I suppose11:18
tsdgeosok, please comment on the MR if it's wrong11:18
cimitsdgeos, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15169625/11:19
ltinkltsdgeos, yup11:20
tsdgeoscimi: ok11:20
tsdgeosltinkl: cool11:20
cimitsdgeos, so I need to make qml/js check if is an array or a string11:20
pstolowskicimi, tsdgeos if possilble we should detect if 'uri' is a single string or array of strings, and deal with it11:20
cimitsdgeos, and add a test11:21
cimisupport both basicallt11:21
cimipstolowski, I originally thought the scope author would had to embed a string inside an array11:21
cimilike I think it is happening if my app preview in the ubuntu store has only one screenshot?11:22
tsdgeoscimi: yeah you can do that with typeof probably11:23
cimitsdgeos, will have a look later11:24
tsdgeoscimi: what tests you say are failing?11:24
cimitsdgeos, testDash11:25
tsdgeoscimi: which test specifically?11:25
tsdgeosi mean you're kind of touching things inside the dash11:25
cimiqmltestrunner::Dash::test_manage_dash_move_current(), qmltestrunner::Dash::test_manage_dash_move_current_click_other(), qmltestrunner::Dash::test_close_temp_scope_preview_opening_scope()11:25
cimitsdgeos, I am seeing if they fail in activation-progress branch11:26
cimijust noticed they were failing, so I am digging down first11:26
pstolowskicimi, no worries, it probably escaped us.. this is what i think we discussed & i documented in the api - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-scopes-api/trunk/view/head:/src/scopes/PreviewWidget.cpp (scroll to 'Content sharing')11:28
pstolowski"uri A single URI to share or an array of URIs"11:28
cimitsdgeos, can you try testing dash in activation progress?11:38
tsdgeossure, do you get failures there too?11:38
cimitsdgeos, activation-progress plus my changes to the mocks have the exact same fails11:38
cimitsdgeos, but I have the silo installed, so to test without my mock I have to uninstall the silo..11:38
tsdgeosgive me a min11:39
tsdgeoswell some mins :D11:39
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tsdgeospstolowski: lp:~stolowski/unity-api/activation-progress/ is outdated, no? can you remerge it so that i can test that one alone?11:52
pstolowskitsdgeos, merged trunk, note the version bump of changelog is done in single-preview branch in the same silo11:54
oSoMoNgreyback_, I commented on https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/webbrowser-app/formFactor-support/+merge/28679011:54
tsdgeoscimi: looks good http://paste.ubuntu.com/15169819/12:08
cimitsdgeos, thanks12:09
cimitsdgeos, it must be something in my mocks thewn12:09
Saviqtsdgeos, qmenumodel failed QA https://trello.com/c/fXKsauE3/2784-1013-ubuntu-landing-015-qmenumodel-saviq12:23
cimitsdgeos, mock fixed13:00
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cimitsdgeos, still more tests to fix (on GenericScopeView now) - I'll let you know when you can review then13:03
tsdgeoscimi: oka13:14
mterrytsdgeos, when you have cycles this week, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/relock-during-tutorial/+merge/285631 can use another look13:28
tsdgeosmterry: i was just going to do it :)13:28
mterryPSA: trunk got infected with bad tags again.  I stripped them from trunk, but it may have spread around already13:29
mterry@unity ^13:30
tsdgeosmzanetti: lp:~mzanetti/unity8/spread-visual-updates needs tag cleaning13:33
tsdgeosltinkl: lp:~lukas-kde/unity8/cascadeWindows needs tag cleaning13:33
ltinkltsdgeos, kk13:33
mterrycimi, if you have cycles this week, can you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/narrow-mouse-hack/+merge/284804 (you offered before, not sure if you still have time)13:35
mzanettitsdgeos, done13:45
mterrygreyback__, looking at your indicator-menu-height-bindings branch, is there an easy way to test dynamic grid units today?  (like a qmltest that lets you toggle it, or even just a silo?)13:47
