dholbachgood morning08:19
dholbachdavidcalle, mhall119: I'm adding new MPs for the site again: http://pad.lv/mps/developer-ubuntu-com :)10:55
davidcalledholbach: just acked the last one, I'll catch with the others after lunch11:02
mhall119davidcalle: did you see mthaddon's talking about doing more work on our mojo spec last week?14:29
mhall119nothing related to our recent deployment problems, but trying to get upgrades working through the spec14:30
davidcallemhall119: I've seen a couple of sentences between you and him, did he followed up with you by email or something?14:30
davidcallemhall119: I think/hope they are trying to have an overview of our deployment/upgrade story after the escalation from david14:32
mhall119davidcalle: not that I've seen yet14:32
davidcalleHmm, ok14:32
mhall119davidcalle: so are we still unable to deploy to staging?14:33
davidcallemhall119: no changes what so ever, I'm going to bump caio on the log I sent him last week, today.14:33

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