cmaloneythat too00:03
cmaloneyHappy actual-birthday day, rick_h_ !14:24
jrwrenhappy bday rick_h_ don't work too hard.14:44
cmaloneyDon't work at all. :)14:44
cmaloneyI think he took today off14:44
jrwrenthat means he'll still work a 6-8hr day. ;p14:44
cmaloneyYeah, I know14:44
cmaloneyTelling rick_h_ not to work is like telling the sun not to be hot14:45
rick_h_:) thank you cmaloney jrwren16:38
greg-gpuking boy in bed last night, that was fun16:42
jrwrenEWE, boor boy16:43
cmaloneygreg-g: Ugh. Hope everything is OK16:44
greg-gyeah, he seems fine, not really sick sick16:48
greg-gbut, changing the sheets at 5am wasn't fun :)16:48
cmaloneyChanging the sheets after 10pm is never fun16:50
greg-gunless.... nevermind16:55
jrwrenadam sandler in big daddy showed me, throw some newspaper down16:57
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