greyback__mterry: nothing too convenient at the moment unfortunately. It is in silo10 right now, but dunno how good that is for you.13:51
greyback__mterry: there's 1 thing I've hacked up that might help you see the bug, let me email it to you13:52
mterrygreyback__, and there's no easy toggle?  I have to actually hook up to a TV?13:52
greyback__mterry: yeah. dynamic grid units aren't in a landable state right now, enough was done for the demo13:53
mterrygreyback__, OK.  I have a slimport around here somewhere, I can test it out.  (Code changes look fine, just feel like I ought to actually test it  :))13:53
mterrygreyback__, you mentioned something that made it easier to see the bug?13:54
tsdgeosmterry: do we care the launcher is not accessible during the tutorial if you lock the screen? i guess not much13:55
mterrytsdgeos, no... I think that's intentional, at least for the first couple tutorial screens -- we haven't taught them about launcher yet13:55
tsdgeoslet's leave it like that then13:56
tsdgeoslooks good13:56
mterrytsdgeos, although maybe I introduced a new bug in that?  :)13:56
mterrywe'll leave it13:56
tsdgeosit's not accessible either after we introduced the launcher13:56
mterrytsdgeos, can you use it in greeter after first screens?13:56
greyback__mterry: getting there, want to check it does show you the bug. stand by13:56
mterrytsdgeos, hmm13:56
tsdgeosmterry: no, but i think it'd be weird too probably13:56
mterrytsdgeos, ah.. probably because in the past when you couldn't lock the screen, we just disabled the launcher in the greeter if the tutorial is running at all (since that state only happened right before you entered tutorial)13:57
mterrytsdgeos, if you could pull it out, you could launch apps...  which would be weird in the middle of tutorial to do13:59
mterrytsdgeos, (though we should handle that fine -- we're built to just dismiss tutorial if an app launches)13:59
tsdgeosmterry: yep, i'd say leave it as is, i can see the usefulness of locking it if you don't want to finish the tutorial because you're in a hurry13:59
tsdgeosbut launching an app...13:59
mterrytsdgeos, ok13:59
greyback__mterry: you got mail14:00
mterrytsdgeos, (the tutorial is getting a whole redesign in the medium term anyway)14:00
mterrygreyback__, awesome14:00
* greyback__ popping to shops, back in 514:00
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cimimterry, I can do this week yeah14:13
mterrycimi, cool thanks!14:13
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mterrySaviq, silo 10 gives me non-animated indicator motion (I let go with my finger and the indicator warps to bottom of screen or top).  Is that known?15:45
Saviqmterry, what device?15:49
mterrySaviq, mako (just in phone mode, not testing convergence)15:50
ltinklmterry, Saviq: here too, N415:50
Saviqmterry, ltinkl, yeah we've noticed that, not sure what's causing it yet15:50
ltinklit stops in the middle of screen and then jumps to bottom/top15:50
mterrySaviq, k15:50
Saviqmzanetti, not just frieza after all ↑15:50
tsdgeosltinkl: which sile was https://code.launchpad.net/~lukas-kde/unity8/kbdLayoutIndicator2/+merge/285736 in, sorry?15:51
mzanettiSaviq, not happening on flo with latest rc-proposed15:51
ltinkltsdgeos, 6415:52
ltinkltsdgeos, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/99315:52
Saviqmzanetti, oh yeah, silo10-specific, that I know (will keep an eye out on silo 64)15:52
Saviqoh well15:54
mzanettidafuq... I just suspended my notebook by placing flo on it15:54
greyback__mterry: that'll probably be my patch16:00
mterrygreyback__, which?  It's not the indicator-menu-height-bindings one -- without that patch, the indicator just hangs where it is.16:01
greyback__mterry: huh ok. I suspected my lousy code16:02
Mirvjhodapp: tsdgeos: any update on the ticket https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/939 / bug #1534776 ? is it pending on the larger discussion about how roles would be used that has been ongoing?16:02
