average_guyoh wow, that was crazy about Mint.  In the comments it looked like they were still gettin bombed as they were reporting it.12:20
average_guysomeday the ultra paranoid who actually DO check MD5's will rule the world12:25
Juzzyuh oh what happened to mint?14:09
Juzzyoh linux mint14:09
wrstyep average_guy, can't say I check that often, but that will make me rethink that14:38
average_guyin the same boat wrst, stuff dosent happen often enough to make me worry, but it does happen..15:55
wrstyes and when it does it probably isn't good16:38
wrstHow are you bwmaker17:49
bwmakerDoing pretty well. Working and stuff. How are you, wrst?17:59
wrstlikewise just brought some lunch back in18:00
bwmakerI was about to go eat mine. :)18:04

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