ubot5bug 1534776 in qtmultimedia-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "Notification sounds cause multimedia to pause" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153477616:02
mterrygreyback__, you still have other branches in silo 10 we can blame  :)16:02
mterrygreyback__, I'm going to test indicator-menu-height-bindings in isolation with just the dynamic-grid-units branch16:02
jhodappMirv, no update as I thought you were handling trying the backport16:03
greyback__mterry: lemme know if you need a hand16:03
tsdgeosjhodapp: but it needs you updating media-hub, no?16:04
jhodapptsdgeos, possibly, haven't had a moment to look into it any further16:05
jhodapptsdgeos, actually it really shouldn't need media-hub to be touched as we should be able to just handle the new audio role types in qtubuntu-media and do a translation there for what media-hub has16:06
Mirvjhodapp: the backport is there and done since ages, but I do not know what else needs to be landed thus the silo is assigned to you / tsdgeos to add any needed media-hub etc16:06
tsdgeosjhodapp: right, maybe it's qtubuntu-media16:06
jhodappMirv, I'll add to my list to give that silo a try and just sanity check it16:07
Mirvjhodapp: and then there was the long e-mail discussion about roles which seemed like would need resolving too before it's ok to land the xenial/upstream roles to vivid16:07
jhodappMirv, yeah indeed, that's still not resolved IMO16:07
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tsdgeosltinkl: reboot didn't help :/17:09
tsdgeosi'll try to debug it tomorrow17:09
tsdgeossince i guess this is supposed to work17:09
mterrygreyback, I can't seem to test the scaling.  Ctrl+Up/Down doesn't do anything or print anything17:33
greybackmterry: you're on xenial, aren't you?17:34
mterrygreyback, I'm testing on my mako17:34
greybackmterry: ah, no that won't work.17:34
mterrygreyback, oh why?17:35
greybackthe steps I gave were for testing unity8 on x1117:35
greybackI now see that my instructions lack that info17:36
greybackmy bad17:36
greybackand the plugin I sent you is only suited for Qt5.4, so vivid17:37
mterrygreyback, ah.  I'm on xenial anyway on my desktop as well17:37
greybacksorry, I just don't have good way for people to test dynamic grid units yet17:37
mterrygreyback, ok17:39
mterrygreyback, well I can test that that branch doesn't screw anything up anyway -- and the code changes look fine.  Assuming you are interested in landing it ahead of the rest of the dynamic grid unit stuff17:40
greybackif it doesn't hurt17:40
mzanettilpotter, please ping me when you're on17:50
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lpottermzanetti: ping18:03
mzanettilpotter, hey, that was quick :)18:06
mzanettilpotter, about the topic wrt inputinfo josharenson pinged you about18:06
mzanettiIn parallel I was switching unity8 to QtInputInfo. There is the InputInfoManager now, which would do whatever I need. Problem with that is that it is not a model, so we can't put a SortFilterProxy on top.18:07
mzanettilpotter, if instead I use the model, I'm missing the count property now with the latest version18:07
mzanettiI guess I could use a combination of both... however... wanted to hear your opinion on it18:08
* lpotter gulps more coffee18:11
mterryltinkl, in your windowOpenCloseAnimations MP, maximized apps aren't animated.  Is that on purpose?  (I forget the intention there)18:14
ltinklmterry, windows going into maximized state?18:15
* ltinkl checks18:15
ltinklmterry, but yeah, the intention of this MP is to provide animations when the windows (dis)appear18:15
mterryltinkl, opening and closing windows that are maximized18:16
mterryltinkl, I'm trying from silo 618:16
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lpottermzanetti: are you wanting the count( InputType ) ?18:19
ltinklmterry, hmm I do get those here18:19
mzanettilpotter, yes... in the end, for my particular use case it's about the count. but we need to filter some mock devices18:20
ltinklmterry, definitely for closing, the maxed window gets a bit smaller and fades in opacity a bit18:20
ltinklmterry, restarting the maxed app otoh isn't very obviously visible18:20
lpottermzanetti: I see no reason why that cannot be added to the model18:20
mzanettilpotter, but I just realize there's another issue with that... We have a generic UnitySortFilterProxyModel which can filter models, but only if the roles enum is exposed to QML as Q_ENUM...18:21
mzanettiwhich it isn't and I'm really not sure if that makes sense for upstream18:22
lpotteralready exposed by Q_ENUMS18:22
* mzanetti checks again18:22
mzanettiwell, in that case18:22
mzanettiyes, the count property in the model would help us18:23
lpotterthere is rowCount18:23
lpotterbut it is named count currently18:23
mterryltinkl, ugh my irc is awful, if you commented to me I missed it.  Best to talk in MP. I'll leave a note there18:24
mzanettilpotter, it'd just require this one line I think "Q_PROPERTY(int count READ rowCount NOTIFY countChanged)"18:24
mzanettilpotter, and emitting the countChanged signal accordingly18:24
ltinklmterry, ok :)18:24
lpottermzanetti: ok. it does have rowCountChanged already, but seems to not be emitted ever :)18:26
lpotterno worries, I'll fix it up18:26
mzanettilpotter, hah :D18:26
mzanettilpotter, ok, awesomes18:26
mzanettijosharenson, FYI ^18:27
lpotteroh, hang on. I'm looking at my updated and not yet committed changes which have that property/signal... gah18:32
lpottercan you tell when the caffeine kicked in?18:42
mzanettinot exactly, no :D18:52
mzanettibut might be because I'm running out of it18:52
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dandraderAlbertA, hey20:29
AlbertAdandrader: hey20:29
dandraderAlbertA, qtmir sends close request to a qtubuntu client20:29
dandraderAlbertA, client receives it and calls mir_surface_release_sync upon destruction of its UbuntuWindow20:30
dandraderAlbertA, but in qtmir I'm not getting anything telling me that this surface is gone20:30
dandraderAlbertA, what should I expect to receive?20:30
dandraderAlbertA, that's on a multi-surface application, by the way20:31
dandraderAlbertA, so the application is still running as it still has another top-level surface up20:31
dandraderAlbertA, I wonder if it ever worked, as in a single-surface-per-app model, the app would quit anyway20:31
AlbertAyou should expect a remove_surface in the window manager20:32
dandraderAlbertA, hmmm.... I guess qtmir doesn't have that wired up yet20:32
dandraderAlbertA, will look into it. thanks!20:32
AlbertAdandrader: oh well there you go!20:32
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dandraderAlbertA, ni response to MirWindowManager::remove_surface, should I call something to delete the surface or is it already going away?20:56
dandraderAlbertA, s/ni/in20:56
dandraderAlbertA, ie, is any action required from qtmir side or is it just an informative callback?20:56
AlbertAdandrader: you can think of it as informative, to delete any resources you may have created on your side, related to the surface in question20:57
dandraderAlbertA, so no need for qtmir to call mir::scene::Session::destroy_surface on it?20:58
AlbertAumm actually. let me se....20:59
dandraderAlbertA, because I'm not getting a mir::scene::SessionListener::destroying_surface for it...21:00
AlbertAso right now you inherit from mir::shell::WindowManager?21:01
AlbertAso yeah our default window manger in mir will call Session::destroy_surface21:02
AlbertAwhich is in CanonicalWindowManagerPolicy::handle_delete_surface21:03
josharensonmzanetti: So, as long as lpotter exposes the count, should my existing solution (w/ unitysortfilterproxymodel) work?21:04
AlbertAdandrader: so yeah since you have your own window manager, you'll have to call that Session::destroy_surface yeah...21:05
dandraderAlbertA, ok, thanks21:05

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